Rounding Out

Even with seeing her every work day, heads still routinely turned when career employee Eden Offen swayed her 340-something pounds of plentiful hip, bun, belly, thigh, and other fat around the plant. One head whose eyes were always upon her at every opportunity belonged to a person very important to her. Indeed, she was on her way to his office right now.

“Hi sweetie” she purred, wrapping her arms around Wes Easter from behind as he sat in his desk chair, stunned still by her warm soft loving affectionate plush embrace. “The new flavor yet to be officially named is closing in on a recipe which retains its unique attributes and at the same time is easier to manufacture.”


“What’s happening here in the front office?”

“Before you arrived I was reviewing our options for sources for our lollipop sticks. Since your arrival, I am once again blissfully dazed in a swirly cloud, hoping to enjoy so being more often and as far into the future as imaginable.”

Still in the throes of her embrace, he stretched slightly to retrieve a very familiar (to them both) flocked jewel box. As always, he opened it up and presented it to her: a beautiful engagement ring.

As always, she said “Sorry, not today, lover” ending her rejection with a kiss on his cheek. “Maybe some other day” was always her ending and the end of their repeated routine. “Need some fat hip and ass time?”

“I need all of you time! Please.”

“OK, let’s start tonight (kiss). How about you and me and Sean and Shira and Darrell and Peggy at Pigaro’s? You know I don’t like leaving my car here, so I’ll drive home and shower and change and otherwise get ready for several nights of you and me time, then ride in with Darrell and Peggy and we all have dinner, then ride to your place with you and they all take off and do their things so Sean and Shira can check off more positions in whatever book they’re using now that they completed the Kama Sutra, and you and Darrell can peel your pears.”

“You know I love you far beyond your body.”

“Yes, but most of this facility knows that as I continue to slowly fatten in my big-bellied pear shape thanks to my huge-and-growing appetite and your catering to that need of mine as well as my own efforts, the harder you find it to keep your hands off my hips”—she gave him quite the soft hip check—“butt”—her buns plowing into his seated side felt like the best part of the most loving pillow fight ever—“and belly”—she ground it against him, swaying side-to-side.

“Congratulations Eden: once again you’ve dazzle dazed me to the point where I’m blissed out beyond the ability to work further, with hours remaining in our work day.”

“I know how to fix that” she smiled, letting go of him. “Be right back with a Dark Scotchmallow® and a Dark Bordeaux™.”


“Put the jewel box away, Wes. We already did the rejection dance for today.”

“Have you looked at our website lately?”

“I try not to, unless I have a need to get my rage on.”

Grinning like a fool, he slowly turned his desktop system’s screen towards her.

You fixed it! Finally! What?, it’s only taken you a year to thrice delete Bowl from between Rose and Parade?!”

He again held up and opened the jewel box, blinking hopefully as he studied her response.

She nuzzled him anew, kissing him tenderly. “Bring it home with you tonight. We’ll talk.”