Diane Blossoms

The following month’s Get-Together was close to Thanksgiving, likely the reason that once again fewer than usual numbers of guests showed up. Nate still sought action and love, and was there the closest to the start of the event he’d yet been. It didn’t terribly surprise him that Larissa wasn’t present, given her intentions to figure out what she wanted. Humiliation fan Vanessa not showing all night surprised him a little, though once he recalled the twinkle in her eye as she left with a guy closer to her age whose mouth berated her fat slovenliness repeatedly whilst his entire expression radiated gleeful joy and affection, he figured they might be having fun together alone at that very moment, where they could take things as far as they wanted.

No sign of Deb early on, though Nora had slipped into their usual spot sometime when he’d been in the bathroom, right about an hour after opening. Their eyes met across the room as he exited the men’s room. He smiled. She smiled back. His smile transitioned into a grin. Hers did too.

She beckoned him with her finger, still smiling. He proceeded straight over as she extricated herself from behind the tables, moving to the accessible dance floor side.

“Hi there” he greeted her with what was starting to become natural seductiveness.

“Hello Nate” she purred in return. “Good to finally meet you.”

“Never before this moment have I received your Bat Signal that an approach would be welcomed.”

“Dance, please?”

“My pleasure.”

Nora didn’t really fit into any of the conventional body type classifications, even though most would agree that her deliciously curvy figure was gorgeous. She wasn’t especially wide nor soft in the hips (especially compared to the many pear-shaped women at the Get-Togethers), though she’d mastered the Three B’s—boobs, belly, and butt—quite well. All were pleasantly fat and in proportion to one another, with her belly taking a very slight lead in its forward prominence and the tendency for her large belly button to make itself in some way visible almost no matter what she wore. Clothes fit her well and she knew how to choose them. She looked great in pretty much anything, though when she chose to rock a skirt or dress, she got to show off her unusually shapely BBW legs… as much or as little as the clothes she selected allowed. Her hair was very dark brown and her face pleasant, with eyes which looked a tad more intense than she might be feeling on account of slightly deep sockets and small bags under each.

“How’s your eye?”

“Deb told you about that?”

“Yeah. We work together. She’ll never admit it, but she’s truly sorry she poked it.”

“Where is she?”

“How would I know? We’re separate entities… free agents. We talk a bit at work now and then, and tend to hang here when not motivated to socialize with others, but that’s the extent of it.”

“Where do you two work?”

“Nevin Associates. Customer service… call center stuff.”

“Exciting” he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Exactly.” She could tell why Deb mentioned liking his personality, to the small degree Deb knew of it.

They danced onward for a minute or so taking in the feelings before conversation resumed..

“You feel very nice.”

“Thank you. You do as well. Look nice, too.” {Flirting won’t hurt} she told herself. {Maybe I’ll try him tonight.}

“You always look nice, and… never mind.”


“I was about to share what to me is a heart-felt positive sentiment too often considered a heartless asshat statement. Something related to what this event is ostensibly about.”


“You look slightly fatter than usual. Deliciously, sensually so.”

“I am” she smiled. “I’m neither feedee nor intentional gainer, though I’m a bit of a foodie. The thing I enjoy most about being a fat woman is Food Privilege: being able to eat whatever I want, however much or little I want, whenever I want. There was this day last month where after work I went to Pietro’s and ate an entire extra-large “works” pizza with a pitcher of root beer—by myself. Then on the slow drive home, got a western bacon cheeseburger and large fries at Jack-a-la-Box. Oh my Lady Gaga I was stuffed! Totally had to pull down my pants and undies—my belly was nearly twice as big as right now!”

She felt his turgidity pressing into her aforementioned body part as she continued, “I don’t usually do stuffings, but that night it’s what I wanted and it was excellent! I’m surprised you’re seeing a change… once all was said and done, I’m only up about 5 pounds for the month.”

“Your belly looks slightly more prominent and your breasts and buns seem fuller.”

“You look a bit more pumped than usual. Have you been working out?”

“I’m not into that. Life is my gym. I was doing some car work and long-neglected yard work this past month, so that might explain it.”

More silent dancing time passed. Nora wasn’t about to let on via any visible expression how much she was enjoying being cuddly-close to Nate—she didn’t consider herself a cuddler—though she let out just enough that it would be clear she found dancing with him mildly pleasant. Nate still lacked enough experience to have anywhere near that kind of control over his visible demeanor, making his enjoyment more obvious (as though anything more needed expressing once his genitals made themselves known).

“Have I made it as high up as the bottom of your Last Resort list?” he asked cheekily.

“I’m not telling” she replied with a mysterious smile, starting to think about moving on for some variety.

Many others had entered the club during their dance. One of them was Deb, who spotted them and came right over.

“How nice of you to warm him up for me” she greeted her work and club friend.

“How kind of you to show up later and give us all a break from staring at him all night, every night.”

Deb glared at her friend and made a face which Nate figured conveyed some sort of secret shared message.

“I’m done with him. Thanks, Nate!”

“Thanks, uhh…–”

“–You don’t know my name?

“Sorry, no. We didn’t do a formal introduction and Deb’s never mentioned you. You’ve always been the unapproachably sexy woman who hangs with Double D.”

“Nora” she said, extending her hand for a shake. “And you’re welcome to approach from here on out, unless I directly give you an especially evil eye.”

“Kinda close to DJ Dora’s name.”

“Yeah, except Nora’s the body explora” Deb teased.

“Have fun with your boyfriend” Nora shot back as she departed. “Try not to poke his eyes out tonight.”

“Is there something you need to tell me?” he asked. “Have I been promoted above last resort?”

“No. She’s just being a cunt. Straight story: how are you? How’s your eye?”

“Eye’s OK. I still don’t appreciate the urgency of your ejections of me from your house.”

Deb wasn’t in the mood for this or any related subject. “I’ve had problems in the past. It is what it is.”

“Care to dance?”

If she had before, and she wasn’t sure, she certainly didn’t now. “No” she replied, walking away.

That moment, Nate wrote Deb off for the evening. He’d go home alone or with someone else, and would refuse any attempt at a curbside pick-up from Deb.

He and Tara each found themselves at loose ends. She decided to give him another chance.

“Things not working out with your primary girlfriend tonight?” she asked pointedly and with a very slight hurt tone soon after they engaged to dance.

“Deb’s not my girlfriend—primary or otherwise. As she reminds me each time she takes me home, fucks me, then literally throws me out the door.”


“Yeah. I’m looking for someone who likes hugs and cuddles and kisses as much as I do, as well as sex.”

This caught Tara’s attention. She eyed him up and down, asking, “You’re a cuddler?”

“Born that way. Wired that way.”

She held him closer and smiled.

The gray-white pattern on her black skirt drew his attention for awhile… it looked like something, but he wasn’t sure what. Several minutes later, he smiled as he realized there were small repeating Mickey Mice surrounded by a pretty dot pattern… subtle. He liked subtle. For that matter, he liked the performer Subtle.

After their dance, Tara and Nate sat together and cuddled along the against-the-wall “wallflower” bench seating, quite open and available this night.

“Ooooh, boyfriend’s got a new honey!” Nora teased.

“What evs” Deb replied, struggling to tear her eyes off the same scene and find someone worth flirting with.

A reminder popped up on Tara’s iPhone. “Shit!” she exclaimed, wide-eyed. “I gotta go!

“Want me to walk you to your car?”

“No time for that! Thanks for the dance and cuddles—let’s do it again next time!” She didn’t quite run out the door, but it was close.

He took a bathroom break and perused the bar, wondering whether or not he ought to just give up and go home. His jaw dropped as he saw someone simultaneously familiar and not familiar enter the club: Diane. She wore a whole new outfit: a knock-out dress, belt, and matching shoes which really looked good on her. Her hair looked professionally coiffed and her face expertly made up, raising it from well beyond plain to head-turning—and his wasn’t the only head in the club turning! Her posture was fully erect; she held her head high as she walked with grace, smiling calmly as she took in the attention of so many eyes upon her.

She spotted Nate and headed straight for him, still at a slow, even pace… no rush… no desperation. Her confident smile and obvious beauty nearly made him cum on its own. Seeing that she was obviously substantially fatter than last time he’d seen her brought him that much closer. He forced himself into deep, slow breathing to maintain control as he approached her, staring and grinning.

“Hello Nate” she said with full tranquility as they met up.

Now it was he who was the gawking, awkward, tongue-tied nervous one. “You look spectacular!” he gushed. “How do you feel?”

“I think you’ll find out when you get your hands on me during our first dance” she teased, a brief squeaky giggle being the only sign of her former jittery self.

Sinking into her felt better than ever. She was still a lot smaller than many of the BBW who frequented the club, but other than her chest, she was now slightly bigger than Deb.

“I am blown away” he admitted. “How did you make so much progress so quickly?”

“Motivation. Wanting you so badly. This is somewhat of a facade—i’m still the same shaky girl on the inside. But i’m working on it.”

“Wanting me so badly?”

“Yep. This is all for you… all for you.” She pulled him in slightly tighter. “Seeing everyone else’s looks of approval is worth it and is re-animating my self-esteem, but i came here for one purpose… for one man: you.”

“Why me?”

He almost came as she looked directly at him once more with her limpid eyes, this time kissy close. “Because no one else has given me a second chance… especially after what happened. Maybe someday soon i’ll have enough self-esteem to feel that i want to try going after others—if we’re not an item. But tonight, it’s all about you… and me.”

“Wh-what would you like to do?”

“Dance awhile longer, to enjoy this moment in life with you, and bask in the attention. Then i’d like you to buy me a drink and go to the bar and stand together with you, hoping that you’ll have trouble keeping your hands off of me. Then i’d like to go to one of our places and spend a lot of time with you… ideally an overnight.”

“My place is still a dump.”

“I’m happy with you at mine. I opened the windows before coming over. I saw you do that wrinkled nose thing last time, so i got rid of all the air freshener thingies.”

The dancing remained magical. Nate felt himself drawn to her, already bonding romantically with her even though they still didn’t know each other very well.

Several songs later, she let him know that she was ready for a drink. They stood arms around each other, chatting and sipping their respective beverages, laughing now and then.

Over in her world, Deb grew more sullen as she failed to garner the attention of the few other men present she’d consider gettin’ with. A flash of jealousy for Nate blasted through her, startling her and propelling her towards the bar.

Diane noticed, and decided to execute a calm, subtle evasive maneuver. “I’d like to sit down, please.”

They made their way over to Wallflower Wall. Nate softly gasped as he saw how much her belly jiggled and how big it was in her lap when she was seated.

As with Deb, she noticed. “Like my new fat?” she said with a broad smile.

Yesss!” he gushed, fortunately keeping the gushing from his mouth for the moment. “How… did… ?” He couldn’t even finish his sentence.

She had a very good idea what he meant, especially as he slowly waved his hand over her body as he struggled to assemble his unfinished sentence. She held his hand in hers and confided, “I learned something interesting this past month: when i’m stressing or wound up, eating calms me down. I don’t fight it… i’m not fighting it. My self-esteem is much more important than what size i am. I haven’t felt this good about myself in years.

“How are you out and about in the greater world, where fat hate remains prevalent?”

“Every time someone hates on me, i think about this place… and our online community… and you. If things get especially bad, sometimes i go home and seek out the online posts of confident, fierce free-thinking fatties, and ride their coattails for awhile. Mostly it’s you, Nate. You are doing so much for my self-confidence every time you ogle me and my body, i can’t even tell you!”

She remained calm, but couldn’t hold back: it was time for make-out kissing. They lost themselves to each other, hands and mouths all over each other. The security guard watched them closely, but they didn’t cross the lines, so he didn’t need to intervene.

Over at the bar, Deb very much wanted to call foul on plays the security guard did not!

“Boyfriend problem, Deb?” deep black-skinned but only medium BBC-equipped Wilson Ramsey asked.

She splashed him with her vodka and tonic, which did give the security guard something to do (notwithstanding Wilson laughing it off).

“Let’s go home” Diane suggested, “via way of Shebago’s, so i can get one of their epic bags of fries to go.”

This time it was Nate who had the jitters and let loose little fart blasts on the drive to Diane’s home. “You need to go, sweetie?” she asked as he let loose another one, queued up in Shebago’s drive through.

“No, I’ll be good ’til your house, though I ought to go when we get there.”

She smiled and advanced up to the order speaker.

Shebago’s was known far and wide around the region for their generous portions, years before supersizing fast foods became a “thing”. They also mastered irony long before it trended: they basically had only one size of french fries: a small grocery bagful. When one ordered a Small, they tossed in a standard small-sized fast food french fry envelope, usually at the bottom. When one ordered Medium—for 20 cents more—they tossed in a big fry holder. When one ordered Large—20 cents more than medium—they put the bag in a form-fitting paper box.

“Small fries please.”

“Anything else?”

“Not this time, thanks.”

“$2.25 at the window.”


“OK, now feed them to me as i drive, so i’ll stay calm” she requested.

“One at a time?”

“Please. More might be fun at home, but it’ll get too distracting here on the road.”

Nate had trouble keeping his breathing quiet, as he fed her fry after fry, watching her chew and enjoy each one, realizing how they’d at a minimum maintain if not enhance her already delicious figure.

“If I keep eating like this, i’ll be at 300 before i know it” she said with a smile, turning to catch his response.

“How do you feel about that?” he asked, momentarily dropping her next fry.

“It’s all good” she grinned, opening up to accepting his next fry offer.

This time the transition from car to home was much calmer. Nate realized how lucky he was to keep getting himself into situations where a BBW would take him to her home and he’d get to walk behind her on the way in. The back-side view of Diane had never been better.

“Welcome back” she smiled, an intimate hug, then a long, slow kiss, once they were inside. “Is the air better in here this time?”

“It is for now. Won’t be in the bathroom, once I’m done” he replied with another brief toot.

“You go take care of that. Take your time.” She gave his butt a playful gentle swat as he passed by.

His bowels fully evacuated as pre-cum dripped off his penis tip into the bowl. It would be another several minutes of deep breathing and thinking of things other than his date to allow him to urinate.

“I’m surprised to see you still dressed” he commented upon his return to her living room.

“I need to see your expression as you take in my enhanced body. Please let me undress you first, so i can see every part of you react clearly.”

He gladly allowed her to do so and she enjoyed every minute of it, especially being unable to resist putting his penis in her mouth and licking it briefly. He was glad he’d washed and rinsed it extra carefully after using the bathroom.

“The dress pulls up over my head once the belt’s unfastened and removed. Ready?”


The gasps and sighs she heard as he lifted off her dress and saw her in her underwear filled her in a way no food ever could.

“Your belly is…–”

“–Too big for my underpants, i know. Hope you like rolls, ’cause i’m developing them!”

“Your breasts are already flowing out of your bra! Did you buy a too-small one on purpose?”

“No, that’s just me gaining up top. I’ll never be anywhere close to Deb, but if i keep going like this, i may soon make it beyond literal double D. I hope you like my boobies, ’cause i’m starved for breast play!”

“I like your everything” he announced as he removed her bra and gave each breast a squeeze simultaneously with each of his hands, then roamed down to squeeze her belly.

She studied his very rigid erection. She hadn’t been with a man who stayed that hard for any length of time before. “You should reach down and feel what’s going on underneath.”

He did and his eyes grew wide with lust as his mind processed what he felt. He had to dive down and have a visual look. “Your mound! It’s nearly twice as big!

“Yes it is” she blushed. “Hope you like fat pussies, ’cause i’ve got one and i’m horny for sex.”

Nate hadn’t had ejaculatory control issues since adolescence, but he was having one now: he was on his way to exploding, with his genitals having hardly even brushed her. She pulled him close, hefted up her belly, and let him explode into her belly-mound fold.

“I’m sorry!” he cried out, in quite the role-reversal from last time. “You’re so excitingly sexy, I lost control for the first time since puberty!”

Diane swelled with pride. She couldn’t help wrapping her arms around him and kissing him repeatedly. “You have no idea the gift you’ve just given me, in terms of self-esteem! What was it about me which set you off?”

All of you! Your body—especially all the new fatter parts, especially your belly. Your friendly yet cool, chill demeanor—totally relaxed, at least here on the outside. Your welcoming personality. I think the Get-Together has a new all-star.”

She cuddled and nuzzled into him, luxuriating in the compliments.

“Aren’t you mad at me that I went off before we could agree how we wanted to play?”

“No. Especially not if you’re willing to stay the night or however long it takes for you to fully recharge. But even if that’s only a few minutes, please stay the night anyway. I’d love to get to know you better without the drama. Hugs… cuddles… kissing… touchy-feely making out… sex.”

“Diane… may I please eat you?”

“I’d love that! But unless you plan to lick yourself off me, let’s clean up your love deposits first and ensure that i’m lick-worthy.”

From that first (and not last) muff munching all throughout the night, things went spectacularly for Diane and Nate. They shared a great deal, verbally and physically. Only a few hours later, Nate was fully recharged, condom-strapped, and ready to make love properly. He had her moaning, calling out his name, and occasionally begging, as they worked each other slowly over the course of about 3/4s of an hour.

Throughout most of the evening, especially up until they shared intercourse, Diane felt the need to keep snacking to stay calm. The french fries carried her for quite awhile, but eventually they ran out, so she switched to a small green salad and some leftover Chinese food. It felt so romantic for Nate to feed her that this is what she had him do most of the time, other than when he was occupied exploring some part of her body which kept both his hands busy and/or too far away.

Both of them fell in love with the delicious feelings of waking up next to/cuddled to a loved one—someone who wanted them there and was in no hurry to arrange a separation!

“What would it take to get you to stay the rest of the weekend?” she asked during their wake-up kissing and in-bed hugging session.

“Your asking me and our agreeing upon it with a kiss. Maybe a trip to a drugstore or whatever for more condoms, unless you have some.”

“Is my face too horrible with the cosmetics removed?”

“Not even slightly!” he replied with another kiss.

“Then Nate, i’d like you to please stay with me the rest of this weekend. We can go out if we need to, but my preference is lying and sitting around naked with you as much as possible.”

Done deal, sealed with a kiss.

Nate hardly ever thought about Deb the rest of the weekend. Once in awhile his greedy mind would flash upon what sharing a weekend like this with Larissa or Aubrey might be like, but the flashes were brief. His attention was upon his love interest, the woman who loved him back: Diane. He remained blown away primarily with how much she’d personally grown in terms of emotional stability in such a short time span, and secondarily with how much she’d grown physically over that same span. Food was a big component of their weekend together, and she certainly wouldn’t be getting any smaller by weekend’s end!