Loving More

“Anything else for you, Pillow?” asked John.

“Get over here and sit down, you! You’re overdue on ass time!”

“Not to mention that we’ve got too much fat to play with on our own, and need help playing with it” Tara cheekily added to Barb’s response, grinning impishly at her favorite lover.

It had been quite a few exciting, life-altering weeks since Thanksgiving. Friday evening the day after Thanksgiving, John and Tara had invited Barb over to visit, directly related to grocery shopping being required no matter where they were located. She happily accepted… and never left.

More precisely, the three of them were too in love with one another to part. They switched off between the two houses every few days, not at all sure whether they were in the midst of a long flight of fancy fling, or something deeper and more permanent.

Barb kept on working at Bioteronimo, as John and Tara did at Model Magicians. At home, Barb and Tara happily fell back into the pattern of eating a lot, already fattening back up towards their former peak over half a year earlier when Tara saved John and stayed with him, thrilling all three of them. They had a new helpful assistant: John. Without consciously intending to do so, he proved quite the effective enabler, doing more and more baking and cooking along with his loves, in addition to serving (which he’d done all along) and leaving treats out.

Their sex was creative and diverse. Even so, like John loving “hot dog and rolls” more than anything else, they had a favorite 3-way position: Tara on the couch or bed, spread open and lifting her very wide belly. Barb bent over kneeling on the floor, rubbing her nipples against Tara’s clits, as they’d loved doing for so long. John plunging Barb from behind, grabbing her mighty hips and ass with deep desire. Seldom did this get old, and everyone got what they most wanted, or at least one variant of what they most wanted. If and when anyone got tired of it, they changed things up and got into other positions.

Being candid, neither Barb and John nor Barb and Tara were into each other as deeply as Tara and John. In a practical sense, this meant that every now and then Barb would spend time contentedly alone at Tara’s house and Tara and John would revert to a day or so of immersive one-on-one love. It wasn’t a problem for any of them, and indeed it helped keep their lovers’ triad stable.

Most of the time Barb loved having two live-in lovers sharing their lives with her and vice-versa, especially the physical aspects, which never left her wanting for caresses or sex.

Weeks turned into several months, through most of winter and well into the new year. Nothing’s perfect and neither were any of their lives, however the truth of it was that nearly all the issue were external: tax and price increases; arrogant, meddling, elitist politicians grandstanding to constituencies to get re-elected with no regard for harming other citizens they allegedly represented; corporate and government malfeasance; crime; hate and bigotry; shitty maddeningly buggy software from some of the wealthiest corporations in the world; failing appliances and tech devices; and so on. They found power in unity, weathering these storms better together than in the past each on their own.

Many times Barb got home before John and Tara, the latter of whom tended to work long hours, as company owners do—and make no mistake about it, Model Magicians had legally been converted from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability corporation. Tara had a full legal 47.5% stake, as John now did. Both of them had better legal protection than with the former sole proprietorship. Barb was on the board of the LLC, holding the remaining 5%.

Minority stakeholder Barb held out a letter for Tara which had arrived in the day’s paper mail, and had nothing in any way directly to do with Model Magicians. “The day of reckoning is upon is” she dryly stated.

John cuddled in behind her as Tara claimed the letter and read it. It was a very beautiful We Miss You! letter from the poly group, inquiring whether she had any intent of returning, and hoping the answer was Yes.

Tara very much needed immersion in John’s protective energy field (which she had at that moment), emitting a deep, loud sigh.

This letter wasn’t the first notice—not at all. The Licks had been in regular contact with Tara, and more recently Barb as well, wondering what happened and what they could do to entice each of them back. Several other individuals from the group including Jed, George, Don, Sheila, and Curly Joe had contacted one or both of Tara and/or Barb unofficially, as individuals expressing their love and how much they missed the person. Gretchen had expressed similar sentiments directly to Barb at work. The difference with today’s letter was that it was official: if a member declined to come back in good standing within a reasonably brief period of time, they would have to re-apply as a new inductee, should they wish to come back in the future.

Tara sighed again. She truly didn’t know what she wanted to do. Part of her was fully contented with how things were with their threesome. Part of her missed the sexual variety, friendships, and camaraderie, and wanted John and Barb to enjoy those things as well!

Individually and in all combinations of pairs and all three of them, the deeply bonded lovers did a lot of soul searching over several days. Over the weekend, partly to help them think things through in their own mind as well as for his own curiosity, John asked Tara and Barb to each describe what they liked and did not like about the poly group and its members.

“Seems to me you’ve each described significantly more positives than negatives” he observed, during their concluding wrap-up discussion near the end of the weekend.

“Yeah” Tara sighed. “It’s a great group.”

“So why not get back into it?”

“I’m not the same person I was. You and I have bonded like the gravitational pull of a double star, with Barb tightly in our orbit as well. Anything which might disrupt what we have is not OK with me.”

“You’re missing the obvious option” Barb told Tara.

“Assuming the curvy women of the group were OK with ass attacks from him, I might have jealousy issues if he found one or more of them more enticing than mine.”

HA HA HA Huh huh!” John burst out in a giant belly laugh. He bent over and wrapped his arms around her butts (as best he could), hugging them and saying, “Each one of your asses is a compelling delight which keeps me alive. No one else has two!

“How do you deal with it in terms of me?” Barb asked her.

Tara had to stop and think. “Probably because he and I are nearly always all together.”

“There ya go.”

ClapClapClapClapClap—Gretchen clapped loudly, to get the group’s attention. “Quiet down, kids! The time has come to find out which of the rumors circulating amongst us for the past week or so are bunkum and which are at least partially real. We have two introducers today, presenting the same one inductee candidate.”

VRRREEEEET!” George loudly whistled.

“Don’t make me come sit on your face to shut you up, darling—that’s after the meet and greet is over.”


Per Gretchen’s head-motion signal, Alain planted a massive smoochy kiss onto George’s mouth, to quiet and hopefully settle him down.

“Are we ready now?”

The rest of the group nodded and murmured affirmatively.

“Come out come out and present!

The room exploded with applause and whistles as first Barb, then Tara, then John appeared (since the portal from the other room was only big enough for one USBBW at a time). Per arrangement, John positioned himself in the middle between Barb (house left) and Tara (house right), the three of them holding hands.

Those who weren’t busy staring at John, attempting to suss out what it was about him which made him so compelling, were mostly studying Tara’s intense gaze of admiration at him. Few conclusions were reached.

His energy field covered Tara and Barb, but not much beyond.

“Introducing the man who completely captivated Tara over half a year ago, then more recently the two of them captivated me, John Mercer.”

The group applauded politely, still seeking signs of what it was about this dude that made him special.

Tara took the introduction from there, “I’ve worked for John for many years–”

“–With me” he interrupted.

She glared at him with a smiling snicker, giving him a hip check and continuing, “John and I have worked together in the front office of Model Magicians, a full-service modeling and prototype shop John founded and continues to run–”

He gave her a look as though he was about to interrupt again.

“–along with me, related to my very recent near-half ownership. But for most of the past decade on the org chart I was working for him as the office manager. Office manager in a broad sense, like my double hips: revamping, modernizing, and managing internal logistical tech and telecom systems as well as being probably the world’s fattest receptionist.

“Like most companies, Model Magicians has had a strict anti-sexual harassment policy since before I started. Good leaders must lead by example. John is an ass addict, getting more excited the curvier and fatter a woman’s butt is.”

Several of the women amongst the group made a show of turning around and looking at their “assets”, murmuring and snickering amongst themselves regarding whether any of them had enough versus Barb much less Tara to grab this guy’s interest.

“I had no idea beyond a vague sense that he liked looking at me from behind. Always a true gentleman, he never once hit on me, nor in any other way explicitly made his feelings known. Totally unbeknownst to me, this became a huge problem for him, seeing my near-double asses every day for large spans of the day, getting larger and larger as I fattened. Inexplicably and unreasonably bereft of any love interest whatsoever, he suffered in silence until he couldn’t take it any more, and….” She got too emotionally worked up and tearful to continue, cuddling into his side.

John picked it up from there, “Very seriously attempted suicide. Not just toying around with it to get noticed, but fully intending to make my unbearable pain stop the only way I knew how. Plan A, a deliverance cocktail, didn’t work. Tara literally bust into my office through the locked door and at the very last moment aborted Plan B, which was a pistol to the temple.”

“It’s quite the story, if you ever hear the full version” said Barb.

“Obviously I stopped him in the nick of time. Soon as he explained that he was trying to kill himself because his unrequited deep passions for me were eating him alive with anguish, I disposed of his life-ending aids, locked the office door, and sat him down for a cuddle appointment where he had full access to as much ass as I had.”

“Just cuddling?!”

“Just your asses?!”

ClapClapClapQuiet down, please!” called out day’s moderator Gretchen. “Those and many other questions you’re welcome to ask after they finish the introduction, and we move to the meet-and-greet segment. Go ahead please, Tara.”

“Initially it was all about saving his life, and giving him what he needed so badly. We did move to sex before leaving his inner office for the day, which we both enjoyed. Being honest, I thought at the time we’d have a summer fling, then he’d be back on his feet and stable, and I’d be back home with Barb and here with the group. All of that changed by the next morning, having slept with him overnight. Yes the sex was and is great, but there was and is so much more! I love pretty easily and I believe fairly deeply, at least with those where we have enough in common and there are strong mutual feelings for things beyond the physical. What I’ve felt with John ever since that first moment is a bond so deep and all-encompassing, it takes my breath away. From that first morning awakening together, I found I needed him—to be with him, always—as much as he needed me. That hasn’t changed, and I don’t think it ever will. Nor do I want it to change!

“This naturally led to a great deal of soul-searching, related to all of my love life as I’d known it up until the day of his attempted suicide. There’s still a selfish, greedy part of me that’s not sure I want to share this treasure of a man with anyone else. A different greedy part of me that all of you know well doesn’t want to give up responsible curated sexual variety as we practice it in our group. My time sharing love and sex with John and Barb in a threesome between last Thanksgiving and now convinces me that second greedy part is the one to listen to and follow. Rumors that the three of us are living together are absolutely true, making for the happiest span of my life so far.”

“And mine” added John, then Barb with the exact same words. She decided she’d lean into him for a cuddle as well, as Tara was still doing. Ironically this is when Tara chose to straighten back up. Barb’s intended cuddle instead became a brief side-hug.

“The ultimatum notice for my membership in this group made Barb and I really stop and reflect on what we most wanted. We three love each other deeply, and especially between me and John, I don’t want anything to impede that. Barb and I discussed polyfidelity and our group at length with John.” She stopped and looked over at him, to continue.

“The most important thing to me beyond not losing Tara’s nor Barb’s love was their not losing their connection to this group. While I have no track record prior to this past Thanksgiving for any real-world poly living, I am none of jealous nor possessive nor in any way feel a sense of ownership or rights over those I love. Like most people or at least most men as society claims, I certainly have an appetite for new experiences, thus new-to-me women consensually sharing their curvy butts with me.”

Alain raised her hand. “Do you like anything besides anal?”

“Actually I don’t do anal, giving or receiving.”

Pat, Sheila, and Curly Joe all groaned in disappointment.

“He most likes P.I.V. from behind, that frottage variant where his hard, thick, big wand and sack are humping your butt crack, and grabbing hips and butts for hearty fondles and massages” Barb clarified.

Tara added, “And when he’s in a gentler mood or the butt owner prefers, he’s all over kissing and licking buns and genitalia. Oh, and fat bellies!”

“He’s versatile. Just don’t expect to get a rise out of him from boobs.”

Shirley was stunned. “Seriously?

Barb nodded.

“The point I’m struggling to make is that I believe myself to be compatible with the mission of this group, and that hopefully my lack of real-world track record other than with Barb and Tara can be counterbalanced against their satisfaction with our 3-way living together love, and their credibility amongst you. Honestly, even if no one is into me enough to share intimacy with me, I would like to be a member of this group so that you all know I’m following your rules, so that Barb and Tara can remain members in good standing and get what they and all of you who share love with them want and need. And maybe I can look at some nice rears.”

“If you’re into him and he’s into you, you want to do him” Tara surprised even herself by sharing aloud.

Barb nodded in agreement, pointing at his crotch and adding, “Vasectomy.”

“OooOOOOooooh!” arose from several of the younger and still fertile women in the group.

“That’s really about it for the introduction–”

“–One thing you need to know:” Barb interrupted Tara “Do not ask him to tell you the story of his first love unless you have an hour or so to spare. It’s a beautiful love story that made me weepy with its poignant ending, but it’s hella long. You’ve been warned. That is all.”

“Take it, Gretchen.”

“Quite the presentation. Thanks to all three of you, co-inviters Tara Pelvig and Barb Bloom, and inductee John Mercer. We now move into the meet-and-greet social segment of tonight’s gathering. Thanks for your patience, now have fun!”

Wait! One more thing” Tara called out. “Curvy women: please don’t bend over with your ass aimed at John until such time as he may be accepted and we’re having one of our usual nude gatherings. Even then, be aware that you’ve just waved a red flag in front of a raging bull. We’ll hold him back tonight, and he won’t actually touch you without your consent at any event, but it’s very hard on him, and may distract his mind from questions others are asking him.”

John blushed sheepishly as several in the room chuckled and the group started mingling.

The first couple of people who approached the inviters and inductee were one of the group’s couples—a couple both Tara and Barb knew quite well: the Licks. Except they didn’t recognize them at first because of how fat they’d both gotten! Formerly slightly thick and curvy Linda Lick had grown into a fat pear with big, round bouncy buns, wobbly fat hips, a generous belly sticking out in front of her bobbling around unapologetically, and soft, bouncy breasts lusciously larger than those she’d sported half a year prior. Lou Lick had somehow turned himself from an average-build average to above-average fitness middle aged man into a true BHM—with breasts!

“Surpriiiiiiiiise!” Linda grinned, hugging Tara.

“Look what you’ve been missing!” said Lou, taking over hugging Tara as his wife moved over to hug Barb.

With Linda and Barb getting into a conversation, Lou moved next to John, extending his hand. “Pleased to meet you, sir. Lou Lick.”

“Delighted to meet you, Lou.”

“Very refreshing to hear your comments about not being possessive. Many of us in the group feared that you were of a conventional mind in terms of that, holding Tara into monogamy, possibly against her will.”

“Never ever! Not with anyone! One reason I believe Tara and I are so close is sharing similar outlooks on issues such as this. No matter how desperate I got—and as you heard, I was desperate enough to end my life—not for one moment did I seek nor expect asserting any sort of claim of possession or dominion over another person. The delay in getting to this point has mostly been Tara making her own decision regarding the life she wanted to live with me.”

“Hi John! I’m Linda Lick, and I’d like to hug you.”

The hug was soft and deep, warm and wonderful.

Hands on my hips, please. Squeeze if you’d like” she whispered.

I’ll get hard.

That’s what I want.

He followed her request, his erection going through staging to raging very swiftly. She could feel it well, pressed into her fat belly.

“Has Tara told you about us at all?”

“Yes. About how you two and she are close—have been—and how blown away she was that you two built a very nice outdoor restroom just for her. Although she never once mentioned that you were a BBW nor Lou being a BHM.”

“That’s because we weren’t last time she saw us. This is all dedicated self-fat-gaining and feeding between then and now. We didn’t used to be into fatsex, but we’re totally into it now, loving it!”

“And?” Lou asked her.

Linda turned to him, giving him a subtle nod that told him everything he needed to know.

Others approached, Alain and Dante at the moment.

Everything was going well, and continued to do so through the conclusion of the event. John liked to really liked everyone he met. The incumbent group members felt the same about him.

Yessss!” Barb called out.

“What?” asked Tara.

“Check your email.”

She, Barb, and John all had email messages from the polyfidelity group, requesting a comprehensive STI test for each of them and rigorously not engaging in any risky contact outside the three of them until potential acceptance (back) into the group.

Tara was nervous until all the results came back, just in case John had something he didn’t know about, from who-knows-what, since all too many STIs can be transferred in ways beyond sexually.

She had nothing to fear: he was clean. As were she and Barb.


So the whole room heard at the first regular gathering of the poly group since admitting John Mercer as a new member.

Linda Lick heard the call increase in volume until she felt the boomp! of impact when John’s hard hot front met her soft warm rear. A second later, his hands wandered all over her fat hips, buns, and what he could reach from behind of her belly.

“Sex please?” she asked. “You inside of me?”

“Don’t you want more warmup?”

“No thanks, I’m very ready.”

They rocked each other’s worlds, him rocking hers more than once when post-coitus he got down on his knees around front of her to kiss and lick her belly, then do the same with her deliciously (and still newly) fat vulva.

“You need to come visit between events” she urged him during their afterglow cuddle, which included Tara on his opposite side, even though she’d not been a part of John and Linda’s lovemaking.


Same event, a little later.

“Hi John!” Sheila’s entire voice smiled along with her expression as she felt him pressed deep into her bent-over rear, the moment after impact.

“Hi Sheila (huff, pant). I had no idea you curved this much when you bend over (huff, huff).”

“I’m blessed with the curves. No love for the big, pendulous boobs hanging within your reach?”

He’d long ago learned that even if he wasn’t especially interested in a woman’s breasts, if he wanted to be on good terms with her and she went to the trouble of offering, he should accept. Which he did.

“Mmmmmm!” The boob fondles felt nice, though the receding hardness did not. “Tell me the absolute truth.”


“You’re truly not into boobs, are you?”

“Not especially, in terms of my own desires. To me they’re mildly fun. I’m aware that most men and many women value them highly, with big, well-shaped ones like yours being the pinnacle. For that reason alone it’s a great honor that you offered me this chance to feel yours, which do indeed feel very nice.”

“But not make-you-hard nice.”

“No. I have to be focused on a woman’s curvy middle body, or deep in love with her and kissing mouth to mouth passionately, for that sort of response.”

“Well in that case, you go ahead and move your hands anywhere on me that excites you.”

Immediately his hands moved back to her hips. Currently she was skirting the voluptuous/plumper boundary, so there wasn’t a major accumulation of delightful hip fat. Bent over as she was and driven as he was, he found every molecule of hip fat she had, massaging all of it.

His growing hardness between her buns pleased her.

She tensed up when his hands jumped to her belly. She’d developed a slight paunch in the past year or so, amplified by her bent-over position. She wasn’t fond of it.

“Sorry!” He instantly moved his hands back where they’d been on her hips.

She moved them back. “No, that’s OK. It startled me more than anything else. I did say ‘anywhere on me that excites you’, so if my not-flat belly is in that category, be my guest.”

The pleasant sensations of his massaging hands (plus being inside his protective loving field, which neither of them noticed) made her rethink her categoric disdain of something this man quite liked about her body, and the feelings she could feel from it.

Both of them needed a long build-up—the better part of half an hour—before they were ready for intercourse. Despite not being a breast man, when he sensed she was highly aroused, something inside John Mercer directed him to pinch Sheila’s nipples. Her orgasm (from surprise as much as the great feelings) contractions helped him get going enough to get off.


Bent-over Alain proved irresistible. Her over-the-shoulder “come hither” smiling expression didn’t hurt either. She’d often felt fortunate that her sex drive was as high as it was, given that she was built for sex, with just about every attribute which pushed every possible evolutionary mating instinct button of the typical heterosexual male. Even if there wasn’t much she could do to tone down the unwanted attention in the outer world (other than perhaps project anger and surliness, and wear extremely unflattering loose clothing), here in the group was a safe place to play hard with men she liked.

John found plenty to grab onto and explore. If forced to choose he’d rather have his hands and the rest of his body on/into Tara, or Barb, or Linda (in that order). In this context of not having to choose just one or two or even three loving women, Alain was a stirringly novel treat.

As with Sheila, they enjoyed a long, gradual build-up of fun sexy touches, caresses, fondles, kisses, and more before agreeing that penetration and humping would be nice.

“Settle down, girl!” Linda said to Tara. “I’ve never seen you so neurotic! I’ve never seen you neurotic at all, for that matter. What’s got you jittery like you just drove from Boston to Kittery?”

“He hasn’t been feeling my butts in any way, shape, or form for nearly an hour and a half!”


Yes. And he gets withdrawal symptoms without feeling me.”

“Well I wouldn’t know about that, but it sure seems like it may work the other way around, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

The realization hit her like a desktop computer tower full of old heavy full-height 3.5” hard drives thrown out of a third story window: she needed his contact!

As soon as she joined John and Alain in their afterglow cuddle and got her butts up against John and atop Alain (who was sitting in John’s lap), the room filled with the invisible warm glow of John’s protective loving energy field.

Alain didn’t know what it was, other than obviously John and Tara loved each other profoundly deeply, and it was a very soothing 3-way cuddle.

During the course of this first event for him, John enjoyed some form of sex (usually intercourse) with over 3/4s of the group’s women in attendance. No one involved had any regrets. All of them looked forward to sharing love and sex in the future.

Worn out as they all were, Tara felt the need to get John pressed into her left butt crack once they were home and settling into bed for the night.

Soon after commencing the cuddle, she felt his whole body relax, along with a deep sigh: “Hhhhhhhhhhh”.

“What does that mean?” she asked.

“I’m home.”

Barb smiled, seeing the two profoundly deeply bonded lovers doing their best approximation of melding into one. She turned out the light and joined them, easing her profoundly soft front into John from behind, offering him a boob pillow, which he gratefully accepted.