Double the Trouble, Double the Fun

by Sonic Purity

Double Below Child

The first thing anyone noticed about Tara Pelvig was her third leg. Unless perhaps she was standing still wearing one of her full-length peasant, tie-dye, or other homemade/casual-looking skirts long enough to cover her 3 feet, and was standing in a suitable stance for her feet to not be visible. In that situation they always noticed how wide her lower half was, making her in that moment look pretty much like any other SSBBW mega-pear of average-sized upper + large BBW/small SSBBW lower body shape. Soon as she moved and exposed her feet, and especially if she walked anywhere, the third leg became immediately obvious. Or, viewing her back side, her middle bouncing fat bun along with the expected outer pair.

Life started out about as normally for someone with such a severe developmental abnormality could. Her mother had only slightly more difficulty birthing Tara than if the infant had had a normal single pelvis and two legs.

Drama naturally started immediately, as the receiving obstetrician saw the third leg and extra-wide pelvic area, with everyone aiding the birth process rushing over. There had certainly been dipygus humans born in recent enough history to be photographed and earn their own Wikipedia pages—that alone would have been noteworthy for the medical team. What really had them stunned was that just-born Tara Pelvig was not a true or typical dipygus with 4 legs, the two inner ones and their related buttocks etc. smaller. She had exactly 3 legs, with no hint of any other, vestigial or otherwise. More than that, her center leg had about the most perfect bilateral symmetry one could imagine: two outer big toes, then two adjacent long toes, then a single perfectly-formed middle toe on her double-arched, double-balled foot, with her calf, knee, thigh, etc. displaying exact split-down-the-middle symmetry. This leg was full-sized, and kicking fully as much as her two normal outer legs and their normal feet.

Very quick non-invasive testing began immediately. Everything they could discern without x-rays or other tests which would take the newborn away from her mother tested perfectly—Tara was a totally healthy baby.

Brand-new mother Joan Pelvig initially started to flip out when she saw her daughter’s abnormality and the instant rush of urgent, focused attention from the medical team to the child (her first). It wasn’t until the doctors confirmed that there were no urgent issues and the child seemed totally viable and healthy, and little Tara first saw Mommy and made that endearing newborn connection with her that Joan Pelvig settled down. Holding the infant gently against her chest, her entire being raced with an overwhelming swirling mash-up of thoughts and feelings regarding what was happening.

Roger Pelvig, Tara’s father, witnessed the birth from another room over video. He was in shock, with his own overwhelming swirling mash-up of thoughts and feelings regarding what was happening, how it came to be, and what it meant going forward.

Word spread quickly, and soon little Tara Pelvig was the talk of the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Pelvig were too numb to do anything other than OK the various tests the obstetrician strongly recommended.

In most ways, it was the best possible news: everything normal, other than torso-and-below body parts nearly doubled up. Tara had full hip joints on all 3 limbs, with as much full range of motion on her middle hip joint as the remainder of her body allowed, which was significant. Her pelvises were not exactly fused, tied together with what acted like some form of cartilage, allowing their bases to spread apart slightly as their top anchor point remained fixed. Her middle buttock was absolutely, amazingly symmetrical, like her middle leg. Her spinal column split neatly a bit above navel level, anchored normally to each pelvis with thankfully almost no lateral shifting likely to cause her trouble later.

Internally, Tara had one normal set of organs up above, and two down below. Like her spinal column, Tara’s colon split neatly before terminating at each of her two anuses. She had two normally-developed, functional urethras, and two vulvas with all that came with them, including (surprisingly) 4 fully-formed (for an infant) ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Other than her obvious deformities, Tara developed as a textbook-healthy baby—healthier than many her age who had no birth defects. Each of her parents went through a great deal of soul-searching in her earliest days, trying to suss out what could have happened: something one or both of them ate? Radiation of some sort, ionizing or not? Environmental contaminants in the water? The most likely candidate was the brand-new drug Chillerol which her mother had been taking as part of a stage 3 clinical trial. It had been highly effective reducing Joan Pelvig’s anxiety (its design intent), with far fewer side-effects than the older anti-anxiety medications she’d taken. Then again, her father had taken a course of Whizzfrē around the estimated time of conception for some prostate issues he’d been starting to have, discontinuing it when it proved ineffective.

No one would ever know the cause. They had a vibrantly healthy daughter with three legs and two pelvises, going through wholly normal development. A charmer of a little girl, whose soulful eyes and two little grabby hands reaching for each of mommy and daddy when either came into her sight couldn’t help but melt their hearts, and give them hope that somehow Tara and all of them could manage to live normal, happy lives.