Parental Visit

Saturday morning bright and early mere days after the invitation Sara and I receive to resume our medical educations and immediately begin doing the lab work of which we both dreamt, my device sounded off with my mother’s ringtone.

“Hi Mom!”

“Happy Saturday, hun. So if we’re on County 77 out of Wimoweh Valley, how do we know when we’re near the turn-off to Bubblensqueak Lake?”

“Where are you?!”

“I just told you: on County 77 leaving Wimoweh Valley. Is there like a sign or something?”

“No. It’s a dirt road on the south side of the highway in the middle of the thicker forested section. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?!

“It’s been over a year since we’ve seen you and we’re in the area. Oh wait—I see your lake now on the map when I hold this thing in Landscape orientation. Looks like we’re about 8 miles out.”

To this day I lack adequate words to fully express the high degree of panic I felt. I’d never shared with them anything about my mutations, much less my living situation!

I’m in the middle of a hot date!

“We won’t stay long.”

I heard my father lean over to add, “We look forward to meeting your special someone.”

{Nooooo! The grandchild play isn’t working!} “The house is a mess!” I more frantically exclaimed.

“I won’t let her give you grief for it. Tell me when I’m getting close please, Jan.”

“Ya got miles yet, Mark. All we want from you, hun, is some sign of which house is yours.”

“I’ll be outside. You may not recognize me other than my head.”

“We’re good. See ya soon! Bye for now.”

It didn’t help at all when Rose boob-worm wrapped herself multiple turns around my center right front tentacle, kissing it and boob-grinding against it. “So tell me more about this hot date you’re in the middle of.”

“Not now, Rose! My parents are no more than 10 minutes from here!”

“♫ If I’d known they were coming

I’d’ve baked a cake

Baked a cake

Baked a cake ♫”

“Who’s coming?”

“Tent’s parents” Rose replied to Helia, just arrived from Milk Palace next door.

Reeeally?” her eyes lit up. “Hopefully they’re in the mood for milk.”

They don’t know I’ve mutated!

“Not our problem, Regular (kiss).”

Nothing either of my besties could do could calm me down. Rose chased me out of the living room so she could do some quick last-minute pick-up and cleaning of the most obvious stuff, aided by Helia helping me get fully dressed in my nicer clothes then gently leading me outside at the same time.

“Aren’t you looking forward to seeing your parents again?” she asked as she neatened up my hair in the back.

“They may not take the severity of my mutations well!”

She cuddled into me, “Don’t you think they’d know?”


“Aren’t we as a state running about 90% mutant now, with that percentage still increasing?”

“I don’t know” I sighed loudly.

“I will be very surprised if they don’t know.”

“But they won’t know how I’ve mutated!”

“They’re your parents, Tent. They love you!”

How Rose found time to dress up nicely and put a bow in her hair matching mine (in style but not color) I don’t know. I do know that her visage drew my attention soon as she stepped out of the front door of our home.

“Ready for guests” she assured me with a loving touch of her top left hand, soon as she neared close enough.

The sound of 8 familiar hiking-booted feet approaching from behind and to the right (in the direction of the woods) caused me to turn part-way around and look.

“What’s going on?”

“Tent’s parents are dropping by for a visit” Rose answered Sara.

“How soon?”

“Any time now.”

She patted her betrothed’s horse-like horizontal back, “Let’s go get into something nice.”


Rose watched them leave for their cabin, shaking her head.

“Thinking about his amazing ass and maybe parts nearby?” I asked, given that that’s what had my attention.

“He’s changed. He never used to be so readily agreeable, especially when it came to getting out of woodsy clothes.”

Right about the time my eyes were popping seeing Sara and Dag emerge from their cabin beautifully (and sexily) dressed, the sound then sight of a big, unfamiliar vehicle slowly driving in on the lake’s dirt access road compelled my full forward-facing attention. It was a big motorhome—different than ours, though the same basic concept. I guessed from the waving that it was my parents, though I couldn’t tell for sure until the motorhome eased to a standstill about 20 m in front of us.

Soon as the doors opened and my mother and father got out, I screamed with joy, “DADDYEEEEEEEE!

Have you ever seen an octopus-woman with gigantic boobs and a huge udder gallop? Well you’re not going to, because no one recorded a video of this once-in-a-lifetime precious moment. Gallop is what I did, straight into the arms and multiple tentacles of my father, mutated into an octo-man!

Suddenly I might as well have been 5 or 6 years old again, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! You mutated too!”

“I did, sweetie. So did your mother.”

Mommyyyyy!” I remained ensconced in my father’s arms and tentacles, instinctively wrapping a couple of my nearest tentacles around my mother, whose most noticeable mutation was having gigantic boobs right around the size of my own.

“Is this really so bad, hun?” she asked as she eased herself deeper into our cuddle.

“I couldn’t know! Why didn’t you tell me you’d both mutated, and Daddy like meee?!”

“We couldn’t exactly say whether or not he’d mutated like you when you’d not shared even the existence of any of your own mutations with us” she replied as she lovingly caressed every part of me within reach, as mothers sometimes do.

Having seen photos Rose took, even I have to admit that my admiring gaze looking up into my father’s friendly, loving face was that of me as a young girl. “Eight tentacles, Daddy?”

“Yes. Just like you, it seems.”

“And you have these” I grinned, playing with what I learned later when I saw his bra tag were his generous 36G boobs.

“Nowhere the size of yours or your mother’s, but yes, you and I have that in common too.”

“So I’m still your special one?”

“You’re always and forever my one and only special one, Margie, no matter how either of us mutates!”

Daddy can call me that; I don’t mind. (So can my mom.) I will always be Daddy’s little girl, and don’t you even think about giving me any grief for it!

“What do you have on the tips of yours?”

“I have 4 matching genitals and 4 matching secondary sex characteristics quite like the ones up here on my chest that you just played with.”

Show me! Show me please!

“Is that going to be OK in front of all your friends here?”

“And which one is the hot date?” asked my mother.

“That would be me” Rose piped up, worming her way in close enough to meet and greet. “Else if it’s not, your daughter who insists myself and everyone else other than apparently you two call her Tent for her tentacles will have words.”

“This is my love and BFF Rose Bush, who owns that first cabin house you passed by driving in.”

“The one over there at the end of the lake?”

“Yes Mom. This one over here nearest us is the one I bought.”

“Recognize it from the pictures” said Daddy.

“At least we had those” my mother struggled not to sigh.

“So anyway it’s still her house and she has her sewing room and other stuff all set up in there, but she lives with me in this one. As does our special milk-loving friend Helia Melonowski, whom we met in prison when we were all being quarantined there. Were you two quarantined?!

“No, we hadn’t mutated by then.”

“Well we didn’t know it” Mom corrected Daddy.

“Hello Mister and Misses….”

“Armitage. Mark Armitage in my case.”

“Jan Armitage down here. Pleased to meet you, Helia.”

“Yes” agreed Daddy, shaking hands with her as had Mom.

“Armitage… tentacle arms. How apt!”

“So’s your name, given what you’ve got” said Mom.

“Are you lactating, either of you?”

“No, and I’m good with that.”

“Oh fun! So you get to be this big all the time!”

“You say that like it’s a good thing.”

“Isn’t it?”

I clearly remember to this day the way that last innocent comment from Helia instantly threw Mom into deep contemplative thought. Several of us including me looked at her, awaiting her eventual response.

Her blush before she spoke hinted where she was heading, “Yeah. It’s a whole new world now, and these I’m good with. Especially now that I know that my beloved daughter is packing the same kind and amount of upper chest heat.”

“She’s lactating, though.”

“I thought that was just her udder.”

“No Mom: I output milk up top and down below.”

Rose softly blowfished an exposed part of my udder to get my attention. “Do we want to go deep on all this before you’ve finished introducing your parents to everyone here?”

“Mom, Daddy: this very beautiful gentleman with the ram horns and the well-endowed chest and backside is our very close friend and neighbor Dag Nabbit, who lives in that cabin behind him and his fiancee Sara Trotter standing on 4 legs next to him. Beyond also being beautiful, Sara’s a med student like me.”

“Oh, I love humantaurs!” my mother admitted to us all (and my surprise) as she and Daddy and Dag and Sara shook hands.

“Interesting how almost everyone who’s mutated winds up with at least one generous pair of breasts.”

“Isn’t it just?” Dag agreed with Daddy during their handshake. “That, and so often one or more extremely large genitals.”

“That too.”

“So you’re not lactating?”

“No. You are?”

“Yes. It started suddenly one day, for no known reason.”

“So what about your tentacle ends, Daddy?”

“Let’s go someplace more amenable to taking off tentacle socks before getting into that.”

Our home’s deck was the chosen place. Strong Daddy carried me there!, my tentacles happily sway-wiggling like a happy, loved young sea creature the whole time.

Our penis-tipped tentacles showed a striking family resemblance, nearly identical in size, shape, and overall appearance. The fact of his having 4 boob-tipped tentacles fascinated me.

About half an hour after my parents’ arrival, as we all continued to visit together on the deck (totally filling it and then some, mostly thanks to me and Daddy), my mother’s obviously pained expression drew my attention. “Something wrong, Mom?”

“Getting a migraine.”

“You never used to get those. When did they start?”

“After the mutations.” A sharper jab visibly shot through her.

“What do you need? A dark, quiet space to lie down?”

“No. Gosh, this is awkward” she ended in a mutter.

“Don’t be hiding things like Margie, Jan” Daddy admonished.

“Alright, I’m blurting it out: my four large vulvae need live peni in them most of the time, else I get these wicked headaches. They don’t have to be moving and thrusting thankfully, but they do have to be warm and full inside me to keep the headaches at bay.”

Sara surprised several of us when she asked, “Do you need them in you at night too?”

“Yes. Which is why I am ever so grateful that Mark mutated in the complimentary manner he has.”

“Is there any reason she can’t let your father plug into her here and now?” Helia asked me.

“Since I’m in a dress and far beyond any bras I care to deal with, I’ll be nude in front of you all.”

“It’s not exactly warm enough out here for that, is it?” my father wondered out loud.

“This level of pain, I don’t care.”

We all moved inside the house, into the Lounge just off the deck. A little tight for all of us, though less so than the living room and not really a problem once Daddy and I moved some unneeded furniture into that room.

“Alright, now I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I really need this” Mom narrated as she struggled to raise her dress up and off.

Hhhhh!” I gasped, wide-eyed (according to Rose, later).

Oh you’re beautiful, Mrs. Armitage!” exclaimed Sara.

Rose and I thought her sudden very obvious double hardness might set Dag off into a possessive rage or something. Showing how much he’d changed, instead he cuddled up next to her left side with his arm around her, helping support her starting-to-rage giant left penis.

Beautiful form to your huge breasts, Jan. Very much like your daughter’s.”

“That’s what you’re noticing most, Helia?”

“Yes. What are you seeing, Rose?”

“Four very large and succulent vulvae in a catenary-shaped arc.”

It was so, and impressive. Imagine a standard woman with a giant plush vulva. Now double that vulva, with each one symmetrically next to each other horizontally, their touching vertical edge on the body’s centerline. Now imagine another pair, each also the same huge size, adjoining the middle two on their outer edges and raised vertically about half the huge vulva’s height. That’s basically what Mom just revealed to all of us.

Helia had to step back to see over her boobs and under Mom’s. “Oh yeaaaaah… now I see. Nice!”

“This is so awkward, but… I really need him inside me now.”

“Want help taking your tenta-socks back off, Daddy?”

“Sure” he smiled.

I’d meant his 4 covering his penis-tipped tentacles. He apparently thought it meant all 8. No one including me objected, hence it was the latter that happened.

Auuuaaahhhhh!” Mom gasped loudly with relief as Daddy slipped inside her 4 generous slots all at the same time.

Rose palmed her forehead with her top right hand, “I think I feel a powerful headache coming on.”

“Oh stop it, Premium” I gently tentacle-thwocked her lowest hands.

“Am I the only one here who suffers physical pain without genital intimacy?” Mom asked us all.

“I wouldn’t call it pain, but it’s a very strong drive.”

“I don’t even see 8 places you can put your, mmm, things, amongst all your lovers and housemates, even if including your neighbors.”

“I have what it takes to take each of hers, one at a time” Rose saucily grinned. “I’m tellin’ ya Regular, feeling a headache.”

“My parents are visiting for the first time ever here, the first time I’ve seen them in over a year, and the first time since we all mutated. On this basis, I am not in the mood to run off to our bedroom to ease your ‘headache’” I air-quoted at the end.

“This may be inappropriate, but we’ve all mutated, and I’m feeling exceedingly awkward standing here in the nude getting my essential needs met via quadruple sexual penetration from my talented mutated husband with the rest of you remaining clothed and, well, chaste. I certainly wouldn’t be one to object to your helping you Love Rose feel better, whether or not a headache is involved.”

Helia quite liked Mom’s idea. “I think it would be wonderful to all take our clothes off! It’ll make it so much easier to share milk!”

It wasn’t exactly an orgy which unfolded, though for sure those of us in clothes took ours off, and various ones of us got it on. Thankfully everyone else respected the tone my parents set: restful coitus with minimal motion.

“You’re exceedingly well-hung, twice over” my father noted, in terms of Sara, her right one plugged fully into fiancee Dag whilst she held her very long, hard, fully-erect left one and he remained 4x inside Mom. “Not until now today have I seen pictures of anyone with even one of what you have at such a grand size.”

“There are some out there, Daddy.”

“It’s been quite a shock to me, Mr. Armitage, given that I was a standard cisgender woman prior to mutation.”

“You’re still a beautiful young woman, if you don’t mind my saying so.”


“And you make a great couple with your betrothed. Did you seek out each other as humantaurs on a dating app or site or something?”

“I hadn’t mutated until I was very near death and consumed large quantities of each of their milk” explained Dag, looking quite blissed out by being filled with Sara’s hard, thick, and long right schlong. “All of them and Sara especially nursed me back to health, during which I mutated in this fortuitous highly compatible-with-her manner.”

“May I please inspect any one of your breast-tipped tentacles?” Helia politely requested.

“Sure” Daddy smiled, delivering to her his nearest one.

“Excellent form: full and symmetrical” was her conclusion. “Sensitive?”

“More so than the ones on my chest, to my surprise. You have quite a collection there, Rose.”

“It’s the boob worm way of life” she smiled, happy that my center right front tentacle was inside her.

Awkward having sex in front of my parents?: Of course! But not as much as you’d think. I could never have conceived of ever doing such a thing pre-mutation. Something about the powerful sex drive nearly every mutated person has goes along with seeming like partially new people in a whole new world to somehow make it OK.

I was the only one feeling any discomfort. Everyone else was fine with things.

I also had a puzzle on my mind. “Mom: how long can you go without anyone inside you and no headaches?”

“Half an hour at best, on average.”

“How does that even work at work?!”

“Well… interesting that you should mention that. Did you ever meet Mary, from my work?”

“Not that I can recall.”

“Well anyway, we’ve been working together 8 years at least. She mutated too, with two very obvious and big peni. Bigger than yours and your father’s, but smaller than Sara’s lovely ones. Don’t ask me how this works, because I don’t understand it any better than I understand my migraines, and I doubt she does either, but she goes into debilitating anxiety attacks when her dongs aren’t rubbing against or inside one or more someones.”

“So she goes inside you at work I take it, for mutual benefit?”


“Is that sufficient to keep the headaches away?”

“No, and that’s where Lenore comes in. She’s been there about 6 years I guess, the last 3 in our group. She has 3 peni, about the same size as each other and somewhat smaller than Mary’s in girth. Longer in length and more flexible, like much shorter versions of your or your father’s tentacles, and penis-like the whole length rather than tentacle-like at all. She breaks out into rashes if her peni aren’t kept in a dark, moist place around body temperature. She still has her original vulva, so she plugs one into herself and the other two into me when we’re at work.

“In practice this means that we all need to work together bottomless. My boobs being the size they are, I’m nearly always nude once in our section, with all 3 of us using my pair as our desktop.”

My parents stayed the weekend, getting to know my friends and lovers and renewing their bond with me, in this new life we all found ourselves living. Though it was chilly enough that we had to put clothes back on, all together we had a great game of ring toss, with Daddy’s and my tentacles being the ring targets. I took especial pleasure annoying Rose by moving my tentacle slightly just before any of her tossed rings made it into range. Even better was being able to toss rings onto Daddy’s tentacles then later have him toss them back onto mine—a deeply bonding father-daughter experience. Mom’s need to have Daddy inside her ensured that we didn’t stay outside too long and get over-cold.

They enjoyed the tour of Sara’s and Dag’s cabin, wherein Sara excitedly showed off the various improvements already made and those on-deck for the near-term future as the house became their nuptial nest.

Over at her house on tour, Rose’s sewing room impressed them. Her ninja-like ability to rapidly alter Mom’s hemline and patch a splitting seam on one of Daddy’s tentasocks did so further (and they paid her a fair fee).

Leaving Sunday late afternoon wasn’t sad mainly because they too now lived in Minnesota, much closer by. I knew it wouldn’t be long before at least I would make the trip to their new home, where they assured me there was a guest room with my belongings moved from the house in which I grew up, and space for both me and Rose (and the full OK for us to sleep together in every sense of the phrase).