Four Is So Much More

None of Barb, Tara, nor John could have imagined how much better their lives would be with Jenny as their peer lover and life partner. It was wholly counterintuitive that adding another person to the mix would make things better, but that was the reality of what happened. Jenny was a truly happy homemaker, undaunted by keeping two households running in tip-top shape. The profound relief of not having to stress over finding a new paying career made laundry and light cleaning fun. True, she wasn’t so much into heavier cleaning and maintenance, but that was no problem at all for the rest of them: they did that work together on weekends, when needed.

Renting her condo proved not worth the effort. Integrating her belongings between the two homes (John’s and Tara’s owned) took some time, though in the end it worked out far better and less disruptively than Tara had imagined. Jenny didn’t make as much selling her condo as she’d hoped, but it was now wholly out of her life and she was mortgage-free and debt-free.

Still sometimes uncomfortable living what she considered a life of blissful leisure whilst her three lovers worked in paying careers, Tara, John, and Barb each individually and together repeatedly assured Jenny that what she was doing as a homemaker and especially as their cook/baker was a career, for which they were delighted to cover all her living expenses in lieu of a paycheck.

Jenny’s favorite part of her new gig (besides being a lover to three amazing people!) was everything related to food prep. She came to love grocery shopping, meal planning, and everything else related to making meals happen. The rest of them encouraged her to spend as much time as she wanted on this, and let other housekeeping (except laundry) slide.

It wasn’t long at all before Jenny wound up eating most of the day, testing recipes, sampling ingredients, and just enjoying food and her free home life. It was inevitable that she fattened, and not just a little bit. By herself she likely would have been OK with this. With the very clear encouragement of all three of her lovers, she made eating happily and often ever more a part of her every weekday life, with joy.

“You’re spoiling us, making meals on weekends” Tara told Jenny, in truth blissed out being able to sit there and have Saturday brunch appear with no effort on her part.

“No, I want to!” Jenny insisted, swaying ever more fatly with a big smile as she delivered a platter of homemade Chinese pork dumplings with a new variant of a dipping sauce, combining soy, traditional barbecue sauce ingredients, and touches of sriracha.

One change in the life of the Mercer/Pelvig/Bloom/Patussi family related to the incorporation of Jenny into the family was that Jenny was all about family. She pretty much insisted that all of them visit John’s mother more than once every year or two.

On this particular day, all 4 of them rode in John’s car, with the newly beefed-up truck-grade suspension and braking system, able to carry and stop up to a one ton payload. Jenny and Barb were happily cuddled into one another in the back seat, with John as the driver and Tara up front filling most of the front bench seat as she always did.

Mrs. Mercer was delighted to see them. As usual, she was stunned how each of the women were visibly fatter—Jenny especially, since her fat gains were the greatest.

They all sat down together, with a huge pot of tea and lots of cookies.

“Am I correct that John at least has Jenny as an ongoing girlfriend again?” Mrs. Mercer asked the group.

“Jenny’s each of our girlfriend” Tara explained, “as we are hers, with John as her boyfriend, of course.”

“You’d better not alienate any of them, John, otherwise the palimony will bankrupt you.”

The three women exploded into intense laughter, all leaning into him.

“Thanks for working with me to get the new heavy-duty couch, Mom.”

“I do like to see you all, you know.”

“That’s why I made them come over here with me today!” Jenny proudly crowed.

It was John who’d specced, paid for, and had delivered the custom 3 meter wide (or long) couch, with the 8 stylish heavy-duty weight-bearing feet, wide enough to not mar the floor when a literal U.S. ton of flab (or anything else) impinged upon the floor through said feet. Tara and Jenny were closest to John, with Barb (seated next to Jenny) having enough sexy width for her breasts to make contact with John when she leaned past Jenny in his direction.

“I see all four of you are now wearing matching rings.”

“To my surprise and delight, I found I still had the pattern documents from when I’d made Jenny’s and mine. Using today’s closest equivalent to the alloy I used back then, it was straightforward to make rings for Barb and Tara.”

“It made my day” said Jenny. “I very much didn’t want to take my ring off, and with my beautiful new sweethearts now having their own matching rings, John and I didn’t have to.”

“No one feels shortchanged not having gemstones?”

“Actually Mrs. Mercer, these high-tech aluminum alloy rings are more precious than any gemstone” replied Tara. “Anyone with money can go into a store and buy a beautiful ring with whatever gems they like, and yes, from a raw economic standpoint, those would be of greater value. No one in the world has rings like ours, because John made them for us!”

“I’m not a ring nor commitment person” Barb shared. “Yet this one I get to wear is so unique and special in its significance and, as Tara said, made personally by John, it means a great deal to me. I don’t ever take it off, unless it or myself would be at risk with me wearing it.”

“This alloy readily withstands water and many environmental contaminants with no issues” he proudly explained.

Jenny exuded sincerity towards Mrs. Mercer as she said, “When the rest of them are at work, I often look at and touch my ring, thinking about them, hoping they’re having good work days, grateful for their love and all of us being integral to each other’s lives.”

All of them enjoyed some more cookies and tea.

“Permission to ask a question of curiosity, with no offense meant” said Mrs. Mercer.

Each of them responded with their own variant of “Of course” or “Sure” or similar.

“Jenny, you look a lot fatter than last time you were here. Unless I’ve totally misunderstood, Barb and Tara enjoy being fat and getting fatter. Then there’s you, and your former career with Forever Fit. I remain quite confused, reconciling your former life with what I think I’m seeing of your current one.”

Jenny shifted around in her seat, not quite squirming. “It’s not a short answer.”

“I have time if all of you have time.”

“Here’s the thing: everybody’s different. Barb has been fat her whole life, and from what she tells me, has no regrets.”

Barb nodded.

“Tara was always accused of being fat even though she wasn’t, so she got the fat hate just from having a unique near-double lower body. Then later she got fat, and people’s perceptions hardly changed. True?”

Tara nodded.

“I was fundamentally unhappy being fat when I broke up with John, only being good being fat when I was with him, and we couldn’t stay together at that time. I have no regrets—zero—having found a path via exercise and a mostly well-structured open-ended diet to an average-sized body. I loved living in that body, and all of my life at that time, at least in the early decades—no regrets. Some people who discover the joys of fatness wish they’d known earlier. Not me. I truly was happy as I was. There are and were all kinds of privileges to living life in an average-sized body, and I partook of as many of them as possible—no regrets.

“We now live in a very different time than when John and I were in high school. Irrational and ignorant fat discrimination still exists. What’s different is that there are many venues for support as a fat person, and fat people—at least women—are now more widely considered as desirable: beautiful and sexy. There are young women graduating from university or college making careers out of being fat and getting fatter, showing it all in pictures and videos, doing one-on-one chats and custom videos and pictures for paying customers.”

This was startling news to Mrs. Mercer.

“Others who aren’t into that or don’t want to take things that far still have plenty of attractive and, if they wish, sexy outfits that I never had back in the day. They go about their lives without hiding any of their fat in shame, as though being fat is totally normal and wonderful. If I truly wanted to, I could take things down to at least plump. If I worked super hard, I might be able to get back to close to the body I had most of the years I ran Forever Fit, up until the end. I’m not interested in any of that. I had the honor and pleasure of living like that for decades.

“This is a new era, and what my body has naturally always tended to be is now in fashion. I’ve told John, Tara, and Barb that I resent not being able to live in our current time as a 20-something, making money doing web modeling with my fat body, or if not that, being widely celebrated as beautiful as I am. The least worst I can do is be a happy, proud BBW late middle aged or young senior woman, which I consider myself to be, and need John’s and ideally also Tara’s and Barb’s ongoing love to be.

“Barb hates it when I say this, but sometimes I feel sorry for her, having only known the fat life. I’ve known both fat and average-sized. Very, very different experiences—at least for me. In this new age where I’m not automatically a pariah apart from John and his desires and needs, it’s fun being fat! I have vastly more clothing options, including what I’m wearing today. With a bit of work, I can find medical care where they respect me and don’t automatically attribute any problem I might have to my fatness. Once I started becoming fat again, I was reminded how extremely sensual it is—something I did not realize back when I was a teenager, attributing a lot of those feelings to John and his love. To be sure, that is one strong aspect of the sensual feelings, but this time around I’ve learned that I have them from being fat and living life in my fat body, apart from anyone else.

“Beyond being a sensual woman, I’m a sexual woman: I have a strong sex drive—far stronger now than when I was younger. I did not used to be attracted to fat nor fat people, but I am now, including fat on myself. For me, being fat makes sex so much better, I wouldn’t voluntarily go back. So many more sensual surfaces to be rubbed and caressed, leading to arousal. Too much information?”

“No. Just struggling to reconcile what you’re telling me with what I read and see on TV.”

“A great deal of what you read and see on TV is funded by the diet-industrial complex” said John.

“Very well. I trust the experiences of people I know and deal with in-person over printed and talking heads who are strangers to me any time. What I still don’t understand is how the pleasures you mention justify carrying around all that fat weight all the time.”

“It’s not bad. Did you know that Tara and Barb and to a lesser degree myself are all super athletes?”

“How is that?”

“We’re weight lifters, carrying around our weight every moment of every day and night.”

Mrs. Mercer paused to contemplate. “That’s logical.”

“We’re not just all fat” Barb noted. “We have more muscle and bone and nerves and everything else.”

“That makes sense. I still don’t fathom the upsides of carrying around all that fat overcoming the downsides, but that’s just me.”

“Have you ever been fat, Mrs. Mercer?”

“Not anywhere near the scale of what the three of you are doing. I had my pregnancy weight and much larger milk-filled breasts after giving birth to John, of course.”

“What was your experience of that?”

“It was all about raising a healthy child.”

“Nothing beyond that?”

“Well… John’s father and I did have some fun with him suckling my milky breasts, once John was in bed and done for the day” she shared, blushing.

“That’s very common you know, Mrs. Mercer” said Tara. “There’s a whole world of people into adult nursing intimate interpersonal relationships, and adult breast feeding.”

“My stars! What an amazing world we live in! But you all are happy carrying around your big breasts, even though you’re not producing milk? Or are you?”

John’s girlfriends laughed as he pretended to play with his nonexistent breasts.

“You who have breasts” Mrs. Mercer corrected, with a tone of annoyance as though it should have been obvious.

“None of us are making milk” Barb clarified. “Most of ours consist of fat. Did Mr. Mercer like playing with your pregnant body?”

“Yes” she blushed anew. “If my body had been willing, it’s likely John would have a sibling roughly 9 months younger. I can almost understand the attraction for a married couple in terms of bearing children, but it mystifies me what the fat attraction is without that.”

John stood up. “Mom, why don’t you come sit here where I’ve been sitting and feel what it’s like cuddled between Jenny and Tara?”

“Are you two OK with that?” she asked.

“Please come over to share some hugs, Mrs. Mercer” Jenny urged.

“We’re built for cuddling” added Tara.

Mrs. Mercer had no trouble moving over and sitting between Jenny and Tara. Relaxing was more of an issue.

“Just take a deep breath and enjoy” suggested Tara.

“I don’t want to mindlessly touch either of you inappropriately.”

“Where would you like to touch us?”

“Your fat fascinates me.”

{Just like your son} Tara thought to herself. To Mrs. Mercer’s shock, she pulled out her belly. “Feel mine skin-to-skin, so you’ll know.”

“Oh I know what this is like” she commented as she accepted Tara’s offer. “I had a round little fat belly after John, for several months. Same way I know what Jenny’s breasts—oh, you’re softer!” she exclaimed, after reaching over to gently squeeze Jenny’s nearest breast. “You two are so warm, and it’s so comfortable sitting here between you!”

“Stay there awhile, Mom. Hopefully you’ll better understand how they heal me and make my life worth living.”

“No Linda, we’re not going to abandon you all” Tara assured Linda Lick over the phone. “We do have someone new in our lives and, like John, she’s had a rough go of it, so for now we need to focus on our immediate family.… She’s already passed the group’s STI tests and is 100% exclusive with us.… Thank you for understanding. Please let everyone else know that we’ll be back when we can.”

Not just Jenny’s, but all four of the Mercer/Pelvig/Bloom/Patussi family members’ lives were as close to pure bliss as happens in the real world. Evening meals became not just dinners, but feasts! The food was great, and all of them enjoyed fattening. Even John was getting slightly soft!

In the same way John most preferred taking a woman from behind either in her vag or sandwiched in her crack (as she preferred on the given occasion) and how he couldn’t resist a bent-over curvy fat ass aimed his direction, Jenny had a very clear preference: she was as addicted as he was to fat mounds, by any name. Given the chance she’d always plant her face in Barb’s and either or ideally both of Tara’s, licking, nuzzling, kissing, and so on until they’d had enough (because she herself never had enough!). Sitting cuddly close and working a nice fat muff with her hand was about as good.

She and Tara had a very special sex act they shared which they both loved, especially when they wanted to sit and talk with one another, or just sit with one another. Jenny would set up a seat leg distance in front of Tara. She’d sit down, raising both legs, using her big toes to work her way under Tara’s belly into each of Smooth and Furry, playing with her clits. At the same time, as both her outer legs rested on the floor as usual when seated, Tara would raise her middle leg and work her way into Jenny’s vulva, rubbing her clit with either of her big middle foot toes, sometimes running all her middle foot toes across Tara’s nub, or penetrating her. Hand caresses of their lover’s calf(ves) or, reaching further over, thigh(s) often accompanied. Clit Footsie as they called it was an extremely arousing and bonding sex act they shared often!