Second Time Easier

Yeah, it hurt a little to have botched all chances for his first BBW intimacy in years that night, but Nate wasn’t truly bothered: it remained a huge deal that he’d made it inside at all. The dances, hugs, and brief hip-cuddle time he’d shared with Misfit Vanessa reminded him of the life-changing wonders of his first fleeting, brief BBW experiences in college. He needed more, and now he had the confidence to know he could get his sorry ass inside the building and even proactively flirt.

It wasn’t a question that he’d attend the following month’s dance, and now the day (or more specifically, evening) had arrived.

As before, he arrived fashionably late, not yet comfortable with being one of the first inside. As before, when he took his deep breath and headed through the door, things were already lively.

Hi Nate!” Desperate Diane gushed, spreading her arms in overly-welcoming greeting.

He smiled and headed right into her embrace, sharing a swivel-hug with her as though they were long-time close friends. “Have time for a dance?”


They slow-danced to what might best be described as ambient jazz: relatively soft and formless enough that no sort of precise dance moves were required.

“That’s a nice dress.”

Really?” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, I think so. The corduroy feels nice, and the flower pattern looks pretty, especially on you.”

“Why me?”

“Like you, the flowers have nice, natural curves.”

It didn’t take much to flatter Desperate Diane. Without knowing it, Nate played her flattery buttons like a master pianist plays a piano. She couldn’t help pushing things hard and kissing him squarely on the mouth.

Due to his historic lack of opportunities and experience, it didn’t take much to overwhelm Nate. His goofy expression of lust satisfaction fed Diane’s meagre self-esteem so well, she couldn’t resist giving him another and holding him closer.

Only moments from asking him (and trying not to beg) to take her home or go home with her, it all started to go wrong. For once, it wasn’t Nate’s fault. Diane had a tendency to sweat like an overheated hog in the mid-summer sun during a sidewalk-buckling climate change heat wave. Worse, her scent was, shall we say, non-subtle, and most noses ranked it quite rank.

Nate noticed and sniffed a bit, wondering whether it was him and what to do about it. Before he could reach any sort of conclusion, Diane’s body upped the ante: a sonorous, splashy wet fart, easily audible over the music. “Excuse me!” she cried out, bursting into tears and shuffling off to the women’s room.

“Looks like Diane had another accident” Deb noted.

“If I liked her, I’d consider getting her a warehouse-store-sized bottle of chill pills for her birthday” added Nora. “So who’d ya go home with last month?”

Deb turned and glared at her quasi-friend. Once the pregnant pause reached its third trimester she asked, “How was Creem?”

“Fully lived up to his name” Nora replied, blissfully.

“So then… why are you here?”

“He’s not from this area… he was just passing through, seeking pussy. We’re FWB and next time I‘m anywhere near Austin and he’s home, it’s on.”

Once again Deb and Nate made eye contact—pretty easy, given how much time Deb was spending watching his activities. She turned her head away immediately. He really felt attracted to her… well, at least her body, since her personality kept wordlessly shouting “No!”.

This second night went better for Nate, though still not as good as it could. Tara didn’t want to have anything to do with him and Aubrey was tending stand-offish, but Vanessa at least gave him eye contact and her closest approach to a smile, as long as he kept his distance.

Larissa was once again friendly and once again used her own hand to place his smack onto her soft, fat hip as they danced. The music at the moment was soft enough that they could converse a bit. All signals were go, until at about the same time, two different individuals caught Larissa’s and Nate’s eyes. They ended their dance on good terms, again agreeing to keep their options open without writing one another off.

The evening continued with no big surprises until almost the start of the last hour. An attractive, beautifully dressed SSBBW with large breasts entered the club and in terms of at least half of those there, stole the show with her splashy entrance.

“Oh good, Toni’s here” Nora said with all the vocal dynamics of a bored hypnotist, dripping with sarcasm.

“Grrrr!” Deb snarled, out of disdain for the woman known as Toni the Tigress, not any form of imitation.

Few of her fellow (SS)BBW liked Toni the Tigress, as her physical appearance, personality, and dating skills tended to make her the alpha BBW: she usually could have her pick of any man or woman attracted to large, soft female bodies. Double D Deb especially hated Toni, because they competed head-to-head for the same market: they had the same body shape, other than Toni being bigger in most places and prettier (in large part due to deep pockets which allowed her to spend as she wished for clothing, cosmetics, and procedures, to mostly successfully mask her older age).

“Looks like she’s going for burgundy red tonight” commented Nora.

“Wonder how long it’ll cover her white roots… ’cept I don’t really care.”

Toni spotted fresh meat in the form of Nate and decided she was hungry for some. “Hey there” she said with a puffy-lipped smile, swaying over with hips, booty, belly, and especially breasts jiggling salaciously. She was experienced enough that she knew by the precise degree of his jaw drop the probability of his (in)experience and what she needed to do to reach her goal of having a taste of him.

To him, she was about as sexy as the stand-offish big-breasted woman he really liked. Even better, this woman was larger and vastly friendlier, even though older (despite how she tried to hide it).

She led. They danced, they talked a bit, they flirted. She liked everything she saw, felt, and otherwise sensed—it was a go.

“Looks like Eh got lucky” Nora commented well into the mating ritual.

Bitch” Deb muttered under her breath.

Nora nudged her and asked, “Whaddo you care? Is he your boyfriend all of a sudden?”

Deb stuck out her tongue.

“There’s a roomful of options and you named him ‘Eh’! Personally, having seen him in operation twice now, I think he’s a bit better than ‘Eh’. He’s not on my A-list, but I’d hit that.”

The whole situation had Deb’s panties almost literally in a bunch. She strutted off to the restroom to deal with that situation.

By the time Deb exited the women’s room, Toni and Nate were gone. She usually migrated slowly and casually back over towards Nora after a restroom break, so she’d seem more approachable and less like one half of a clique-ish, surly gossip pairing. The shock of seeing the absence of the two persons of her interest propelled her straight back over to Nora at a fast, bouncy clip.

“Did they?” she asked.

“Exactly as one would expect… straight outta Toni’s playbook. Probably the best night Eh will ever have here: all he has to do is be her sub, and he’ll get at least a taste of what some consider premium aged pussy.”

“Aged 12 years, like old whiskey I reckon… beyond him” Deb snarked, setting off shared laughs.

Problem was, Nate had no idea that all he had to do was keep his mouth shut unless Toni the Tigress engaged him in conversation. As they slipped into her bright green Tesla Roadster, Nate’s mind reeled as he struggled to assemble meaningful conversation which wouldn’t wreck things, feeling that doing so was essential for anything to continue.

It struck him as she jetted out of the parking lot onto the highway, her expensive jewelry sparkling, that she was so economically far out of his league that there couldn’t be any way anything would continue beyond this night… unless she wanted a boy toy.

They shared mutual grins as she momentarily looked over at him and caught him ogling her breasts, jiggling all over with the slightest bounce in this smooth ride. The way they were packed into her top made them look fuller and less saggy than they actually were. It made the most of her cleavage and pushed up her breast tops so they were easily visible from side angles.

The amazingly beautiful-sounding audio system churned out Atmosphere by Joy Division.

“My Uncle really likes this song” he commented. “Says he used to play it on the radio when he was in college, around the time it was released, back before the lead singer hung himself… back when people listened to the radio, I guess.”

His innocent comments pin-pricked her. She’d played this song on the radio… when she was in college… when it was brand new. Well, this certainly wouldn’t be the first time she was rolling more cougar than tiger.

Next on Toni’s playlist was Boogie With Stu.

“Is this Led Zeppelin?” he asked.

“Yes. You’ve not heard this song?”

“Well, it’s kinda… dinosaur rock, if ya know what I mean. I think about everything which has come out since then—Pavement, Boards of Canada, Tricky, Nine Inch Nails, LCS Sound System, My Bloody Valentine, to name a tiny tiny fraction—all classic oldies now, like Led Zep, but… not so old-sounding.”

She’d been a DJ in college and she didn’t recognize half the names he mentioned. She felt old, which is to say: her actual 50s (almost 60!) age. One major point of the exercise of going to the Gravitational Goddesses Get-Together was to avoid—have a recess from—thinking and feeling her age for awhile.

Another 1970s song came on, one he didn’t know. It happened to be one of her favorites: Hollywood Nights, by Bob Seeger.

Slightly over halfway through the song, Nate burst into laughter.

“What’s so funny?” she asked, trying to hide her annoyance with a big smile.

“I’m trying to decide whether this guy sounds more like a water buffalo in a death rattle or screechy train brakes when the engineer makes an emergency stop.” His face was red with laughter and tears of mirth rolled out his eyes. “I’m going with screechy train brakes.”

Toni the Tiger didn’t make an emergency stop, though she did pull to the side of the road and put the car in Park. She turned down the radio and flatly said, “This isn’t gonna work” with no smile.

This sudden shift hit Nate out of nowhere. “What?”

“You and me… not working for me. You truly didn’t drive to the Get-Together?”

“I like walking. I’m sorry if I wasted your time—you really are a beautiful woman, especially for an older woman.”

Toni’s face started to twitch in anger.

“I’ll get out here—I’m good” he said as he struggled to open the door before he could say anything else. Soon he succeeded, got out, and closed it.

Seconds later, she literally left him in the dust by the side of the road.

A few minutes later, Deb drove by him, on her way home. “Tsk tsk tsk… couldn’t keep the Tigress at bay, eh Eh?” she chuckled at her own joke. A sudden rush of feelings made her slow the car down before her mind caught up, at which point she resumed speed. The slow-down had been a far enough distance ahead of him that he didn’t connect it to anything having to do with him, especially not having seen the driver.