3 Weeks On

“Good morning Chonky.”

“’Morning Neener. How’re you feeling?”

“Well. Rested, no fever, no other symptoms of anything, far as I can tell.” Ssssnnnnnnt: he took a big whiff of her hair. “Sense of smell’s back. You smell lovely.”

Sss Ssss Ssssnnnnnt “So do you.”

“Shall we get into breakfast before possibly getting into any contentious conversations?”

“Gosh, I hope there aren’t more of those! At least not for a long, long time.”

“I don’t have anything (kiss). Just don’t want to have another day like yesterday, up to just before the point where you brought the blanket over, for which I now belatedly thank you (kiss).”

“You’re welcome” she kissed him back. “Let’s get into ordering, so we can get into breakfast all the sooner.”

Clark found himself drifting between feeling stunned and overwrought with lust. He barely managed to eat his own light breakfast, obsessed as he was watching his fat nude cruise wife completely lost to bliss, enjoying the massive feast she’d ordered, legs splayed comfortably as she sat along with him atop their bed. {It’s sex to her!} he thought, amazed. {Eating gives her as much pleasure as sex—at least! I can see it in everything about her expression and the rest of her body language. Unbelievable, if I wasn’t seeing it happening right before my eyes.}

She noticed him looking, directing her blissed-out smile his way, “This is the perfect cruise experience I wanted to be having all along”. Claiming some of his pesto spaghetti noodles, she held them over her head and dribbled them into her anxiously waiting mouth, as stereotypically done with grapes.

“It wasn’t perfect for you when I was first on board.”

Licking her hand clean, she began caressing his nearest thigh, “Think about all we’ve been through since then, Neen. We barely knew each other, and I thought for sure beyond any doubt that for you MatCon was all about tagging a plumper chick then putting me down. We learned more about each other, bonded in love to a degree so intense and deep that in some ways it still scares me, developed COVID-19 basically together, got quarantined together, proved to ourselves and each other that our love has to go beyond physical sex and stuff given what we invested in helping each other survive, just yesterday successfully worked through intense differences which break up many couples, and here we are.”

That was far too much talking without taking any bites of the many delicious noms all around her atop the bed, which deficit she rectified forthwith.

During her next breathing break she added, “I’m going to keep indulging and enjoying great food I can finally taste and smell again, as much and as often as I feel like it for the rest of this cruise.” She moved his hand over to her nearest fat hip, “You keep indulging yourself in and thoroughly enjoying the side-effects.” Another bite, this time of some hash browns, “Mmmmph… maybe I’ll start enjoying the side-effects more, from your enjoyment.”

Not even 2 hours had elapsed between the end of Leigh’s massive breakfast-became-brunch, and now, early in the noon hour, when she ordered lunch. To his amazement and beyond-his-control arousal, she ordered an equally-grand feast!

“Belly rubs, so I have space, please?” she asked of him, once the order had been submitted.

The dazed trance he’d been in and out of for hours waxed. “You sure you have room in here?” his mouth asked, before his mind approved.

Oh yeah” she smiled, bat-waving her hand. “With breakfast it won’t even total out to as much as I had at the Samoa Cookhouse.”

Love of all forms swelled within them. Beyond sensual, the belly rub was yet another deeply bonding experience.

So lost to loving Leigh Down was Clark Barr, he barely knew who he was by mid-late afternoon and the end of her extended lunch. Yes, a great deal of what was going on was the unstoppable extremely potent deep carnal love they couldn’t stop sharing if they tried. And yet there was more, they both knew it deep within.

Currently too full to be comfortable doing much of anything other than sitting atop the bed resting her back against a stack of wonderfully fluffy pillows with her legs spread and her bloated belly resting between them, that’s the position in which Leigh chose to remain. Presently, Clark occupied himself pleasing her via sensually rolling the massage roller given to them by the ship’s spa, up and down her legs.

“It just occurred to me: I’ve been on this cruise 3 weeks now” she smiled, the expression she’d had nearly all day.

“Can we really call it a cruise, if we’re docked in the same port all the time?”

“I am having a pleasurable cruise experience, whether our Sapphire Prince is going anywhere or not. Hopefully you are too.”

“I… feel lost. To you.”

“When you tire of rolling, come cuddle up next to me and get lost in me, with me.”

“Know what you want for dinner yet?”

Clark couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You’re ordering dinner?!”

“Don’t be so shocked, Neener” Leigh tried (and failed) not to grin, salaciously moving his hand back onto her still-bloated belly. “You know I love to eat! We’ve been over all that and and the side-effects you love and everything else several times in-depth and more often in casual mentions on this trip already. I admit I’m no expert on Fat Admirers, but is there some reason my wanting dinner surprises you?”

“You seem to have far greater capacity for packing away food than I imagined.”

“There’re still plenty of things we have to learn about each other (kiss). Bodes well for more interesting time getting to know each other better (kiss).”

While not as extreme a feast as her two earlier meals, beyond question Leigh’s dinner was a big multi-course meal. Clark, who’d eaten vastly lighter earlier in the day, was closer to par with her for dinner. After days of drizzly wetness and cloudy overcast with occasional actual outright rain, it was a pleasant delight to enjoy an actual sunset along with their main course (they both had steak). Even with the ongoing nudity and carnal passions, this moment proved far more loving bonding affectionate romantic than lusty. The steaks were excellent; the paired rosé wine sublime.

After a string of days without (or at least without full tree trunk engorgement), Leigh awoke to the sensual sensations of her lover’s curvy flesh redwood between her chonky buns. {Ohhhh I want this forever} she silently mused. {He’s so affectionate.}

As usual, Clark didn’t fully awaken. Actually he was closer to awake than he realized, his mind assuming he was fully into dreams.

The overcast Friday morning’s full filtered daylight gave Clark’s mind no choice but to realize that he truly was transitioning swiftly from sleep to wakefulness. “HHHHH! Hhhhh! ohhhh! Hhhh, Chonky!

“Good morning, Neener” she looked over her shoulder and smiled his way.

I can see and feel that you’ve gotten fatter, overnight!

“That’s how it works with me.” She borrowed one of his hip-caressing hands to kiss it before replacing it where it had been. “Food goes in, fat comes out. Along with some other stuff that goes in the toilet, and energy production, and all the usual body behaviors.”

“I’ve… never experienced this tactile and visual a fattening so quickly!”

“Hopefully you like it, because if I’m able to keep enjoying food the way I intend to, there’ll assuredly be more of it.”

“How do you feel about me… feeling it?”

“Loving. Affectionate. Happy. A little aroused. OK, more than a little aroused, especially when you do those deep squeezy gropes and push into me more.”

He gladly implemented her not-exactly suggestions. “Hhhhhh! If you ever decide to stay like this rather than exercising it back off, I want to marry you, for reals. Or at least live with you like a marriage.”

“One tasty day at a time, Neener. You wanna get off?”

“Pleeease?” he whimpered.

“Be my guest, Lover.”

Leigh decided she wanted to get off too. The combination of his sexy humping and very caress-like fondling, the gentle strokes her fingers gave her nub, and dreaming of what she hoped to soon have for breakfast did the trick nicely.

The happy tones of a µ-Ziq instrumental favorite of Leigh’s from the mid-1990s currently filled Leigh’s and Clark’s stateroom with sonic expressions of the bouncy happy joy of their entire breakfast experience. Taking turns suggesting what to play next, Clark worked the controls so Leigh could continue peacefully, calmly, slowly eating.

Despite the songs they chose being minimally sexy/sexual, Leigh’s breakfast was towards the other extreme. Even after all they’d shared and how deeply they’d gotten to know one another, she still felt apprehensive letting anyone else know how intimate and passionate her relationship with food was. Especially in this context and to her, actions spoke louder than words—much louder. Witnessing Clark repeatedly lose control to his lusty passions watching her eat as she lost her own control to her lusty foodie passions very gradually allowed Leigh to open up further. No one in her past life had ever been allowed into this inner sanctum of hers—the one that had her initially hoping she’d not cross paths on this cruise with anyone who knew her. Now for the first time in her life, she had an insider sharing the experience with her. Words and phrases like Lover, cruise husband, fat admirer, and other equally valid descriptors of what Clark Barr was to her individually and in any combination failed to convey the totality of what this new, exceedingly private connection was all about.

Big deal though this cruise was from the planning stages onward, it had now turned into the adventure of a lifetime: a perfect storm of events, allowing her to let her foodie lust run free. Thrilling and scary in equal measure, she knew that this was the ongoing series of moments which needed to be seized.

Elsewhere around the Sapphire Prince, things were anything but tranquil.

{“I don’t want any more COVID-19 deaths on this ship!”}

Captain Cranch’s exhortation, weakened and interrupted by coughing on account of his own COVID-19 illness, echoed through Acting Captain Glenn’s mind, in the heat of telephone negotiations with administrators at the local hospital. “They are human beings urgently in need of care, no matter what their nationality!… We have an infirmary aboard this ship, not a hospital. You are infinitely better-equipped than we are to deal with the critically ill.… Understood that you want to reserve your resources for local residents, but for the time being those on our ship are part of your local community.… That’s beyond both of us, ma’am. I assure you we did not choose Coos Bay to ‘inflict ourselves’ upon you. Federal authorities and other ports gave us no choice, then we happened to have a near-total propulsion failure in international waters very close to here. As the one piloting the ship at the time, I assure you that Coos Bay was our only option, not a willful imposition.”

The frantic WTF hands and face expressions of Dr. Wellington Heald directed over a more-than-social distance towards Captain Glenn reaffirmed the urgency of the situation.

“Let’s cut to the chase: either you immediately rescind your order to the local EMTs blocking their services to us, or I will arrange alternative transportation to the door of your E.R.… We have two in critical condition now. Send them now.”

“Please give me a reprieve from having to pay the Swear Jar, Chief!” A-HHHKKK! Billy Bilge coughed from behind his protective cloth mask.

“I’ve not seen any credible scientific information suggesting that swearing away SARS-CoV-2 is in any way effective against its COVID-19 influenza, Billy.”

“If I have to fuuuulllllaaaaking pay any more, I’ll have to mortgage my house!”

“You own a house?”

No! So I’m rat-assszzzzzimuth is a fine parameter to measure!”

“What besides swearing do you think will help you get over this thing faster, or if not that, have it remain less severe?”

“Thinking with all my might about cursing this son of a biieeautiful mother to Hellllllo there ladies and gentlemen and gone!”

“If you keep the cursing totally inside your head and don’t let any of it slip out of your mouth, you’ll not owe the Swear Jar anything, and you’ll be taking the virus to task inside your mind the way you want. Sounds like a win-win to me.”

Immediately Billy unleashed a string of soul-scorching epithets locked inside his mind, directed at SARS-CoV-2 wherever it may be at work in his body.