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My colorful hair in motionPlease Explain the Jiggle Junkie thing

Easy: i’m addicted to loving women who love or like me who have profound amounts of soft, warm, luscious, comforting, cushy, pliable body fat. The substances that when in motion are wiggly, wobbly, jiggly, bobbly in profound and poetic ways—True Living Art!

Please Explain the Sonic Purity thing

Last Millennium between 1980 and 1995, i was a DJ (amongst other positions) at UC Berkeley’s FM over-air broadcast radio station KALX. Station culture was such that most DJs used pseudonyms rather than their given names. After going with a rather ridiculous name for far too many years which lost any meaning it may have had within weeks of my adopting it, i cycled through a series of air names before settling on Sonic Purity. The original derivation is meant ironically, and had to do with my home audio equipment repair career. I’ve already explained this in more detail on this page on my older website.

What Is This Site About?

It’s a venue for the fatlovesex a.k.a. fatosphere side of my life. Nice and focused.

What Are You About?

The fatosphere and responsibly loving fat women! From my unique perspective as a hyper-affectionate cuddle-loving touch-loving sex-positive medium sex drive gender blurry shy dating-clueless INTJ non-theist Libertarian (amongst other parameters of being).

That’s It?

Of course not, silly! That’s all that seems relevant to put on a web page such as this.

Comments or questions related to the content of this site or me are welcomed via email.

Thanks for reading! Best Wishes for a Sensually Jiggly Day, and Life!

Last updated Saturday, 23 May 2020