Bond of the Heart (and Loins)

Nate and Larissa each spent a bit too much time messaging each other from their respective workplaces, though not enough to cause either of them employment troubles.

Larissa’s texts and IMs weren’t the only ones Nate was receiving: he’d seen, and ignored, several from Deb. Wednesday evening, she decided to take things up a level with a voice call.

“Hi Deb.”



“Thinkin’ of gettin’ down & dirty… hopefully with you. It’s been awhile.” Heaven forbid she’d ever say out loud “I miss you”.

“Was there a part of ‘Over and done with you totally’ you didn’t understand?”

Ouch! “People sometimes say and do things in the heat of the moment that they regret later.”

“You certainly do!”

Stinging but undaunted, she continued, “You need to see and get your hands on my boobs… they’re getting outrageous!”

“Sorry. I’m going out with Larissa.”

“As in: ongoing?


This was not expected! “Oh…. Uhh, yeah, OK…. So… uhh… maybe some other time?”


“Not even to get into my fatter mound, commitment-free?”

He felt his resolve slipping slightly. “Maybe.” He left out the “maybe not”—he didn’t need to say it out loud.


“Take care Deb. Gotta go.”


As she disconnected the call, a tsunami of emotional hurt which would not longer remain suppressed deep within rushed through her body, down her leg, and out her foot, right into the wall. She punctured both wallboard panels, all the way through to the kitchen. It was going to take some heavy sedation to suppress the stabbing painful feelings of love lost and keep them out of her consciousness.

Not one to be alone when she did not wish to be alone, she leapt into action: she called up a bunch of former lovers, one at a time in sequence. Each of them turned her down. One example was her conversation with Fast Eddie:

“Yeah, who is it?”

“What, I’m not in your address list any more?”

He recognized Deb’s voice immediately. “Not since I switched phones. I find it’s a good time to leave no-longer-relevant bits of my old life behind.

Zzzzzinnnng!—that would’ve hurt, if Deb’s emotional armor wasn’t so thick. She continued right along, unruffled. “Not necessarily in your best interests when you can pound a tight pussy while temporarily owning 36I cups.”

“Yeah, you’re boomin’ up top, but also flabbing outside my size range down below.”

“You do know they tend to go together on naturally-endowed women, don’t you?”

“True as a sweeping generalization, but some women are luckier… like my current slam, Maura. She ‘suffers’ from almost pure gigantomastia—it all goes to her boobs, basically. Just cleaning up to go meet her now.”

“Have fun” Deb struggled not to sound bitter.


She finally settled for Disgusting Dave, who redeemed himself with wads of cash and a nice personality.

This new weekend—Larassa and Nate’s second together—they managed to keep their clothes on long enough to allow her to partake of a mixed-cuisine all-you-can-eat buffet for Friday night’s dinner. She again managed to bloat up substantially, thankfully again stopping at a comfortable point for her.

They got on famously as passions remained high. As before, there was a whole lot of cuddling, kissing, hugging, and sexing, amongst other things. Neither could help themselves from discussing more and more personal topics much more relevant to setting up a LTIIR than something of shorter duration and more limited scope.

Things went as smashingly as before all weekend long. It wasn’t until Sunday evening that they took a turn.

Larissa wrapped herself slightly more firmly than usual around Nate, as it came upon time to separate.

“This is very nice indeed, but wasn’t 7 PM what we agreed upon for when I should be leaving?”

“Nate… I know this is too soon, but… I’m already addicted to sleeping with you. I slept so much better this weekend and last weekend with you cuddled into me, especially with your hand on my belly or wherever else, and hearing you breathe as you slept. It probably sounds stupid, but it’s true.”

“I believe it. Now that I’m getting used to sleeping with a breathtakingly beautiful, sexy SSBBW who is nice and stable and won’t throw me out, I’m starting to sleep better with you, too.”

“Will you please stay with me this week? Come over each night, so we can sleep together? I know it’s a work week for both of us, so I’m not expecting feedings nor a lot of sex since we’ll both be tired from our workdays. Just… being together, so we can touch and cuddle and kiss and share our lives… for a little while.”

It was an intense emotional experience for them both yet especially for Nate to accept from her a spare key to her (rented) house. The mood bounced back to buoyantly cheerful as they relaxed into the comfort of another full evening and overnight together, with a whole week to follow—at least.

It took a little adjustment for them to work out a bit more time weekday evenings to be cuddle-close yet in their own individual online worlds, to allow each of them to stay in touch with friends, co-workers, family, and online communities to which each of them belonged. Passion—and no doubt, at least a bit of true love—smoothed things out.

They quite liked every other aspect of spending their nights together—especially naked!—and with the details worked out, equally enjoyed their together-separate online experience(s).

No further discussion needed to take place: Nate and Larissa both did not wish to be apart from each other. They didn’t discuss formally moving in together—that would have been too much, too fast—yet de-facto they lived together, mostly at Larissa’s house, with occasional weeknight and weekend stays at Nate’s.

The biggest factor in their staying together was their mutual enjoyment of being with each other. Weekends and some weeknight evenings included slow, meandering walks (with rest stops), visiting selected friends, and more. Even routine shopping was fun and exciting, in their early-stage IIR.

Another significant and compelling factor to each of them was eating out slightly more and Larissa feeling motivated to eat more at home: she couldn’t help eating more, and he couldn’t help encouraging her. The constant affirmations, verbally and tactilely, of her growing beauty as she grew stoked the flames of both their passions. As one would expect, she ballooned to new heights (or, rather, widths) of fatness.

“Lovely, lovely Lardissa” he nearly purred, firmly patting her fatter belly to make it jiggle whilst she enjoyed another chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar.

“That’s me, Sexy B! Wanna help me shop online for some 40W work pants?”

“40W, already?!”

She nodded, grinning and adding, “Several months with a great feedist FA like you will do that. And 3x up top, finally. And loving every pound… especially when you join me in loving my body. Speaking of which, are you up for eating my fat, succulent pussy?”

He was… and that was just for starters.

The longer they stayed together, the deeper and more permanent their bond seemed to become. Not everything was easy and smooth—there were disagreements and things needing to be worked out/worked through—yet things were so much easier and more straightforward than with the other lovers each of them had spent long times with, the rough spots were forgotten nearly as soon as they arose (or so it seemed).

Each of them got to meet the others’ parents, though in Larissa’s case, not her all-living-away siblings.

Making firm long-term commitments remained too scary, each of them at various points dancing around the issue.

“What are you grinning at?” she asked him, with a smile, one morning as she returned from the bathroom.

“You. Thinking about how lucky I am to be seeing live what many FAs pay good money to see.”

“My fat body in motion?”

Exactly. Specifically the way your ever-longer crack wiggles back and forth in its own little dance as your fat buns jiggle and bounce. And don’t even get me started on your belly!”

“I’m getting you started” she prompted, grabbing what she could of the lower part of it with both hands.

“That ball of fat you’ve got your hands on. Sticking out prominently in front, sagging down via gravity such that your belly button is now well down your thighs and below your mound.”

“Actually, my fatter mound is succumbing to gravity as well, so you’re correct for the internals, but the externals are around belly button level.”

“That’s so hot!”

“Come tell me that with your hands, and, umm, other stuff.”

Since their second month living together full-time, he’d ceased ever calling her Larissa, only referring to her as Lardissa. She preferred this, even (especially?) when he slipped up and used this term of endearment for her during first-time introductions to new people.

His body managed to not change hardly at all, other than his penis getting more exercise and both of them getting a clearer handle on his minimum refractory period—all of which was exactly what she wanted to keep her innermost passions on fire.