Dating Dilemmas

by Sonic Purity
Theater entrance, outside view. Marquee lists “Gravitational Goddesses Get-Together”.
Behind a screen, Nate Scarborough is a force to be reckoned with. In Real Life, not so much. Can this fat-loving nerd get with real women without a wall of technology between? And if so, what kind of women will he get with?

Epic Novel (approximately 107,000 words). Originally written 2010-2016. Story set contemporary to that time. Posted in its entirety as of 16 June 2021.

Note that this is one of my older stories, written when my writing skills were less developed. Though the most egregious problems were corrected during a 2021 edit rewrite, there may still be awkward phrasing and other issues. Be prepared for cultural references, terms, and situations common at the time of writing which may have fallen out of favor or even be considered by some unacceptable now.

This story features:


  1. The Big Step
  2. Second Time Easier
  3. Third Time’s the Charm
  4. Crushing
  5. Strange Get-Together
  6. Diane Blossoms
  7. Nate + Diane
  8. Two First Choices
  9. A Taste of Nora
  10. Dating a Princess
  11. Happiest Place?
  12. Pushing Double D to the Limit
  13. Seeing Less of Nora
  14. Loving Larissa
  15. Bond of the Heart (and Loins)
  16. Moving (and not all in a good way)
  17. “Over and done with you totally”?
  18. Abrasive
  19. Permanent Breakthrough
  20. “Daddy”: the Rest of the Story
  21. Hipster Lovers
  22. Hipster Pranksters
  23. The Night It All Changed Forever
  24. Shock
  25. Maturing
  26. Letting Go