Whole Family Polyfidelity

FFFFFFPPPPTTTTTTTTT! blasted out of Sheila Portola’s neck opening, as she gave herself a loud boob blowfish to get everyone’s attention. She indeed succeeded, with peals of laughter rolling through the poly group. “Quiet down tiddies—I mean kiddies! Your favorite fatties besides the Licks have someone new they want us all to meet. Let’s please turn our attention to lead presenter and inviter John and co-inviters Tara and Barb.” She motioned for them to come out.

As always, not all of them could fit through the archway at the same time. Tara came through first, moving to house right. Barb followed, moving to house left. There was just enough room for John and Jenny to pass through together, hand-in-hand, standing in the center.

“Everyone: I’d like you to meet my first girlfriend ever, my high school sweetheart, Jenny Patussi.”

“Wait wait wait. Didn’t you run Forever Fit, Jenny?–”

“–Hold all questions until after the introduction, please” Sheila interrupted.

“But the whole group might want to know, especially if there’s a question of credibility” Janet Knight continued.

“We bring that up after the introduction, alright? Then if there’s an issue, we all communicate about it before moving the acceptance process forward.”

“May I speak to her point, please?” asked Jenny.


“I did run a health and fitness clinic under the name Forever Fit for several decades, dedicated to helping fat women be less fat, and most of all, healthy. The program was basically sound, and did work. Not being an MD, there was an error in my protocol whereby if a person left active participation in the clinic and stayed on the diet and failed to keep up with weight-bearing exercises, osteoporosis could be a problem. This error killed my own mother and in addition I lost several lawsuits related to this issue, so I think I’ve suffered enough for that mistake of the past. I used to be fat when John and I dated in high school, then slimmed down through my university years and afterward, as I developed and refined my protocol, based upon the information out there in that pre-Internet time. I remained average sized for several decades, and helped many women.

“Then a series of life events including the lawsuits, declining enrollment in my business as being fat became more acceptable and popular, my mother’s death, and having to go on a course of Prednisone left me fat again. I closed down Forever Fit, helping the few still with me transition to self-sufficiency or other similar programs still in operation. Flailed, remembered John’s and my high school romance, reached out to him. Through a long series of events, he, Tara, and Barb accepted me into their lives as a friend, companion, and lover on an equal basis with what the three of them were doing, only after I had this group’s approved battery of STI tests. I have had no contact at all with anyone besides the three of them from before the tests through this moment. Whether or not you accept me into your group I will continue to abide by group policies so the four of us can remain lovers and the three of them may resume participation here with you in this group. My polyfidelity/polyamorous experience does not go beyond this past 10 months with John, Tara, and Barb.

“The basic Forever Fit program is sound and works, when the diet is modified for more calcium-rich and protein-rich foods, and when participants continue exercising. It was no longer something I wanted to pursue for myself. Thanks to my three lovers, I’ve rediscovered the joys of fatness in this current era where it’s far more acceptable to be a BBW than it was in high school. I’m enjoying being fat, and intend to stay this way. Thank you for letting me say my piece. Now back to our moderator or John or whomever.”

Sheila motioned towards John to continue.

He pressed into Jenny from behind, placing his hands on her shoulders. “This woman is someone it will be an honor for any of you to know, on whatever level. Intelligent, friendly, attractive, and unforgettable in terms of sex when there’s a strong mutual attraction. She and I were legendary amongst our high school class for being the only ones known to have a parent-approved underage ongoing sexual IIR—both pairs of parents. We openly slept together—as in sex—at her parents’ house in her bedroom and my parents’ house in my bedroom. If anything she’s even better at love and sex as an adult. Those of you with fat genitals are on notice that, given the chance and consent, she’ll be all over what you have. I don’t know that there can be any higher praise than that none of myself nor Tara nor Barb are willing to let her go, enjoying a far richer life with our own mini polyfidelity group at home amongst the four of us. All three of us present Jenny Patussi to you for your serious consideration as a member of our group.”

“Thank you John and Jenny. Let’s all move into the meet-and-greet portion of tonight’s program. If anyone has something else so unbelievably compelling that I in my sole determination as tonight’s hosting moderator believe it will be more efficient to discuss as a full group, I’ll blowfish my boobs again. Otherwise, ask Jenny anything you want one-on-one, or in small or not-so-small groups.”

Everything went stellar during the meet-and-greet.

Jenny’s application hit a snag during the background check when her sex offender status came up. Barb, via the online discussion group the group members used for internal communications, went on a tirade against the lying twerp who framed Jenny, urging all group members to investigate the background of Reece Divens and her mother Kay. Once they found a tax fraud conviction against her mother and pandering charges against Reece resolved via a plea bargain, the group agreed with Barb’s frame-up interpretation. The names and photos of the two Divens women were added to the group’s categoric exclusion list.

The strong recommendation from three beloved group members in good standing plus Jenny already having had STI tests and having already been following group protocols led to swifter-than-usual approval, notwithstanding the background check snag.

In no way tired of her three lovers, Jenny’s primary motivation for joining the polyfidelity group was helping ensure Barb, Tara, and John remained connected to it. She would’ve been fine having them lavish all that attention on each other and her rather than (other) members of this group, however over their months of living together, it became clear that this group had been an important part of all three of their lives—one they wanted to continue to have in their lives. Everything had been going great between the four of them, and she didn’t want to mess that up!

Once she joined her three live-together lovers for her first actual nude for-sex group meet-up, all that changed. Intellectually she understood the concept of how it worked. Presented in the moment with a bevy of nude people, many of them attractive to her, with whom she was free to get with for whatever forms of intimacy they mutually agreed upon, she was like a kid in a candy store. She happily took more different cocks into her mouth and vag, and vulvas into her mouth, and mouths into her own that day than cumulatively over the entire rest of her life. The Licks especially appealed to her, with Linda becoming an instant friend, via their shared love of genital licking and both being SSBBW. She was thrilled to know that they and Tara had been besties for decades, and that they’d be getting together between group meet-ups.

“When are we going over to the group house again?!” Jenny excitedly asked her three live-together lovers.

“I dunno” said Tara. “I guess the next time we all four have time and want to go over.”

“How about the Licks?!”

“Same with them” replied Barb.

“We should probably go over in a couple of weeks, if nothing else” Tara suggested to her.

John eased Jenny into a hug, “You know, you are a full member of the group, in good standing. You’re entitled to go to the communal homes during open hours or visit the Licks or anyone else in the group who invites you to their home once you let your interests be known, whether we’re with you or not. So as long as you’ve got the meal of the night covered, you could go over when we leave for work, play a few hours, then come home and make dinner happen.”

Jenny had no idea how horny she was and how she hungered for sexual diversity until she took John’s suggestion. She made many at the group homes very happy, and the now working-part-time Licks extremely happy.