Loving Larissa

Nate was hurting for love almost as badly as when he finally managed to get himself inside that first Get-Together—had it really been a year already?! He didn’t know what to expect when he attended this month’s Get-Together, other than he would be having nothing to do with Tara and especially Deb, and that if Nora showed up, he’d dance with her anyway, if she wanted.

He hadn’t felt this nervous since that first night as he entered the club. Several people he didn’t really know greeted him, and he them, as usual.

No sooner did he get to near the center of the dance floor than he spotted Deb walking quickly towards him, looking a little fatter than during their final day together. He turned to walk in the opposite direction and just barely avoided crashing into several dancing couples and Freaky Frieda, who routinely danced by herself.

She caught up to him before he could get away.

“I’m sorry.”

“I wish I believed you.”

“It’s true!” she declared, looking slightly upset and more than slightly confused for some reason. “Truly sorry and it won’t happen again.”

“Definitely not, ’cause we’re all done for all time.”

“Oh, right!

“Finished. Finito. Over.”


He leaned into her in what for others might have been a slightly menacing fashion, “I don’t like being a human punching bag!”

Deb made a confusing array of faces, apparently trying to hide her upset. “Bastard” she muttered softly as she turned and walked away.

Nate felt a pain in his gut, watching her from behind and seeing her even-larger breasts swaying visibly to each side, knowing he’d never have his hands on them again.

He felt a soft, comfortable bump from behind. Turning around to apologize, he saw it was Larissa! She wore stretchy black pants which showed off every curve and bulge on the lower half of her body and a turquoise short-sleeved top which itself was made of stretch fabric and did for her top half what the pants did for her bottom half. She looked excellent and was very glad to see him, instantly vaporizing the pain in his gut.

“Howdy, stranger!” she grinned, taking his hands and planting them on her still-luscious hips.

All Nate could do was stare (into her eyes and elsewhere) and stammer unintelligibly.

Her grin grew wider as she too gazed into both his face and all over his body.

“I am so happy to see you!” he gushed. “I really wondered whether you were OK or not.”

“I’m good. Just needed time, as I said however many months back.”

“What did you conclude?”

“I am a total feedee: love food, love being fatter, want more!”

“Looks like you’re doing well with that.”

“Actually, I’m right about where I was last time I was here.”

Really? You were this big and soft and plush then?”

“Oh yeah. Haven’t even needed to buy new clothes yet. Still 36W downstairs and a paltry XXL up top.”

“I find nothing about you ‘paltry’!”

“Notarize that with a big, squishy hug and a make-out kiss, please!”

Desire and arousal was so strong in each of them that they each risked soiling themselves with love fluids.

“Let’s dance a song or two to make it worth the entry fee and then go get intimate!” she suggested.

“Really? You don’t need to check out the selection?”

No! Do you?”

Not at all! Why didn’t you just call or message me? We could’ve saved the money and put it towards a nice meal… or all kinds of food from a discount store, depending how you roll.”

“Better every day is how I roll! I’m an idiot and I lost your contact information, so I had to come here tonight and hope you showed.”

“Got your handheld on you?”


“Let’s fix that.” He pulled out his own device and established the vCard transfer.

They spoke excitedly about a few brief highlights of their lives since they’d last seen each other as they danced, unable to tear their eyes off one another and mutually growing more aroused and passionate by the second.

Deb felt more isolated and alone than usual, as Nora hadn’t showed. She felt like an idiot standing alone in the bunker, yet felt uncomfortable out on the floor when she didn’t want to dance. Wallflower Wall was pretty filled up, leaving her little choice other than hovering around the food area or the bar.

She felt a crushing pain in her chest seeing Larissa and Nate leaving together excitedly, all over each other, still not understanding why she cared.

It wasn’t often when two people exited the Get-Together with such unbridled excitement that both their chests were heaving and they both were breathing loudly, the way Nate and Larissa were. Nor was it common for people to pair off and exit so early in the evening. They had their arms around one another and pulled as close as they could, their hips grinding into one another’s, feeling oh-so-softly excellent thanks to Larissa’s hip fat.

“Busy this weekend?” she asked straight-out.

“Not unless it’s with you!”

Perfect! If I eat a lot tonight and tomorrow morning especially, it should all be more fat by Sunday afternoon at the latest. Well, not all fat, but… you know.”

“You’re really into this gaining thing, aren’t you?”

Yeah, and I’ve been waiting and waiting to get with you!”

“You weren’t tempted to gain on your own?”

“No fun. Tried it, but for me, it’s all about it being a lusty loving couples thing: me and my lover fattening me and enjoying it all together!”

“I have the feeling this is the start of the best weekend of my entire life!

She turned and grinned and pulled him into her a little tighter. “Where’s your ride?”

“I take public transit to these and usually walk home.”

“How does that comport with dating a supersized BBW who’s not fond of exercise, wants to get fatter, and is a bit winded already between the club and here?”

“Everyone else here seems to drive. My not doing so makes logistics for things like what we’re doing right now easier: no one car following another. I’ve got cash for gas and a mileage fee, if you charge that.”

“I’m not a taxi service, Nate! No mileage fee” she smiled. “Do you not have a car? Or truck?”

“Not right now. I have the money set aside for one—used. Problem is that I researched what cars SSBBW like, and there was no agreement. So I figured if I ever got to the point of something long-term with a particular SSBBW, I’d consult with her on what she likes and fits into which I can afford.”

Smart! Planning ahead!”

“I try” he grinned.

“Here we are” she said as she unlocked her cabernet red metallic 2004 Buick Park Avenue.

Whoaaah! Front bench seat!

“Wide-wanting-wider fatass SSBBW like me gotta have it!” she grinned as she slid in.

The moment both doors closed, they stared at each other, chests still heaving, breathing still loud.

“You’re so sexy, I can’t believe it!” he gushed.

She slid over, turned, and grabbed him, with him making variations on the same move as soon as he saw her slide his direction. They kissed each other passionately with reckless abandon—sucking face, basically. Their hands roamed all over each other, with no areas within reach out of bounds.

It was hard to say who’s hand felt the other’s skin first: Nate’s on her belly because her shirt couldn’t help rolling up, or Larissa’s on his left bun, because she ducked her hand under his underpants. Whichever was the reality, the skin-to-skin contact turned up the lust heat even higher.

She let go of him only long enough to whip off her top, then undo her bra, triggering a loud gasp of amazed delight from Nate. He broke a button in his rush to get his shirt off, his eyes on her breasts rather than the immediate task at hand.

I have never seen nipples so hard and erect in my life! They’re… they make the whole fronts of your breasts pointy!” he softly gasped, just above a whisper. “May I… touch them?”

Yes! Lick then suck them please! Squeeze my boobs! Handle me!”

She had very nice, full BBW breasts. He’d not paid them sufficient attention before now, no doubt due to the extreme beautiful supersized largess of her mid-body and lower half. He well-nigh attacked them, and she was so wound up with passion that she came within a quarter minute of his getting his lips on her nips.

“I’ve been waiting months for this!” she cried out, wedging herself up and yanking down and off her pants and undies together. “I can’t wait any longer! Get naked with me please, and let’s do it!

“STIs?” he asked as he rushed to pull his pants off and avoid wiping pre-cum on her car seat.

“Have none but didn’t bring my test results.”

“Put it on your phone, like this.” He pulled out his jailbroken iPhone and showed her.

“Show me later. Where’s the bottom-line summary?”

He zoomed in on it.

“Thank you. We’re good at my end. You?”

“I trust you. You don’t seem like you rush into things.”

“Other than right now!” She yanked him into her, smooching him deeply, her hands wandering over his body. He reciprocated.

Take me, Nate!” she cried out, spreading her legs wide and slumping down.

Frantically, he reached into his pants pocket and fumbled with the condom.

No no!” she exclaimed. “Isn’t that why we just did the STD talk?”

“You sure?

“Long as that test’s not old or a fake, yes!

He lifted her large belly—largest he’d yet held—with both hands, gasping loudly then nearly yelling, “God damn you’ve got a fat muff! You’re epically sexy!”

He couldn’t wait: he had to get at least one hand on it.

The moment he started squeezing and exploring it, Larissa writhed and moaned and gasped in pleasure. “Oh Gaia that feels good!” she more or less screamed.

He couldn’t stop: he stuck his fingers in, finding her sopping wet.

She came, and came again, and came again a quarter minute later, her nipples so aroused and hard that they looked like they were ready for lift-off.

He was so extremely aroused that with no friction other than occasional wiping, glancing touches of her belly across his penis tip, he was already past the point of no return. “Gonna shoot!” he announced to the whole car with more than sufficient volume.

In my belly!” she cried out, discovering just how rock-hard he was as she grabbed his wanger, attempting to aim it.

He pushed into her big pile of belly fat as he started spraying, covering her fold and nearby areas with cum. For whatever reason or no reason at all, his ejaculating into her belly set her off again, into a shuddering orgasm.

“Oh Nate! I’m head-over-heels in lust with you! We have to keep having sex like this and every which way, everywhere!” she gushed uncontrollably.

You’re so sexy, Larissa! You’re so sexy!” he panted like a dog, rubbing his face all over her, equally out of control with passion. “I need what you have!

They cuddled into each other—mostly Nate atop Larissa, honestly—lost to what felt like bonding love as they recovered from their passion performance.

A few minutes later, Larissa took Nate’s right hand, burrowed it under her belly (taking some of his fluid along for the ride), and planted it on her mound. “This is part of my body, but if you’re willing to go exclusively with me, it belongs to you.”

“After what you’ve just given me and are giving me still, I don’t believe anyone else exists! I’ve so hoped this day would come—I’m 100% yours this weekend. Let’s see how we do… if it stays this mind-bending, I’m all yours and yours alone, ’til a day which might never come where we change the agreement.”

They sealed the preliminary deal with some more passionate kissing.

“Why isn’t there such a thing as a nudist buffet?” she asked.

“There probably is, somewhere, like at a nudist colony.”

“I wanna eat and eat and eat, but I also want to get you to one of our places and sex you and sex you and have sex with you!”

“Delivery or take-out.”

“Pizza and Chinese food are such clichés!”

“There’s always going through every drive-through and ordering something each place. Bet you wouldn’t even have to put your pants back on!”

“Thought about that—so exciting! Seems expensive.”

“Not at the major chains! I’ve got cash. If you’re truly hungry, you could eat a regular dinner at several places, then you’d be fully fed and we could go home and have more sex or cuddle or sleep or whatever we wanted.”

“Whose home?”

“You’re welcome at my apartment, but it’s a cramped guy sty.”

“OK, my place. I dare you to leave your pants off and your cock out!”

“I will if you stay bottomless.”

They giggled as they put their tops back on and she started the car and drove off to Fast Food Row.

“Hi, I’d like the Double Western Extra Bacon Cheeseburger, chicken quesadilla, CrissCut fries, and a sea salt & caramel milkshake, please.”

“Anything else this evening?”

She turned towards Nate.

I’ll share bites of yours” he said softly.

“That’s it for now, thanks.”

The server’s face grew queasy as she happened to look down into the cab when handing the bag over and noticed Larissa’s huge, exposed belly. “Thank you and have a good night.”

“Oh, I will!” she answered with a giggle.

She circled around and parked in the parking lot.

Seeing her eat and listening to her food lust moans, it was obvious to Nate how Larissa maintained her size. She wasn’t near a foodgasm as far as he could tell, yet she was most definitely enjoying every morsel of the burger.

“Mmmm… mmmm… you should have bites of the quesadilla and fries, so you get something!”

“I’m not worried.”

“Here… why don’t you finish this last bite while I get into that yummy quesadilla?”

It was a nice burger, and for Nate, two large bites. Her mouth didn’t look especially large, yet somehow she got more into it per bite.

“Belly massage? Need time to digest?”

“Only if you want it for you, and no. I’m still hungry like I’ve not eaten, and won’t need a belly massage ’til much later. Ready?”

He nodded.

Hi, I’d like a Double Down, some Extra Crispy Tenders, annnnd… a large Dr. Pepper.

This attendant was too preoccupied with a rush of orders to look into the vehicle, beyond making eye contact with Larissa and seeing her fat face.

“I’ve never tasted a Double Down” he said as she parked at the curb on Fast Food Row.

“It’s good! Here.” She handed it to him.

“Nice. It could be a whole meal for me on its own.”

“You want it?”

“No thanks. I’m enjoying having a bite of everything and watching you eat.”

She smiled sweetly, grabbed and squeezed his hand, then planted it on her hip before resuming enjoying her Double Down. “End of this weekend, bigger hips!” she joyously declared after she finished it, licking her fingers.

She gave Nate a tender to ensure he’d get one, then seemed to almost inhale the rest. The Dr. Pepper took longer to vanish, both because she didn’t want an ice headache, and because she was politely sharing with her lover.

“Welcome to McDonald’s. May I have your order, please?”

“I’d like a Big Mac, large fries, annnd a White Chocolate Mocha, please.”

“Will that be all for you tonight?”

“For here, yes” she replied, giggling.

This server noticed all of Larissa’s belly and hips, and Nate’s junk, as well as her face. An in-the-closet FA member of the fatlovesex community, he took this job specifically for moments like this. He remained professional and followed all Corporate rules and guidelines, struggling against temptation to give her something else in addition for free. Right after Larissa drove away, he arranged with his supervisor for a bathroom break and did what needed doing, wishing the whole time that he was in the passenger’s seat where the unknown-to-him bottomless dude sat.

“Personal question” Nate asked, as they sat in the McDonald’s parking lot.


“How can you afford sufficient food to maintain your bounteous beauty?”

“Well for starters, I don’t eat like this every night! My body excels at converting food into fat… has since I hit adolescence. My stomach is large and I do eat more than most smaller people, but not normally this much—though I hope that changes as we date!”

She handed him the end of the Big Mac and continued, “Second: no children, no pets, no other expensive hobbies. Decent job which pays well. Insatiable desire to eat and fatten, suppressed most of my life but which I’m now openly owning, and here we are!”

She was definitely slowing down: she nursed her White Chocolate Mocha for a good 15 minutes.

“Belly massage time?”

“Once we’re parked after Del Taco, yes please.

“Good evening! I’d like a Combo number onnnnee…, a chicken cheddar quesadilla, annnd… that’s all, actually.”

This server, a BBW, saw Larissa’s distended belly but mostly fixated on Nate’s prong, feeling a little jealous that she wasn’t the one about to drive away and no doubt get a belly massage and sexing.

Her eating and drinking pace remained slow, but she continued to look happy and at no point did he sense that she was pushing herself at all, much less beyond her comfort zone.

“Nate, Nate, Nate… I so need you, or someone like you, in my life! Isn’t this schweet that we live in America in this era of record fatness, inexpensive food, and like-minded people being able to more easily form social groups and meet up in person?”

“Honestly, Larissa, after experiencing what I’ve experienced—especially you—I can’t imagine living in an earlier time when there weren’t as many fat people and it was more difficult to connect with them.”

They chatted some more whilst she finished up and digested. She wanted to be all ready to rock and roll as soon as they arrived at her place.

Larissa kept glancing over at Nate as she drove them to her home, delighted that he was already hard again. “Like the view?”

“Let’s just say that if I hadn’t shot off about an hour and a half ago, I’d be going off any time now, looking at all your fat bits jiggling. It’s like your body automatically does a sexy dance with every tiny bit of road unevenness! Glad I’m not driving!”

She grinned. “It’s not easy, keeping my eyes off you. But we’re almost there.”

Pllllllbttt!” Larissa rasberried, “Not looking forward to putting my pants back on.”

“Easy solution: we can make like our parents’ generation allegedly did and streak bottomless!”

“Too rough on the path to go barefoot, and I don’t wanna run, especially in those shoes. Let’s go in bottomless like there’s nothing wrong, with you behind me planting your cock in my crack, so I get to feel you and no other cute girls get to look at it.”

Nate put his socks back on and slipped into his shoes.

“Little help with my shoes, please” she requested. “I’m far too fat to get them on myself here in the car without it becoming a major production.” A little-girlish giggle escaped her, tipping off that she was very happy with this situation, especially with a sexy helper at her beck and call!

He couldn’t help caressing her feet in the process of putting her shoes back on, keeping her highly aroused.

They each got out of her car as though nothing unusual was going on. First Nate then Larissa looked around as she walked over to meet him house-side.

Pushing into her big, wide, bouncing butt and planting his hands on her nude hips again took Nate to levels of pleasure heretofore unknown to him. So much soft fat!: his hands, thighs, and genitals sunk well into her. Walking was even better, and if he hadn’t wanted to save a shot for her and hadn’t feared people seeing them, he likely would have unloaded again as they walked.

Larissa was so turned on between the sensations of Nate, those of her naked, distended, heavy belly slapping her thighs and especially her fat mound, and the defiant thoughts of walking bottomless from her car to her house that she had a couple of small, brief, blips of climax. She fumbled slightly getting the key in the door in her excitement, soon enough succeeding.

“Think anybody saw us?” she asked as she closed and locked the front door.

“Not anyone that I could see.”

“Too bad. We must’ve been quite the sight!”

You are, 24/7, in any or no clothing!” His hands were already back on her belly.

She kicked her shoes back off and re-removed her top, briefly thinking about how her bra was still in the back seat of her Buick and how sexy that made her feel. Not that she didn’t already feel extremely sexy, inhabiting her extremely sensual body and additionally with sexy Nate unable to keep his hands off her and nearly drooling.

She helped him out of his shirt and they were all over each other again: hands, various body parts, mouths, lips. She wanted him in her—now. Not an ideal fit with her at 166 cm tall and him up somewhere around 1.8 m, but not entirely out of the question for standing up. She looked around frantically for something sturdy to lean against… there: the sideboard of her inexplicable, inherited formal dining set. “Fuck me!” she cried out as she raised her right leg as high as she could.

Nate helped hold up her leg right away as she leaned into the sideboard for stability. “You’re so fat I have to move your belly to get into you!” he joyously cried out as he momentarily let go of her leg (which she could now hold on her own having had his help raising it higher), grabbing her gorgeous massive mound of belly flab with both hands, and lifting it up. He struggled to stabilize all that soft, flowing blubber with one hand as he worked out the angles and guided himself in.

Larissa was already cumming before he was in her, pushed over the edge with all the sensations plus his frantic mating struggle with all her fat. “OOOWAAAAOOWWWHH!”—she let out a house-rattling moan as he entered her.

Loud moans, sometimes screams or near-screams, sometimes panting—they frantically mated for only a couple of minutes before Nate couldn’t stand it any more and built up to his surprisingly strong (for so soon again) expulsion. He slid out, Larissa dropped her leg, and they attacked each other with a mutual deep hug and passionate, sloppy kisses.

Hugs turned to caresses—they were in the moment insatiable in terms of each of their lusts!

Nate started to tip over. She caught him and wrapped him back in close to her. “What’s going on, Sexy?”

“Feeling woozy.”

“You had hardly anything to eat—you must be starving, poor baby!”

“No, I’m quite sure I had enough for the amount I usually eat. I’m sure it’s the combination of my normal post-ejaculatory sleepiness along with having my entire reality realigned being with you and having had the best fucking sex I’ve ever had! I did not know it was possible to feel the things I’ve felt with you! All of you feels so good… and you’re so nice… and I’m sure when we get to know each other better I’ll fall for your mind and spirit, and that will be that.”

“That is so much how I feel about you, I have no new words to add! You have rocked my world to its foundation! Whatever this is we’ve got going, we need to keep doing it!

“It’s fatsex… more specifically fatLOVEsex.”

“Nate, I love you but you’re getting heavier by the minute.”

“I feel weak.”

“Let’s get us both into bed.”

An adrenalin burst of what little energy remained within him shot throughout him as she led them to her bedroom, her hip flesh wrapping around him warmly, lovingly, protectively as well as sexily.

Her mattress felt a bit firm to him, though at least the bed appeared to be king-sized, on a sturdy frame, and with squeaky-clean sheets, including a taut fitted bottom sheet.

“Sorry” he said sleepily from his lying-down position, out of nowhere, as she puttered around doing her nighttime tooth brushing and house-shutting-down routine.

“For what?” she asked as she returned from the bathroom and climbed into bed next to him.

“Being too worn out and sleepy to sex you all night long.”

“I’m tired too, after all that life-changing loving! There’ll be other nights, and days… I hope!”

“If you’ll have me and I have my way, there will” he nearly mumbled, his eyelids growing heavy.”

“Go to sleep, Sexy Babe” she said as she turned out the bedside light. “We’ve got a big weekend ahead of us!”

Both Nate and Larissa couldn’t help holding onto some of their lover’s sexiest body parts as they each drifted off to sleep, each wishing in their own way that they were both still full of energy to immediately continue their explorations and loving.

In the depths of the dark overnight hours, the creaking of the bed and Larissa’s sloshy belly fat slapping into him as she turned over woke Nate up. Some of her hip fat rolled atop him once she settled into her new position. She fell right back asleep as he lay awake for a few minutes, softly and slowly caressing her, blown away with how wonderfully fat she was… wondering what it was like to live inside a body like hers. A few minutes later, he too was back asleep.

“Good morning, Sexy Babe!” she greeted him as he awoke, kissing his lips tenderly.

Tears rolled out of his eyes.

“Why the tears, sweetie? Did I do something wrong?”

No” he implored, sliding one arm underneath her (with difficultly) and wrapping his other arm around her (to the degree his reach and her girth allowed). “This is what I so miss about living with someone I love, who loves me: waking up with her—that delicious feeling of love and trust and companionship and physical intimacy, romantic and sexual! I’m feeling that pain in my chest—the hurt of loving someone so very much you feel like you want to merge with them!”

Larissa’s mouth fell slightly open, taken aback as she was by his effusive passions elegantly expressed. She slowly and gently wrapped her arms around him, bringing their faces close to one another’s. “I had no idea underneath the sexy, hunky, intelligent mastermind tech fat lady-chasing hipster lay such a passionate romantic soul!”

“There’s a lot we—people in general—don’t know about each other!”

He kissed her tenderly yet passionately, causing her to gasp momentarily when he was done.

“I’m hoping our lives move in such a way that I’ll be learning all about the aspects of you about which most people don’t know, beautiful amazing Lllll….”

“Why’d you stop?”

“Lots of people call you by your given name. I believe we have something special, and my mind’s trying to come up with a sweetie-pet name for you, like the way you call me Sexy Babe… unless that’s what you call most of your lovers.”

“No, that just popped into my head this morning for you! May I request one, please?”



Nate jerked and sat up slightly in surprise. “Lardissa?! Why?! That’s what I’ve heard some people at the Get-Together call you behind your back!”

“I know… I’ve heard. Like the word ‘fat’ being misappropriated amongst the general public, I’m claiming it, owning it, and turning it around as a positive, given where I’m at in my life and where I want to be going. Given how I feel about being supersized fat and hoping to gain more, and given how much I love you—there, I said it! I know I do!—it’ll be like a kiss from you every time you say it lovingly as your pet name for me. I’m your Lardy Lardissa… and I’ve never been happier!”

He struggled to wrap his mind around her request as she kissed him some more on his lips and cheeks, with him occasionally returning a few kisses as he thought more about it. “OK, beautiful Lardissa,”

She shivered with delight hearing him say the word.

“If this works for you, I’m delighted! But what about out and about, with relatives, friends, etc.?”

“I wouldn’t go shouting it to the rafters in malls and such—as I won’t be doing with Sexy Babe for you—but I’m not ashamed of your lovingly calling me that in public, the way people do when they want to get the attention of their partner. Relatives, sure… at least mine. I’ll handle any issues there. Friends: mine I’m fine with them hearing that, and some of them need to hear it. As does anyone in the fatlovesex universe.

“Oh, and I like the way you dropped ‘relatives’ in there” she added with a grin. “Makes me think I’m not the only one wildly extrapolating our intimacy to far beyond this weekend.”

“Speaking only for myself, I’m so head-over-heels lost to lust for you, I can’t tease out what’s love and what’s lust. I feel love for you, but I’m not yet sure what that really means.”

“Yeah, I guess we’d both better back off from the wedding plans” she teased. “You ready for breakfast?”

“Not my very favorite meal, but if it’s time, let’s do it.”

“You might like it better after sharing one with me this morning at Pancake Stack” she grinned saucily.

He’d seen the building, but not being a breakfast person, had never eaten there. “Sure. Should we shower first?”

Her stomach growled almost loud enough to drown out their conversation right after he finished his sentence. “I’m too hungry for that. Besides,” she grinned wickedly, “I think we should go there reeking of sex, and our own and each other’s bodies!”

They each wore their same clothes from last night’s Get-Together, Nate because he had no others, Larissa because she liked them, they looked good on her (for the jiggly, accentuated fat look she was trying to achieve), and out of everything she owned, they were almost as comfortable as her most casual sweats or, better, no clothes at all. This morning they’d be even better, as she’d remain braless.

Nate took advantage of her Park Avenue’s bench seat, sliding over and leaning into her like her own pet FA—which arguably is exactly what he now was.

“You sure know how to make a girl feel awesome” she said as she drove, smiling at him momentarily.

Pancake Stack was hoppin’: the parking lot was nearly full.

Speaking of hoppin’, Nate hopped out and ran around to gentlemanly open her door, which she received warmly. Again it was an ecstatic soft hip-rubbing slow walk from the car into the restaurant, with but one slight change: Nate’s eyes were not 100% on Larissa. He spotted nearly 2/3rds. as many BBW and BHM and their supersized relations as at a typical Get-Together!

This didn’t bother Larissa. She was a regular at Pancake Stack, in part because they were overtly fat-friendly and served great, affordable food—in great quantities! Of course she was curious how Nate would react, but so far he’d kept his eyes on her more than she’d expected, and didn’t seem to be struggling to do so.

They and many others arriving before and after them needed to wait for tables—no surprise to Larissa, and one reason she rushed them out of the house so soon after waking. They sat on some comfortable, deep, sturdy, vertical parallel 2 x 4 stained wood seating outside the front door, with many others.

Nate kept looking around at others waiting, new arrivals, and those leaving. There was a reasonable diversity of body types and ages, but it wasn’t an even distribution.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked.

“Yes, definitely! 90% you and 10% other patrons.”

“Knew you would. See?: I’m secure enough already in our love or lust or whatever we’ve got going that I’m not jealous that your eyes are roaming.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yes, and it’s all good, long as I’m the one you stay with, encourage, and go home with. This is pretty typical for Saturday mornings around this time.”

“You’re a regular?”

“Fairly often.”

“Maybe you can explain, then: what’s with all the amazing young fatties, especially women?”

“Easy: we’re only a couple blocks away from student housing at Mt. Wikadang College. They’ve got a culinary program that’s pretty well regarded, amongst other courses. Thus there are a lot of foodie/fattie students, many escaping parental imperatives for the first time, within a comfortable walk, seeking what I seek today: a lot of good food for not much money. I guarantee you I won’t be the only one here today loving the tastes and attempting to eat as much as I can comfortably eat!”

Lardissa! Party of two!” the hostess called out over the P.A. system.

“Did you really?!” he asked in amazement, wide-eyed, as he stood up and helped her up.

“Yeah” she grinned sheepishly.

“What’s this about shouting it to the rafters?”

“I just wanted to see if they’d do it, and whether they could say it without tripping up.”

“I like you, a lot, by any name, Lovely Lardy Lardissa Larissa!” he exclaimed, sneaking in a kiss as they entered arm-in-arm through the big double doors.

The interior was bustling with activity, multiple conversations, and happy eating. It was loud, but not so loud that a person had to speak up much to be heard—far below highly raised voices or yelling. The high, angular, semi-Googie-style ceilings/architecture with mid-20th. century acoustic tiles helped keep the sounds under control.

He felt a brief, fleeting pang of pain when he spotted a supersized young mother with breasts larger than Deb’s breastfeeding her infant child as she conversed with her much smaller yet still fat husband, as he walked with the hostess and Larissa to their booth. The pain vanished as quickly as it had arrived the moment he felt the next hip-wipe of Larissa’s fat hip against him, and more so once his gaze returned to her. She had a great smile, terrific body, and so far was easy to get along with… and seemed to love him and lust after him as strongly as he did her.

The hostess, well-dressed in a felt skirt and respectable button-up shirt, plump but not really fat, left them with their menus once they were seated.

A dark-skinned, handsome Latino man took their drink orders. Nate was in a mood for hot chocolate, which swayed Larissa to the same choice, away from her usual tea or coffee.

She knew exactly what she wanted; he needed to study the options for awhile.

“Figured out what you want yet, Sexy B? she asked with a loving smile.

“I’d like a full order of Lardissa, please, to go… to take home and eat and eat and eat!”

It took a lot to get Larissa to blush, and Nate had just done it (as well as make her moist down below yet again). She decided to play along. “Any sides?”

“Yes: both of them, please, along with front and back, head to toe.”

“Are you two ready?” a new voice asked, before suddenly recognizing Larissa. “Heyyy Larissa! How’s it going?!

“Best days of my life! Exhibit A” she motioned towards Nate.

OoooOOOH…! Hi, I’m Jeri” the waitress introduced herself to Nate, extending her hand for a shake.

“Pleased to meet you, Jeri. I’m Nate.”

Nate was indeed pleased to meet Jeri, who had shining eyes and a light face to go with her bright blonde hair, and well-outfitted busty yet balanced large BBW to small SSBBW-sized body.

“Good goin’, lady! Are you two an item?”

“The first 12 hours together is a bit soon to call that, though I think it’s safe to say we’re in negotiations.”

Nate grasped her hand and held it, grinning ear-to-ear, as she spoke.

“Cracked me up when Nadine called you on the P.A. Almost dropped a plate laughing, especially after seeing chef Bertrand immediately try to clean earwax out of his ear, then jet to the restroom to clean up. So, do you know what you want?”


“I’ll have it finalized by the time you finish ordering.”

“OK, I’ll have the Belly Buster Breakfast—and you don’t have to read me the disclaimer, ’cause we’ve been over that last time when I first tried it.”

“Toast options?”

“Rye and pumpernickel.”

“Are you sticking with the hot chocolate?”

“Yes, but I’m gonna need some hot tea to keep everything settled. Got any mint herbal?”

“You’ll get to pick from a basket.”

“Oh yeah right, I forgot.”

“Fruit or fries?”

“Fries, seasoned.”

“Got it. Nate?”

“Uhhh… I’m not much of a breakfast person, so… a side of bacon, please.”

“That’s it?!”

“Depends whether Larissa intends to share a small bite or two of everything she’s eating or not. Last night she did, and it was a whole regular dinner meal for me.”

“At least get some toast or something, B. I don’t want you getting all weak on me like last night from malnutrition! Their toast is really good.”

“Fresh-baked bread on the premises daily” Jeri added.

“OK, a side of toast. Which bread is good today?”

“All of them, everyday: white, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, sourdough, sesame seed, and flax.”

“Never had flax bread, gotta try it.”

“Perfect. You wanna keep going with the hot chocolate?”

“No, I’ll partake of the hot tea basket as well.”

The little teapots, mugs, and tea basket came right away, followed in moments by her rye toast and his flax toast, which he found had an intriguing quasi-nutty flavor. Next came his plate of bacon and a massive large plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, steamed peas, and seasoned fries.

Nate stared at her plate, blinking several times.

“This isn’t all of it” Larissa declared outright. “Be sure you get a sample bite of everything, ’cept maybe the bacon, which is the same as yours—it’s all really good.”

“Wanna trade one slice of toast each?”


The food was very good, Nate discovered. Seeing Larissa apply ketchup to her eggs kicked off a long discussion of food likes and dislikes, as they enjoyed their meals. Nate, of course, was finished with his food long before Larissa, thus turned to eating her up with his eyes as their conversation and her large meal continued.

Even having a general awareness of big BBW/BHM and especially SSBBW/SSBHM appetites, and even keeping in mind his experiences with Diane and others over the past year, it still warped Nate’s mind to witness how much food his lovely Lardissa put away with ease, pleasure, and apparent comfort.

“Need a breather, girl?” Jeri asked as she cleared Larissa’s now totally clean, huge platter-sized plate.

“Nah, I’m just barely full. Bring it any time, with more hot water for the tea, please.”

“Any second thoughts on something more?” Jeri asked Nate.

“No, thanks. Very tasty, but I’m good.”

“Having fun?”

“Honestly?: having the time of my life! Wholly impressed what all I just witnessed Larissa put away.”

The two women giggled at each other, then Jeri departed for the kitchen.

Nate’s eyes grew wide when he saw what Jeri returned with, for his lover: another huge platter-sized plate. This one held a stack of seven regular dinner plate-sized pancakes, each apparently a different kind (judging by varying colors and textures), arranged in an overlapping arc rather than a straight vertical stack, likely so each variation was more visible.

She grinned widely watching him look at the plate, then up at her, then back at the plate, then touch her still-clothed belly under the table.

“Need a belly massage?”

“Not yet. I’ll let you know.”

She got into the pancakes with the ease and pleasure of someone hungry who hadn’t yet eaten.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?”

“Your upper arm fat wobble.”

“Is that a turn-on for you?”

“Yeah. Along with all of you… especially any fat part of you.”

“Which would be most parts of me” she grinned, just before taking her next bite.

Larissa still didn’t seem to be in discomfort after finishing all seven large pancakes. In fact, she used her spoon to corral and scoop up up most of the maple syrup remaining on the plate!

Burrrp! she let out. Not long nor loud, yet relieving.

“Wow” is all Nate could say, staring at her in admiration.

Jeri was back. “Did that bust your belly?” she asked as she reached for Larissa’s latest throroughly empty plate.

“Nope” she replied with a satisfied smile.

Jeri’s eyebrows went up. “Alright then… ’Cake Assortment B or Hash Brown Heaven?”

“Hash Brown Heaven, with more hot water for tea.”

“I’ll bring the basket back again. You may have another tea too if you want, Nate.”


Soon as Jeri took off he asked, “Are you sure you’re still comfortable?”

“Doing OK and will be totally comfortable once I release my belly from the confines of these pants and you start gently massaging it.”

“How will you ever get it back in?”

Her answer consisted solely of a laugh.

Hash Brown Heaven filled yet another of the same platter-sized plates, looking quite like a big field where potatoes were born as hash browns directly. She again got right into them.

“Come on, Nate… have some” she urged him, when she was about halfway through.

“Too much for you?”

“No. Too little for you! You’re an active six foot tall man— you need to eat!

He had some; it was very good. Yet he truly was pretty full.

As happened the night before, Larissa’s eating pace eventually slowed down, with about half a “field” of Hash Brown Heaven left.

“MMMmmm!” she moaned during an eating break as he massaged her belly, softly admitting, “I am so wet right now.

My pants being on is the only reason the table isn’t tilting right now.

BWAhaah haah!” she laughed heartily, arousing him further as he felt her belly bouncing all over, under, and around his massaging hand.

They conversed about all sorts of things, including going further in-depth into their childhoods.

With a mixed smile/fear/grimace expression, waitress Jeri was back. “Did we do it?”

“Not busted, but full, so yes.”

They did the usual credit card transaction, with Nate tossing in a pair of $20s to the cause.

“Seriously? You’re going to leave your belly out?” he nearly drooled as she hefted herself up.

“It’s the only comfortable option. And I want people staring at us, so they can see how much we lov–uh, lust for each other.”

Not that many people noticed Larissa and Nate getting up and starting to leave, especially at first. As more eyes (but far, far from a majority of those in the restaurant) turned to watch, two pairs in particular paid special attention.

“See! She’s leaving it out!” one gorgeous, stuffed, mid-sized BBW college student said to her mostly similarly-situated friend.

“Yeah, but unlike you, I don’t have enough butt to hold my pants up!”

“Yeah, ya do! C’mon, let’s follow in her wake.”

The young women got up and exited together, drawing as much or more attention than Larissa and Nate, in part due to their big, jiggly young breasts and exposed cleavage, and likely in part due to their giggly nervousness.

Nate and Larissa managed to hold things together until they made it back to her home. The clothes came back off, and from that point on, it was a full weekend of at-(her)-home nude cuddling/kissing/loving/sexing/chatting/napping, with occasional cuddly forays into their individual online worlds, via their own devices.

“I know you’re getting tired of me saying it” he said Saturday evening after dinner, “but all this luscious fat on your belly, hips, thighs, and buns reboots my brain.”

“As it should” she grinned.

“You sure you like all this fondling?” he asked awhile later, at the moment squeezing her belly lovingly, over and over like kneading dough.

“Yes. Oftentimes I get so into the feelings that I forget about caressing you. Is that OK?”

“Yes. And arousing, that my touch would feel so good to you.”

This night, they shared their going-to-bed routine together. Suddenly moved by passion, Nate more or less literally attacked her breasts with his mouth and tongue. The suddenness plus the good feelings set her off into a pair of orgasms.

In the middle of the night, Nate woke up with such a start that he immediately and suddenly woke Larissa up too.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sorry… tweaked out. Momentarily confused. Thought I was in Deb’s bed and she was about to wake up and throw me out.”

“Does she actually do that?!”

“Sadly, yes.”

She wrapped into him and placed one of his hands on her belly. “No one’s gonna do that to you here!” She further punctuated her sentence with a passionate and loving kiss along with ongoing close cuddling until they both fell back asleep.

Nate noticed a single tear escaping Larissa’s left eye during their morning wake-up greeting. “You OK, lovely woman?”

“Yeah” she sniffed. “Just feeling what you felt yesterday morning—that warm, comfortable bonding feeling upon awakening with the one I love. Please don’t hold my use of the L-word against me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it” he replied, ending with a kiss.

They each savored the feeling so much that they fell into an extra-relaxed, almost trance-like state, drifting into and out of sleep. The slow, cuddly morning led to some mind- and load-blowing sex later in the morning, just before they got up for what turned into a brunch.

“Notice the difference yet?” she grinned during Sunday late afternoon, referring to her body.

“Will you hate me if I say I don’t? You’re certainly not any smaller, but… I can’t tell.”

“Really? Maybe it’s easier for me, feeling the extra heft on the inside. Guess we’d better do the tape measure and scale stuff.”

“No need on my account.”

“OK, let’s do this: I bet if I put my clothes back on, you’ll notice a difference.”


With the reference of the unchanged-size clothes, he noticed immediately: more of her, fairly evenly distributed over most of her body, though specifically more belly, hip, and bun flesh atop and over the waistband.

The observations led to more prongy, orgasmic sex.

Knowing it wouldn’t be easy no matter when they parted, they chose to separate just after dinner, after a foreshortened belly massage. They made arrangements for the following weekend, and promised to stay in touch during the week.