The little girl at home/non-sarcastic adult outside dichotomy remained extreme for about a month. Just as Nate began to wonder if things would ever change, on her own Deb very, very gradually revealed brief moments of adult behavior at home. As with her outer world behavior, this new adult in-private behavior dropped all pretenses of cynicism and sarcasm: it was positive, lighter, and more honest.

Something else came along with this new adult behavior: Deb started eating more. He noticed right away, but didn’t feel it was a good time to inquire into it. She seemed to eat more and more as the weeks went by, and it had the predicted effect on her figure. In only a few weeks, she was shopping for 42M bras for work, then returning them when they arrived on account of being too tight/small. She noticed what she’d long known: the fatter she got, the harder and more aroused Nate got. With her remaining far more relaxed than ever before and thus able to freely go into full arousal, plus having so many new highly sensual surfaces upon which to feel things, sex was insanely good for both of them.

Three months after her breakdown, she was noticeably fatter, and having trouble finding any off-the-shelf bras which fit, even online.

Nate noticed she was a bit flushed and out of breath at the end of their most recent grocery store trip. Once they were back home and had the food unpacked, he had to ask. “Deb?”

“Yes Daddy?”

“Are you OK? You’ve been eating a lot more than usual these past few months.”

“Am I too fat for you?”

“No, that’s not possible, and it’s also not important. The important question is: are you too fat for you?

“Noooo! Please don’t make me stop! The fatter I get, the more I feel myself able to let go of my old life—the sad, sarcastic one we shared. It seemed fun at the time but… I’m over it. The fatter I get, the more peaceful I feel. And… the sex is better.”

“With me?”

“Yes. And also by myself” she grinned lustily.

Perhaps surprisingly, Deb’s increasing fatness helped her out at work. The current supervisor was Mr. Ryan Helms—a dark-haired, kinda cute SSBHM not much older than Deb herself. He didn’t give her grief about her attire, as long as she made an effort to dress decently for work (which was her goal regardless of his), since he knew first-hand how difficult it could be to dress professionally as a large fat person—and while he had some pretty big moobs to deal with, they were tiny compared to Deb’s outlyingly-huge mams.

Beyond clothing, they shared seemingly insatiable appetites. They bonded over frequently catching one another stuffing their face with something delicious when they thought no one was looking. Soon, Deb was being called into his office, not to be disciplined, but to share their thoughts on how the call center was doing, what could be improved, and the like, whilst shamelessly noshing on tasty edibles. They liked one another (apart from food) and respected each other’s approach to the business. Deb truly had flipped 180° from a recalcitrant impediment who didn’t care about anything beyond a paycheck to a true team player who wanted the best for the company and its customers—both other firms using their services and the end-user clients of those firms.

It helped each of them that the other was gaining, and that they were both very fat people who’d long ago passed the point of in any way concealing their jiggly bits, and all too often were stared at. It wasn’t long before lusciously decadent pastries and other treats began regularly appearing in the break room. Soon after that, Deb got into baking cookies (straight, not laced with anything “exciting”) or other baked goods on Wednesdays.

These changes set off a chain reaction. Sandra, who’d just been dumped by her boyfriend, ate away her frustrations, going from plump to fat. Mostly via being around the communal food, she became part of Ryan and Deb’s discussion group. Her productivity went up in ironic proportion with her weight. Soon, others—mostly but not exclusively female employees—let go and indulged. It would be an exaggeration to write that the whole office was getting fatter, but it was true that well over half the call center staff were doing so. Others stepped up to bring in a variety of foods: sweet, savory, snacks, main courses, sides, and more, on a rotating basis.

The “epidemic” of foodie fattening soon spread to upper management. H.R. Director Pauline Prentiss in particular enjoyed the camaraderie as well as letting herself go into the delectable food. Employees grew more comfortable with her as they all ate, socialized, and fattened together. It wasn’t long before women’s and men’s clothing exchanges were set up, so those of smaller-yet-growing-larger sizes could benefit from the outgrown clothes of their larger peers.

One of the few people opting out of the feasting against her true will and with regret was Nora Pyle. It remained a struggle for her to maintain her weight at 250 pounds well before these new temptations. She grew in a whole different way: more bitter than she’d already been, channeling the additional frustration and anger into higher levels of sarcastic snark and work avoidance.

One day, the foodie group discussed the inherent unfairness that women were expected to wear bras, per the company dress code, but men with big moobs like Ryan did not have to do so. Ryan and Pauline agreed it seemed unfair; she promised to look into it. Once she discovered that too tight/too small bras could be construed to be a health issue, she made her case to top management, and the requirement for anyone to wear bras was stricken from the dress code.

The group started to make arrangements for an old-fashioned bra burning, when Lara pointed out that it would be less destructive and more beneficial to society to donate their bras to local charities, for those less fortunate who wanted to wear them to be able to do so.

Within days, virtually no one was wearing a bra—both amongst the fattening foodies and the rest of the office. Only one male employee complained that he was now too distracted to do his job. Pauline helped him find a new position with a different division, closer to where he lived.

Deb continued to eat more, exercise less (other than sex), and blimp up. She was now well into the supersized realm: in the mid-200s kg range. Her waist was at a point where, ignoring her breasts (say for example, if she and Nate lifted them out of the way), he could barely reach his arms halfway around her, unless he squished into her tightly. Her belly was a big, jiggly, saggy sack, divided in two at her waistline, sticking out prominently. Her butt didn’t stick out that much, but spread decently, and had a long, deep crack. Her breasts remained her most prominent fat deposits/body parts, continuing to stick out well past her bellies, now safely outside the range of all except custom bras, making it easy for her to forget about bras for all time. Seldom did she or they go anywhere where nearly everyone wasn’t staring at her breasts, at least for a few moments. Her chins were becoming one with her neck, but hadn’t reached the “no neck” point yet. Her upper arms weren’t the biggest ones out there, yet were now the size of Nate’s muscle-meaty thighs. Her legs thickened smoothly, with mostly muscle to hold up/carry the rest of her. Her mound—which she hadn’t seen in over a decade—fattened to the point where Nate needed both hands to hold it. They each needed to be in a certain limited set of positions to ensure he could breathe when he devoured her down below.

Nate had driven her everywhere since she’d killed her father and continued to do so, as she couldn’t handle driving any longer, emotionally. Now there was an additional reason: she was too fat to safely drive her car, or most other non-customized cars. Stylish clothes mostly gave way to affordable clothes that fit, and Nate’s mother Sally happily making Deb some custom clothes. No strings attached, though she didn’t refuse Deb’s hand-me-ups for her own more gradually growing size.

Nudism had seldom been a stranger to the Dunbar/Scarborough household. With Deb (and thus Nate) spending more time at home sitting on her fat ass and eating, and reading e- or paper books or gaming with Nate or doing online things, it became their default mode of living. Deb routinely reclined and typed on her breast-top computer, as well as ate off her mountain of flesh, at a minimum maintaining that mountain, and often adding to it.

They’d worked together to reinforce the bed frame. Doorways were beginning to become a tight squeeze; they discussed moving, perhaps buying a house together rather than renting.

Nate worked with his parents and Deb to ensure she had several places to comfortably and safely sit when they visited. She and Sally had a nice visit and nosh whilst Nate and his father converted the guest bed frame from marginally-strong metal to a homemade custom wood frame which would not fail, no matter how fat she got. The men were startled to discover that both the women they loved were naked when they wrapped up the project. From that point forward, nudism became the default at Nate’s parents’ as well as at home.