Two First Choices

Nate was far from a master of self-awareness, but even he knew that he needed more than three weeks to heal from separating from Diane. Part of him also hoped that if she chose to show up, his absence would make it easier for her to connect with someone new.

Turns out that Diane felt similarly, focusing her energies around Get-Together time on church activities and helping some family members going through a rough patch. She was so much happier, healthy looking, and more emotionally stable that no one questioned her about her obviously increased weight.

Deb almost left the Get-Together, bent thinking about Nate and Diane being an ongoing item, until her mood combined with others triggered DJ Stiff Richard to spin more and more towards dark goth/emo tunes. It was another weird night at the club, and most of the crowd was into the non-happy dance music.

She caught the eye of a new shaved-head hunk—someone visiting the area—and made a play for him to be her man for the night. It worked, and he even followed her rules, though it pissed him off that she jetted so quickly out of his motel room the moment they wrapped up intercourse.

The subsequent month, Nate felt ready to go back to the Get-Together. It seemed almost like a wholly different crowd: Diane wasn’t there, Larissa was absent, Vanessa was nowhere to be found, even Tara didn’t show. Most of the newcomers were men, and the few new-to-him women were smaller-end BBW who weren’t his primary area of interest.

The only familiar available and interesting-to-him faces were Aubrey, Nora, and Deb.

“♫ Your boy-friend’s back and you’re gon-na be sor-eee

Hey laa hey laa your boyfriend’s back

I’m gonna make a play and he’s gonna eat my cook-ie

Hey laa hey laa your boyfriend’s back ♫” Nora sang, to Deb’s extreme annoyance.

“Diggin’ into your grandpa’s record collection again there, Nor?” she jabbed back.

“There are such things as classics, ya know. I’m thinkin’ Nate might be one of them, and given what’s not here tonight, I might want to find out.”

“You ain’t got the tits to titillate!”

“Don’t need ’em: got the hips to hypnotize!” She practiced her gyration. She wasn’t in Larissa’s league, to name just one other frequent attendee with epic outsized hip assets, but she’d been unintentionally gaining via having quit smoking, being a latent foodie, and especially having dumped her gym membership after one too many “fatass” jokes she overheard. She had what many considered “perfect” curves for her now-wide hips (a lot of her newly-added fat wound up there), big round butt, and smaller yet still jiggly belly in the fatlovesex world. Actually her butt was one of the best in the club, for those passing judgement on shape. Her tight black stretch pants let everyone see exactly what she had.

Deb was annoyed with how seductive she looked doing the gyration… there seemed to be only so many ways to tit-illate with clothes on. “Lemme see your test.”

Nora dutifully pulled out her most recent STI test and handed it to her nominal friend for perusal.

“Yeah alright” Deb replied, dismissively handing it back to her, all the while boiling inside over the whole “boyfriend” thing and how she hated how much she continued to feel towards Nate.

Aubrey was a whole lot more receptive towards Nate than she’d been since their earliest encounter on his first night, in part no doubt due to the lack of other options to whom she felt attracted. He liked women who, like himself, tended to continue mining prior investments vs. starting afresh with the newest faces each time. She hadn’t gained but also hadn’t lost; Nate guessed she was and had been in the 150-160 kg range. A little more boob flesh presently than Deb, much more belly—winning!

The big surprise was holding her close dancing with her: she felt pretty solid… not much give, outside of her breasts proper and the core of her belly. She did squish in slightly, but not very much and in some places not at all, just like a slender person. She could lose weight to deep anorexia and still never fit into anything below about a size 22W, due to her bone structure. Nate had heard of “big-boned”, yet this was his first experience of it. He’d not noticed this the first night, with so many new experiences and sensations and performance issues hitting him from all directions at once.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“Only my ignorance. Every time I see big and fat, I think ‘squish’. I believe your body’s just taught me that there’s also ‘solid’. Nice, healthy solid.”

“But not your thing?” She already knew it wasn’t from his expression and his tone of voice.

“Not so much. But it remains an honor to dance with you!”

“Good. I give you high points for improving your tact. That didn’t hurt too much, but it does still sting.”

“I apologize.”

“We’re cool. But let’s please make this our last dance, unless we’re both totally bored. Life’s too short to waste time with people we don’t really want. I’m pretty into you, but to be brutally honest, I prefer guys taller than me, and seems to me we’re about the same height.”

“That’s what I’m seeing. Thank you again for the dance, and more than that for the honest appraisal and opportunity for a life lesson, to make me a less sucky FA.”

“If you ever feel especially sucky, as in boob sucky, and neither you nor I have anything going on, hit me up. We’ll keep it chill and unlike what I’ve heard about some people here, I likes me some cuddles, even from my FWBs and NSAs.”

They smiled at each other and shared a tight goodbye hug before parting. She actually was softer than he’d given her credit for being, but still not as soft as he preferred. Lesson learned.

Nora gave him a few minutes to clear his head before gyrating over. “Hey there. May I interest you in some enhanced butt and hip jiggle?”

“A+ on approach” he said as he embraced her. “Not that guys like me are a hard read.”

“A for self-awareness. Shall we?”

They got into cuddly dancing, or what passed for it.

“You really do feel good tonight! Dare I ask the nature of your enhancement?”

“Sure; I’m not shy about that. Quit smoking—again, but still have an oral fixation. Foodie, doing my thing. As well as canceled my gym membership. Sexercise over exercise!”

His hand slipped off her lower back, onto her bun. He pulled it back up.

“You may feel my butt… grope it, if you want. ’Cause I’m-a gonna do that to yours.” She did, shamelessly.

Deb didn’t understand why her blood felt like it was boiling. He was not her boyfriend! She was a free woman, not tied down to any man. So why did it feel like she was being punched in the stomach watching her work/club friend dance and flirt with him?

Nora was a lot more aggressive about feeling him up and partaking of his body than any woman he’d been with so far, which simultaneously startled him and made him feel desirable in a whole other way than he was used to.

“Keep me in mind when pair-off time comes” she said to him at the end of the dance. “I wanna try you.”

“What’re you into?”

“Sex, in most flavors.”

“Hugs, cuddles, kisses?”

“Not big on face kisses. Love butt kisses, boob kisses, and especially vulva kisses, along with a good licking! Hugs and cuddles can be nice, sometimes. I can go either way on those.”

Nate was beginning to wonder whether everything he’d read over the years about women putting up with sex to get hugs and cuddles and other forms of loving physical affection and men putting up with hugs and cuddles etc. to get sex was a pack of lies—or somehow got reversed 180°. “Thanks, Nora! I look forward to gettin’ with you at some point.”

“Tonight” she mouthed, already too far away to hear without shouting over the dance music.

He smiled, took a few deep breaths, and decided to take a break.

Maybe half an hour later, he looked over at Deb, standing behind the “fortress” table, looking forlorn and vulnerable, as well as her usual smokin’ hot and possibly a new high of fatness (though it was hard to tell given the variability of what her outfits could do with her boob flesh). Something about her brief look of vulnerability—now vanished—pulled him to her.

Why didn’t you come over earlier?!

“Didn’t feel particularly in the mood to get my eye poked.”

“I’m sorry. It was an accident—four months ago—a quarter year!”

“Seriously, Deb… why do you even care? You look great, as usual. Unless things are worse than I as a man would know, seems to me you don’t have to reach all the way down and scrape the bottom of your alternates list.”

“Maybe I’ve adjusted my list.”

“Maybe you should adjust your bra strap. Looks like there’s an impending falling out.”

“The girls are growing. Thought you might’ve wanted to come over and find out.”

He couldn’t recall hearing a hurt tone in her voice before. “Branch back to my first answer. Given that, how you’re not into touchy-feely huggy intimacy, and how you have a hair-trigger eject button once sex is done, over time you’ve bubbled down to near the bottom of my list.” He knew he was saying that more to hurt her than from literal truth. “Hell, even Nora accepts hugs and cuddles sometimes!”

“Is that what this is about?!”

Yeah that’s what this is about! You have needs—you ensure that they’re met. I have needs—I do what I can to ensure that mine are met. Those of us here seeking love—the majority, I’d dare say—are all struggling to find the best match for getting our needs met, whether our top priority is hawt or a big cock or a tight vag or a cute face or a pure loving heart or strong ethics or whatever. I already know you and I aren’t a good match, given your needs, but something about you beyond the boobs keeps drawing me back. I’d love to get to know you better and find out what it is, but that doesn’t seem to be on the table. Makes Nora seem like a prime option tonight.” He couldn’t help jabbing her where he knew it would hurt. He didn’t know why he felt the need to do this.

“Dance, please” she technically asked, though practically stated, since she took his hand and led him around the tables to the dance floor without waiting for any response.

Ohhhhhhh!” he gasped as they embraced and her breasts squished up and nearly flowed into his face.

“All yours tonight, if you make a wise decision.”

“Mine for a short time, until you get yours and fire me out the door like an unwanted cannon ball.”

When have I ever sent you away before your release?!”

“Never. Only before afterglow even starts.”

“Fine! Full hour of post-coital cuddle time—for you only—tonight only.”

“(Sigh) Not sure if I’ll be able to get with Nora again. Especially at her new peak weight.”

“Dude, she’s gonna get fatter and fatter, now that she’s quit the cancer sticks and the gym and is letting herself go. Pretty soon she and Lardissa will take up the whole dance floor!”

“Sounds good! Maybe I should get in on the ground floor for Expanding Nora.”

“You a feeder?”

“More like fat-gain encouraging cheerleader. Though more honestly, just an FA who gets pwned by women enjoying getting fatter, especially to large degrees and/or by large amounts.”

“I’m at my peak fatness, ya know. Given that I’m not intending to get fatter, passing me up tonight may mean you miss out on my biggest boobs ever.”

Tough call… he felt he’d be missing out with whichever woman he didn’t choose. Wait—he had the opportunity to choose between Nora and Deb—the two women who wouldn’t even let him approach them initially at his first dance! He’d made progress—serious progress!

Nora didn’t mind that Deb and Nate danced through three songs together, as she watched them from the “bunker”, enjoying a powdered sugar donut. It cracked her up that Deb was acting all desperate and weird. She knew she’d have a chance to sample Nate, whether tonight or some other time. She also had a backup position known as Lamont, a tall, dark, handsome, endowed visitor from the state of Georgia, who’d been at a Get-Together several years back and made a forever-memorable hook-up with her. He’d be in town this weekend and she’d already notified him that he was on standby, as she was for him.

“Mmmmm” he softly moaned.

“What’s that for?”

“Just noticed how nice your belly feels tonight, pressing into mine and my groin.”

“It’s at peak fat too, along with the rest of me. Tonight only, before I cut back on the junk food and get my bicycle working again.”

“I can help you with that.”

“You know how to fix bicycles?”

“Yes. Amongst other things you don’t know about me ’cause it’s all about sex for you.”

“Doesn’t that work against your desires?”

“Everybody needs exercise. Some people’s bodies still gain fat when they exercise and eat a healthy diet. Often because they eat a lot of a healthy diet, but sometimes for reasons unclear, with normal caloric intake.”

“Huuuunnnnrrrkkzzzzzzzzzzz”—Deb made fake loud snoring sounds, closing her eyes and dropping her head, feigning boredom.

Nate couldn’t help laughing. He truly did like many parts of her personality.

Final hour: hook-up time.

“Made your decision?” Nora asked with a smile as Nate approached her.

“Having trouble. Only once before have I had two women equally interested in me on the same night, and I totally screwed that up. Tonight the stakes are higher: similar situation except with two of the very top-tier women in the club, friends of each other. I’m sure it’s waaaay out of protocol, but given that you’re one of those two and for some reason tonight you’re easily the more rational and relaxed of the two, I’m throwing myself on the mercy of the court.”

“OK. Go on.”

“You’re at peak weight, and you’ve never given me a proceed signal before. If I don’t choose you, I’m not sure I’ll get another chance. Deb says she’s at peak fatness and is planning to dial that down, apparently starting this weekend, and gave me a one-time offer of an hour of post-coital cuddles, tonight only. She says you’re likely to get fatter and did some hand-waving hinting that there’d be other opportunities for you and me. Both of you are my first choice. I don’t know what to do.”

“Love the way how she, only a work and here-at-the-club casual friend of mine, somehow ‘knows’ what I’m gonna do.”

“I know!” he grinned.

“What’s the longest you’ve ever stayed with Deb?”

“Oh hell, maybe 6 hours? And only because we were stoned and fell asleep. Usually it’s 2 to 3 hours for sex and then almost literally tossing me out the door. Pretty sure if there existed an automated machine that put in-recovery groggy men’s clothes on and booted them out the door, she’d buy one.”

Nora’s belly, hips, breasts, and buns shook and danced as she laughed heartily. She had an idea, once she recovered from the mirth. “In other words, other than that one stoned sleep night, she’s done with you before or near 3 AM?”

“I’m usually home by 2, and I walk.”

“And that’s it? Just a few hours after the Get-Together?”

“That’s it, always so far. Any attempts I make to extend things are met with hostility.”

Deb grew nervous seeing Nate and Nora negotiating so long, laughing and smiling. Again, she didn’t know why she should care.

Easy solution: go with Deb: ‘pick’ her. Once she spits you out, go home and get a nice sleep and all cleaned up, then call me in the morning and we’ll figure out who’s place we’ll hang at and work out the logistics. Then we can be together for at least half a day—with cuddles any time—and longer if we both so choose. Deal?”

“You are more awesome than I could imagine! Deal! Thanks!” Remembering that she wasn’t into mouth kisses, he shook her hand heartily and gave her a quick hug.

“What’re you doing over here? Looked to me like you just signed onto the Nora Express.”

“That was for the future. Tonight you’re the one… as if there could be another.”

Deb smiled then grinned—she’d won.

She wasted no time wrapping her arm into his, “claiming” him, and leading them out of the club. She ensured Nora saw her smirk of victory and flashed extended middle finger. She didn’t understand why Nora smiled when she did this.

Nate felt a strange realization as she again drove them to her place: he felt a strong sensation that riding with Deb in her car was to be some kind of ongoing thing. He didn’t understand this fleeting, intense, nonsensical feeling.

Deb grinned hearing him moan plaintively, seeing her naked. He was putty in her hands.

“We both know it’s your body and my opinion doesn’t matter anyway” he started, “but you have never looked sexier than you do at this moment. I realize that I’m a man with no understanding of what it’s like to carry around big breasts, but your willingness to do so takes us—at least me—to a realm beyond what mere mortals normally experience.”

“Stop yakking and start sexing, please.”

It wouldn’t be accurate to call their initial touchy-feely mutual fondling, groping, and caressing “foreplay”: it was merely the first stage of sex, equally as good as when his sheathed penis would plunge her fat, snug vagina.

Intercourse came soon enough, startling them with its intensity—greater than when they’d shared sex in the past. Unconsciously, Deb let herself relax a bit more… Nate was a known, trusted quantity who wouldn’t hurt her nor do anything evil, intentionally. His hard, toned, firm body made her super-wet, especially contrasted against her softer, fatter body. She’d been fat and had gigantomastia most of her life and thus had mostly experienced only fatsex, but this… this was beyond… a level even more sensual. She hadn’t made the connection that more fat could equal greater sensual pleasure. Nate, a hardcore FA from birth (even though he didn’t know it until into adolescence) quite consciously knew that Deb’s extra fat was taking him to a new height of pleasure… especially her now truly bodacious breasts.

Instinctively they worked together to keep the fornication going as long as possible, without having verbally discussed anything. Several times they stopped, Nate pulled out (still fully erect), and she moved to a different position or location or both, seducing him afresh and allowing them both to enjoy a fresh plunge inward and a new round of delicious, slow humping. Deb appreciated that Nate took things slow and of his own desires preferred extended intercourse, as did she. For a brief moment as she enjoyed the sensations, she realized that the more often they shared sex, the more relaxed he was and the longer they’d go. She wasn’t about to be tied down, but she did think perhaps it was time to consider negotiating an official ongoing FWB arrangement with him.

“MMMMMmmm I don’t know if I can hold out much longer!” he panted.

“This is good—uuunnf!—you don’t have to.” As long as the guy gave her enough warm-up time, Deb was quite skilled at controlling and timing her release to coincide with, or be close to his. She found that cumming around the same time kept her from getting bored if she went off long before the guy finished up.

Something about the way Nate groped her larger-than-ever boobs during climax gave her a vague, indistinct, very brief flashback to a long-ago sexual adventure. The flashback plus the immediate real-world sensations pushed her into an exquisite hard squirting orgasm.

“Alright, where do you want your cuddle?” she asked as they cleaned up together in the bathroom.

“Lying together on your bed, please.

“Really? Cuddled into my back?”

“I’m closer to your core that way, and I get to smell your hair.”


She liked the way he slowly massaged/fondled her breasts. {Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.}

“We’ve discussed things we don’t like” he said out of nowhere, “—liars, cheats, mindless social conservatives, religious zealots—but not what we do like. What do you like in life, Deb?”

“Lovers who keep their mouth shut during special-privileges cuddle time, so it doesn’t get revoked.”

“Never heard of pillow talk?”

“I don’t even know what that is.”

“Intimate conversation between lovers in bed.”

“So if we move to the couch, you’ll shut up?”

“Nah, I’ll do it here” he replied with a tone of resignation.


While Nate remained relaxed and continued to tremendously enjoy the cuddling and slow, gentle fondling, a storm raged within Deb: part of her so very dearly wanted to let go into the loving, sensual feelings, while another part of her fought tooth-and-nail to prevent that from happening. He could feel her body cycle between starting-to-relax and tense, but he didn’t know why. The only part of the exercise which Deb enjoyed unequivocally was the fondling, since that to her was a sexual act, and purely sexual acts were within her comfort zone. Unlike many women (and some men), the cessation of fondling would be more disturbing to her than its presence.

He felt moved to nuzzle and kiss her upper back.



“Out of bounds.”

“How would I know if I’m not allowed to speak, thus ask?”

“You wouldn’t, which is why I told you. I need to turn over.”

She flipped around, facing him. Reluctantly, she allowed him to wrap his arms back around her.

The sadness in her face—like a child being forced to do something she didn’t want to do—hurt him. He wished they could discuss it. His eyes darted between her face and her boobs—equally beautiful sights, to his mind.

He felt moved to gently stroke her hair. She started crying.

“Why the tears?”

“I absolutely hate this!” Truth was, she felt herself liking all of it far, far too much. If she allowed herself to enjoy the feelings, she might fall into the trap of genuine love, and that’s what she vehemently hated. “Can’t cuddle time be more sexual?”

“Can be I guess, though usually it’s about affection. Ever heard of it?”

“Don’t be a bastard, Nate. Let me remind you that, a), this is a special privilege, of which you only have about 20 minutes left, b) if I have my way, which I fully intend to do, my boobs will never be this big again. You might want to suckle them at their peak size.”

He found suckling whilst cuddling to be a fair compromise, as did she. She especially appreciated how it kept him quiet—part of her plan in suggesting it. Unfortunately, the quiet only lasted so long.

“Love your body. Wish I could get to know your mind better, and love it too.”

She was too distracted with the arousing sensations of his face pressed into and rubbing back and forth across her breasts to chastise him for speaking.

“Wish you’d allow yourself to always be this big, at least” he added, right before driving her further wild via licking and breast kissing. She couldn’t make the feelings of tender affection stop without simultaneously stopping the primal lusty sensations of the flesh, for which she still found herself hungering despite her recent orgasm.

“Why do you have to do this?!”

“What? Be nice to you? Show you affection and… love?”

Bastard!” she yelled, shoving him.

Hey—I’ve got two minutes left.”

“Make ’em count.”

He did, and not in a way she expected: he pulled her in squished extra-close to him, held the back of her head with one hand, and kissed her passionately.

This would not do! She pounded his chest and any other parts of him she could reach with all her strength, shoving him away hard when she wasn’t pounding. “You fucking bastard! Get dressed and get out!

She was strong and her punches hurt; he heeded her order forthwith, like her at the club feeling he’d won by kissing her on the mouth as long as he had.

Apparently his fastest wasn’t enough: Deb grabbed his arm hard enough to bruise him and quite literally threw him out the front door before he’d even had a chance to put his shirt on. She hurled his shirt atop him, slamming and locking the front door immediately afterwards.