Dating a Princess

Nate never felt more confident of success heading into the monthly Get-Together as he did this month, one month after his double date with Double D then Nora. He felt almost certain he’d succeed hooking up with someone.

Of those of interest to him, Tara, Deb, and Nora were all present. Still nothing from Larissa… he hoped she was OK. No newbies caught his eye.

“Hey, lover!”

Damn, Nora! You look wicked hot!”

“But how do I feel?” she asked as she wrapped/pressed into him. Her shameless stealth groping of him reminded him he was allowed the same privilege.

“Literally breath-taking!

She was, to him: she’d obviously packed on a lot of fat in the past month. He was certain she was up at least one cup size, her belly was obviously larger and hanging lower, her hips were wider and more jiggly, and her still-round ass was outrageously bigger and jigglier.

“Any possible chance we can get together this weekend?”

“I’m hoping for a fresh body to try out. But if nothing else works out for either of us, I won’t rule it out. Honestly, if you’re available on weeknights or subsequent weekends between Get-Togethers, I’ll work you in” she grinned.

“Are you good with the changes?”

“It’s still a bit of a shock, but I’m adjusting. Yeah… we’ll get together some weekend this month, even if it isn’t this one. Your gushy affirmations will help keep me on the pure path. Until then, let’s go over to Make-Out Corner #3. I think we both need to know right now what it feels like when my fatter ass pushes you up against the wall.”

Easy answer: unbelievably spectacular! She felt him cum hard in his pants, almost as if there weren’t 4 layers of clothing between his wanger and her buns. She wasn’t at all sorry he’d shot a load and soiled himself on account of her added beauty.

There really wasn’t much of anything Nate could do about the very obvious wet spot on the front of his pants. He’d soaked up as much cum as possible with paper towels and toilet paper, but the stain was already set. Nora checked it out every time he passed by, feeling immensely satisfied each time.

“Thanks for lending me your boyfriend all weekend last month.”

He’s not my boyfriend! All weekend?”

“The plan was for him to go home after you tossed him out—which I did not think was a literal thing—and call me in the morning to work out when and where. He happened to walk right by my house when I was in the bathroom and I saw him, so I invited him in to sleep together, as in zzzzzz, ’til morning.”

“Whadid ya think?”

“Me likeee. He’s on my FWB Top 5.”

Deb gave her a wide-eyed “oh really?” stare.

“By the way, you really probably ought not to physically abuse your lovers so much. That bruise you gave him was legally actionable.”

What bruise?!”

She leaned in menacingly, “The black and blue one on his right forearm. Just sayin’.”

“Your husband’s available now.”

“Clamp it, Nor. Jealousy doesn’t suit you.” Deb was already on her way towards Nate.

Say hi to the kids for me!” Nora called out, loud enough to be heard over the music.

Deb spun her hand around behind her back and flipped her friend off, at the same time having nothing but smiles for her love.


“S’up, Deb.”

She looked him up and down, noticing the stain and at the same time wondering why he wasn’t embracing her. “Well?”

“Too general. Narrow it down, please.”

She was too hurt and confused to explicitly mention his apparent lack of interest in her. “Lemme see your arm.”

With all the dispassion of a 50-something flashing their driver’s license after being carded, he showed it to her. “It’s already healed. Hurt like hell for a little while and looked bad for about a week, but the body’s ability to heal is pretty amazing sometimes.”

“What’s up with the stain?”

“Nora didn’t tell you?”

“You guys haven’t had time to go to her car and make out!”

“Didn’t need to: her succulent, round fat ass pinning me to the wall was more than enough. Especially with indications of hook-up nights in the near future. But not this weekend, unless everything falls through for her. And me.”

“It’s all about the ass now? No boobs?!

“Friendly fat ass, surly fat boobs. Which would you choose?”

I thought you’d like to know I’m up another cup size” she ranted.

“Good! Lemme know if you ever figure out a way to have me over without hurting me on your rush to throw me out.”

She stammered unintelligible noises and stomped off.

Physically, she’d looked very sexy to him—sexier than ever. But now with better, friendlier options, he didn’t feel the need to pursue her. He didn’t understand why the whole conversation with her hurt in his upper chest.

Later in the evening, he found Tara unoccupied, standing on the dance floor, looking a tad pensive. “May I have this dance, please?”

She lit up like a Christmas tree. “Yes, good sir!”

He decided to role-play with a slight bow, taking her hand and kissing it before wrapping into a dancing embrace. “Your eyes look extra sparkly tonight.”

“I remember what you said from last time. About how you’re a cuddler. Are you less of a playah now?”

“I don’t know how to answer that. I’ve had the pleasure of intimacy with several lovers recently, but all above-board, no secrets, no deception. Two of them are friends of each other. I handled that night with you and Aubrey very badly, and I’m truly sorry. She butted in at the last moment and I should have told her No for that night. All I’m trying to do is find the best match for me… like any of us, I think. Once I commit, I’m not gonna run off with someone else!”

Other than feeling envious that he’d recently had several lovers and she’d had but one, she felt a bit better about the charming man currently dancing with her. Maybe he could be her prince after all!

Tara liked to dance, and danced well—more than just the usual shuffling slow dancing. Nate had no clue, but she taught him a few easy steps, which he enjoyed executing with her. They conversed easily on all sorts of topics as they danced. She seemed rational, reasonable, friendly, and highly affectionate to him, as well as clearly interested in something longer-term. He found himself smitten, notwithstanding her unremarkable physical features relative to his recent lovers.

DJ Skill Jill, average-sized female FA, had a quirky tendency to drop in classical music movements into her set. Tara made the most of this, seeking out Nate the few times they weren’t already currently dancing with each other, to show off actual dance moves. He held up his end OK, seeming to enjoy the brief spans of role-playing.

“D, check it out” Nora said, motioning to his and Tara’s area of the dance floor. “Who knew lover man was a prancer?”

“I can see that stain you left on him from here” Deb replied.

“Yeah” she grinned happily.

Last hour pair-off time. Nora found someone new to sample and Nate didn’t want to go with Deb, leaving his choice obvious.

“My dear Tara, will you be my chosen one tonight?” he over-acted.

Yes, my prince!”

He chuckled at her equally over-dramatic response, wrapping his arm into her arm loop and escorting her out in an uncharacteristically gentlemanly fashion.

Deb picked up a new guy who seemed like he’d be able to keep her hole filled for the night and help unlatch her stuck brain from Nate. At the end of the day, being a big-breasted woman was still a net advantage over disadvantage through the course of life, at least for her… especially in a context where her fat belly and plump-to-fat hips, rump, and other body parts were an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

“Has anyone told you lately that you have the most adorable cheeks?”

“No” she giggled. “Most people think they’re too fat.”

“They’re not. They give you the cutest chipmunk-girl look imaginable!”

She grinned, emphasizing that very asset, eyes sparkling like the night skyline far away from earthly light pollution.

“I walk or take public transit to these events, so if I have the honor of going somewhere together with you, it’ll be in your vehicle. I have money for gas, and I’ll pay for a whole tank… unless it’s like a 30 gallon or something.”

“Where are you taking me… that I’m driving to?”

“Well, my place is rather small and even though I’ve cleaned up, still a bit of a guy sty. So if you’re comfortable with having me over to your place, we’ll probably enjoy our time together more.”

Whoa, whoa, slow down Speed Racer! I’m not that kind of girl! This is supposed to be a date—one of several—where we get to know each other better. Learn about each other, build up trust, all that. Then later you get a sample of the goodies.”

“You know, you’re right, Tara—that’s what we should do, for any hope of long-term. I’ve been hanging with too many harlots, I guess. I’m open for just about anything. What would you like to do for an after-dance first date?”

“Your fat princess needs a meal!” she replied, placing his hand on her belly. “How about Padrillo’s?”

“Sounds good to me. I wouldn’t mind a little pasta.”

It was novel fun for Nate to remain in gentleman mode, mostly to find out whether he could actually pull off a persona removed from his natural sarcastic personality. So far, all the way into being seated in a booth at Padrillo’s, he’d been doing better than he imagined he could.

Tara remained smitten about 6 levels beyond him—she truly started to believe her prince had finally arrived. “May we share a family plate of spaghetti, please?”

“That would be great!” It would: not only would he be able to eat just the relatively small amount he wanted, he’d be able to see how she behaved around large portions of food. “Is a glass of wine for each of us an option?”

She had to stop and think. Yes… yes it would be. “Yes, as long as you use your worldly skills to pick one.”

“Honestly, the house red is usually very good. It’s almost as classic as the checkered red and white tablecloth and a plate of spaghetti!”

Yes… yes it was. {This will be perfect!} she thought to herself.

She slid over and sidled up to him on the left and they held hands as they ate. Nate figured she must be left-handed, when in fact she was merely highly motivated for historical re-enactments.

Starting with likes/dislikes, movies, music, and other stereotypical first-date topics, they begun the process of learning about each other. Computer/tech programming/debugging/QA testing was sexy and was what Nate was all about, pushing her Provider button nicely. He learned that she was an administrative assistant at a Fortune 500 company in town, something she belittled but which he knew to be a decent accomplishment, given the firm in question.

The spaghetti was delicious in the way that 100% freshly-made spaghetti dishes tend to be. The house red wine exceeded expectations, with a smooth, buttery taste and texture balanced with fruitiness.

The one oddity was how Tara kept poking her fork into the spaghetti in odd ways and at odd times, often after staring at the plate for awhile, making a face of mild discontent then resuming eating normally. Eventually he noticed that this seemed to happen whenever he poked in and twirled his fork for a bite. She seemed to let go of this odd behavior as the meal continued.

It pleased Nate that Tara made good progress through the meal, heartily enjoying the massive plate of pasta along with him after having single-handedly plowed through the first garlic bread basket. Given that she hadn’t seemed to have gained at all over the months and was smaller than his perfect-body ideal, he wasn’t sure he and she would be a long-term ideal couple, but with so much more to life than sex and bodies, he certainly wasn’t going to rule her out so soon… especially if she’d consider an open IIR.

OOOH! OOOH! Wait!—The kissing noodle!” she yelled out.


“See how we’ve got the same noodle hooked at each end on each of our forks?—No, don’t let go of it! When we each put the fork in our mouth, then we’ll be drawn together by the noodle and we’ll have to kiss!

“Oh, you mean like in Lady and the Tramp?”

Exactly!” she gushed.

“OK, ready?”

She nodded vigorously, then they each took in their forkful of pasta. Soon, they ate their way to their faces coming together, ending off with a kiss.

No tongue!” she cried out.

Sorry! I thought you wanted it like the movie.”

“It’s a Disney movie, not a porno!”

“They’re dogs, Tara! Of course they’ll have their tongues in each other’s mouths… the way every other human woman I’ve gone out with since coming to the Get-Together has wanted to do. Or is this an STI thing? If it is, I’ve got my paper with me.”

Tara always felt conflicted about this stuff. She had the usual sex drive and desires of a lusty adult woman, but at the same time a sentimental, clean, idealized, and arguably child-like view of the world of romance and romantic love. She wanted her life to be a storybook romance, but at the same time knew that in the real world she inhabited, she was competing for men with women too coarse and base and impure to mention in her favorite stories. Worst of all, she knew in her heart, brain, and especially loins that she was one of those, too.

“Yeah, let’s go over that” she sighed with resignation, digging into her dress pocket.

No problem—they were clean.

“If you want to share sex with me—some future day—we need an understanding.”

“Yes we do” he readily agreed.

“You can’t be a playah and go sleeping around with every BBW who catches your eye… or anyone of any size.”

“I’m not any more interested in contracting an STI than you. I only share fluids with women I trust—and I already trust you, which is why I felt it was OK to kiss the way we did. I apologize if it wasn’t.” She looked upset enough that he decided not to continue onward to discuss monogamy and his whole-hearted disinterest in it.

“Are you just looking for sex? Or something long-term?”

Yes—both. And hugs and cuddles and kissing—tongue and no tongue. In other words, love—the full suite of options. First woman who offers all of that where we have enough in common, no major areas of conflict, and we’re both into each other gets me.”

Having lost out to more aggressive and sexually open women more times than she could count, Tara figured she’d better dial her qualms down and bring the happy back into their date. “OK. Stay safe, stay clean, and I promise I will too.”

“Deal” he replied, lifting her hand and kissing its back.

They toasted with their glasses of wine, getting near empty.

Tara started to get upset, seeing Nate wholly distracted with his eyes latched onto an older SSBBW leaving her booth.

“More wine for either of you tonight?” the waiter asked.

Nate turned to Tara, “If you want to stay awhile, I’m OK with that.”

“Yes, please.” In her mind, she figured that if she kept him there longer and they had more time to get to know each other, she’d gain a greater lock on his affections. Not to mention she still felt peckish, with at least half of the massive family-sized plate of pasta remaining.

The second glass of wine, already 2/3rds. gone was more than enough to get Tara heavily buzzed, arguably drunk. Nate held his liquor better, so despite having had less solid food, didn’t get much past a mild, pleasant buzz.

They joked about many things, bringing out Tara’s beautiful laugh and the return of her glorious chipmunk cheeks.

Eating and drinking had been at a standstill for some time.

“Did you want to go now? Maybe take the leftovers for later?”

“I’m too drunk to drive. I’m a bad princess!”

“No you’re not. You’re a princess who enjoys her food and wine, and needs more time to digest.”

“Enjoys them too much! I’ll get so fat, my prince won’t have me!”

“If you’re referring to me, you don’t know your ‘prince’ very well, madam!”

“Seriously, you won’t mind if I have more?”

“Tara… I won’t mind if you finish the whole plate and lick it clean. In fact, if that’s what you truly wanted… I might like that… a lot. As long as you’re hungry, more food ought to sober you up faster.”

Cuddling into her gently as he sipped his remaining wine helped put Tara at ease. She dug in happily, not quite as though she was just starting her meal, but close. She ate contentedly until it was all gone, not licking the plate yet wiping up most of the remaining sauce with her fork tines turned sideways. “Oh, I’m so full!” she exclaimed.

“Want a belly massage?”

“In the car, please.”

“I’m such a bad princess” she said on the way to the car.

“Is that your goal? To be a bad princess?”


“Ignoring for the moment the underpinnings of this whole prince/princess thing, which we really ought to talk about sometime soon, what makes you a bad princess if your goal is to be a good one?”

“I’m a too fat princess!”

“Says who?”

“Says all the fairy tales ever!

“Well then I guess you never heard the tale of The Princess with the Golden Tummy” he riffed, finding the whole ideal of an adult paying attention to fairy tales even in fun pretty ridiculous.

No!” she cried out. “Can you tell it to me?”

{Oh shit.} Now he had to make it up on the fly. “Once we’re in the car, sure.”

It surprised Nate to be escorted by Tara to her car’s back seat, until he realized that she likely needed the free space for her belly to rest and digest.

She slid closer to him, not quite cuddly close. “You’re not going to take advantage of me if I pull my dress up and release my belly from my undies, are you?”

“Tara, I don’t want to ‘take advantage’ of you ever! It’s all about mutual respect, trust, and agreeing what we do and do not do with and to each other. In fact, not only will having your belly out make it easier and more comfortable to massage, it’ll help with the telling of the story.”


He had to admit she had a nice, fat belly, once he saw it exposed in its naked glory. “Is this OK?” he asked as he started the slow, gentle circular rubbing of her belly with his hand.

“Mmmmm… nice. So tell the story, please!”

“OK, here we go. Not long ago, in the land over yonder, lived a very beautiful, special princess. She stood about 5'5" tall, had squiggly brown hair, and the cutest imaginable cheeks.”

She knew right then that he was making it all up, about her. She didn’t care… the fact that he’d even attempt to think up a fairy tale about her flattered her and proved the creative power of his mind, endearing him further to her.

“She worked hard every day, tending to her garden and her modest home with its thatched roof. The garden helped nourish not only the princess herself, but most of the local wildlife—all friends of hers. She met with them each morning to exchange fruits and vegetables from her garden for nuts, seeds, and acorns gathered by her forest friends.”

Nate noticed Tara’s sparkly eyes now looked more child-like. He was going to have to get to the bottom of what this whole fantasy world truly meant to her, some other day.

“Her life was peaceful and contented, though her heart yearned for her prince to come to her, to share a happy life of pure love. Many suitors had heard of this special princess. They came from near and far, many claiming to be her prince, yet none of them worked out. Often, they were no more than cads, wanting to use her for pleasures of the flesh, then leave her with a broken heart. Others saw her, and failed to see her obvious beauty, saying ridiculous things such as she was ‘too fat’ compared to their ideal princess, or didn’t have enough of this, or had too much of that—balderdash all!” He grinned at having finally found a way to use one of his grandfather’s favorite expletives in a viable sentence.

“‘Good morning, Squirrel.’

‘Good morning, Princess. Here are some fresh acorns for you.’

‘Thank you. I have for you today a basket of carrots, squash, and lettuce. Will you be so kind as to share them with Rabbit, Fox, and Owl?’

‘Rabbit and Fox I shall’ Squirrel replied, ‘But I’m afraid Owl no longer gives a hoot.’

‘Did he die?’

‘Oh heavens no! He’s just taking a time out from life.’”

Tara broke up laughing, effectively giving herself a belly massage as Nate momentarily held his hand still. He continued,

“‘Has your prince come today?’ Squirrel asked.

‘No’ she replied sadly. ‘I’m wondering whether my prince will ever come.’

‘Dream and Hope, Princess… that is the lesson we of the forest have learned, which serves us well. Until tomorrow!’

‘Until tomorrow, dear Squirrel!’

“Squirrel scurried back to the forest, with the basket. His first stop was the hole of Rabbit.

Vegetables from the Princess, Rabbit!

One moment, please’ Rabbit yelled from within the depths of her abode. Soon she made an appearance, exchanging a sack of seeds with Squirrel for a nice head of lettuce. ‘How is our Princess today?’

‘Forlorn. Waiting for her prince. Tell me, Rabbit: why is our Princess so big and soft, unlike princesses of other legends?’

‘Why Squirrel, I thought such was common knowledge from the cradle! Our Princess is big, soft, and fluffy by the nature of princesses of our realm. Such it has always been and shall always be.’

‘Thank you, Rabbit. Until tomorrow!’

‘Until tomorrow, Squirrel!’

“Squirrel scurried off to the den of Fox. ‘Hallo Fox! Vegetables from the Princess!’ Fox emerged, with blood-shot eyes. ‘Dear Fox, what pray tell is the matter?’

‘I have been watching the alleged News channel which bears my name. My head hurts!’”

Tara tittered briefly.

“‘Here, have some squash and carrots for a hearty soup.’

“Fox gratefully claimed the veggies, returning with a bag of nuts. ‘Question please, Fox.’

‘As long as it does not involve creatures called Democrats and Republicans or a place called Washington D.C., all of which I dearly hope are mythical, please proceed.’

‘Why is our Princess big, soft, and fluffy? Rabbit says only that this is the nature of princesses of our realm.’

‘That is true in part. Are you not aware of our Princess’ full title?’

‘I am not. Please enlighten me.’

‘She is The Princess with the Golden Tummy. Her tummy is the softest, warmest, most healing pillow of the realm! Every quarter year at feast time, our Princess eats and eats for days, her tummy growing to the size of a bed. All the ill forest creatures nap a full day and night on her belly and are healed!’


‘Yea verily! Her power lies within her soft plushness, which she must maintain at some level at all times. So it is my understanding.’

‘How then is it that forest creatures of other realms are healed?’

‘Apparently that lies in Obamacare, though I’m made to understand that this Obamacare creature does not work. I fear my brain is hurting again.’

‘Please go make that healing soup. Until tomorrow, Fox!’

‘Coming up next–I mean, Until tomorrow, Squirrel!’

“After dropping off the remainder of the basket at home, Squirrel scurried over to the largest fallen tree in the forest to speak with Bear. ‘Good morning, Bear.’

‘Good morning, Squirrel. What brings you by the log, and would you please remember to log in and that both your user name and passphrase are case-sensitive?’”

Tara laughed again, grinning and nearly dripping tears of endearing love as Nate grinned back and gave her belly a brief squeeze before resuming his massaging.

“‘May I ask you, or must I look it up in Treepedia?’

‘Ask away’ Bear replied.

‘Why have I not before this day been informed of the quarterly feast?’

‘Simple, Squirrel: you have not been ill, and the quarterly feast coincides with your mating season. Thus, you’re always busy chasing tail at such times.’”

She felt a little naughty, deciding to pull his hand off her belly and place it on her right butt cheek (nearest him), to let him know that she got the joke. He gave her glute a squeeze, squeezed her hand, then returned his to her belly.

“’Ah yes… so it is. Thank you, Bear. Until next time!’

‘Wait—don’t forget to log out! And think up a new passphrase: we change them again in two weeks’ time.’

“Squirrel rolled his eyes, logged out, and headed home.

“Later that day, the Princess with the Golden Belly received a visit from a suitor, Prince Dorkmeister of Schlubelia.”

“Oh no!” Tara cried out.

“Oh yes!” Nate replied dramatically, continuing the story.

“Knock-knock, ‘Hallo!

“The Princess hurried to the front door, her body jiggling and swaying every which way as princess’s bodies ought. ‘Good afternoon, good sir!’

‘Madame, I am Prince Dorkmeister of Schlubelia. I seek The Princess with the Golden Belly.’

‘I am she’ she replied, with an alluring smile, despite having some reservations regarding the gentleman’s sloppy attire. She’d waited so long for her prince, she felt she couldn’t be too choosy.”

Tara started to cry… apparently he’d hit a nerve. He put his arm around her and gently pulled her into his left side, still massaging her belly with his right hand.

“Don’t worry. She gets a better prince later.”

“I hope so” she responded with a pout.

He continued, “‘How can this be?!’ the Prince cried out. ‘You do not look like the princesses in the swimsuit edition of Monarchs Illustrated! You have wobbly bits all over, the cheeks of a chipmunk, and a belly the size and consistency of a feasting gelatin dessert!’”

See! See!” Tara yelled out, “Too fat!

He bent over and rubbed noses with her before she could get into crying again. “Ah, but the Prince in question might be in need of a mirror, as we shall see!”

“The Princess tried not to grow nauseous counting the boogers and nose hair tangles in the Prince’s giant nostrils. She had never before seen a one-decimeter-long nose, and while such a thing might have some interesting uses now and then in the bedchamber, she shuddered to imagine kissing him. Nor did she find his acne particularly appealing.

‘But my belly and the rest of my body is the source of my powers!’

‘What powers be these?! The power to inundate the room with flatus and fill the chamberpot with muck? Good day to you, Princess!’

“The Princess closed the door and returned to the kitchen, nibbling on some tasty raisins to soothe her loneliness.

“Down the road, Squirrel met up with the recently-departed Prince. ‘Good sir, did you not find the Princess at home?’

‘I found but a wobbly gelatin pot in the vague form of a princess.’





‘Prominent, proud belly, emitting rays of sun?’

‘Prominent and proud yes, but no rays of sun.’

‘Was the belly clothed?’

‘Thank Gaia yes.’

‘But of course there would be no rays, then. That is our Princess. You were not taken by her radiant beauty?’

‘I found none to take!’

‘Then you must be defective as a Prince!’

I beg your pardon!

‘You might want to beg off to a looking glass and take care of those hangers in your right nostril, before they drop and hurt someone.’ Squirrel felt relieved that this poor excuse for a prince did not attempt to bond in ever-lasting love with the magnificent Princess of the realm.

“Days and days passed, and still no worthy prince. The Princess grew ever more lonely. She even considered giving up her magic healing powers to lie in the arms of a prince who would have her, until Raven flew to her window in a rush, reminding her of the tale of Princess Tubbs—an even bigger, fatter princess than The Princess of the Golden Belly, a former princess of the realm—who gave up her healing powers to a charlatan, who cut her with a knife and made her thin, and died soon thereafter.

‘But Raven! Princesses need love too, else we die of a broken heart. Which, pray tell, is the worse death?’

‘You needn’t die in any way’ Raven crowed. ‘You must stay strong until your prince appears.’

‘How pray tell shall I do that?’

‘Eat well and exercise in moderation’ Raven replied as she flew away.

“One particularly sad, gray day, the Princess sat in the kitchen, playing with some now-cold leftover porridge with her spoon, resting her head on the palm of one hand. Suddenly she heard a knock. She got up and slowly wiggled and jiggled to the door, not expecting anything good to happen.

“A handsome but quite ill-looking man stood before her as she opened the door. His flushed, sickly face lit up as he saw her. ‘I am Prince Romeo of Fontana’ he said. ‘You must be the Princess of the Golden Belly, whose beauty is the stuff of legend, as my eyes confirm! There’s a 99 and 44/100ths. percent chance that I’m your Prince, but you will have to heal me, both for us to enjoy each other’s company, and to know that I am your One.’

‘I wish mightily to do so forthwith, but it is not yet the time of the Feast.’

‘That is why I have brought these.’

“He opened up a pink box, the likes of which the Princess had never seen before. Inside was a collection of 13 round fried dough items with open centers.

‘Are these the dough-nuts of legend?’

‘Yes. I am told that should you partake of a minimum of five at one meal, you will be able to heal me. The Wizard of the Bakery said that you are free to enjoy as many more as you wish, at whatever times you wish, but that you must consume at least five in one sitting in order to be able to heal me.’

‘Please come inside out of the cold, and follow me to my kitchen.’

“The sick Prince felt wisps of carnal desire, watching the gorgeous Princess wiggle and jiggle to the kitchen. He was from a land where carnal desire with one’s mate was honored and celebrated year-round. He hoped such was the case in Princess of the Golden Belly’s realm.

“She gently sat him down and served him a fresh, hot bowl of porridge. It tasted unusually good to him. ‘Is this cinnamon I taste?’

‘It is clove, my Prince’ she replied as she sat down near him at the kitchen table, the pink box right in front of her. ‘Pray tell, which shall I choose first?’

‘The Wizard claims that they may be eaten in any order. He uttered something mystical about your pleasure increasing my healing, which, forgive me, in my ill state I did not understand and failed to transcribe.’

“The Princess selected her first one: a dark dough-nut with an off-white glaze and colorful sprinkles—magic! She put it to her lips, and took her first bite… the taste explosions in her mouth took her to another dimension! She had another bite, and another, and another, and before she knew it, the dough-nut was gone. ‘What sort of conjuring is this?!’ she cried out.

‘It is said by the Wizard of the Bakery that certain skilled Princesses and a few Princes have learned the magic of making these at home. Again I fear I was too ill to comprehend more. We shall be able to visit the Wizard, should I be your true Prince and you are able to heal me.’

“The Princess of the Golden Belly had no trouble eating 5 dough-nuts in one sitting. The problem was being able to stop!

‘Dear Prince Romeo, these taste too good! I find myself unable to cease, and I know they will make me fatter, apart from feast times—too fat for you!’

‘Ah, but there you are mistaken, Princess of the Golden Belly. For I am cut from a different cloth than most princes: my most carnal, loving desires revolve around a Princess with as much soft plush fluffiness as possible! One who jiggles as you do, yet more so. One who engulfs me with her softness and warmth, keeping me healthy and fit!’

‘Are you quite sure?’

‘I know this to my core! It is of my essence!’

‘This though I bear little resemblance to the princesses in the swimsuit edition of Monarchs Illustrated?’

Harumpf! That rag has been banned from my realm seven-score years! Any swimsuit worthy of its fabric would bow down for the honor of attempting to contain your bounteous beauty!’

‘I pray to Gaia that you are my true Prince and that you can get more of these’ she said with her mouth partly full, ‘because I’m going to finish this entire box in short order!’

“And so it was: the Princess ate her way through the whole box of 13 dough-nuts, scrupulously eating up each and every crumb, licking her fingers at the end. ‘How long, my Prince, from when the dough-nuts are consumed until my healing powers commence?’

‘I am told that the time you feel an inordinate tightness of your belly within clothes is the start of your healing powers.’

‘I am feeling that at this time.’

‘Then we must get to a place where I may take several long naps with my head atop your belly, ideally including an overnight slumber.’

“The Princess led Prince Romeo to her bedchamber. Already as of the time they reached her bed, she felt unbearable tightness around her belly. ‘Oh dear! I am quite near pain! I fear that I must reveal my Golden Belly, despite this being our first time together.’

‘My illness helps keep my carnal desires in check, Princess. Please allow your belly to fulfill its healing mission!’

“As per the Bakery Wizard’s allusions, the Princess’ belly was already expanding beyond what could be contained within her standard princess skirt and top. ‘This is as of the time of the Feast, though I’ve eaten so little!’

‘Such is the magic of the dough-nuts, as I understand. Given my grave condition, time is of the essence.’

‘From what ill, pray tell, do you suffer, Prince Romeo?’ she said as she started to remove her skirt.

‘It is a deadly combination of something the healers call MERS, combined with profound, soul-crushing loneliness. Either one on its own is a tough battle worthy of the strongest knight or strapping maiden. Together they are nearly always fatal, to princes of my realm. My dear, departed brother Prince Pollywog suffered such a fate two-score years heretofore.’

“Her skirt now fully removed and set aside on her nightstand, she unleashed her golden belly from the confines of her undies, keeping them on for modesty. The radiant rays of beauty emanating from her belly temporarily blinded the prince. He felt compelled to place his hands on her golden belly flesh, causing each of them to simultaneously emit loud sighs.”

He paused his recitation to gaze at Tara’s belly then face with an endearing smile and emit a real-world loud, sensual sigh. As soon as she figured out what he was doing, she joined in with one of her own, the moisture in her eyes causing them to glisten more than they’d already been.

“Both she and he could feel and see her belly expanding like rising dough before them. ‘Gracious! This truly is as of Feast time, yet I’ve eaten so little!’

‘Such is the magic of the dough-nut, legend has it. Dear Princess of the Golden Belly, I feel ever weaker. Please may we situate ourselves such that healing may commence?’

‘Allow me to use the chamber pot and sanitize, and so it shall be.’

“The Princess’ golden belly had already expanded half again in size by the time she finished cleaning up, once again becoming a big, beautiful, gelatinous jiggly mass of flesh as at Feast times, though yet not as large. The Prince needed to cover his eyes to protect them from the bright, shimmering rays radiating from it.”

“Should she be outside tanning more? Or using fake tan?” Tara asked.

“Our Princess of the Golden Belly never fakes anything” Nate replied in no uncertain terms. “Her belly is already golden perfection” he said as he momentarily switched from massaging to grabbing a big hunk of her belly flab and shaking it gently and playfully. Shall we continue our story?”

“Yes please, Prince Rom–I mean, Nate” she intentionally teased.

“No sooner had the Princess situated herself lying comfortably face-up on her bed, her back and head supported by a luxurious pure-down pillow ramp enjoyed only by the most pampered princesses, than Prince Romeo settled onto the bed along with her, resting his weary head on her expanding golden belly and his hands on her naked thighs.

“The Prince and Princess both fell into slumber forthwith. The healing energy from her golden belly commenced to ban illness from him, in a protracted sword battle on the scale of microns.”

Tara wiggled a little bit. Nerd talk always made her moist… she had a thing for scientific, brainy guys, despite or perhaps because of not being such a woman herself.

“His energies devoted to the fight within, he had but one dream: vague and amorphous. He dreamt that he and the Princess of the Golden Belly were united in love, but he could see no details. The Princess had several dreams, yet only one which she would later recall: making dough-nuts in her kitchen, her Prince by her side, helping, then feeding them to each other. The Prince had a nice pot belly and soft, jiggly buns in the dream, whereas she herself was twice her usual size at least, and it was not Feast time!”

Tara glared at him.

“It’s a story and they’re in a dream sequence” he reminded her.

“Give me some time. I won’t categorically rule it out… for the right prince” she said out of nowhere, answering a question technically un-asked.

“As at the time of Feast, the Prince slept a full day and a full night atop the Princess’ belly, which expanded until it was just barely falling off each side of her twin-sized bed.”

Again, Tara looked at him askance. He chose not to respond, continuing,

“On the eve of the day after the Prince arrived, he and Princess Golden Belly awoke at the same time.

Eureka! I am healed!’ the Prince cried out.’

‘And I am 1/4 as large as at Feast time!’

“The Prince gasped in awe and reverence, yet the Princess was unsure that it was so, until he spoke, ‘Huzzah, you are grand! Your beauty draws me like the night-moth to the fire light!’

‘How is this so?! Not only is my golden belly covering most of my legs and flowing off each side of the bed, my upper arms sag to twice their normal plus width, my engorged breasts sag towards my belly, and my cheeks are big enough for a winter’s store of acorns!’

‘This is what I seek!’ he cried out, waving his hand over her. ‘Your body in this state feeds me, as food does to our citizens and forest creatures! You are grand to the degree of your immensity! Oooh–’–all of a sudden, the Prince grabbed his midsection. ‘Dear Princess of the Golden Belly, I must eliminate from both of the honored orifices forthwith!’

‘Proceed directly to the back yard. There is a dung hole 40 paces to the northeast. Follow your nose.’

“The Prince took off at a bit less than a run to relieve himself. Princess Golden Belly hoped he’d finish soon and chivalrously escort her to the dung hole, for her own relief.

“‘Ahh’ he said upon his return, ‘I am again whole. Of which, I needed to dig a new one, as I filled the existing dung hole to its rim.’

‘Please escort me to it, for my own quite necessary relief.’

“As at the times of Feasts, Princess Golden Belly found it challenging to perambulate. The Prince aided her by walking on all fours as though a creature of the forest before her, holding her belly off the ground.”

Tara folded her arms and made a face at him.

“Fiction” is all he said out of story mode.

In the dim light of the car interior she could still see clear evidence that it was a fiction he quite mightily enjoyed. She said nothing, thinking only in the recesses of her mind that for the right, true, real, 100% hers prince-husband she sought, she wouldn’t entirely rule something like that out, if such a thing could be reality.

“‘I am exhausted!’ she exclaimed upon their return, as she bounced and wiggled back onto her bed. ‘I am not used to carrying my larger self outside of Feast times. I fear I must shed some of this flesh.’

‘Mayhaps you need exercise, my dearest Princess.’

‘The thought of doing such in my fattened condition, recently worn out from our walk, and when I am so extremely comfortable lying here makes me weary.’

‘Ah, but there is a quite common form of daily exercise from my realm which requires little of your active participation.’

‘What, pray tell, might that be?’

‘Sexual relations, my Princess. Good for the heart, good for the soul, good for the body.’

‘As in intercourse?’

‘That is but one option. My Princely intuition along with my education advises me that partaking of your tender tidbits which lie at the juncture of your lovely legs and your terrific torso with my lips and tongue and perhaps other facial features should be sufficient to give you the exercise you seek. It is the most common form of exercise in my realm.’

‘Very well. As long as I may lie here, please partake of me.’

“Reverently, the Prince gently lifted her magnificent belly, in awe the whole time at its mightiness. He gasped as he first viewed the Princess’ tender tidbits, ensconced in the most luscious, wonderful round softness one could imagine—far exceeding his wildest dreams!”

“Princes like fat mounds?!”

“Not just princes, but real, actual human FA men too! Did you not know this?”

“Uhhh… nnnnn… no.”

He couldn’t tell from the tone of her response how she felt about this revelation.

“The Prince slid in, tickling her thighs with his princely stubble.”

There in real life, she reached up and caressed his face, fairly smooth at the moment. Smooth was good, but a little stubble turned her on. She continued caressing his face as he continued his on-the-fly fairy tale.

“Magical energy shot through them both as his tongue and lips introduced themselves to her golden genitals. Her moan came through muffled to him underneath her glorious belly flesh, the actions of her tender tidbits conveying the message loud and clear. He licked and licked and ate and ate and kissed and kissed, no more able to stop pleasuring the Princess than the Princess herself was able to stop eating the dough-nuts. She moaned, purred, gasped, and sometimes yelled his name loud enough to be heard deep within the forest. The Prince fell completely in love with Princess Golden Belly.”

“That’s just lust!”

“Is it? If he truly cares about her in every way, in addition to his lust for her?”

“How do we know that?”

“So it is told in the remaining chapters of the tale.”

“I look forward to hearing those someday soon” she replied skeptically.

“You’re correct; I forgot a part. Back up one sentence… here we go….

“He ate and licked and kissed her tender tidbits until she begged him to stop. After carefully extricating himself, he retrieved a clean washcloth dipped in the pure, cool, sweet spring water of the realm, gently wiping the prodigious sweat off her brow.”

Tara blushed. Like Diane, she did tend to perspire in a rather porcine manner at times.

“Upon returning from hanging up the washcloth, he fell entirely under her spell by the mere act of gazing upon her gorgeous face. Like an alien drawn to a tractor beam, he felt himself being inexorably pulled towards her. Her face shone with the same radiance her belly had emitted earlier, except somehow he was able to keep gazing upon it with no harm to his eyes.” Nate in real life turned to directly face Tara, “In fact, he couldn’t take his eyes off her countenance.” He slowly moved in for a very real-world tongue-free tender mouth kiss.

Tara felt real-world shimmering energy flow through her. Nate seemed more and more like her real-life prince!

“Gently, Prince Romeo placed his hands on each side of her face. “Everything about you captivates me! All of my being informs me that you are my princess, dearest Princess of the Golden Belly! What sayeth your heart and your entirety?’

‘That we must lie in each other’s arms and speak of all that can be spoken.’

“And so it was: the Prince lay down with the Princess, gently wrapping his arms around her, sharing a tender horizontal cuddle as they spoke of every possible thing, deep into the night. Slowly, with each word and idea upon which they found common ground, the bond between them grew as does the oak: from a small, tender seedling to a mighty tree, able to withstand the ravages of the most powerful storm.”

Tara nuzzled into his side, lost in her romantic fantasy world, into which Nate appeared to have willingly joined her. She felt a very real bond growing between them, albeit fantasy-based rather than reality-based, which she did not consciously recognize.

“They spoke until they each again fell asleep, this time cuddled face-to-face, warm body to warm body.

“By dawn, they awoke at the usual time. Prince Romeo spent the day helping Princess Golden Belly with her daily chores and activities. She introduced him to Squirrel, Mouse, Raven, Fox, Rabbit, Pterodactyl, and, once she remembered her passphrase, Bear. All the creatures of the forest, in fact, came to meet the newly-healed Prince, other than Owl, who still couldn’t be bothered to give a hoot.

“The forest creatures gathered together afterwards, all agreeing that Prince Romeo would make a fine Prince of the realm, should their beloved Princess find him worthy.

“Prince Romeo and Princess Golden Belly continued to share the activities of daily living together, while they spoke of ever more topics, with the goal of an honest appraisal of their future prospects together. Some of the customs of each of their realms differed, and there were at times delicate negotiations regarding how they might proceed in case of a union. Still, nothing arose which would preclude a happy union to last through their final days.

“On the fourth day of their time together since Prince Romeo’s healing, they had reached the point of final negotiations. ‘Doest thou have any reservations regarding uniting our realms via matrimony?’ asked the Prince.

‘None whatsoever, now that you have shown me this new way of fitness which so pleases me, and have proven that I shall be able to remain clothed in fine garments, should I so choose, if and when I remain at this larger size, and potentially larger sizes which may come to pass. Now, dear Prince… doest thou have any reservations regarding our eternal union and your adoption of this realm?’

‘I have but one, my Lady. It is of the utmost importance for my well-being that we share carnal love in all ways, not just those we’ve utilized the past few days for exercise.’”

“Soon. Very soon” she assured him, rubbing his arm, wondering in her mind whether she ought to make that play out on their next date, so as not to lose her potential real-life prince to a more physically desirable and sexually open harlot.

“‘Very well, and I look forward to it, though let it be known that should we produce an heir, our union shall be consummated therewith.’

‘It is so understood.’

“With that, Princess Golden Belly and Prince Romeo tenderly disrobed one another, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing in delight as they partook of one another’s beauty. Their hands slowly caressed each other’s surfaces over the course of many minutes, feeling like the start of a beautiful eternity. The Prince introduced her to many new ways of lovemaking over the course of hours, and the Princess surprised him by introducing him to a couple of new ones he’d not known. The blend of romantic and lusty love they each felt melted their hearts and hastened a strong, long-lasting bond.

“They eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms, naked. Come morning and another round of lovemaking, Princess Golden Belly sought closure, ‘What is your verdict, Prince Romeo? Am I to be your Princess for all time?’

‘The night and day of passion atop our days of speaking and bonding have sealed it: I can have no other! It must be you, Princess Golden Belly! Have you had any changes of heart or mind towards our union?‘

‘None whatsoever, and none shall there be, as long as trust, honesty, and love continue to reign supreme in this realm.’

‘Then it is time… we shall seal our union!’ He pulled her into the most passionate kiss imaginable. Their tongues entered each other’s mouths to let all of time and space know that from this moment henceforth, they were to be one. The End.”

Wait!” Tara called out. “Does she take his name, or what?”

“Funny you should mention that. As you’ll recall, Prince Romeo has come to Princess Golden Belly in her realm. Do you want to hear the epilog?”

“As long as it’s shorter” she replied, followed by a big, long yawn. “I need sleep!”

“I’ll keep it mostly to your topic of interest. Here it is….

“The citizens of the realm insisted upon a public wedding, which suited both Princess Golden Belly and her new Prince. The details of that and all its grandeur go on and on, so your faithful narrator will skip over those for now.

“One of the more vexing questions would be how they would handle their married names, especially given how everyone in the realm felt that anything other than Princess of the Golden Belly or the shorter form Princess Golden Belly risked negating some of her healing powers. The solution appeared unexpectedly, early in the Prince and Princess’ married life. She’d remained fatter than her former size ever since eating the dough-nuts which healed then-Prince Romeo and led to their union. Her shape had changed—her belly no longer risked dragging on the ground during non-Feast times—yet she’d swelled up in softness many other places, especially since traveling with the Prince to meet the Wizard of the Bakery and learn the magic behind dough-nuts.

“What came to pass was that the Prince and Princess routinely made dough-nuts together every day, feeding them to each other for at least part of one of their meals each day. Between the daily intake of dough-nuts and nightly consumption of the finest mead with dinner, the Prince developed a big, soft, plush, jiggly belly of his own.”

Tara’s eyes grew wide. She looked up at him, questioningly.

He just smiled non-commitally and continued with the epilog.

“When they awoke one afternoon after a nap and noticed rays of bright light emanating from his belly as well as hers, and noticed that their skin tones were converging to match each other’s, the answer became obvious: he would be Prince Golden Belly. And so it was. Now may it be The End?”

“Yes, thank you.” She yawned again, following up with, “And this should be the end of our date for tonight, except for one thing.”


“Princess Tara wants to seal the deal for more get-to-know-each-other dates and other things to come with Prince Nate with a passionate kiss, with tongues roaming as needed.”

They happily drew each other gently into one heck of an extended make-out kiss, ending the night on a good note. She drove him home, dropped him off, shared another similar kiss, then they each went their separate ways, sleeping soundly, dreaming of very different things.