Double the Trouble, Double the Fun

by Sonic Purity
Born with 2 fully-formed, healthy pelvises and 3 legs, life for Tara Pelvig has often been quite different from anyone else. Follow Tara on her birth through mid-life story, as she discovers the detriments and benefits of her highly unusual body, and meet her eclectic collection of friends and lovers.
Epic Novel (approximately 122,322 words). Originally written April 2017-May 2018.

This story features:


  1. Double Below Child
  2. Three-legged Childhood
  3. Double The Trouble
  4. Double The Fun
  5. Sensual 20s
  6. Dirty 30s
  7. Who’s Old Is New Again
  8. In, Not Thin
  9. Nature Taking Its Course
  10. Un-Final Ending
  11. Taking Her Home
  12. Working Out Work
  13. Moving Experiences
  14. Losing Track of Time
Release cycle aims for 5,000 to 20,000 total words a week, however this story has a mix of particularly short and a few very long chapters, so some weeks will fall significantly outside this range. Sunday release, UTC-7.