Hipster Lovers

With the Daddy situation as settled as it could be, the next most pressing subject was living arrangements. They agreed to experiment first with Nate living at Deb’s.

With clothes finally back on, she drove them to his apartment, for an overnight and so they could move over the essentials he’d need for at least a week. Other than being a well-outfitted cluttered geek heaven, Deb found little if anything else to recommend his apartment.

She got quite the rise out of him when she shoved the ball-topped PS4 Move controller into her cleavage. “I’ll be your gamer girl, but ya need to teach me” she flirted.

He took her straight into the world of Pier Solar HD, which they played together late into the night.

Actually moving his stuff over made their new arrangement a bit scary and a lot more real to each of them (especially Nate), though they didn’t quarrel and seemed to both be on board with it. Nate still had trouble imagining how someone who’d spent most of her adolescence screaming at her mother and had truly legendary unresolved daddy issues would make a decent life or segment-of-life partner, yet he knew he was so deeply in love as well as lust with her that he had no choice but to give it a try. He also was in no hurry to find out how literal she was with her repeated declarations that he had to live with her since busting through her emotional barriers.

They each felt most comfortable with housemate-style chore and expense sharing, straight outta the gate of their new living together arrangement, as yet unknown in expected duration. They often teased one another when one of them would fall into a stereotypical domestic role or make a stereotypical married couple gesture, even though deep inside at least half the time the teasee actually felt touched, or even what they most avoided showing as they fell back into their usual patterns: sentimental.

Nate found Deb easier to live with than he’d imagined. Deb found Nate more like her father than she’d realized, thus very easy in most ways to live with. Once or twice over their first month together, she accidentally started calling him “Dad–” before stopping herself and saying “Boyfriend” or “Nate” or “Babe”.

Variety, in terms of lovers, fell off their radars. Nate’s mind occasionally blipped to Larissa or Diane or Nora momentarily, but came right back to Deb, who no longer hurt him nor pushed him away, allowing his love for her to deepen and blossom day by day, hour by hour. Deb sometimes thought about Rico and Jamal briefly, often when Nora would bring them up when on break at work, yet now she had a man who was not only an excellent FA lover and honorable man/bad boy genius and fellow live-in snark buddy, but was the only living person besides her long-lost Daddy who believed her version of her life story. No one, other than Daddy himself, could compare to that!

They had unexpectedly good times being cooler-than-thou together out and about when doing shopping and other public activities. True peers of sarcasm and wit, they regularly cracked each other up, or strove to, as they narrated, riffed, and ripped on the world around them, and especially what they considered its duller human denizens.

One day in the mall, Nate discreetly pointed out a woman just slightly younger than them, wearing a ridiculous dress which appeared to be made entirely of small white rigid discs of about 4 to 5 cm in diameter. “That’s what happened to my mother’s wind chimes!” he ridiculed.

“Sure they’re not spray-painted cat food lids?” Deb volleyed back.

“Little young for a cat lady.”

“Wait—she’s about to go past the pet store. Let’s see how many cats follow her with their eyes.”

“One, two–”

“–three four five–”

Cat lady!” they said in unison, loud enough for those around them to hear but not the unusually-dressed woman herself.

Days and weeks slipped away into history. As was true of many couples, Deb and Nate’s love and lust burned brightly, solidly, evenly. With each passing day he continued to grow more relaxed that she was indeed a decent person behind the early-life and some recent-years’ drama and the dark, sarcastic, cynical world view she shared with him. Though she’d never willingly admit to thinking in these terms even subconsciously, she’d known that he was almost certainly The One, other than Daddy, for her, especially since breaking down her barriers, believing her, and from that moment willingly living with her mostly tension-free.

The biggest irony of all may have been that their loving bond ran deeper and stronger than many of their (extended) family members, co-workers, and acquaintances, keeping them tighter than many of these others’ marriages and similar public commitments despite Deb and Nate having purposefully made no such public or even private commitments of their own, beyond Deb’s insistence they live together when he broke through her emotional shield.

The stresses and energy drains of their respective work days did not lend themselves to as much weeknight and morning sexing as each of them had imagined before they moved in together, though there was always time for a bit of caressing and/or groping, and if anyone needed to get off, the other partner found a way to help make it more pleasurable. Counterbalancing the surprise of less-than-expected sex was more-than-expected cuddling and kissing—outside their hipster personas, yet something in which they freely engaged in the privacy of their (Deb’s) home. The other big surprise was Deb finding that with romantic love, she didn’t feel the need for sexual orgasms quite as much, though she still ran plenty hot and generally needed to get off a minimum of once a day at some point in the day or night. Nate’s former pattern had been more erratic and not as frequent, though he happily adjusted to getting off more often, living with one of the sexiest women he could imagine and in many but not all ways the sexiest woman he’d spent time with.

Six months in, they spoke frankly about Nate giving up his apartment and more completely moving in with Deb. There were honest discussions about where everything would go, and compromises on both sides in terms of letting go of things so that close to the entirety of their physical lives could fit in her small rented home.

Meeting his parents when they took a trip to drop off a few things he couldn’t bear to part with but didn’t need in their home was stressful for Deb, mostly before the actual meeting. She hadn’t had many good family role models growing up, thus wasn’t sure what to expect, notwithstanding Nate’s repeated explanations of his parents’ mellowness.

He knew she was tweaking slightly when she consulted him regarding her attire—something she very rarely did. “Which of these bras do you think will go over best?”

“Both of them and all others off your body, left here. Seriously, Deb: Mom hasn’t worn a bra at home that I can remember my entire life… only when she went to straight-laced things like PTA meetings etc.”

“But she’s not hosting a pair of volleyballs, I bet.”

“No, but she’s not small: 34DD or E, last I checked. She’s gotten fat over the years, especially post-menopause, and sorta like you, some of it went to her breasts. They’ve seen pictures of you; they know you’re mega-stacked.”


She found them to be friendly, welcoming, open-minded, and easy-going beyond imagination. His father still sported a now-white 1950s hipster beard and mustache, and his mother split the line between the female version of that look and ’60s-’70s hippie, complete with a tie-dyed peasant dress. As Nate promised, his mother was a BBW wearing no bra and, like Deb, showing some nice cleavage, though nowhere near as much as Deb.

The house was filled with nifty objects d’ art, abstract paintings, and vintage furnishings. As her loving man kept telling her, it truly had a ’50s-early ’60s coffee house vibe, literally all the way to fresh, strong Chemex-brewed coffee.

In the email exchange to set up this meeting, Nate went over subjects to avoid, like Deb’s childhood, which he briefly summarized for them in a sanitized, glossed-over, public consumption version. This allowed conversations to flow naturally without getting awkward. The contrast with her own shattered family and the way she so strongly felt as though she belonged as a full-fledged member of his family within an hour of meeting them for the first time made Deb cry, leading to a big group family hug. She wept again when Nate’s mother Sally gave her a hand-made seashell necklace, which she’d custom made just for Deb, via measurements she’d requested provided by her son. It looked beautiful and natural on Deb’s very big chest.

She and Nate accepted his parents’ invitation for them to sleep over, discreetly and subtly making it clear that any sort of sex the (relative) youngsters wanted to share which wouldn’t damage the house or its furnishings was fine by them, and that they’d try to keep their own sex noises down, should they find themselves making love.

“I love your parents almost as much as I love you” she confided on their drive home.

“Did you just say you love me, out loud?!” he teased.

“You tool!” she teased back, smiling probably more affectionately than she realized, pulling him into her side as she drove.

“Anything in particular about them?”

“They’re the first adults of their generation who didn’t ask me anything about engagement, marriage, babies, weddings, or my career aspirations beyond my current job. I felt like I could talk to them about anything, except maybe my childhood, and they’d understand. Or if they didn’t understand, at least they’d not judge me. Did they really welcome me as part of the family for as long as I wanted to be part of it?!”

“That they did, with no obligation to take the family name, even temporarily. They know how real-life love between humans works… and that they’re a happy exception.”

“You are so lucky, Babe.”

“I know!—I have them and you! Did Dad stare too much at your boobs?”

“Not as much as your Mom! Does she go both ways?”

“Not last I heard. She was staring for a different reason, and I’ve been sworn to secrecy.”

“Oh tell!

“I promised her I wouldn’t! Let’s just say Winter Solstice with them—if we wanna do it—is gonna be fuuuuuunnnnn!

Nate wondered whether whatever outfit his mother made would still fit Deb come Winter Solstice. Without either of them making any specific effort, Nate’s seemingly innate way of fattening his lovers as if via unconscious mind power or sexing or loving or physical proximity alone worked on Deb: she packed on a few new pounds each month. Nothing like Lardissa’s serious, intentional gain, nor Nora’s nor Diane’s focused stuffings when he was briefly in their lives, yet an increase he and not only she felt and saw.

This wasn’t anything they’d discussed, and most of the time the only time of which it was spoken was during sex when Nate couldn’t help crying out things like how she kept getting sexier as she got fatter, often when he was close to his release and couldn’t hold back his tongue any better than his cum. Conversations about her gain were very rare.

One such conversation happened one evening as they sat together on her couch, her eating ice cream out of the pint container, him doing stuff on his notebook computer. They weren’t always naked, though they often were, and were so this particular evening. At one point, he stopped what he was doing and watched her eat, with a goofy grin on his face.

“Figuring out where it’s all gonna go?”


“My new fat, from this ice cream.”

“Uhhh, ahhh, mmm… just admiring your beauty.”

“And dreaming of more of it.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I’m not stupid, Nate” she smiled, with a slight twinkle in her eyes. She gently moved his hands onto her nearest breast and her belly, adding, “I know what my boyfriend likes.” She made a point of sexily licking the spoon and as much of the upper inside of the now-empty carton as she could. “Daddy’s not the only one I sometimes aim to please… within my comfort zone.”

Their second half year together had a few more annoying intrusions from the real world: a rent increase, cable outages, mandatory overtime at Deb’s work, front end work on the Dart which took longer than expected and cost a bit more than the estimate, a rogue employee who attempted to bring the company down (and failed) at Nate’s work. Rough spots yes, though Nate and Deb navigated them well, via navigating most of them together, and supporting one another for the ones whose nature required they handle them solo. Out in public, they were the hippest, smoothest, coolest couple anyone knew. At home, they seamlessly moved back and forth from their public personas to genuine, true love, in all its forms.

The second half of the year brought the fall and winter holiday season. Neither of them were all that big on holidays, not even Halloween, though they briefly considered attending the office costume party at Deb’s work, before choosing instead to enjoy some of King Krunk’s finest sensi baked into a couple dozen cookies whilst watching campy horror films nude under a soft microfiber blanket. They knew they’d gotten a little too high when Deb got up to try to save the world from the 50' Woman by using her boobs as wrecking balls and almost broke the TV.

“Are we expected at your parents’ for Thanksgiving?” she asked him in mid-November.

“There’s an invitation, but not an expectation. Actually what they want is to see us again, whether for a holiday or just a visit. They really like you as an individual and us as a couple and hope to see more of us, though they won’t say that out loud unless directly asked, because they don’t want to be overbearing parents, like so many of their friends, and like their own parents could be at times.”

“Any of your Grans or aunts/uncles or other relatives gonna be there?”

“Official word is No. Not many live within reasonable travel distance, and my parents aren’t really into big family gatherings, more than about once a decade and anywhere else other than their house. Can you imagine 20 people sharing their one bathroom, nice as it is?”

“I wasn’t sure about just us sharing it. Especially with my enhanced toilet-paper-eating butt.”

“They’ve been gearing up for that for over a decade.”


“Not for you specifically! From the fact that I informed them as of college that if I had my way, someday I’d be bringing over a woman—my lover—whose butt might fill doorways as well as challenge chairs and toilet bowls, and which would need sufficient paper to clean. And that if sufficient facilities were not in place, she and I would not be coming over.”

“My butt’s not that big!” she said indignantly.

“No, but Larissa’s was… is, I expect, so they’ve discovered the increased consumption first-hand.”

Deb bit her lip and looked away.

He put his arm around her and gently pulled them together into a side hug. “Look… I have a past too. We’re both adults who’ve shared intimacy with others.”

“You haven’t been in touch with her recently, have you?”

“Deb, I haven’t been in touch with her since she drove away that last time to Chicago. I still love her at some level, but her and me only happened because of what was and was not happening between us—you and me. As you keep telling me, it’s all different now. We have a commitment with one another, and I don’t break those.”

She needed him to hold her for awhile then make out with her, to fully feel their commitment to one another being renewed.

“Is it a traditional Thanksgiving?”

“Left to their own devices, not really. It’s been different things different years: super-authentic with actual nuts, seeds, and grains which existed at the time of the Pilgrims, grains and veggies, salad-centric, pizza and craft beer the year I turned 18, sparkling wine omelette extravaganza… all over the place, including sometimes pretty close to the stereotype. This year, what they do depends a lot on whether we go and especially what you want. They’re really sad knowing that your childhood was messed up—and no, I didn’t go into controversial details—so they’d like to do whatever will make you most feel like part of our family, if you want to do it at all.”

Deb got a bit misty-eyed. “I wanna go, but what I’d really like is them showing me how they would normally do it this year with just you and them. I’ll feel more part of the family learning as much as I can about how you all roll.”

His parents decided to blend parts of a traditional modern Thanksgiving meal with “alternative” foods and presentations. The centerpiece was indeed a full roasted turkey—moist, not dry, served optionally on fresh bagels, with available condiments including grilled onions, finely diced dill pickles, fresh lettuce, and much more. Some other, older bagels made their way into a quasi-traditional stuffing, more flavorful than any Deb had previously encountered. Corn on the cob, several types of hummus, pita bread, riesling and merlot wines and more—it was quite a spread!

Deb felt comfortable from the moment they arrived, especially seeing Sally Scarborough once again braless and jiggling in her bright earth tones long boho dress. They welcomed her as family immediately—exactly as they welcomed their son. Part of her ate up the family connection, which she needed so badly she unconsciously would at that moment have done anything to maintain it.

Everyone ate up a good amount of food, with Deb leading the way and Nate’s mom not far behind.

“Why does this corn taste so amazing?” Deb asked.

“Fresh out of the garden this morning” responded Nate’s dad.

“You have a garden here at home?!”

“Didn’t we give her the whole property tour last time, Hank?” Nate’s mother asked his father.

“We ran out of time! So much to learn about each other… so much to say!” he smiled.

“We have about an acre and a half” Sally explained to Deb. “The corn, onions, and lettuce are from our garden. Everything else is from the store as usual.”

“This is amazing… all of it” Deb gushed, just before finishing the last row of her cob.

Nate quietly observed the significant quantities of food being eaten. Deb eating a lot aroused but did not surprise him. His mother eating more than he’d ever seen her eat surprised him and in a way, puzzled him.

Even with all the food, having consumed all of 4 bottles of wine between them left everyone with a nice buzz. Each couple’s hands did some attempted surreptitious roaming during the garden/yard tour and official, more thorough house tour after the meal.

“Whew!” Sally declared as they finished up the tour, “All that walking’s made room for cake! Care to join me, Deb, putting one together whilst our menfolk do the clean-up and dishwashing work which is beneath us?” she teased.

Deb truly felt like Mrs. Scarborough’s daughter as the two of them worked together assembling a vanilla pound cake with peach frosting as the men dodged and dipped around them, staying out of their way as they washed, dried, and put away dishes and serving ware. Sally and Deb got giggly as Sally put in some rum and Deb momentarily pushed her hand to force in more.

Nate and his father finished before the cake preparation was done, taking seats in the living room both to rest and digest, and stay out of the way. Once the cake was in the oven, their women jiggled into the room and suggestively sat down on their respective man’s lap.

“Mom, Dad… thanks for bringing me into the world and bringing me up. It was worth it to make it to live through this moment.”

“We’re proud of you, Nate” his father replied. “Your life seems to really be coming together, as evidenced by the amazing human being gracing your lap at this moment.”

He grew slightly weepy during his response, “She’s given me the best year—almost—of my life… and I hope it’s just the beginning.”

“We do too” Nate’s mom responded. “Hank and I will both miss her if things happen such that she’s not around. Deb: if for some reason you and Nate don’t work out, please consider visiting us sometime anyway. You feel like the daughter we never had.”

Deb exploded into tears, jumped up, and ran over to hug them both, as they stood to receive the hug. Nate joined in for another whole-family hug-fest.

After the hug-fest, everyone returned to their seats as before. Still buzzed, Deb mindlessly moved Nate’s hands to her breasts, momentarily forgetting they weren’t alone at home. To his and her amazement, Nate’s mother did the same thing with his father onto her breasts—in both cases through clothing. Especially for Nate it was a bit weird, yet at the same time kinda hot.



“Do you like Mom being fatter?”

“I love your mother however she comes to me. Always have, always will.”

Sally leaned over and kissed her husband’s lips, following up with some affectionate nuzzling.

“Every day I feel more and more the same way about Deb” he confided out loud in front of everyone. “Yet that lusty part of me that I’ve told you both about in the past can’t help being turned on when Deb gains… as long as she’s OK with it.”

“I do admit to liking your mother’s extra softness.”

“And my bigger breasts.”

“Yes, hun… and those.” He gave them each a big, synchronized, obvious squeeze.

“I smell cake” Sally smiled, getting up off her husband and heading into the kitchen. Deb got up soon afterwards to join her to help out.

The cake was rich, delicious, and not all the alcohol had cooked off. Nate and Deb ate sitting next to each other on the couch, whilst Hank and Sally did the same across from them on the futon couch.

The men made it only about half-way through their servings, whilst the women they loved easily and comfortably finished theirs.

“Tell me about this feeding thing you’re into” Sally asked her son.

“There’s so many variations on that, it could take all night.”

“Is there a typical variation?”

“There’s a classic stereotype, so maybe we’ll go with that. Stereotypical archetypal feeding an intimate adult version of feeding a baby. No baby talk—unless a particular couple is into that. Sharing food, lovingly.”

“Are you two into it?”

“Not really.”

Let’s show your parents, with the rest of your cake” Deb suggested softly to him.

“Deb’s volunteered to play the role of feedee for a moment. Wanna see how it works?”

Both parents did. Nate lovingly fed Deb forkfuls of the remaining cake, with it being gone after only four. Nate’s parents whispered to each other, then his father fed his mother his remaining cake serving, again in about 4 to 5 forkfuls.

“That is intimate and loving!” his mother declared. “Does it go both ways—the feeding?”

“It can. I’m too full at the moment for it to be in any way pleasurable.”

“Me too” his father chimed in.

“I’m going to cut myself another big piece and have my Hanky-Wanky feed it to me!” his mother announced.

Nate and Deb turned to each other and struggled to suppress laughs over her pet name for his father. She got up and followed Sally into the kitchen.

Each of the women returned with equally big pieces, looking to be at least one-sixth of the original whole cake, again sitting down on their respective man’s laps.

Nate tried not to think too much about how his parents were currently doing exactly what he and Deb were doing, with apparently every equivalent degree of hedonistic pleasure. Deb fell deeper in love with Nate’s parents (and would have with him if she hadn’t already been about as deeply in love as a human being can be with another), parts of her mind seriously considering marrying him to legally lock in to this new-to-her family.

“When does a person stop?” Sally asked, having finished her large second piece.

“When they don’t want any more” replied Nate.

With a slightly wicked grin, she jumped up and headed back to the kitchen. Not wanting to be left out, Deb quickly followed her. They cut the remaining cake in half and each took a piece, chatting too softly for either Hank or Nate to hear.

One third of the way through her last piece, Deb whispered “Belly rub, please” to Nate. She helped free her belly and his hand got busy right away.

Sally noticed almost immediately. “So that’s the trick!”

“Oh yeah” Deb replied. “Keeps the circulation going, moves things around, pushes out gas, sensual… lots of upside.”

Mrs. Scarborough lifted the bottom of her dress and brought out her belly. Nate’s father tentatively tried to figure out the motion by watching his son, but quickly got lost.

“Circular motions with gentle pressure, Dad. Too little pressure and it’s ticklish. Too much and it can be painful. Too forceful and/or too fast, and you create more heat than soothing pleasure. But as always, whatever the recipient tells you supersedes anything I just said.”

Once the cake was all gone, there were two couples having difficultly keeping their hands off each other. Thankfully, the food needing refrigeration or protection was all put away, allowing the older and younger couples to head straight to their respective bedrooms.

His parents hadn’t fully latched their bedroom door, which swung open during their lovemaking, nicely funneling the sounds directly towards the guest bedroom, whose door Nate had left open for air, and on the assumption that his parents’ door would be closed.

“Beautiful sounds” Deb reassured him, as she caught him struggling to come to terms with what he heard being from his parents. “Let’s make some of our own.” She straddled him and guided him into her, yet again giving him the pleasure of all her fat flesh, plus a bellyful of food on its way to that destination.

“Nice to hear your parents’ passions are still burning bright” she said a few minutes later, as they more quietly humped, caressed, fondled, and kisses.

“If they were still fertile, I’d be expecting a sibling in 9 months’ time” he only partially joked.

As before, Nate’s mother seemed to spend an unusual amount of time staring at Deb’s body the following morning as the young couple prepared to leave for home. She also held a hug with Deb longer than expected.

Despite the awkwardness of seeing his parents experimenting with one of the edgier parts of his lust life, Nate and Deb both enjoyed the visit more than they’d expected, and felt more in love with each other than ever.