The Fourth Fat Ass

Taking the STI tests then waiting for the results, while probably the most stressful current event in Jenny Patussi’s life, was far from the only one. She remained under pressure to put the rest of her life in some semblance of order, with the current largest pressure being from her sister to clear out everything she had from their parents’ home.

She and her sister had never been close, both from the large age difference and personality differences. Colleen, naturally average to slender in body build and consistency, categorically blamed Jenny for their mother’s premature (Colleen’s opinion) death, disinterested in hearing any excuses from her younger sister. That alone was enough to alienate them. The sex offender status was the final nail in the coffin of their being able to deal with one another amicably. Colleen wanted nothing further to do with Jenny, and wanted her out of the house and her life as soon as possible.

Perhaps out of spite, Jenny stayed in the house several days past clearing everything belonging to her out of her former bedroom. The excuse was that items of hers were scattered around the premises, and she needed to find them all, especially since Colleen was highly unlikely to save any and let her get them if any were left behind. Living several states away and busy with her own life and family, there was little Colleen could do about pushing Jenny out, other than ranting in text and voice messages.

It meant a great deal to Jenny that Tara of her own volition placed a friendly call to her to check up with her and ensure she was OK. John and Barb each called other days and times, Barb with brief well-wishes and positivity, John for what turned into more of an in-depth conversation of soul mates.

Availability of the STI test results happened to coincide with the day Jenny was finally ready to forever leave the house in which she grew up. She invited Tara, Barb, and John over for the results reveal, a tour of the house for the women, and John joining her in a final goodbye to a building where they’d shared so many formative things, including a lot of young love and sex.

“Congratulations!” Tara smiled, sharing a hug with Jenny at the front door.

You don’t know yet!

“Your beaming smile tells me that you do, and that there’s no bad news.”

“Get in here all of you, please, and let’s make it official.”

She led them over to the otherwise-cleared dining room table, pulling out the results and handing them to Tara, who seemed to be the lead of the threesome in these matters.

Tara studied the documents carefully. “Good. Good. Good…. Yes…. Perfect!

She passed them to John, who didn’t need as long to reach the same conclusion. He passed them to Barb, who thought it was silly for her to additionally review them, but did so anyway to keep the others happy.

This time it was John who said “Congratulations, Jenny! As long as you rigorously keep your fluid sharing to us, and maybe some future time to other members of the poly group, we’re all free and clear to share all sorts of consensual physical love!”

She surprised all three of them with her first move, “Permission to kiss you on the mouth, Tara?”


The tight hug arms around each other passionate lovers’ kisses threw Tara for a loop. She looked utterly dazed when Jenny pulled away. “Wow!” is all she managed to say.

“Permission to kiss you on the mouth, Barb?”

“Bring it” she grinned, opening her arms.

Their exchange was even more passionate, with Barb an equal participant in the kissing.

“John? Permission to kiss like we used to?”

“Permission granted for anything we used to do, and most likely anything new you’d care to discuss.”

Jenny and John’s mutual passionate kisses were on a whole other level. Suddenly they were back where they’d been at Harwether Meadows: picking up right where they’d left off, kissing each other deeply, sensually, passionately, lovingly for all time.

Barb nearly had Tara laughing with her miming eating popcorn and watching.

The kisses Jenny shared with each of Tara and Barb lasted perhaps a minute or so. Once those between her and John passed the 5 minute mark, Tara grew uncomfortable. This was no ordinary love, akin to how her own love for and with John went far beyond the ordinary. Her concern of the moment was whether John’s and Jenny’s went further than hers and John’s.

By 7 minutes, she could stand it no longer: she cuddled firmly into the sides of both Jenny and John. Without even breaking lip contact and seemingly without coordination, each of the passionate kissers wrapped their nearest arm around her, easing her in closer. Before she knew it, she was part of a 3-way passionate kissing session!

Barb didn’t even need to see a full minute of that before announcing “Brace yourselves” and squishing into the open side of John and Jenny. The two Js had no trouble repeating what they’d done with Tara, making the event into quite the 4-way kissathon, with piles of front-facing fat flesh squishing together warmly.

“Awww, I was just getting warmed up!” Barb complained when the others eased apart, around the 12 minute mark for Jenny and John.

Jenny turned to her, giving her another especially big, loud, smoochy kiss. “There’ll be more where that came from, long as you’re down for it” she assured Barb. “Let’s focus on looking around the modern incarnation of this house in which I grew up, and John and I shared a very active late teenage sex life.”

Seeing the layout of the house and the interior of what had been her childhood bedroom added a whole new set of dimensions to Jenny’s and John’s youthful love story, as related in detail by John to the (at the time) two women he most loved. It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood, but not special enough to justify any of them haggling with Colleen to exchange or upgrade from what they (at least Tara and John) already owned.

Jenny had done an outstanding job finding and claiming anything of hers that she wanted. John could neither find nor suggest a single thing she’d missed.

Saying goodbye to the house this final time was bittersweet and wrought with emotions for John as well as Jenny, though more for her. In the hesitant moment of locking up once and for all, with tears streaming out Jenny’s and John’s eyes, Tara whispered to Barb. The two of them were about 10 paces ahead, along the driveway. They turned together to face the tearful couple, arms open wide.

Jenny didn’t know what to think when John suddenly kissed her hand, let go of it, then quickly rushed over to his two existing lovers. Rather than hug them as she’d expected, he positioned himself between them, also holding his arms open wide in Jenny’s direction. “Your future is this way!” he called out over the distance.

Being small supersized and able to run, Jenny ran to them, landing in John’s arms, with Tara and Barb wrapping around at roughly 120° angles from him to give Jenny full immersive hug coverage.

I need you all!” she weakly shared, through her tears of appreciation.

Technically, John’s house, Tara’s house, Model Magicians, Bioteronimo, the communal poly group homes, and John’s and Jenny’s childhood homes were all in the same large metropolis. In a practical sense, they were in different cities, varying distances apart. The childhood homes were furthest, easily 45 miles if not more away from the other locations (themselves often 12+ miles apart) through densely populate areas with heavy traffic.

John didn’t visit his mother (his father had died a few years earlier) often, between the traffic logistics, being busy running his business, and more recently being busy with Tara and Barb. Given that they were in the area, and that it had been decades since Jenny had seen Mrs. Mercer, they decided to all drive over, John + Tara + Barb in their vehicle, and Jenny in hers.

Mrs. Mercer had met Tara twice: first during the initial few weeks she and John had become an inseparable item, then again about 9 months later, which was also the first and only time she’d met Barb.

As was his way, John led the group into the house via his own key, without knocking or ringing the doorbell.

His octogenarian mother was there in the entryway to greet them. She was stunned how much fatter Tara, first to enter behind John, appeared to be. “Welcome back, Tara” she said as they hugged.

“Thank you, Mrs. Mercer. It’s been quite awhile!”

“It has! Have you… put on more fat, the way I recall you said you like?”

“Yes I have, thank you.”

“Hello again, Mrs. Mercer” said Barb, going in for a hug.

She was equally shocked to see Barb even fatter than last time. “Welcome back, Barb. Both of you give amazing hugs. With you, it’s like lying face-down on a pillow-top bed.”

“Thank you!”

“That’s why Tara’s and my pet name for Barb is ‘Pillow’, Mom.”

“Mrs. Mercer! How are you?!”

“My stars! Jenny Patussi!”

The two of them shared a deep hug.

“It’s been decades!” Mrs. Mercer continued. “I don’t think I’ve seen you more than once or twice around town all the years since you and John separated to go to your different universities.” Her face took on a puzzled, slightly confused expression. “Pardon me if this is out of line, but weren’t you fairly slender, and running a health and fitness clinic?”

“Yes I was, for most of my adult life. But then things started to go very, very wrong, leaving me in a very bad place. It’s a long story and I’m not at a point where I’m comfortable talking about it, especially since John, Barb, and Tara have all heard it very recently. The bottom line for now is that my business no longer exists, my body is going to be fat due to a number of factors, and I wish to be at peace living in my again-fat body, now through the rest of my life. Which is really what led me back to John, which I discovered now means Tara and Barb too.”

The group moved in to the living room, where Mrs. Mercer had an urgent question, “John: I hate to be rude, but do you think the couch can hold all the weight?”

“I’ll sit on the love seat, Mrs. Mercer” Barb volunteered.

John rushed over to ensure the cinderblocks were in place. “All clear” he smiled at her.

Mrs. Mercer served a pot of tea and a bevy of cookies, handing out individual plates then offering the cookie tray around after having poured everyone’s tea. Eventually she claimed her own, and took a seat in a chair facing the rest of them.

“Please none of you think I’m going senile, but I’m very confused. Jenny and John’s high school romance I remember vividly. That, I understand. When Tara amazingly saved my only child and won his and my hearts, their love I understood. Then I was introduced to Barb, made to understand that each of the three of you were lovers of one another—ménage à trois, basically. Wholly outside my personal experience, but I’ve read about it, and you three seemed to be doing it. So now we’re all here today and Jenny’s back in the picture, wearing the commitment ring you made for her and you’re wearing yours. I am completely lost, regarding who’s related to whom and how. I can’t imagine you, John, are dumping Barb, and I don’t think Tara would let you dump her.”

Tara heartily agreed, cuddling into her man deeper.

“I think I can explain, Mrs. Mercer.”

“Please, Jenny.”

“The rings don’t have the same meaning they did when John made them for us in high school. You’re correct that back then, they were monogamy commitment rings. When I recently came back into the picture, all 4 of us re-designated them as group fidelity commitment rings.” She turned to John, “Does she know about the poly group?”

“No” he blushed.

She quickly adjusted her explanation. “Basically the rings represented the commitment that I would be able to come back over to love John and, if we felt so moved, Tara and/or Barb, once my STI tests documented that I’m not carrying any sexually transmissible infections. As I’m sure you know, that’s important with any couple, and becomes more so with each additional person.”

“So… you’re going to be another girlfriend of John’s, in addition to Tara and Barb?”

“That would be my dream, to be able to love John the way he and I did all those years ago, other than equally with Tara and Barb. The three of them are still lovers and friends as they’ve been. My presence remains new, subject to further negotiation and all of us getting along. Indeed I’m projecting my desires—there has been no promise that I might be anything other than a guest in their lives.”

“The three of you on the couch look like you all love one another, and I’m sure if the couch had the room and weight capacity to support Barb as well, that would apply to all four of you.”

“I’ve never seen a love as powerful as that between John and Jenny, other than my own love of John” said Tara. “I agree with everything Jenny said, though as long as she doesn’t try to steal him away from me, I doubt she’ll be very far out of our orbit.”

The conversation moved on to other topics. Once the topic of Mrs. Patussi’s death came up and Jenny collapsed into a pile of tears, John urged them all to move things forward to a house tour.

Several years after he first moved out as a young adult, taking all his tools, materials, and completed projects with him, John’s parents reverted his former bedroom into more of its intended use as a family room, other than the large couch folding out into a guest bed, to make it serve as a guest bedroom the house otherwise lacked. History lived again as Jenny went on in glowing detail about where the bed of John’s in which they’d made love and slept together for sleep used to be, where his work table had been, where she stood when he made the necklace, and more. Her detailed descriptions plus their intimate knowledge of John and his work setups (in Tara’s mind especially) made things easy to visualize.

On their way out, Jenny had John join her to somewhat re-enact the chubby chaser chase the chubby event. Besides Jenny being fatter and not in proper shoes nor shorts to run, the yard had been re-landscaped in the intervening decades, losing its jungle maze aspect that made the chase so exciting. Jenny’s and John’s descriptions of the foliage and whatnot were colorful and detailed enough to give Tara and Barb a pretty decent idea what it might have been like.

Jenny Patussi struggled to maintain focus on her drive over to John’s, Tara’s, and Barb’s house (legally John’s). Feeling like a giant pit of Need, the possibility of getting many of her most urgent needs met within the hour had her highly excited. She was also worried that she’d inadvertently do something to wreck this chance at love and acceptance she so desperately needed.

Both vehicles arrived within half a minute of each other (John’s car leading), allowing all 4 of them to enter the house together.

“Someone’s excited” Tara smiled towards Jenny.

“I feel like I’m about to explode!” Jenny looked it as well.

John wrapped his arms around her, sharing a long, passionate, tender kiss that made her weak in the knees. “Don’t explode, please. What do you most want?”

Sex and validation!

“Would you like an orgy with the 4 of us?”

Yes, but I’ve never done more than one person at a time.”

“We’re pretty easy, I believe. Just ask consent, be clear regarding what you want to do, listen carefully regarding what others want to do and be sure each person understands and consents, and that’s about it.”

Notwithstanding her concerns and fears, Tara knew better than to interfere with the extremely intense energy between Jenny and John. Their disrobing one another through a flurry of passionate kisses and hugs almost got her off just watching.

“Am I big, John?”


“Am I beautiful?”


“Am I one of your women?”

“Yes, I hope!”

Jenny was beyond ready. She pulled away so she could turn around and bend over. “My ass is fat again for you, John—for us—all of us! And if I can help it it’s never going to be small nor thin again. Take me!

He really didn’t need the verbal invitation. Once he saw her bare bent-over ass, so huge, so wide as it spread with her being bent over, he had no control. He plowed into her, grabbing her fat hips with a firmness just barely safely below bruising level, squeezing and fondling her like his life depended on it.

She was already panting and moaning, so wet, so needing this!

Tara hadn’t even noticed Barb taking her top and industrial-strength huge bra off, focused as she was on the white-hot sexual fireworks going on in front of her. Not until she felt Barb’s massive breasts on the side of her head cutting off her hearing did she notice anything beyond John and Jenny sharing some of the most intense sex she’d ever seen.

She took her own top off, pulling Barb into a standing side cuddle. “He’s not thinking about me” she whispered.

No one can think about someone they love every possible moment.

Am I fucking up, letting them have each other?

No. You’re staying safely out of the way of passions beyond this earth. You have them with John too, probably even greater magnitude. Your task is to accept Jenny, and form a love with her that’s as pure and deep as possible. And please, for Gaia’s sake, don’t leave me out!

John couldn’t hold back, cumming well before Jenny was ready to let herself go. She was starved for sex—ravenous!

Tara started to make a move towards the couple; Barb held her back. Once Barb had done that, Tara realized her amazing favorite female lover was correct: John wasn’t about to let Jenny down, and they had a long-dormant protocol to address her needs. Not to mention, for Jenny, being and remaining highly aroused was at least as good as release!

He led her to the living room couch, both of them in a cloud. She slouched down and spread. He languorously kissed his way up each of her inner thighs to give her time and space to be wholly excited before plunging his face into her succulent fat vulva.

Seeing the intensely passionate licking going on, Tara grabbed Barb’s fat arm, “Lick me now, before I go insane!

Their bottom-half clothes flew off, and that’s what happened. Actually what happened is that Barb licked Smooth and rubbed her nipple against Furry’s clit. The lengthy arousal was delicious!

After Tara’s first orgasm, Barb switched sides.

John helped arouse Jenny until she came, over and over and over. She never wanted the ecstasy to stop! She never wanted to go back to a life without John and her as lovers!

Now!” Barb softly told Tara.

The two of them cuddled into each side of Jenny and John, rubbing their sexy body parts against the long-separated lovers, who were currently drifting towards afterglow.

You’re saving my life” Jenny softly shared with them.

“Be saved, Jenny” said Tara. “No mere mortal should get in the way of the intense other-worldly love you and John have. Just know that his and mine is at or beyond your level. We have to all be together. There is no other way.”

Barb and Tara took Jenny back to the land of joyous arousal, then eventually through several more orgasmic releases, as John lost himself in all their heavenly love and flesh.

Barb made the sacrifice of foregoing afterglow to make dinner happen.

Tara, Jenny, and John found that positioning themselves with Jenny again sitting in John’s lap and Tara pressed deeply into both their sides from the left (Jenny’s butt end) was what they needed.

I need this” Jenny was barely able to gasp out.

“We know” replied Tara, with John nodding.

I’m unworthy.”

“You’re fine.”

“My life is a shambles.”

“One day at a time. One moment, when necessary. Kiss me, so you know you’re worthy.”

The steamy, passionate kiss went on for nearly 2 minutes.

“Let’s all enjoy dinner” urged Tara. “One moment at a time.”

Both during and after dinner, the group of 4 retained their pattern: Jenny in John’s lap, sitting sideways with her back facing to John’s left. Tara cuddled into Jenny’s back and John’s left side. Barb cuddled into John’s right side with her and Jenny’s belly fat getting to know each other well, when Barb wasn’t serving. This time everyone was nude, amping up passions as well as fundamental tranquil comfort with one another.

After dinner brought serious conversation.

“We know your history” said Tara to Jenny. “Tell us about your life as it is right now, and your projections for the future.”

“Bleak, in a word. No clue regarding a new career. Savings running low. It won’t be long before I can’t afford the mortgage on the property I bought, back when I saw no end to the stable good times with Forever Fit.”

“A house, I take it?”

“Condo. I’d love to be rid of the homeowners’ association. But I need a place to live, and renting makes even less sense.”

“If you could have your perfect future, what would it be?”

“Being lovers with you all and having everything be great between us. Loving John passionately and deeply, because I can’t stop. Learning from and leveraging your and Barb’s experience and wisdom as fat women who enjoy being fat, to find my own way to that place. In my perfect dream somehow living with you all, though I don’t see any physical space for me here, in the bedroom and so on.”

“Let that last part go, for now.”

“I’m so needy and such a resource drain as opposed to a contributor, I can’t imagine how I can possibly be worth anyone’s consideration.”

“I have some ideas, but they won’t work unless you truly love Barb and myself at least 2/3rds. as much as John.”

“All I can think about and feel right now is sexual desire, for all of you.”

“That’s an OK place to start. You’ve already done John, and you’ll be doing him again I’m quite sure. Are you feeling anything for me or Barb?”

“Both. Your body fascinates me. It would be an honor to plant my face into either or ideally both of your fat vulvas, licking you or doing whatever else you want that gives you what you want.”

“Lick me on whichever side you prefer and touch me on the other side at the same time, and chances are we’ll form a loving bond.”

Jenny’s intense passionate licking and touch caressing of Tara’s two sides floored her. Suddenly life with Jenny Patussi as a lover was no longer optional. Jenny’s sexing left Tara too drained to move, after her powerful orgasms.


“Yes Tara?”

“You’re sharing Jenny with me. Oh my gosh!

“I want some, please” said Barb.

“I love big breasts” Jenny admitted. “I’m going to want to suck your nipples, ideally really hard.”

Barb presented her boobs to Jenny, “Make my day, if you think you can handle all of me.”

Yet again, Jenny’s intense suckling aroused Barb more than she could have imagined, leaving her gasping for breath after a couple of powerful orgasms.

“May I lick you down below, please?”

“You may do anything you want, Jenny.”

Jenny’s deft work on Barb’s fat mound left Barb reeling. Her kisses on Barb’s fat belly rendered her temporarily immobile.

“I don’t care what you two do” Barb told Tara and John, “Jenny’s my new lover.”

Somehow they all four made it into the bedroom, becoming an orgiastic pile of sexy flesh on the bed. Sex and making out continued until the last of them was exhausted. Mutually too worn out to discuss much of anything, they all fell asleep together in their sex pile.

“We need to get another bed in here, to make this one bigger” Barb suggested in the morning, once all four of them were awake.

“Oh I don’t know” replied John. “I think this is perfect as it is.” One reason he thought this was that he was able to kiss some part of each of them without moving hardly at all.

“One moment at a time, please” Tara admonished. She caressed Jenny’s nearest hip, “How are you doing this morning, Jenny?”

“I’m deeply in love with all of you sexually, and I’m quite sure more than that. No question of that with John.”

“How about all the disagreements we used to have?” he asked.

“We were young. I would think it would be less of a problem now, but I don’t have an iron-clad answer for that. My need for what we’re all sharing right now is so deep, I’m having trouble getting past that.”

“Precisely why we’re focusing on this moment in the here and now” said Tara. “Three of us have to get up soon and get ready to go to our two different places of work. What do you have planned for today?”

“My life has few plans any longer. If there’s anything at all I’m able to do to improve my chances of remaining in your lives as close to live-in as possible, that’s what I’m doing. Other than that, I suppose I’ll go home and continue the exercise in futility of figuring out how to find or make a new career, now that I’m out of the home I grew up in and have the major boost of all of your love.”

“Today I don’t think there’s anything in particular you can do to cement yourself in our lives as a live-in. We’re all clear that at a minimum, we each want you as our lover, true everyone?”

Barb and John agreed.

“I submit we all need more time with you before getting into live-in commitments. What I would like is for all of us to meet over at the other house tonight, which for Jenny’s benefit, means the house that I grew up in and now legally own, where Barb and I were living before John came into my life as a lover.”

“The bed’s no bigger over there” noted Barb.

“No it’s not. The point is for Jenny to see the house, be with all of us in a different environment, and know where it is in case she’s looking for any of us and for some reason we’re out of communications, say with a dead mobile device. That and the usual reason of at least one of us being there so there’s a living human presence there. Any objections?”

There were none.

“Jenny: plan on an overnight with us there, very much like this one just now wrapping up.”

She confirmed.

It was time for everyone to get up, and the three employed workers to get to work. As with many people, there wasn’t time for a big breakfast, especially having awoken later than usual.

The “goodbye for now” kiss John gave Jenny as they all left nearly incapacitated her, for driving or anything else. She pulled things together and pulled her car out of the way, freeing the exit of John’s and Barb’s vehicles.

“This is nice!” Jenny exclaimed, already thinking that about the location and exterior, and now verbally sharing the observation with her first view of the interior as she entered the house.

“Thank you” Tara smiled, thereafter puckering her lips for a kiss.

Jenny needed no further hint. She embraced and kissed Tara like the new lover she was.

John, standing away from the front door, held open his arms. She rushed to him for some steamy make-out kisses.

Feeling shortchanged, Tara backed her huge butts into Jenny’s, rubbing them back and forth across hers.

Jenny got the clue, bringing Tara into the make-out cuddle and kissing session.

“Where’s Barb?” Jenny wondered.

Tara explained, “She’s coming from farther away, and sometimes her work days run long.”

“She’ll be here pretty soon” John was confident.

“Tara: let’s rub our fat butts against John the way you were just doing with me.”

“I’ll soil my pants.”

“Let’s save it for later, when we’re all nude. And let’s save getting undressed until after you get a full property tour.”

Having lived in the house her whole life, Tara had plenty of history to share, making for a fascinating and long tour.

John happily tagged along, sometimes holding doors open or moving things out of the way, especially along foot paths for two gorgeous women too fat to easily see where their feet were about to step.

During the tour, Barb arrived home. She had little trouble hearing their voices and catching up with them.

“Hey Pillow” John smiled, deep hugging and kissing Barb.

Tara did the same, then Jenny, with extra-twinkly eyes and delight.

“This is almost like having our own mini polyfidelity group” Barb grinned, once she and Jenny separated.

“So what’s happening for dinner?” Tara asked Barb.

“Beats me. I don’t recall any of us having discussed it.”

Tara sighed with annoyance and resignation. “Sounds like we’re going to have to live the cliché of pizza and beer. Unless someone wants to drive to Szechuan Sizzle or one of our other take-out options.”

“iNom will deliver anything.”

“Too expensive, and I don’t like the attitude of some of their delivery people with their soul patches in their black skinny jeans when they see how fat I am and that I don’t have the newest iPhone.”

“I’d rather not have Asian or fried chicken tonight” said John.

“One of us can pick up a Wimpey’s Snack party pack from Olive Oyl’s” Barb suggested.

“We’d do better ordering 8 of Snarl’s Jaw Jackers” Tara countered. “At least those come on onion rolls.”

“I still think they should’ve hired me for those bikini burger-eatin’ babe ads they ran a few years ago.”

“The lamestream world’s not ready for all the curves you have” John grinned, giving Barb’s belly and nearest breast friendly squeezes.

“I’ll drive anywhere you want and pick up whatever you want” Jenny promised, still desperate to make good with all of them.

“I’d rather not have any of us lose time picking up food which we could instead be using to get to know each other better, and continue our moment-by-moment trial of all loving one another” said Tara. “Would pizza and beer be too awful for anyone?”

“My inhibitions are already so low, I’ll be humping and licking and otherwise sexing all of you all night long, with alcohol in me.”

“Feature!” Barb grinned.

“On a weekend and ideally during daytime, yes” Tara agreed. “On a work night like tonight, not so much.”

“Pizza and tea strikes me as a wholly viable option, which takes close to no time away from all of us being able to interact” John suggested.

That’s what they went with. Tara called in the pizza order, then wrapped up the rest of the house/garage/yard/etc. tour.

Seeing the arrival of 4 entirely different extra-large pizzas excited Jenny almost as much as being with her three new lovers. Even more exciting and directly related to both these things was seeing these three lovers take their clothes off (and put protective big towels down on the couches) to eat dinner!

“We’d rather lick errant sauce and oil off each other than remove the stains from our clothes” Barb explained, picking out her first slice and getting settled.

“What about it being hot and burning?” Jenny wondered.

“We avoid playing around or getting into making out in such circumstances” answered Tara.

“Does that mean I can’t sit on John’s lap?”

“Not at all.”

“My turn sitting next to Jenny’s big beautiful butt, please” requested Barb.

The meal was delicious, the company sublime. Eating with other fat women whose appetites were at least as big as hers was calming and bonding, helping Jenny’s self-esteem. Doing so nude, sitting on her boyfriend’s lap was stimulating!

Once dinner was over and cleaned up, Jenny was all ready for sex! It didn’t take much to get John stiffened up and able to slip into her when she sat back down on his lap with his favorite view (her ass) facing him. Their cooing and sighs and soft moans as they humped let everyone know how great a time they were having.

Tara was having a far less great time: both sides of her wanted what Jenny was currently getting, and Jenny hadn’t even checked in with her or Barb before claiming John and going at it! Before John got too close to his threshold, she came over and tapped Jenny on the arm. “My turn.”


“You didn’t even ask whether myself or Barb had intentions of boinking with John tonight. Unless you and he are working together for men’s multiples, or you intend to get off but not have him get off so Barb and I can have some of his hardness tonight, you’re being rather selfish.”

Too shocked to say anything or do anything else, Jenny got up off John, who’d softened a bit from the confrontation.

Tara had no trouble getting him back up, aiming her rears at him, bending over, and asking “Smooth or Furry first?”

“Smooth first tonight, please.”

When he slid into Tara’s right side as she sat her hugeness down upon him (in the same butt-towards-face position Jenny utilized), John’s body and mind were instantly reminded of the sexual aspects of his and Tara’s essential love bond. He truly, deeply loved Jenny, about as much as Tara. Jenny was fatter than ever, and more excited to get with him and share sex with him than anyone had been for some time, and she’d been only during the pinnacle sex moments of their teenage love life. That being written, Jenny was far, far less fat than Tara, considering just one lower half of Tara for comparison purposes. It was like moving from the seat of a decently comfortable average large compact or small mid-sized car into the ultra plushness of a large luxury vehicle with the highest interior trim level.

Jenny could only watch, confused by the conflicting raging feelings coursing through her.

Tara had far more recent practice moderating John’s arousal—with his active help, which he automatically gave, based upon his own preference for long spans of intercourse. They gave themselves and each other a good ride of a few minutes, at which point Tara requested changing sides.

It was other worldly to Jenny to watch the only living woman with two full sets of female genitals lift her right set off him, move over a step, then go right back down on him with her other side.

Intending to set a precedent as much as enjoy sex, after a few minutes of John and herself pleasuring Furry, Tara invited Barb to have a go. Hoping to emphasize that there were no hard feelings, she put her arm around Jenny in a side cuddle, so they could both stand and watch Barb and John share sex together.

With so many differences major to subtle between each woman’s body, definitely including genitals, it was hard to say whether Barb was the same size, larger, or smaller than Tara in terms of lap-seated facing-away butt-centric sexual intercourse, or if it even mattered. It was easy to say that John was quite hard for, and inside, Barb.

“You feel (gasp… huff) fatter. Your (huff… huff) your ass” he ended quietly.

“Yes I’m quite sure my ass is fatter, along with other parts of me.” One could hear the smile in Barb’s voice without needing to see it on her face. “And since when is ‘ass’ a word that needs to be whispered amongst us? We’ve always used it as a highly positive synonym for entire butts, rear ends, et cetera—especially fat ones, like mine.”

“I– uh– I’m an ass addict!

She looked over her shoulder to share, “That’s one of several reasons I’m delighted to have more fat ass for you to indulge in and explore!” Along with her comment she thrusted longer and harder, fully intending to take his load.

John lost himself in the glory of Barb’s newly-enhanced body, giving her what she wanted as he enjoyed a nice release.

“How do I sign up to go all the way with him?” Jenny asked.

“Start by asking all of us if we have any plans along those lines, or at least stating your intent to blow him off before taking actions that lead to that.”

“I’m sorry I can’t do ejaculatory multiples for you all” John pouted.

Tara led herself and Jenny back over to him, caressing him. “You’re fine. You can’t help how you’re made, any more than any of us could help menstruating when we were in that age range, or how I can’t independently control my anal and urinary sphincters independently on each side.”

This was news to Jenny. “You can’t?!”

“No. Which is why I have the special toilets here, at the other house, and at work, and try to arrange my eating and drinking such that the timing of my output happens one of those places.”

“Or one or two others” added Barb.

“Let’s not make things complicated, please.” To Jenny and John she said, “You two go ahead and work out when you can give Jenny what I denied her tonight to make an important point, and otherwise make out and make good. Or three, if Barb wants to join in and you both want that. I need to go shower to be ready for work tomorrow.”

“You don’t want more sex with John tonight?” asked Jenny.

“Not tonight. More tired than horny. Now cuddles and kisses are another matter, and will happen in plentitude.”

Another night of mostly-happily tangled mostly-sleep. Another day of work for John, Tara, and Barb. Another day of struggling with her future for Jenny.

This basic pattern repeated an additional day, bringing the group to their first weekend together as full lovers.

The first discussion on Saturday morning was what to do about beds. After sufficient back-and-forth discussion and some measurements, John convinced the others (mainly Tara) that it was indeed possible to fit a second California King-sized bed next to the existing one in the bedroom of the house he owned. They started the process of ordering the custom-made bed from the local manufacturer this same day.

After breakfast, they needed to go grocery shopping. Always a big attention-drawing event due to how big and visually attention-drawing Barb and Tara were, having Jenny join them was yet another test of how she might work out as an ongoing member of the household (even though her being so already seemed like a foregone conclusion, at least at John’s house).

“How are we going to split the bill?” Jenny asked, with quite the worried tone in her voice and look on her face. “For that matter, what about me and utilities?”

“One day at a time, sweetheart” replied Tara, giving her quite the lovers’ kiss.

“You’re still in the gray area between guest and resident, and you’ve been financially and otherwise hammered” noted John. “I have enough to cover your costs for now.”

“Even my food?” She moved his hands to her belly and butt to make her point… or was that her round? (rimshot)

Especially your food” he emphasized, both verbally and with squeezes of her fat where she’d placed his hands.

“Let’s get going before the stores get crowded and more people than I can handle want to climb into my cleavage” requested Barb.

Jenny felt a whole lot more like resident than guest and was thrilled beyond belief when the group stopped at a hardware store to have full sets of keys made for each of John’s and Tara’s owned homes, for Jenny. Given that so far she wasn’t working and it might be convenient to have her able to be at either house and come and go therefrom when the rest of them were at work, the incumbent residents thought it made sense.

The remainder of the weekend was a pleasant mix of sex, other forms of love, companionship, and doing laundry and some house cleaning together as a chosen family.

During the following work week, Jenny made no progress whatsoever putting her life back together. Indeed, armed with her new sets of keys and alarm codes, she spent as much time as possible between the two homes (mostly the one John owned). Cleaning, washing dishes which needed hand washing, planning and making meals—anything which would keep her from having to face her uncertain future.

The three incumbents agreed amongst themselves that they all had the same new favorite question from Jenny: “What would you like for dinner tonight?”

“Hi Barb!” Jenny chirped as soon as Barb arrived home from work Wednesday evening. She came over to share a hug and a kiss. “Dinner’s ready when you are. John and Tara are washing up, having arrived under 5 minutes ago.”

Barb was so happy, she hugged Jenny tightly, giving her a potent kiss in return.

She met up with Tara and John on her way into and their way out of the bathroom, stopping them both. “I want this, every work night.”

“What?” asked John.

“Dinner ready and waiting, magically appearing without me having to do anything beyond answer our favorite question.”

“I’m thinking the same thing” said Tara. “If she’s willing to do this day in and day out on an ongoing basis, I submit that she’s found her next career. Please allow me to lead that discussion tonight after dinner.”

What actually happened was that Tara and John had enough time when Jenny was busy in the kitchen serving or clearing plates to work out a team effort discussion.

As usual all of them helped clear the table and clean up the kitchen before all sitting down together to unwind before bed. Yes, table: these past few days when Jenny had made dinner, she served at the oft-neglected dining room table, so that everything would be ready to eat the moment they got home, without having to work the logistics of balancing plates on bellies and where the utensils would go, and so on. The ad-hoc reinforced dining room chairs weren’t the most comfortable things for the women of ultra size, but were able to hold their mighty bulk without all that much masses of ass hanging off the sides unsupported.

This was another night where Tara sat her right rear on John’s lap, with Jenny cuddled into him on his right. On this particular night, Barb sat next to Jenny on her right.

“What’s happening with your plans for your future?” John asked Jenny.

She let out a deep sigh. “Absolutely nothing. In all honesty I’ve been playing around here and Tara’s house, cleaning up things I know I won’t mess up, making dinner, and all that. Playing housewife I suppose, to escape reality.”

“How would you feel about that being your new career?” asked Tara.

“At least the food-related parts” John clarified.

Jenny sat there and blinked. “Are you serious?”


“You have no idea how happy it makes me to come home and have dinner all ready, without my having needed to lift a finger other than maybe telling you what I want if you ask” said Barb. “I have never had that in my life since childhood, and rarely got asked as a child for my preferences. It’s worth it to me to pay some of your room and board to have you do that, if you’re OK doing that every or nearly every working weekday.”

“If you’re genuinely willing to be our homemaker, as I said at least for the food aspects, with cleaning and laundry and anything else being optional and something we can all discuss, the three of us agree that your doing so is a job worth at a minimum covering your basic living expenses living with us, and possibly more.”

“Does this mean… I can live here? As in permanently, ongoing?”

He looked around for any signs of disagreement. Seeing none he replied, “Yes. It may be prudent to keep your condo for awhile, in case we discover that day-in, day-out living together fails to work out in terms of you and any of us.”

“My mortgage isn’t bad, other than when I have no income.”

“Can you rent the place out?” asked Tara.

“I suppose. I’m grateful and delighted for this opportunity, but to be honest, at the moment I’m overwhelmed.”

“Alright, let’s do this” said John. “Assume that you’re going to move in with us and cook for us, and that things will work out. The only make-or-break right now is having dinner for us on work nights when we come home.”

“One or more of the rest of us or all of us will handle meals on weekends” Tara clarified.

“Yes. And by make-or-break, I mean that should be your main focus. If you fall ill or the oven breaks or something else happens, don’t panic—we can work together to work around the problem. Secondarily, go ahead and start moving your belongings over here.”

Where?” Tara demanded.

“We have to see what she has first, and how much there is. We added storage space for Barb’s clothes and whatnot when she joined us, so I don’t see why we can’t do the same for Jenny.”

“Show me where you plan to put another chest of drawers that won’t impede any of your fatass girlfriends from moving around this house.”

Even with this detour in the conversation, the upshot was that Jenny Patussi was thrilled to sign on as cook/baker/meal planner and maker for the family!

Emotions ran high, this particular early Saturday morning. The three incumbent lovers had a special surprise for Jenny.

“Is your necklace handy?” John asked Jenny, soon after each of them completed their upon-waking morning routines (using the toilet, etc.).

“Yes. Is this… symbolic of anything?”


She rushed off to get the double-wide jewel box, rushing back to the bedroom and atop the new linked double California King-sized beds equally fast.

“Open the box, please” John requested.

Overwrought with emotions, Jenny didn’t question what was happening.

“Please hand the necklace to Tara.”

Wholly at a loss as to what was happening and somewhat upset that Tara would be handling her necklace, Jenny complied.

Tara smiled, holding up a small silver pendant.

At first glance, it was hard to tell that it was anything other than an odd-shaped hunk of silver with a loop to attach to a thin jewelry chain. Looking more closely, it was a representation of three thighs with two fat vulvas between them, the one on the left smooth, the one on the right hairy.

“This symbolizes me, and the love you and I share, now and hopefully forever more. Do I have your permission to add it to your necklace?”

Yes!” Jenny exclaimed, gushing tears of overwrought joy as the symbolism started to become clear to her.

Tara slid her pendant onto the chain, all four of them watching it slide down and come to rest to the left of the caged marble. She handed the necklace to Barb.

Barb held up another silver pendant, this one very obviously being a pair of big fat breasts, with prominent erect nipples. “This symbolizes me, and the love you and I share, from before now hopefully to eternity. Permission to add it to your necklace, please?”

“Yes please!

Down it went, bumping into the caged marble on the right side, opposite Tara’s symbolic vulvas, pelvises, and thighs.

Emotional intensity blanketed the room as all together as one John, Tara, and Barb reverently placed the necklace around Jenny’s neck, with John being the one fastening the clasp.

In pre-arranged synchronization, the three incumbent lovers said, “You are our girlfriend, and we are your” John saying “boyfriend” and Tara and Barb saying “girlfriend” atop one another. “Welcome to the family, Jenny!”

Jenny broke down, hugging and kissing each of them frenetically and unceasingly as tears of joy gushed from her eyes, for an entire half hour.