Butt Birthday

Hee hee hee!” Giggle. Snicker. “Mmmmm!” “Me too!”

Slightly over half a year later, John Mercer was off probation with the polyfidelity group, no question, no concerns. It also happened to be his 61st. birthday, coinciding conveniently with the group’s monthly nearly-full membership get-together. Stretched out on a big bed in the bigger of the two communal homes, he was smothered in curvy feminine ass, fat where possible.

“I can sit on his face! There’s room there.”

“He’s gotta be able to breathe, Edie! Go sit on his arm.”

Seeking stimulation, Edie opted to sit on John’s right hand. Several of the group had made the shocking (to him) sacrifice of intentionally gaining fat for his birthday. Edie was one of those. Like the others, she didn’t do it solely for him. She craved new experiences, and wanted to know what it felt like being chubby. So far she liked it enough that she had no immediate plans to dial things back nor stop. It wasn’t a huge gain, taking her from average-build to softer all over, and the start of a fattening muff mound. This latter attribute encouraged John to give her what she wanted from her seating choice, gliding up into her to explore and stimulate her with his hand.

All his regular lovers plus anyone in the group with whom he’d shared sex had at least some part of their ass(es) pressed against some part of him. He was stretched out and on his back, not directly on the bed. Tara was underneath him, face down so that his two buns would interleave intimately between her three. Barb and Laura, the two next biggest, carefully sat themselves on his feet early in the proceedings, for basically the same reason Edie sat on his hand, and also to allow easier access for the many other smaller women in the group to get their asses somewhere on him. He did not disappoint either of them.

No one disappointed anyone, amongst all of those participating. All these months since joining, John Mercer had been the group’s official ass man. If a woman wanted her rear end loved and/or wanted to be slipped into from behind, he was the go-to choice (unless someone wanted anal play or penetration, in which case others amongst the group were better options). He was also a good option for vulva licking and kissing, hip massages, and fat belly love.

Tara Pelvig remained a star of the group, once again happily sharing Smooth and Furry, and the rest of what she had, always attending with John and virtually always with Barb as well. At a new peak weight of 710 pounds, there was a whole lot of Tara to play with!

Barb Bloom set a new personal record for being huge, within sight of the 700 Pound Club at 689 pounds with only one lower body. Her still-growing breasts moved closer to biggest ever (though they still had a good ways to go before reaching that record-setting pinnacle), then, now, and forever extremely popular amongst the group, and Tara at home, and herself. Not that she was solely gaining on her breasts: she continued to fatten all over. For both Tara and Barb, their fat gains were slight and ongoing, not so noticeable over short spans and quite obvious over longer ones.

It was a spectacular (and very long) group orgy, and John’s best birthday ever!

Linda and Lou Lick were well on their way to eating themselves to supersized, arguably already there. They loved what was happening with their own and each other’s bodies, dialing their couple’s love life from simmer to high boil. There were indeed some of the familiar issues, such as being passed over for promotions at the places each of them worked. Their joy of fat was so great, they didn’t much care.

Tara, John, and Barb visited them often at their home between group meet-ups, and occasionally they visited the threesome. All of them had a great time.

One of these visits was only about a week after the whole-group get-together on John’s birthday. Soon after Barb, John, and Tara arrived, they and the Licks sat together nude in the covered patio looking out into the lovely back yard (and at Tara’s Restroom), enjoying the warm summer day in the shade, getting into warmup flirting and other conversation.

Linda was currently standing behind her husband as he lay very comfortably and fatly on part of one section of the reinforced outdoor couch, giving his boobs a nice flax seed oil N.B.E. massage as he gave one to her heavy hangers.

John happened to be sitting right next to Lou on the right, with Tara’s left butt on his lap, right butt sitting to his right. Barb sat next to Tara on her right, caressing Tara’s right hip with her left hand and eating rectangles of meat pie with her right. John became fascinated with how Lou’s very fat belly wobbled all over the place, related to what his hands were doing with Linda and what hers were doing with him, all up above. Other than being hairier (and Lou wasn’t especially hairy), his soft, hugely fat belly didn’t look much different than SSBBW bellies he’d seen and come to know. He was equally fascinated with what lay below Lou’s belly: Lou had a fat mound about the size of his wife’s!

“Like what you see, John?” Lou teased.

“Yes, honestly.”

“Thinking about joining the rest of us enjoying the fat life?”

“His body doesn’t do that” said Tara.

“I didn’t think mine did either, until Laura and I together made concerted efforts to eat more and exercise less. At first nothing really happened, then gradually there was a slight change. Then there was some multiplier or cascade effect where my increased eating capacity had me hungry more often, thus eating more often, even if it was just a snack.”

“Same with me” said Linda.

“From there it’s been pretty easy to build this fun body” he grinned.

“May I please… feel your belly?” John tentatively asked.

Lou was surprised and delighted. “Sure! Belly, fat pad, boobs… I’m an open book.”

“Why is it called a fat pad on a man and a mound or muff on a woman?” Tara asked, leading to an interesting discussion that struggled to reach any conclusions.

During the discussion John remained fascinated with Lou’s supersized, slouching body—or at least parts thereof. Lou smiled in the most friendly, gentle way possible when John started squeezing and caressing his belly, as conversation amongst the rest of them went on.

John couldn’t help himself, reaching down and feeling Lou’s mound. Being on the polysexual spectrum and having shared some forms of sex with other men before (and definitely having been groped), Lou remained relaxed.

Tara didn’t know what to make of how hard John was getting (feeling his erection directly into her left butt crack as usual when her left side sat in his lap).

Once the fat pad/mound conversation wound down, with John currently feeling that part of Lou by whatever name, Lou asked, “So what do you think?”

“It feels amazingly like Linda’s or Barb’s or either of Tara’s mounds: softer fat, thinner skin.”

“That’s my conclusion too.”

“I don’t suppose there’s any way you can describe what it feels like to you to have it.”

“Probably not that will have much meaning to you. Soft, warm, fat, padded. Stimulating to rub against. Since mine’s coming in from up above, it doesn’t especially pad my balls, nor truly swallow my cock as you can see. It’s like an extra-low extra-soft belly hang that much closer to my wang, but since you don’t have any belly hang of your own, that too likely is difficult to imagine sensation-wise. I love it and would never willingly lose it, which is true of all my fat.”

John had a whole lot more opportunity to reach over and feel Lou’s belly and mound fat as Lou humped Smooth and he humped Furry, with Tara licking Linda and Linda licking Barb.