He didn’t ask for it. He wasn’t sure he wanted it. He felt confident she didn’t want it: Nate was crushing on Deb. It seemed to be both lust and, oddly, affection. It wasn’t at all odd that he felt affection for a lover—that part was normal for him—but odd that he felt that way without having gotten to know her.

They hadn’t exchanged contact information and though he knew he’d have no problem whatsoever digging up whatever form of contact for her he might want, he wisely realized that’s not what she wanted, thus would be creepy or worse. Still grateful for the great lay, he looked forward to the next Get-Together.

The weeks rolled by… it was again time, a month later. Nate maintained his cool, slender hipster look, trimming his soul patch extra nice. He very much hoped to go home again with Deb, but if for some reason that didn’t work out, now he had the confidence of a success under his belt (as it were). He really did hope it would again work out… he dreamt often of touching her again, experiencing the gift of her body and, if she’d give it up, more.

He arrived earlier than his usual: about 25 minutes after opening. Many of the regulars were already there, but neither Deb nor Nora.

Desperate Diane was there, and very happy to see him. “Nate!” she gushed, “Will you please dance with me?”

“Of course” he smiled, cuddling into her for what was becoming their usual slow dance.

“I know it’s really really bad of me to ask, but… how was Pam?”

“Terrible driver. That’s as far as I got—she kicked me out of her car halfway along Winpole.”

No!” Diane gasped, eyes wide open, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Best thing that ever happened to me, honestly. She’s pretty, she’s nice, she’s confident, but she can’t drive for shit. Makes me glad I don’t drive to these things. Makes me lose sleep that she’s out there on the road.”

“How do you get here?”

“Public transit. Buses, usually.”

“No car to sweep the woman you like off her feet?”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but as a sweeping generalization, I get the sense that most BBW and especially SSBBW prefer being in their own vehicle versus any form of public transportation or walking long distances. Yes, I realize there are SSBBW and SSBHM who run marathons and are in vastly better physical shape than me who might walk or bike or whatever, but I’m not sure I’ve seen any come here.”

“How would you know?”

“I’ve been in the parking lot at least 5 times over the course of this year’s Get-Togethers before I got up the nerve to come inside. Stayed from near the beginning to near the end, usually. Everyone I saw other than me and one other male and one female FA drove.”

“Wait—why didn’t you come in?”

“Too shy.”

Me too! Except i sat in my car, shaking and feeling sad. That was over a year ago now. I can’t believe i‘ve been coming to these—inside—that long!”

“Good for you! I know from our previous conversations that it’s not easy for you to do things like this. So how was your date?”

“Not good. We hadn’t even made it to my place when he jetted off in his car some whole other direction, never to be seen again.” Her deep breath was hitched with emotion, creating a staccato effect. “Seems like we both failed. Maybe we’ll do better tonight. Hey—may we please have our back-up arrangement again, like last time? I mean, you’re way better than just a fallback position, but… it meant the world to me to know you’d be there for me if we both otherwise struck out.”

“Sure” he replied with a smile and a momentarily tighter hug. He now knew he wasn’t that into her, but she was a nice girl doing her best, and if nothing better worked out for him, she’d be OK to cuddle… and maybe more.

A blast of exterior light from the front door opening drew Nate’s attention. Once the door closed enough to squelch the excessive backlighting, he spotted Deb and Nora together, each scanning the room.

“Looks like your boyfriend’s already connecting with Desperate Diane” Nora snarked.

“Shut up” she snipped, taking off right over towards Nate. She wasn’t smiling.

Diane, still somewhat slow-dancing with Nate, didn’t understand why obnoxious hottie Double D Deb was headed their direction.

“Thanks again but not tonight” Deb preemptively told Nate as soon as she was close enough to be heard. “You’re still on the list for future months, but I like variety.”

“OK. Got it. Want my number, or IM, or anything else, so we don’t have to pay to come here?”

“No.” Not even a “thanks” as she spun on her heels and took off for the food table.

“What was that?” Diane asked, looking slightly pouty.

“About a minute after Pam kicked me out, Deb pulled over and offered me a ride. I thought she meant a car ride, given that she’s never even made more than brief ‘stay away’ eye contact with me in here before tonight and we’d never so much as spoken before. Apparently she was headed home alone and I was her absolute last resort for sex—and I mean literally just sex. No cuddling, no kissing other than in the heat of intercourse passion, no talking, no hand-holding. Do you like any of those things?”

“I love them—all of them!”

“And sex?”


“I think we should both go for the best we can get tonight, though I’m beginning to think I won’t be in any way disappointed going home with you… or wherever or whatever we actually decided we want to do together.”

Diane figured she really ought to give him some free samples post-haste, so he could make a better-informed decision. She practically towed him to one of several out-of-the-way de-facto make-out corners of the club.

They were barely into the shadows when she launched lips-first into him, french kissing him passionately. What he thought would be a longer-term breather was a brief pause for her breathy-voiced offer, “Feel me up. Anywhere”.

“Only if you’ll allow yourself the same privilege on me.”

Diane couldn’t believe her ears—no one had ever made an offer like that to her before. Whereas, this wasn’t the first time she’d made her offer, though she didn’t just put it out there for every guy… well, not the yucky ones… unless she felt lonely… or insecure… or undesirable… which she usually did.

“I’d plant your hands on my body” he continued, “but I honestly have no idea which men’s body parts—if any—women are into. And of course you’re you, not a generic woman.”

She knew what boys liked… at least FA boys. She made his hands squeeze her breasts firmly through her dress, her eyes seeking approval the whole time. He didn’t respond, so she upped the ante by slipping his right hand into her neckline opening for direct breast flesh contact.

“Oooh” he softly exclaimed, surprised. “You have nice breasts, Diane.”

This meant a lot to her, especially knowing he’d recently sexed one of the top five pairs of breasts in the club.

There were some rules about what was and was not allowed at these events, and they’d just crossed at least one of them (genital and clothed secondary sex characteristic direct contact was forbidden). Reluctantly and knowing it was futile, the lone security guard shooed them away, out into the main room’s light.

“Until later, if we’re not with others we want to try” Nate said, immediately before delivering a potent french kiss of his own onto her, then spinning out of their embrace, kissing her hand, and disengaging fully.

It was a slow night at the Gravitational Goddesses Get-Together. Hardly anyone other than the regulars showed up, and everyone amongst the regulars pretty much knew where they stood in terms of everyone else, and what their options were.

“Not looking good” said Nora, back from the food table with a bagel. “Though at least you have the fallback of your boyfriend.”

“Nate is not my boyfriend, bitch!” Deb’s eyes blazed.

Nora and Deb often teased each other pretty hard, though in this instance, Nora sensed that “bitch” wasn’t truly a tease. “Oh, he has a name now, does he? Not so ‘Eh’ any more?”

“Just shut up.”

“Maybe if nothing better comes along, I’ll give him a trial.”

“Go ahead… long as you’re clean.”

This was getting uncomfortably close to out-of-bounds, even for their hard playful slagging. Nora went outside for a smoke.

Desperate Diane remained star-struck for Nate. She felt quite sure she wouldn’t do any better and truthfully, she didn’t want to try. She wanted to go home (or wherever) with him, sooner than later.

“Hi-iiii” she chimed as she eased into his side and put her arm around him, having found him standing alone. “How’s it looking?”

“Pretty dead. Nothing for me so far. What about you?”

“Nate… i don’t want anybody else. I want you as my first resort! May we please go off together and… share intimacy?”

Seeing her lips puff up and her breasts swell before his eyes, he felt more interested and willing: this woman wanted to be with him, a lot! And for more than just sex!

Deb’s eyebrows went up momentarily as she saw Nate leaving with Desperate Diane only about halfway through the Get-Together. {I thought you had higher standards than that, dude.}

“Are you OK?” Nate asked on the way out to her car.

“Y-y-y-yessss” she stuttered, shaking like a leaf, from nerves.

“Please don’t stress. Trust me, I’m not worth stressing over. We’ll talk about everything… no unhappy surprises. OK?”

Y-y-y-you’re too sweet! You’re too perfect! I’m not good enough! AAAAAUUUGGHGGH!

Nate didn’t want to laugh, but couldn’t help himself: never before had he had such a Close Encounter with a Bundle of Neuroses. As it had so far in his interactions with her, his intuition saved the day. He pulled her close and held her gently, arresting their walk. “I wouldn’t know” he started in a calm, deep, soothing voice, “but I’ve read that sometimes the best thing is to take a slow, deep breath, then hold it for a second, then let it go gently. Wanna try it together?”

She nodded and they did. She wasn’t sure how much of it was the deep breath and how much was his holding her securely and comfortably, but whatever it was, it calmed her down enough to function… at least to get inside her car.

“I hope it doesn’t smell bad! You can put down the windows if it does! We can do whatever you want now—i’ll do whatever with you! But if you wanna do a feeding, we may need to stop by the store—oh, my credit card, it’s not here!—OK, i can pay you back or we can go by my bank, but you might not be into feeding—and me, not normally but i will if you want, ’cause you’re awesome–”

“–Diane?” he cut off her verbal run-on.


“This is for both of us. What do you want?”

She was so used to giving herself wholly over to her lovers that she didn’t know what she wanted!

“Let’s just keep things easy this time. If we like each other enough, there’ll be other times, and we can do other things those other days. How about we just go to your place—if that’s OK, ’cause mine’s a guy sty. Maybe sit down on your couch or chairs or bed or porch or wherever we can be together, have a glass of water or whatever, and cuddle and get to know each other without loud distracting music and other sounds. What I’d like is for you to relax and find your way back to your true self.”

She remained nervous on the drive to her apartment, but at least she drove safely and managed to avoid getting wholly wound up again.

“H-he-here we are” she announced as she pulled her car to the curb, parked, and shut off the engine.

To Nate, she appeared to be happily excited yet at the same time excited in full fight-or-flight response mode. “You sure this is OK with you, Diane?”

“Yes sure! But—you don’t want to go home, do you? Omigod omigod i’ve failed already!” She punctuated her most recent neurotic breakdown with a fart, which only made her more upset.

Her neuroticism was wearing thin, but Nate felt she really was a nice girl underneath, and she was absolutely a BBW with a nice body. If only he could get her to chill! Before things could spiral further out of control, he took her hand in his, bringing it up to his lips and kissing it. “I’m happy to be here with you. I said what I said because you seemed so nervous, I wasn’t sure you wanted me here. If you still do, let’s please go inside and get to know each other better.”

He put his arm around her as she led him to her half of a small duplex house. On the way, his arm slipped, planting his hand on her right bun. He quickly lifted it away.

“What’s wrong with my ass? You don’t like my ass, do you? Omigod, it’s too flabby for you—or is it the wrong shape? It doesn’t stick out enough, does it?”

“Diane, there’s nothing wrong with your ass. I didn’t mean to grab it outside here in the first place—my hand slipped. I’m trying to be a gentleman, not a pig. I can try and engage Boor Mode if you’d like.”

“Grab my ass. I need to feel beautiful!”

He followed her instruction, freely groping her butt all the way into the small house. Not only did he enjoy doing so of its own nature, he appreciated how she fully calmed down and seemed to be more at ease with him attacking her like a lust-crazed beast than when he tried to be a gentleman.

Hoping her calmness would continue, he kept his hand firmly on her rump as she closed and locked the front door.

“Thank you” she said as she cuddled into him, “That’s how i know you like me.”

“Would you like me to grope all your body parts that I like?”

“Yesss” she purr-hissed with a hot, lusty breath and too much saliva gathering in her mouth from her excitement.

He got right into it, with a body inventory narrative as he groped each part. “I already know you have nice breasts, thanks to the free sample you gave me at the club.”

“But they’re so much smaller than so many women, especially Double D! And they don’t even point the same direction!”

“That may be, but there’s something about them that’s different than all the other ones at the Get-Together—something I like.”


He looked her in the eyes as he squeezed and held each boob through her corduroy dress. “They’re parts of a nice, friendly woman who really seems to like me… or being with me.”

I do!

“Sometimes, that’s much more important than being bigger or some particular shape or whatever. I lust after big breasts but I much prefer smaller, friendly breasts over bigger, surly breasts—and yours aren’t that small, my dear.” He bounced them around to make his point.

She absolutely ate up his affection, in all its forms. Once again, it struck him as odd that she seemed happiest and calmest at the moments he was maximally man-handling her. His mind began to wonder what sort of date Desperate Diane considered normal.

“I’ve jumped down to your soft hips, because they caught my attention—again.”

“They’re not as big as Larissa’s, or Cheri’s, or Dana’s.”

“Maybe not, but they’re yours and they feel nice and soft and fat. I can easily imagine having my hands on them as we sleep.”


“Sure. Let’s see how things go. And I’m going back up to your belly, which is really turning me on given how fat and jiggly it is. Do you ever enjoy playing with your own belly? Or caressing it?”

“Yeah” she blushed. “But i prefer my guy having his way with it!”

Nate smiled and continued, “Your fat thighs feel very nice to squeeze. I imagine they’ll feel real good squishing into both sides of my head if/when I’m eating you.”

Diane squeaked and toot-farted from excitement, at about the same moment. “Oh, i hope it’s when!

“We’ll see. We just got here, and we’re still getting to know each other. You sure you want me groping every part of you that I like?”


“Even your genitals?”

Yes! Especially!

{Why am I not surprised?} he asked himself silently. He reached right up between her legs and squeezed what he fully expected to be there, hoping she didn’t have to urinate.

Ohhh! I love you!” she hyperbolized.

“We know you’re a BBW from all we can normally see, but I’m currently enjoying holding what separates most BBW from average women, and in my view elevates them to a higher level. Your mound feels very nice and plush. I look forward to getting to know it much better.”

He let go, and moved his hands up to gently hold each side of her face. “You have a lovely fat face, Diane. As an FA, I truly appreciate gazing into your face, seeing your double chin and soft, smooth, fat cheeks.”

“Why? That German model Lailani has a thin pretty face. Mine’s so plain and horrid!”

“Your face is fine. That’s why I’m here in your house, kissing it.” He avoided committing himself to any stronger positive terms because she was rather plain, but he also found her face to be pretty, in a girl-next-door-innocence kind of way. He felt quite sure they’d never be an item mostly on account of her neurotic behavior, but not on account of any ugly issues with her face, nor any other parts of her body.

“So those are my favorite parts of you, but I’m here because I like all of you. How about showing me around, especially the bathroom, which I would like to use?”

She gave him a quick house tour, and some alone time to use her bathroom. From the moment he’d walked in, he could see that it was unnervingly neat. It was also brightly lit, and had a slight sickly smell from too much artificial air freshener, including those stinky things which plug into electrical receptacles.

“This is really the only place where we can sit together” she motioned towards her bed. “Hope that’s OK.”

“All good by me, if it’s comfortable for you.”

She sat him down on her bed and joined him, her plump hip pressed into his slender, somewhat bony one. She still seemed to have that fight-or-flight response, with her dilated eyes and shallow breathing. When she tried to grin as she stuck out her chest suggestively, her facial expression came out more of a nervous grimace.

He smiled and put his arm around her.

“What am i doing wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing, far as I know” he answered honestly. “Why?”

“You’re not groping me yet.”

“Diane… how do things usually go when you bring a lover here?”

“I let him have his way with my body—and he does, both on the way over and especially when we get here. Usually he rips my clothes off—which is awesome, though i’m running low on clothes which fit, since i’ve been putting on weight recently. Am i too fat?”


“Too thin?”

“You’re just fine as you are. How about we do things a different way?”

“OK, what?”

“A little more gentle and loving. Don’t you want to get to know me better first?”

Diane’s tremble returned. “Mmmm… i’m really horny! I just wanna get naked and have sex with you! That makes me a slut, doesn’t it? Oh god, oh god, i’m so horrible!”

“You’re not horrible, Diane… you’re you. I’m horny too and we can get naked and have sex if that’s what you want. It’s just a little unusual for me. I’m used to women who want to get to know me, and me them, before getting that intimate. You know… that whole thing about women putting up with sex to get love in the form of hugs, cuddles, and caring, and men putting up with the lovey stuff to get sex?”

But you don’t have to do that with me! We can go right to sex, right now! Oh wait—are you saying that you want to get to know me better?!”

“I’m confused, is what I am. I like all of cuddles, hugs, kisses, and sex. I’m good whichever way… long as I know what it is.”

“I don’t think i can wait any longer… to get naked” she frankly admitted. Her lusty trembling reinforced her comment.

“OK, then I’m going to take your clothes off, carefully without ripping them, so you can wear them again. You get to choose whether you take off mine—carefully, please—or whether I do it.”

What wound up happening is that Nate took off his clothes first to give Diane something to look at, then took off hers. As was her nature, she was all over the place offering herself every which way, dying to be accepted and loved, hoping she was good enough. He tried to calm her down with some potent french kisses, but she wasn’t at ease until he started groping her belly and complimenting her on it, and especially once he started grabbing and squeezing her mound (realizing that gentle wasn’t what she was accustomed to feeling).

It further helped when he groped her naked breasts and licked and nibbled them, though it wasn’t until he guided her down atop his hard, protected staff and (in effect) plunged into her that she truly let go of her fear and started to feel beautiful and accepted.

“Is it OK? Am i good enough? I’m not big enough up top, am i? Or my belly—too big? Should be bigger? And my butt—oh dear!”

“Diane… you’re excellent the way you are!” he tried to assure her as he pumped her and helped guide her up and down from her superior humping control position. “I’m an FA, and you have a nice fat ass, fat hips, a generous fat belly which really makes you look sexy, nice boobs—C cup I’m guessing.”

“No, 38Ds, but they must be too small, especially after what you’ve had.”

“Remember what I told you?” he said as he caressed her face. “About how smaller breasts belonging to a woman who wants to be with me are superior to bigger breasts belonging to an indifferent woman? Be proud of your breasts: they look great as they’re bouncing around freely!”

“Sometimes i like to walk around the house naked” she admitted, “until i see myself in a mirror.”

“Next time that happens, remember what’s going on right now: you and I are sexing each other and I’m groping your fat body parts because they’re awesome. When you look in the mirror, you should see awesomeness reflected back.”

“I don’t. I see ugly horrible never good enough!”

“You have the power to change that. If it’s alright with you, I’m gonna stop talking and focus on enjoying fucking your succulent, fat body.”

He grabbed her belly and other fat body parts within his reach in turn, pumping harder, having his way with her. This was what she was used to, so she felt loved and beautiful and aroused, moaning and panting more and more.

“Ohhhh… ohhhh… i’ll be yours any time you want!” she gushed as they bumped and ground, a few minutes into their fornication.

“We’ve hardly gotten to know each other yet. Unnnf!”


“Unnggh… ahhh!… maybe. You ready for me to go off in you?”


“OK, keep riding me!”

He increased his (limited) part of the thrusting and gave her delicious fat some solid squeezes. She felt him grow harder and slightly bigger within her, doubling the volume of her moans and bringing her close to her own release.

When he went off inside her, she was primed enough to have her own orgasm, and after that is where things got interesting. Despite both of them knowing he’d run a full sequence, he remained fairly stiff within her, and encouraged her to keep going.

“Wha?” she wondered out loud.

“Don’t ya wanna keep going until I soften? Or would you rather do something else for your next orgasm?”

You mean i get more than one?!

“If you want… that’s how I understand female bodies work. I’ve heard that many women can have a number of them before they’re satisfied/uncomfortable. What’s your reality?”

Her reality was apparently extreme arousal: “Uhhhggh!… Uhhhggh!… more than one!” She contracted into a hard orgasm, but unfortunately also into another hard contraction: PLLLBBBBT!—she dumped the contents of her bowels all over his groin.

Omigod! Omigod! Aaaaaaah!” she yelled, lifting up off of him.

Nate had had enough. Caring not at all what dripped off him, he charged into her bathroom, turned on her shower, and got in as soon as the water was tepid. He rinsed and rinsed and scrubbed and scrubbed and soaped up and washed off several times whilst Desperate Diane ran around sobbing, wiping herself, and using the toilet.

I’m sorrreee! Don’t hate me!

“Get in here” he politely ordered as he pulled back the curtain of the combo tub/shower.

Still crying, she followed his instruction.

Having cleaned himself sufficiently, he used the now well-used washcloth to start wiping some areas she’d missed in her frantic state. “I’ll clean your nice albeit currently stanky bottom, but I don’t do housecleaning on a first date.”

All Diane could do was whimper and weep.

So ended Nate and Desperate Diane’s whirlwind date. She was literally on her knees begging for him to stay as he finished getting dressed and walked out the door, grateful none of the splatter hit his clothes. For a sarcastic aloof nerd he could be surprisingly patient, loving, and caring, but he had his limits, especially on a first date with someone he barely knew who wasn’t truly on his A list.

Deb wasn’t in a particularly good mood as she drove home from the Get-Together, alone: she’d waited too long to open herself up to the few good options, who all went with more willing women. She was slightly beyond surprised to see Nate walking home again.

What the hell are you doing here?” she yelled through the rolled-down passenger window, over traffic, as she pulled to a stop beside him.

Wondering what happened to your ‘variety’” he said with a smirk.

Don’t be an asshat!” She leaned over and opened the passenger door, giving Nate a great view of her prodigious cleavage. “Get in.”

Still smirking, he accepted her offer, climbed in, closed the door, and buckled up. She looked, signaled, and eased her way back into the flow of traffic.

“You disappoint me.”


“Going home with Desperate Diane, the woman every male FA with a working penis is eligible to tap, yet few bother lowering themselves to accept.”

“You gave me the ‘variety’ ultimatum, so naturally I moved on, as I thought you would.”

“Last warning: that subject is closed. You saw what it was like there tonight.”

“Yeah… and Diane could be nice… so I thought.”


“She got over-excited or something and took an unplanned dump on me during sex.”

“She went off on you in full rage?”

“Nah, dump as in bowel evacuation. Way outside the scope of what we were supposed to be doing and not something I’m into. I really didn’t want to find out what brown could do for me.”

Deb’s breasts and belly bounced all over the place as she bust up laughing. “You need a shower?”

“Used hers. Rinsed and scrubbed mega-times for a good long time, with disinfectant soap. You can let me out or drop me at home if you’d rather not find out more.”

“Got a condom?”

“Used it at Diane’s.”

“Oh yeah… you’re the guy who only carries one at a time. As long as I can’t smell anything, we’re good. Not like I’m gonna eat ya, and given what just happened no titty fuck tonight.”

“Is that even on the menu, ever?

“Might be” she replied, non-commitally, “someday”.

Feeling daring, he started to lean into her side affectionately.

Hey—none of that!” she exclaimed, shoving him off forcefully. “Remember what this is about.”

He did… quite well.

Things initially went about the same way as on their first hook-up, other than there being no need to go over ground rules. Soon after they both got nude, it veered off course.

“Whatsa matter?” Deb asked, regarding Nate’s flaccid prick. “You nervous?”

“I’m a man, I have a refractory period, and Diane and I just had sex within the last two hours.”

“What are you, eighty?!

Look bim-boobs, it varies between men.”

“Like cock size.”

“Yes. Or height. Or weight. Or breast size for women. Or friendliness and acceptance” he finished off pointedly.

Deb let out a deep sigh. “How long we lookin’ at?”

“I have no idea… honestly. Four hours is the shortest period where I’d shared sex with someone and she wanted to have another go.”

Deb double-palmed her face in both hands.

“Shall I leave?” he asked as he got up and started to put his clothes on.

“Nah” she nearly yanked him back. “Let’s go sit on the couch and drink some Jack and grope each other or some shit like that.”

“As long as it’s not shit like Diane’s, I’m wid it.”

They got into a bit of mutual groping, but it wasn’t really lighting either of them on fire. Resigned, Deb took a big swig right out of the bottle of Jack Daniel’s then handed it to Nate.

“Oooh, sharing fluids!” he teased, taking a swig. “Progress!”

She gave him an evil stare and pulled the bottle back over for more.

“So besides Jack, whaddo you like?” he asked, attempting to start a conversation.

“Lovers who don’t ask questions” she answered as he took a solid gulp.

After several more minutes of silence, he tried a different approach, “What’s the deal with the guy at the club who looks like a somewhat-well-groomed orangutan?”

Deb barely avoided shooting her current mouthful of Jack out her nose at his apt description. “That’s Fast Eddie. Horny bastard who moves fast, cums fast, leaves fast, hungers for more.”

“How much longer before he’s collected the whole set of the willing?”

“Barring new entrants, probably about 5 more. Scary Sherri’s into him, and hasn’t given him a ride yet.”

He swallowed his current mouthful and passed the bottle back. “Is she the one whose face is so thickly layered with cosmetics that it makes a cracking sound whenever she tries to smile, which shows all those lines and gives her that crazed monster look?”

“Jackpot!” she smiled, grabbing his wanger and shaking it back and forth. The alcohol and snarky talk were relaxing her.

They found their safe common-bond communications area in the same zone Deb and Nora shared: creatively slagging on other people, starting with club participants then moving on to politicians, celebrities, and more.

“Hey” she asked through her growing buzz, “you haven’t had too much to perform, have you?”

“Let’s find out.” He leered straight into her face, right into serious make-out climb-into-your-mouth kissing, with breast and other groping soon following.

She got down on the floor on her knees in front of him and buried his penis deep within her mams, rubbing slowly.

“I thought I was ineligible for that tonight.”

“I’m not smelling anything, and this may be the only way to get you hard, inside me rockin’ my world, then out the door so I can get on with life.”

“How romantic” he snarked, adding his hands to hers on her big boobs.

Though Deb would never admit to it, she as well as Nate was quite enjoying his shaft rubbing her breasts, with both their pairs of hands on her there.

“You feel bigger than last month… deliciously so.”

“I am. Had a hungry month and right now a little bloating.”

“Nice trend; keep it up.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. I truly like having huge fat tits, but I’m as big as I wanna get.”

“You’ve taught me to never get my hopes up when it involves you. I’m aware that it’s your body and you’ll run it as you want, as I do mine.”

“Try to run yours so that you’ll stay hard until we can get a condom on you and stick you into another part of me that’s a little bit fatter than last month.”

They each staggered just a tad on the way to the bathroom to retrieve one of her condoms, a racy swirled stripe job which felt odd to him at first but better later and looked interesting the whole time. She showed him a few different new-to-him positions, with them trying each one for a little while. They settled on the Sideways Rodriguez, with her on the couch. The penetration wasn’t as deep, but it was quite exciting for both of them—especially for Nate the way Deb’s belly bounced onto the base of his penis on his out-thrusts.

Quite like Angeline at the club, a bit of drool escaped Deb’s lips, though on account of the angle landed on her clavicle rather than boob tops or cleavage. She again had that quick flash about this intercourse with Nate being something special, once again frustrated that she couldn’t figure out what about it ought to be special.

She came once, and then a second time, and after a brief recovery, a third time as he continued to rub her insides just right. Once he put his hands on her belly sides and gave them repeated squeezes, he headed into his own release—quite strong for a second orgasm so soon since the first.

Once again it was “Done for sure, see ya, sir!”: she tossed his clothes at him the second he exited the bathroom (after having ejected the used condom and used the toilet), and promptly put hers back on, keeping a safe distance from any touchy-feely stuff. This time he smiled and waved rather than wasting the energy to speak a goodbye she’d never hear with the door already closed and locked the moment he stepped through it.

{Strange Betty} he thought to himself as he reached the sidewalk and aimed for home.