Taking Her Home

Tara very much wanted to talk freely over dinner and beyond as warranted, thus they agreed to pick up dinner on the way to his home. She was surprised and delighted to find that his car had a front bench seat, specifically chosen in the hope that someday he’d have a special woman in his life wide enough to require one to be comfortable. Now he did!, at least for the moment. She got what she needed out of her SUV and secured it, all wiggly happy to slide her mighty width into his car. He got aroused anew seeing and feeling how of necessity her left hip had to press into his right for her to be able to fit without being slammed hard against the right front passenger door. As he knew well, she was an extremely wide woman! Also as tall as him when seated (despite being shorter when standing), thanks to her bun flesh lift.

Her big appetite comment led them to assemble a feast, from take-out orders of spring rolls, potstickers, chicken fried rice, and several more from a Chinese eatery they’d each individually enjoyed patronizing in the past where he ordered and paid, plus a stop at one of the less-famous higher quality fried chicken chains to pick up an order she’d made online and paid for. He assured her he had plenty of tea at home, and with no regional major disasters in progress, filtered tap water and the energy to heat it near or to boiling was in plentiful supply.

Mr. Mercer living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood didn’t surprise Tara at all. Both the neighborhood and his specific home were older, giving them the charm of age and the advantage of fully-developed landscaping and city park strip trees.

What jumped out at her when she first went inside were the paint peeling off the walls, several unpatched holes in walls with plastic sheeting attempting to cover them, failing due to old duct tape falling away, lots of clutter, and lots of dust.

She didn’t need to say anything for him to know what she was noticing. “This is what the physical manifestations of major depression look like” he explained.

“Why? Why leave things unfinished like this?”

“Things get overwhelming. Painting isn’t an option until the patching is finished. The patching can’t be done until the electrical’s done. The electrical can’t be done until the plumbing’s done. The plumbing can’t be done until the first part of it out front with the irrigation is totally redone. That’s not happening until the rot around the front window is dealt with. That can’t be dealt with until I clean up all the stuff in here. Finding someone willing to take this stuff rather than toss it all into e-waste is difficult, slow, and I get stuck—overwhelmed. So nothing happens… for years.”

His description of the situation even made her tired! She let it go.

“Oh” he said aloud once they were starting to set up to eat (at his couch, wide enough for her).


“I was about to go change out of my work clothes, so as not to stain them.”

“That’s fine.”

“But you don’t have anything to change into, that I noticed. And I can’t think of a single garment I have which has a remote chance of fitting your glorious lower half.”

“No one does, John” she laughed. “I’m very custom!”

They smiled at one another and continued with setup as his mind worked through the problem.

“Tell you what. If you’ve got a shirt I can mostly fit into and we can put out some sort of old sheet to protect the couch, it’s more than easy for me to go bottomless.”

This is what they did. The oversized (on him) t-shirt he gave her made her sigh with pleasure—it smelled like him! It’s as though he’d become soft cotton and was cuddling her top almost-half all over at once!

He joined her being bottomless sitting atop the shared sheet, making for a very sexy meal indeed! To even things out from how she sat on him and the office couch earlier, she sat most of her left butt atop his lap, her body center and right butt sitting next to him on his right. Furry felt very nice, resting peacefully atop his again-slightly-stiffening penis.

Love filled the room. The tingly sexual/physical excitement overwhelmed everything else. It was an exceedingly sensual dinner, as well as one where they truly got to know one another in non-business ways.

He had many questions he’d never before felt comfortable asking her, most of them the usual ones about life with 3 legs, two butts, and two sets of genitals and elimination organs/orifices. It made him reflect that what to him seemed like a charmed life was like most other people’s: a mix of difficult and easy, bad and good, disadvantage and advantage. Her sensual joys including life as a double fatass and having come to enjoy being fat in general excited him, as she knew they would. He felt inferior and left out when she got deeper into her range of sexual experiences, his sadness and having nearly killed himself earlier this same day leading her to emphasize how happy she was with him in this moment, how sexy she found him to be, and how high-ranking he already was in her panoply of lifetime sex partners.

Midway through the meal and conversation, her handheld sounded off with its incoming text sound. It was Barb.

To: Barb Boobz

Boobz: Where are you?

Tarazz: Having dinner with Mr. Mercer.

Tarazz: Bottomless.

Boobz: Who?

Tarazz: My boss. Owner of the company where I work.

Boobz: Why?!

Tarazz: Because he needs me, he’s a great lay, and I’m crushing hard on him.

Boobz: Not bottomless in a restaurant, surely.

Tarazz: His place.

Boobz: Overnight?

Tarazz: Count on it.

Boobz: Thanks for letting me know. NOT! 😤

Tarazz: Happened fast + complicated. Will explain when I’m home.

Boobz: When will that be?

Tarazz: When the time is right. 😘

Boobz: KK. Have fun. 😘

“Apologies for violating your privacy” John told her as she set her device down. “Your screen was facing my direction.”

“It wasn’t a private conversation, and she interrupted our dinner date in any case.”

“Friend of yours?”

“All of friend, lover, and roommate. She’s the one responsible for seducing me into the sensual pleasures of food and fattening, and their nexus with sexuality.”

He’d already learned Tara was pansexual back during her relating highlights of her sex life. Having a current roommate who was a lover was a new-to-him twist. “Won’t she miss you tonight, if you’re here?”

“Not likely. We go through phases of hotter and cooler with each other, sometimes being more housemates than roommates. Unlike moon phases and things connected to them, no pattern with her and my passions for each other. She’s comfortable on her own, and has options if she’s not in the mood for solitude.”

“Busty, I gather from her user name?”

“Extremely so. Not close to any sort of world record holder, though plenty big enough to garner stares anywhere she goes. USBBW, as I am.”

“Fat all over?”

“Yes, though her boobs do stand out past her belly, and visual proportionally appear to be her biggest body parts.”

“Her rear?”

“Yes, but don’t think too much about her tonight, because you’ve got a double fatass on your lap, crushing on you as well as probably crushing you.”

“Your superlative padding and fat distribution bathes me in comfort.”

“I’d better go have a look at your bathroom situation and figure out something which works for me, before I bathe you in something else which I learned from trying once is not at all a turn-on for me.”

“Excretory functions do not arouse me, and I’ve not needed to try them in any sexual context.”

Perfect. Care to escort me?”

“With pleasure.”

“How long ago did you widen the doorway?” she asked on her way into the sole bathroom.

“I widened most of the major doorways–”

“–What the fuck?!

She’d just turned the bathroom lights on, seeing its interior fully for the first moment. The toilet appeared to be the same one-off custom model he’d procured for her use at work, similar to her much older one at home.

She swayed over to it, lifting its seat and otherwise touching it to ensure it was real. Assured via touch as well as sight that it was indeed real, she bounced and jiggled back over to him. “Why is this here?! Have you been scheming to get with me for a long time?!”

He looked hurt and felt confused. “I’m sorry its existence is upsetting you, Tara. There was a minimum order of 6 when I had the one made for you at the office, to make the vendor’s engineering, prototyping, and casting costs tenable, even with our firm helping with the prototyping. One is at work, two are in storage, one is obviously here, and the other two I managed with great difficulty to sell at cost to the sweethearts of a couple of grand fatass legends of the fatlovesex world. Only in my dreams were you ever here, not in any scheme of mine! I figured I already owned it and was making this house grand fatass friendly with the wider doorways and whatnot, so even though only you or someone else with two spaced-apart anuses which operate in sync would truly need this sort of toilet, a single-assed super fatass might find the extremely wide custom seat more accommodating.”

“Thank you for the explanation and apologies for the yelling and cursing. Maybe in the future we’ll share bathroom time together, but right now tonight I need a little private time in here.”

He pulled out a fresh towel, hand towel, and wash cloth, then left her in peace and privacy.

Dinner and conversation morphed seamlessly into after-dinner making out and conversation—at least when their mouths weren’t busy kissing or otherwise occupied. Removing just two shirts was hardly any barrier at all to full nudity, and is what happened. Tara decided her place for now was facing him, on top of him, the thigh of her middle leg pressed into his package, her other two legs easily straddling him, her padded pussies plushly pushing into his thighs once she lifted her blubbery belly, sloshing it back and forth in both hands and encouraging him to join her over its middle spread (where it tended to sag with just her two hands).

Once they finished playing with her belly and set it free to roam as it would, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her front into him with glittery eyes and plentiful kisses. His smile was on the wan side, his eyes less sparkly than earlier. She decided to inquire, “Too heavy or uncomfortable for you in this position?”

“No, at least not that I can tell.”

“You seem a little sad and I’m sensing some tension between us.”

“My mind already grieves for the great loss when you leave. On top of which, I’m feeling too tired to love you properly!”

She decided nose-rub kisses were in order. “Don’t miss the here and now worrying about the future. I respectfully submit that you need to work on being present in the moment. Your planning is exemplary, and planning is by nature future-focused. Some things, like romance, cannot be planned… or at least cannot retain full energy and spontaneity if planned. I didn’t plan to be here with you tonight, nor did you plan to be alive at all, much less here with me. True?”


“Take a lesson from my playbook: live in the moment and feel.”

“I feel relieved, healing, and very tired!”

“You’ve had what’s probably one of the most if not the most difficult days of your life, going from hopeless despair moments from ending it all to at least a glimmer of hope.”

“You’re far more than a glimmer.”

“Nor do I need to be the be-all or end-all of your hope, but please let’s not go there tonight. We’re here loving each other in the moment. Tomorrow awake daylight won’t arrive for many hours, and when it does, I’ll be here and so will you and we’ll figure things out when that is the current moment. The only plan we need is me knowing whether you have a big enough bed for the two of us, which if I gambled I’d wager you do.”

“I do. California King.”

“Perfect! Unless you object, we’re sleeping together in the literal sense, since it’s been a tough, tiring day for me too.”

“I haven’t changed the sheets for awhile.”

“Let’s finish cleaning up out here and do whatever we each do for our going-to-bed routines, and I’ll evaluate whether or not I feel the need for a sheet change.”

He showered at night, and she decided she might as well follow suit. Sadly (and a bit strangely, given all the many other infinifat body-accommodating modifications around the house) the shower wasn’t big enough for both of them, so they showered separately, having a great time when he helped dry off her vast, far-reaching surfaces.

The bed sheets were clean enough, and she couldn’t help being attracted to his scent, making their less-than-fresh condition a beneficial attribute.

Cuddling and especially mutual caressing delayed sleep, which nevertheless found them and gently overcame them.

Tara slept acceptably and John slept more deeply and peacefully than he had in months if not years, despite being naked with an extremely sexy woman of his dreams.

They awoke to the new day’s full light cuddled comfortably, with him as Narrow Big Spoon and her as Double-Wide Little Spoon.

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she sighed, deep, long, and loud.

It sounded to him more like a harsh sigh of frustration than a smooth one of contentment. “Having regrets?”


He started to pull away.

She grabbed his arms, pulling him back and re-wrapping them all the way around her, as they’d been. “I deeply regret not finding some way to get us to this point years ago. Hhhhhhhhhhhhh.


She got the whole bed as well as herself bouncing all over the place as she turned over, re-establishing a new cuddle facing him. “Not even close to a full 24 hours into our unplanned romance, I’m already feeling things I’ve never felt before, with anyone.”

They studied each other’s faces up close. She caressed his and continued, “I’ve had a lot of lovers, as we discussed last night. The vast majority were sexual only, often one-offs or else short-term. That’s what I wanted at the time and that’s all they wanted, so it was OK for what it was, but not any form of enduring romantic love. I’ve had long-term lovers, up to and including my roomie Barb currently, and I’m going to omit her for the rest of this particular conversation, to keep my mind from muddling too much. My long-terms have been satisfying and rewarding on different levels. All involved sex, and some added other forms of love, including caring love. They were good and fulfilling for their time, but didn’t feel like what I’m feeling now with you. I’ve even had a couple so into me that not only did we go long-term as friends as well as triad lovers, they built a custom outhouse toilet out in their lovely garden just for my use, to entice and encourage me to spend more time with them, maybe even move in with them. It was a beautiful thing and we’re still in touch and get together from time to time. Awakening in the morning in bed with one or both of them was mighty fine, but not like what I feel right now with you, John.

“I’ve known a handful of men with whom I’ve developed strong romantic feelings and slept over with them, awakening in the morning like this—not new, not a novelty. They were good, honest men, and the experiences were pleasant. This is more—much more. With you, I feel the tingliest of thrilling tingly excitement and total serene safety at the same time. This is brand new to me. I have never felt this potent combination of deepest-possible love at the same time before with anyone. For that matter, I’m not certain I’ve felt as deeply safe and cared-for with anyone as I do right now with you. Our years of trust working together apparently leverages over to our new love, creating a sense of bonding which simultaneously fills me with bubbly warmth and frightens me with its power and all-encompassing nature. Hundreds if not thousands of people want to play with a two-pussy double-assed woman, from when I was just voluptuous through plumper through BBW through SSBBW and now USBBW. Maybe a dozen think they have what it takes to go long-term. You are such a fatass addict that you’ve set up your whole life to have a woman with that sort of body in it, including physical infrastructure! You’re the only one I’ve known this dedicated, for the long run. Having never even touched anyone with a body close to mine, you instinctively already knew a lot about how to caress, handle, and love me.

“I don’t truly know what’s happening, other than what I feel for you goes past the summer romance I thought this might be yesterday and last night—something to get you back on your feet. All of a sudden this morning I need this—and you, as much as you need me. At least that’s what it feels like. But now I have to take my own advice and take things a day at a time, not letting my mind gallop off to futures which may never be, no matter who’s doing planning nor what planning they’re doing. I’m counting on your plans of yesterday which didn’t work out implying that you have no plans for today, because I want to spend the whole day and hopefully this coming night with you, living in the moment and finding out where this crazy ride of life takes us next.”

Where it took them initially was first-waking bathroom visits, then slow, super-sensual morning lovemaking, taking each of them to dimensions of ecstasy well beyond those of everyday life. Meandering conversations were part of the lovemaking, when their mouths weren’t otherwise occupied, learning more about each other and what was important to them, present and past. A physically gentle lover, John’s obsession with Tara’s body had him spending more tranquil lovemaking time on all aspects of her asses and everything nearby than she could recall any other lover doing. The way he kissed all 4 of her inner thigh surfaces with much passion and no hurry drove her wild!

They could’ve spent all morning and maybe all day in bed making love and being with each other, had it not been for hunger. Right around mid-morning, Tara’s digestive system growled loudly.

She looked down at her belly, holding her index finger to her lips, “Shhhhhhh! (giggle)”

“I doubt there’s enough here” he sighed. “I ran down the stock, given what the plan was.”

She gently pushed him down onto his back atop the bed, climbing on top of him and easing her corpulence gently down atop him, again with her fat middle thigh atop his package (e.g. her body centered over his), kissing him before, after, and between sentences, “Normally I want your plans to work out. (kiss) But I’m glad that one didn’t!”

“We may have to go out to keep you happily fed and maintain your magnificence.”

Tara giggled a loud, shrill titter—unusual for her. She moved his hands to her outer hip fat, which was quite a stretch! “I’m telling Barb and our other fat friends that we’re now calling fat ‘magnificence’ (giggle).”

“It wasn’t a very well-thought-out sentence on my part” he blushed. “Fed to a comfortable level is really all I needed to say.”

“What about you?”

“You’ve been feeding me with that for which I’ve been most starved for all too many years since yesterday afternoon when you changed the course of our lives. (kiss) The thing with my appetite for this need is that I may never be satiated.”

“What about food? You’ve gotta have that too.”

“I’m so lost to your love and terrified of our time together ending, I don’t have much of an appetite.”

“OK, let’s do this: let’s get up and go forage through your kitchen and any pantry or other food storage places you might have. Then we’ll know whether we have enough for breakfast here or have to get something out before we go shopping for home-prepped meal ingredients for the rest of today and the next few days at least.”

“For both of us?”

Her eye grew wide with surprise, “Don’t you want me here at least that long?!”

His answer came in the form of a long string of potent passionate mouth-to-mouth kisses of devastation, leaving her gasping for air and feeling actual falling sensations anew as she fell deeper in love with this very special man.

The upper kitchen cupboards were pretty bare. A planner to the end, he’d done a good job running his food stock down. Given how hungry she was, that unopened jar of cashew butter was looking good, though without anything resembling bread, wasn’t likely to get them very far.

Things took an unplanned detour soon as she bent far over to start investigating the below-counter cupboards.

HHHHAAAANNNNGGGGHHH!” he gutturally cried out the moment he saw her nude fat asses and hips spread so amazingly as she bent over, exposing her vulvae. Instantly and as he was still vocalizing, he rushed up behind her, more or less smashing into her left crack with his already-hard-again penis, hands all over her hips and buns.

This situation which might have been wholly unacceptable in other contexts and/or to other women did indeed startle Tara, but made her laugh. “Hi John (snicker). I thought you said your refractory period was something like half a day.”

“It always has been before!” he replied as he continued to grope her bent-over form and get harder. “This is what I’ve been trying to tell you, Tara. I’m an ass addict! Nothing in this world gets me going like a huge, fat, jiggly butt and generous fat hips! And then bent over and spreading even wider, I can’t help myself!

“And mine are quite hugely magnificent (snicker), and I’ve got two!

Yes! Auuggghmmmmmmmm!” he verbalized as he bent over and kissed her back all over, still squeezing wildly. “Somebody help me before I drive you away from my overbearing lust!

“Not likely to happen—this is great by me! Furry is all ready and does ask that you slip inside her and give her a few good ones, then Smooth wants her share too while you’re still totally hard.”

Tara had taken it from behind standing bent over many a time, most often with hard pounds like John was currently giving her. Those past events had been fine and this one was every bit as good. Never before had she had the sense that her lover’s life depended upon him sexing her like this. Nor could she recall more than maybe two other lovers if that who had such a range, from almost too gentle to as hard as she personally liked to be plunged. This was an interesting ride, both the immediate sex and their over-arching love so far.

Tea and cashew butter-covered crackers was a far lighter meal than Tara normally started her day with, yet proved sufficient to keep the appetite wolves away and was faster to get into her than other options.

The meal was punctuated by worried sighs from the male seated at the dining table. She was beginning to be able to read his concerns better than as a non-lover office manager. “Don’t be so upset.”

“I attacked you then fucked you like an animal” he replied in a soft, emotional voice of failure.

“Your attack did startle me initially, but then feeling all your intense passion and knowing how irresistible I am to you filled me with joy and arousal. At which point I was the one asking you to please slip your hardness into Furry, then Smooth.”

“But not like a beast, surely!”

“I like soft sex, I like hard pounds. I like different things different times. We probably shouldn’t do that at work when anyone else is there or might come in, but when we’re locked up and alone, it could happen. As well as here at home.”

“I’m serious, Tara: I’m not normally impulsive, but when a woman with a big, wide rear bends over and especially when she has a lot of bending spread and especially when she’s nude, I can’t control myself!

“Please restrict actually losing control to only me until further notice, not anyone else, and let’s see how it goes. If it becomes a problem for me, I will let you know.”

The rest of late breakfast, they discussed foods and beverages which might help stabilize his mood, as well as what each of them wanted, where they normally shopped, and where they ought to shop today.

Ah, new love! Even mundane things such as getting dressed were sparkly fun!

Everyone who saw them could see their fresh love glow (and, as usual, stared at how huge Tara was, and of course her 3 legs). Walking side-by-side holding hands with a woman who was so wide that it was a necessity that her fat hip ground against his slender one with each step was a dream come true for John. Tara found it dreamy.

Shopping in their love cloud was magical. To keep things simple, they agreed to alternate who paid the bill in each store. Not having tons of food storage, there were limits on how much they could buy. That and wanting to get back home and naked limited the re-supply shopping to just two stores.

John’s favorite Trader Joe’s crew member Nan gave him a stern, guarded look when he and Tara grinned their way into her checkout line. She pulled out and unfolded an 81/2" x 11" piece of paper, saying, “After the dire tone of this and the $50 bill, I didn’t expect to see you here today… or ever again.”

“That was the plan. Suicide Plan A didn’t work out, and she interrupted Plan B at the last possible moment.”

Tara pulled him deeper into a side cuddle, her arm around him possessively, looking up at him with her own look of stern annoyance at what almost happened.

“I know both of you individually, but not how you’re connected.”

“Tara has been pivotal to keeping our company Model Magicians functioning efficiently and optimally as our office manager of many years, a title which should be interpreted in its broadest terms, given how she’s been in charge of office and telecommunications systems overhauls, and more.”

“Everything about me should be interpreted in broadest terms” she quipped. “It has been and continues to be my honor to report to John directly. As of yesterday when all this went down, we’re currently reporting to each other at home, as lovers.”

That part I figured out” Nan smiled, getting the scanning going. “Hope you don’t need that $50 back, ’cause I already spent it.”

“Oh heavens no, Nan! The appreciation for your years of excellent service applies whether I remain alive or not. I only regret not being financially flush enough to do the same for the rest of the crew.”

“And for the tone of the message” Tara prodded, having read it as they stood there.

“It was accurate as of the time of creation and presentation.”

“And now it’s not.”

“So far.”

“Don’t count on me ceasing to love you any time anywhere close to soon. Because so far, the exact opposite is what’s happening.” She gave him quite the punctuating kiss, apologizing to Nan afterwards for the more extreme P.D.A.

Romantic bonding love filled John Mercer’s house as much or more than lusty passions the remainder of the day and evening. Things were great as long as he stayed with Tara in the moment, not so good when his mind went to the unknown future, and worried about it being one without her, or anyone intimate.