A Taste of Nora

Nate grinned as he dusted himself off and started walking home as he put on and buttoned up his shirt. Not only had he tasted Deb at her peak, not only had he pushed her into sharing their first-ever cuddle time, he’d also kissed her on the mouth and even better, would in a matter of hours be on his way to Nora and himself mutually sampling each other.

Turns out, his hook-up with Nora happened sooner than either expected. Walking along Kingman St. on his way home as he usually did from Deb’s, Nate heard his name being called.

Nate! Up here!” Nora called out, from her second-story bathroom window.


Meet me at the walkway; I’m comin’ down!

She struggled into her black stretch pants—the ones she’d worn at the Get-Together—and ran downstairs and out the front door.

“Hey lover!” she smiled as she met up with him 1/3 of the walkway length from the front door, to the curb, wrapping her arms around him.

“Hi Nora! Do you normally greet people topless?

“Not normally outdoors. But then I don’t normally expect to see my next lover walk by my bathroom window hours before our scheduled hook-up.”

“Long night in the bathroom?”

“Thankfully no, just taking a wee. Finished washing and drying my hands, heard someone walking by outside, got curious as to who would be out in this neighborhood at this hour, saw it was you. Follow me inside, please.”

“Aren’t we gonna wake people up?”

“Not in this house! It’s all mine.”

His eyes took in as much of the home’s interior as possible as he looked around every which way soon as they passed through the front door. “Niiiice!

It was an older house, perhaps mission or bungalow style, with wood floors, interior and exterior stucco, and a vaguely Spanish look. At least that’s what it looked like in near-total-darkness.

“Does this mean our date is starting early?”

“Not sure I’d call a sexing session a date, but… yeah” she answered as she led him upstairs. “Sleep first, though.”

“Thank you.” Truth be told, with his face almost planted into her big, round, succulent jiggly fat ass as he followed her upstairs, he felt nearly able to execute intercourse at full performance again already.

She stopped short at the top of the stairs, causing his face to plow right into her butt. He had to throw his hands around her hips and hold on tight to keep from falling over backwards on account of the sudden stop.

“Sorry!” he cried out as he recovered.

“Don’t be. I did that on purpose” she cackled.

“I really like you already, Nora. Any woman who’d do something like that on purpose is my kind of woman.”

“I like how you handled it. Let’s plan on your planting your face in my ass sometime later today.”

Uuuhhhhhgghh!” he moaned lustily in response.

He accepted her offer of using the bathroom, mostly to get rid of latent pre-cum, then followed her into her bedroom. She had what appeared to be a nice king-sized bed, set in a sturdy iron frame, of the same vaguely Spanish style of many of the other furnishings.

“Rule 1 in my bed: clothes off” she grinned as she pulled her tight stretchy pants back off.

Even without much light, seeing her disrobe was quite a show, with bulging, luscious, delicious fat popping out every which way as the pants lowered. “Damn, you’re beautiful!”

“Good answer. Now get to it and let me see what you’ve got, before we get some necessary sleep.”

She was happy with what she saw—happy enough to keep them awake a minute or so longer so she could run her hands over him. “OK, we’ll have plenty of time for this later” she said as she forced herself to let go of him and lead him by the hand into bed. “Come on in, lover.”

Nestling into the comfortable bed with Nora and her exceedingly comfortable body proved heavenly on several levels. “Are you allergic to pillow talk, like Deb?”

“Not usually, though I’ll remind you that it’s past 2 AM, and we have a minimum of all of this morning—daylight morning—together, with options extending out through the whole weekend, if we both feel so inclined.”

Really? All weekend?”

“It can be an option” she replied as she pushed her butt into his front as she cuddled into him. “Haven’t you had that before?”

His arms met no resistance wrapping around her from behind, sighing and gasping from the pleasure of being pressed into her soft, amply fleshy behind. “With other women, yes. Not with Deb, and given how you two seem to share at least a partial world view, I don’t know what to expect with you.”

“We’ve got a lot to talk about, later, during daylight. What you need to know right now is that I’m not allergic to cuddling, and as long as we can sleep, gentle fondles and gropes are welcome along with traditional romantic cuddle holds. Don’t poke anything into any of my holes—including this one now speaking to you—until we’ve had our Dos and Don’ts talk, but gently squeezing me, including the exterior of my mound, is OK. Anything else before we get some sleep?”

“No, thanks. Other than a huge thank you! and verbally noting that you feel magnificent!

“Thanks. You feel good to me too. Sleep well, Nate.”

“You too, Nora.”

It took Nate awhile to calm down and fall asleep. Not only was Nora a whole new person with whom he was suddenly intimate, his mind was exploding as he realized that he was cuddling naked with a whole different woman within an hour of having done the same—for the first and maybe last time—with Deb. Two different women, hours apart… amazing!

He could feel affection flowing between himself and Nora as they each drifted off to sleep. So could she, and unlike Deb, she didn’t mind at all.

Nora awoke first, a bit past 7:30 in the morning. She sighed softly at the sensations of Nate’s extremely turgid member ensconced in the crack between her large, fat buns. He felt big and thick, feeling excellent now, and portending good intercourse later.

“’Mornin’, sir” she said as she felt him stirring. “Feels like you might be all charged and ready.”

“More so than I’d like. Your butt is sensational!”

“Wanna go off in it? Where you are now; no penetration.”

“That’s my definition of heaven on earth!”

“Go for it. I’m yours for the fondling and crack-filling.”

Nate hardly stopped moaning and gasping from the moment she finished her offer until he exploded long and hard within her buns a mere couple of minutes later. He’d loved every single woman and every single woman’s ass he’d ever had the honor of loving, though Nora’s truly was something special—a worthy life experience he’dve died poorer never trying.

“Thank you” he said between kisses, kissing her soft, fleshy back. “What may I do for you at this juncture?”

“You’re welcome. Keep doing what you’re doing. Reinforces that I’m sexy and beautiful.”

“I thought that was self-evident to everyone, especially yourself.”

“Remember, it’s different for you as a standard-sized person than it is for us fatties. You’ll get treated more or less the same whether you’re out in the general public or roaming the fatosphere. Deb and I and many other Clubbers may be sexy beauty stars in our subculture, with people fawning all over us at times, but out in lamestream-land we’re big, fat loser subhumans. I fight it, Deb fights it, every person of size I know fights it—other than a few like Desperate Diane who’ve had all self-esteem squished out of them—but so far fat hate remains ‘common knowledge’ and relentless. Thus even pretty well-balanced decent self-esteem people like me need regular strokes from people like you.” She finished her brief speech by wrapping his arms around the fattest part of her belly: a roll connecting her belly button with her buns, bigger at that moment than it had ever been before, with food fully digested.

“Diane’s not so desperate any more. I like to think I helped with that.”

“You did. Word got around. What happened with you two?”

“Not sufficiently compatible for living together long-term. She’s into church and other stuff I’m not.”

“Church?! Her?!

“Yeah. It’s not her core, but it’s important to her. Back to you and us and the fatlovesex world, maybe I’m not open-minded enough, but I can’t imagine loving a woman who isn’t fat. I realize that all bodies are good bodies and everyone deserves love, but personally, if I couldn’t love women like you and Deb and Diane, I’d stay celibate and asexual. I’ll go so far as to say that if women like you didn’t exist, life for me wouldn’t be worth living.”

Nora rolled over and wrapped her arms around him. “Speaking only for myself, that’s how I feel about men like you. If there weren’t men like you to love me—or other women, I suppose, though personally that’s not my thing—life would be hellishly unpleasant. I think we need each other… men like you and women like me. Specifically right now, you and me. So now that we’re in another lull time for you to recover and re-load, let’s get our STI reports and go over our boundaries and everything, then we can start having fun and most importantly breakfast!

There wasn’t really any conflict with sexual issues: Nora was wilder than Nate (she liked condom-protected anal, for one example), but she was OK working with his mild limitations. He found he really liked her: not only was she physically attractive, she was easy to talk with and easy-going in general, free-spirited, balanced. Her adventurous side excited him and brought out his own: she was in the category of people who’d try nearly anything not brain-dead stupid/dangerous at least once, to find out whether or not she liked it. Her one requirement is that she very strongly wanted Nate to eat her. She was relieved when he let it be known that he loved licking and otherwise pleasuring vulvas!

Food preparation was a sexy fun naked time, with each of them groping one another as they passed, and leaning into one another when reaching for ingredients and so on.

“Why are you shaking your head?” she asked during the preparation, as she caught him grinning, shaking his head, looking at her.

“It is such a turn-on cooking breakfast with you naked—something I can’t recall having done with anyone else. Both your body and your personality exude sexiness. You move so naturally and casually, it’s like you’re meant to not wear clothes!”

“Breaking news: none of us were meant to wear clothes!” she said as she stirred the scrambled eggs. “We invented the stupid things.”

“Thought exercise….”


“Think of someone you find quite ugly.”

“Eeeh… OK.”

“Now imagine them naked.”


That’s why we have clothes! Fortunately we can take them off, so that those of us who find each other attractive can enjoy nature as it was meant to be.”

It wound up being mostly a big, traditional American farm-style breakfast, from the days when the breakfast meal sustained hard-working farmers and farm hands through intense days of physical labor. Breakfast wasn’t Nate’s favorite meal, so well over half of the pancakes, eggs, and a bit less of the bacon and hash browns (two foods he liked) remained for Nora.

“Want me to eat you whilst you eat the rest of your breakfast?”

Her face lit up, “Would you please?”

“I can hardly wait” he grinned.

Neither could she: she’d already spread her legs wide apart and he was already getting down on the floor as he finished speaking.

Nora’s clean-shaven fat mound was a thing of wonder. He emitted something between a purr and a growl as he drew closer to it. “I’ll be listening for instructions” was the last thing he said before he literally dove in, attacking rather than easing in.

She quickly forgot about food, moaning and sighing loudly, lost to his pleasuring. She wasn’t interested in having her mind leave the world of sensory pleasures to rank him amongst her many lovers, but she knew he was one of the better ones at muff munching. “You’re doing great! Auuuggh! Nibble the inner lips a little more, please. Oh god yes!!!

Not much later, she let go into her first orgasm—long and hard. “More! Keep going!” she cried out.

His hands migrated from their caressing/resting places on her thighs to explore her hips, belly, and parts of her buns which were accessible from this position as he continued to feast upon her genitals.

Second orgasm… third orgasm… not at all unusual for Nora, though she couldn’t recall reaching this point this early in her time with a new-to-her guy.

“OK, stop please!” she called out at the conclusion of her fourth orgasm.

He kissed her mound softly, over and over, as a loving parting gift of sorts.

“Now come up and kiss my upper lips.”

“I thought you weren’t into mouth kissing.”

“I love it, like most humans, but not with people who are not cleared for STIs. We’ve seen the reports, they look legit, and more importantly, you just trusted me to share fluids, so I’m gonna trust you, unless you advise otherwise.”

“Like I said earlier, no known issues. Diane was a point of concern, but she was kind and reasonable enough to go together with me for then-fresh STI tests, which came back negative. Deb doesn’t share any fluids ever that I can tell, so we should be all good at my end.”

Having been granted clearance to kiss, he gave it his all, repeatedly. They left her reeling, gasping for breath (in a good way).

“Was that OK?”

“You’re staying the weekend, aren’t you?”

“Do I get to eat you again?”

Yes! Now you are staying the weekend!” She couldn’t recall having previously made that offer to anyone who hadn’t already pronged her and done well. Nate won on account of lovely lascivious licking alone.

He re-heated her breakfast plate in the microwave oven and poured her some fresh coffee whilst she recovered, wondering what the hell was wrong with Deb to make her swiftly kick out such a competent, motivated lover. Deb’s loss, her gain!

They chatted about various things while Nora continued eating breakfast, including what they wanted to do next.

“Ever done a feeding?” she asked.

“Nothing official. Diane and I got into it a little bit, spontaneously. Kinda fun—very romantic—but for me nothing in the way of a lusty turn-on. What’s your take?”

“Never done one. Just a stuffing on my own.”

“Wanna do just a quick two-minute one, to find out what it’s about?”


They discussed each of their understandings of the process briefly, then he lovingly held out her first forkful. Even though he was full, he allowed her to feed him pieces of bacon, so she’d have the reciprocal experience. They went back and forth for just under two minutes.

“Eh” she concluded.

“That’s about my take on it. Maybe try again some other time with someone who’s totally into it and has deep experience with it.”

“What about stuffing? Ever done that?”

“No, and honestly, that’s more about the person wanting to gain or wanting to feel stuffed than their lover, unless one’s in the realm of force-feeding, which personally upsets me and is a turn-off.”

“Why does it upset you?”

“Too many real-world cases of non-consensual force being used. Now if you wanna try stuffing yourself to find out what it’s like, I’ll gladly be your support staff, belly massager, and encourager!”

“Yeah, let’s! It was alright solo, but I keep reading about so many people doing it as a couples thing, I need to try it.”

“Might as well start by devouring the rest of breakfast, however you want in terms of slow, fast, what foods together, etc. While you’re doing that, think about what you’d most enjoy eating or drinking next. Keep doing that until it’s too painful or getting there, and that’s my limited understanding of how it’s done. Raising gluttony to a high art, I suppose.”

Nora had no trouble finishing off every last morsel of breakfast. She was full to her typical level, though she realized in her excitement to try out this still-new-to-her thing that she had room for more. It was freeing and stimulating to be reminded of Food Privilege and think of all the things she could eat or drink! “I can’t decide what to have next—so many choices!”

“Try to think ahead to things which will go well with each other, and with what you just had for breakfast. Milk? More toast? I dunno.”

“Ohhh yeah: bread! I could eat a whole loaf!”

“Do it! With olive oil, butter… something delicious and fattening.”

Nora’s nipples were hard as she jumped up and retrieved a loaf of pre-sliced pumpernickel bread, a stick of butter, and a butter knife. “I can’t believe how much this is turning me on! Just like those people who post about it! Wanna try?”

“No thanks. I’m too turned on watching you, thinking about suckling and teasing your hard nipples whilst you eat.”

She motioned him over for precisely that purpose, in no uncertain terms.

“How big are these delicious mams?”

“32E, same as 32 double-D. Why?”

“Practicing my guessing skills. I estimated 30 single D.”

“That’s ’cause you just came away from Deb’s whoppers.”

“Why’s she known as Double-D when she’s obviously so far past that?”

“That was her size when she came on the scene and her last name is Dunbar. Deb Dunbar—Double D. Used to have two meanings, still has that last one.”

“How much does a woman with your body size and shape need to gain before going up a cup size?”

“A lot. I’ve heard that breast stimulation from either one’s own hand or a lover can help. Maybe you can help me with that by getting back into pleasuring me there as I continue… (sigh)… oh this is fun!… continue eating! Nibble my nipples and you’re my hero.”

Nate gave Nora’s breasts an excellent work-out, to their mutual pleasure, as she excitedly continued to enjoy devouring the loaf of pumpernickel bread with lots of butter.

“Ooof! Full!” she exclaimed at the conclusion of the entire loaf of bread. “All that and my belly’s still not a lot bigger than usual. I don’t know how these hardcore stuffers do it!”

“I’ve been watching, and from my vantage point, you’re currently 2/3rds. bigger than before the start of breakfast. You’ve likely read that a lot of stuffers massage their belly, or have it massaged, to gently move things around and aid digestion, for comfort and so they can eat more. Do you want to give yourself a belly massage or have me do it? Or both?”

“You do it. I just wanna sit here, dazed.”

“Food coma.”

“Oh that’s what this is! Now I understand the references!”

“Wanna lie back down in bed? Or sit up in a more comfortable chair?”

“Oh god!… Ohhhh!

“What?! What just happened?”

“I came, just thinking about eating a vanilla chocolate ice cream bar! Stuffing is sick!” she grinned, clearly indicating the positive meaning of that adjective.

He poked his head into her freezer. “Want one?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this: Yes, please!

He gently rubbed her belly whilst she devoured the ice cream bar, hoping he was doing it properly.

The more she ate, the more turned-on she became, despite the increased bloating. The more turned-on she became, the more urgently she felt the need to find a way to eat or drink more, to really experience stuffing as she’d read about it. She felt uncomfortably full, but not in pain.

“Whaddo you think about stuffing, so far?”

“Total rush—better with an admirer admiring! Like a sex high, really. Sure you don’t wanna try it too?”

“I appreciate the offer, but thinking back on all the times I’ve overeaten, I’ve never derived pleasure from doing so. Whereas witnessing your excitement is, uh… stimulating.”

“I can see” she smiled at his fresh erection.

One ice cream bar wasn’t enough: she needed to finish the other two in her freezer. Noticing how the milk in the bars seemed to fill in gaps, she went with actual milk next, first drinking then sipping it until she was totally, completely full.

“Now what?”

“You could go to the bathroom to relieve some pressure, if you need to go. Or take a nap, then see how you feel when you wake up.”

“Yes and yes: bathroom then nap, with you cuddled next to me, gently rubbing my belly, whether I’m asleep or awake.”

The bathroom visit definitely helped, as did the 3/4 hour nap. She insisted she slept, though Nate wondered how this could be, given that she gently groped him as he did the same to her, fully awake in his case, during her nap time.

“My heavy belly is pressing on my mound, stimulating me” she shared soon after waking (fully). “This is hot!

“I wouldn’t know, but my understanding is that some fatter women report the same phenomenon just from their everyday higher belly weight. Guess there’s multiple ways to get that effect.”

“I’m ready for more” she announced, slowly getting up and plodding back to the kitchen.

It could get tedious to enumerate everything Nora ate and drank over the course of the afternoon and evening. The bottom line was that, in her usual fashion of going all-in when trying something new, she pushed herself to her limit. Beer was involved, with both the gas bubbles and inebriation helping ease the process.

She hit her wall just past 8 PM.

Look at this belly!” she exclaimed.

“Full-term with twins, it looks like to me.”

“At least!

“How do you feel?”

“It will be kind of you not to talk about food.”

“Current thoughts on stuffing?”

“Still a major rush, but not very comfortable! Now what?”

“From my reading, we admire how big your belly is, then you fall asleep in a comfortable position, usually at least partially sitting up. I’ve read of a few people parading around in public places with their bloated belly exposed to show off their gluttony, but unless we get dressed and go out, that doesn’t apply here.”

“Oh gracious, don’t mention clothes! Bet this wasn’t what you expected for today.”

“I’ve learned not to set up too many expectations. It’s been exciting and fun for me to witness a stuffing… thanks!

“Thanks for your help! You gonna get bored if I fall asleep?”

“Not if I can be near you and gently run my hands over you.”

“Good. ’Cause I think sleep’s gonna happen, probably until morning.”

She slowly and gently made her way back into bed, blown away not only with how big her belly was, but also how heavy. Nate carefully and gently got into bed next to her, cuddling in just slightly with the covers still down.

“What’s this on your arm?” she asked.

“A bruise.”

“From me?

“Oh no. That’s from Deb grabbing me far too hard when she was throwing me out last night.”

She studied the dark bruise awhile longer. “That’s out of bounds! This rises to the level of physical assault, you know. You could press charges.”

“Nooo, too much of a gray area: I kissed her against her will. Not anywhere near as forcefully as this”—he pointed to the bruise—“but definitely against her stated wishes, hence arguably its own assault. I sensed a moment of slight opening up of her feelings, and hoped she’d take it in the affectionate way I intended. Bad idea… now I know better.”

“We’re still good with kisses, but at the moment I’d prefer tender, gentle ones on my belly versus anything on or especially in my mouth.”

He gently kissed and joined her own hands in lightly caressing her profoundly bloated belly.

A few minutes later, he asked, “Can you imagine having a belly this big all the time?”

“Not mostly all hard and on the edge of pain like this! Fat, I don’t know… I think I’d rather have bigger boobs.”

What about your butt and hips?”

“That’s probably where any actual fat gain is gonna go, as well as the belly itself. Jeez, what have I done to myself?!”

“Prolly nothing permanent, and now you’ve experienced a stuffing.”

“Yeah” she smiled. “Whole different better experience with a partner. Thanks again, Nate.”

Damn, I’m hungry!” Nora announced soon after awakening in the morning. “What is wrong with me?! I know I’m not pregnant.”

“I didn’t think it could happen this fast, but maybe you stretched your stomach enough yesterday that it’s increased your appetite.”

“Fuck… just what I need. I’ll get as big as a house!”

“That’s what they all say. I’ve yet to see it happen. So, beautiful lady, what’s on the agenda?”

“Going out for breakfast, though I’d really rather have a pizza and beer for some reason. Then coming back here and finally screwing!

“I’m not aware of any pizza-serving chain open this early on a Sunday. Best we could do would be grocery store pizza, with a better, cheaper selection of beer from a discount liquor chain… or the grocery store.”

“What the…? I can barely fit into my pants! How is that even possible?

“I have no first-hand experience with gaining. I’ve read that it takes anywhere from a few hours to several days for the body to convert food into energy and fat and waste and whatever else. If there’s any truth to that, my eyes and hands and the front of my body pressing into your butt may not be lying: you might already be fatter than last night.”

Nora looked confused, and she was: a messy swirl of conflicting feelings surged through her. She stopped trying to tug up her tight black pants, with more of her upper belly hanging out than before, and the tops of her buns flowing well over the waistband for the first time ever.

He risked wrapping her into an affectionate embrace, and stating his opinion. “We both know it’s your body and your opinion is the only one which matters. I’m still going to express mine: I think you look spectacular… better than ever! But I’m one of those ‘the more fat, the better’ FAs, and I’m not carrying it around on my body, so… yeah.”

She felt his turgid prong press into her slightly larger, again soft belly. She wrapped her arms around him and clunked her head down upon his shoulder.

“Any change of plans?” he asked.

“‘A’ pizza may be two pizzas, at least, and it’ll be brunch instead of just breakfast. You sure you’re OK being seen with a fat slob who can no longer fit into her clothes?”

He put his hands gently on both sides of her face, to ensure they kept in straight-on eye contact. “Nora… I don’t think anyone as sexy as you could look like a slob, unless that was your goal and you worked at it. If you’re OK walking around with a horn dog with a raging erection on account of your pulchritude, I’d say once I get my clothes on and you work out your top, we’re ready to go.”

She wound up buying three large pizzas, one ostensibly for later in the week. He picked up the tab on the beer: a hand-picked assortment of microbrews.

“How’re ya feeling?” he asked as they finished the two-pizza, multiple beer brunch.

“Honestly?: scared… which isn’t my thing. I’m still hungry! Not for that last pizza, but… for a few pieces of garlic bread, and more beer. And I’m already sloshing!” She heaved her slightly distended belly around to prove her point—definitely audible. “I think I broke my metabolism!”

“I don’t think they can be broken that fast. Tell me this: have you recently been on any kind of weight-loss or other restrictive diet?”

“No, not for nearly a year now. But I’ve slowly been eating a little more and more over time.”

“I thought you told me you were a foodie.”

“I am.”

“So why the guilt? Why not just enjoy Food Privilege: eat what you want, when you want, as much or as little as you want. One of your Fat Woman superpowers.”

“You’re right; I was losing myself there for awhile. Let’s go make some garlic bread and get me full, then let’s please go fuck!

“You feel a little bigger in girth and harder to me than when you filled my crack.”

“Feels that way to me, too.”

“Is that ’cause I’m fatter?”

“Definitely. Every time I grab a handful of your fat flesh, I’m more aroused. Every time I feel additional softness on you, I’m more aroused. Every time I think I see more soft fat on you, I feel more aroused. I’m hardwired this way… always have been.”

“Then you need to stay overnight then come back over after work tomorrow night, so we can have sex again once today’s food has become more of me.”

As with Diane, they did it in various positions, all over the house. Nate had even more trouble holding back, but valiantly managed for quite some time. Nora didn’t have a release as of the time he couldn’t hold back any longer. He made it up to her by muff munching her over and over, again in different positions and rooms around her large (for one person) house. She had trouble admitting to herself how much better (more stimulation) her fatter muff felt, both for intercourse and lick/munching.

They listened to music together, did some light cleanup, and chatted on various subjects, though mostly they made love/made out in various ways the rest of the day and into the night (sometimes along with those other activities).

One highlight of the afternoon was Nate remembering her promise/suggestion that he intentionally plant his face into her butt. He gave her butt plenty of love with his face, hands, and arms, eventually falling asleep into a brief nap atop her bed-like soft, warm rump. She felt comfortable enough and decided to doze off too.

Nora wasn’t at any risk of falling in love with him—she wasn’t wired like that—but she did find him amongst the top percentile of lovers, in terms of comfort having them around her house sharing their lives for multiple days.

Monday night, she wriggled into her clubbing pants and showed him how much more of her belly and butt and now love handles no longer fit inside. Sex was great, hours into the night.

“So this is it, huh?” he asked early Tuesday morning, as they got up.

“Yeah… for now. You’re into variety too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, though I’m still learning how that works, and as a man I may have fewer options. I honestly can’t think of all that many more regulars at the Get-Together I’d care to sample.”

“There’s always new ones” she said as she turned towards him, smiling, for some reason deciding to walk over and adjust his button down collared work shirt in a wifely fashion. “Not every month, but often enough.”

“I guess my dream would be to hook up with somebody who likes variety as much as I do, but also likes commitment and living together on an ongoing basis as much as I do. An open IIR, I guess.”

“That’s out there, and you’ll find it, and we’ll all be happy.”

“Except Deb and Misfit Vanessa.”

“Can’t help those who don’t want to be happy. OK… it’s time.”

“This is so much nicer than Deb throwing me out!” he noted as they walked to her front door. He turned at the last moment to again face her, “Where does that leave us, Nora? Was I a one-time sample?”

“No. You’re high up on my Friends With Benefits list. As long as you stay honest and stay clean, you may mouth kiss me, including at Get-Togethers. We’re free to grope each other as much as the then-current context allows. You don’t have to dance with me each month we’re both there, though I’d appreciate it if you would… ideally feeling me up stealthily, as I’ll be doing to you. I can’t always have someone new when I want, so as long as you remain available, you’re in my top 5 FWBs. Unless you go monogamous or catch something bad or go mental, this isn’t the last time you’ll be inside of me… and eating my fat cookie. Bye for now, lover!” She ended with a sweet kiss, and a gentle escort near him all the way out the door.