Double The Fun

Menstruation and decent sex education not withstanding, Tara had never felt anything she could identify as a sex drive, making her wonder whether she would ever have any, and if she did, what it would be like.

A couple of months after she turned 13, Tara had a night like none she’d had before: intense dreams of great pleasure, with sparkly, tingly, wonderful feelings down in her genitals and occasionally elsewhere which she’d never felt before. She woke up very excited, heart racing. She could feel that things felt different in her genitals. An inexorable drive within her compelled her to reach down and touch her swollen vulva and clitoris, first on her right side.

Hhhhhh!” she gasped, as brand-new wonderful sensations of pleasure she’d soon verify were erotic burst through her. With her left hand she immediately tried the same thing with her left vulva and clit: “Hhhhh Aaaaaahhh!” Both sides felt amazing!

She didn’t get much more sleep that night, practicing and practicing touching herself on each side. Each vulva and parts within were fairly symmetrical: full, just slightly chubby, average-sized clitoral hoods. Neither side was better nor worse than the other, and both were great! She absolutely felt them as separate, distinct entities, even though her orgasmic genital contractions tended to be on both sides simultaneously, the way her urination and defecation worked.

Suddenly, Tara’s life got a lot better! She went to bed earlier, so she could play with herself. It wasn’t at all long before she discovered that even if one set of genitals was getting tender from overuse, the other side was all ready to go for more (if it hadn’t been utilized to the same degree at the same time)! She realized she had twice as much of (allegedly) what every hetero man wanted most—all hers, to play with any time she had privacy! Truly double the fun, at least!

Beyond the pleasure of arousal in the moment, getting off soothed her greatly, helping her relax more deeply than she ever had previously. It quickly became a happy habit, in which she engaged daily, often more than once.

There came a point when her father knew, having overheard her beautiful young womanly moans through her closed bedroom door as he quietly went about his late-night business before he too went to bed. He thought it was beautiful, natural, and knew she had been far more tranquil and happy of late. Between that and his hope that she’d continue to prefer self-pleasuring to sex with others, he had absolutely no reason to interfere in even the slightest way. It also made him feel less guilty about getting off to porn in his bedroom.

Thanks in large part to her stellar solo sex life and the self-esteem mega-boost of knowing she had twice the genitals thus twice the pleasure of anyone else living she’d ever heard of, Tara’s life remained great all the way well into high school. She continued to do well in school, other than P.E., where the taunts and having to deal with the changing room and almost getting inappropriately touched by another girl and a whole different time by several boys made her stay away and even cut class. Her father understood, giving her no grief about P.E., merely asking her gently to please exercise more at home or other places where she felt comfortable, in ways she felt comfortable.

The intent was there, but not so much the follow-through. Especially wanting to study as much as she did to do well in her other classes, and now dealing with her larger, heavier, becoming-womanly body, Tara found that the sedentary lifestyle suited her. Her hearty athlete’s appetite hadn’t ever left, and now was joined by adolescent hunger. Most of these raw materials went into muscles, bones, ligaments, and all the many other parts of a growing young human’s body. Some of them thickened her up further with additional fat, still all over her body with a bit more on her 3 buns, two outer hips (there really wasn’t any space for a true inner hip or two), and her favorite parts: her two montes pubis. She now qualified as genuinely chubby or a plumper, but still wasn’t at the point of small BBW—even though people seeing her and especially not understanding the body mechanics of her two pelvises tended to rate her as a BBW or even SSBBW pear with slightly smaller, tighter buns than many BBW of her great width.

Shoes, always a problem to get for her middle foot, more and more gave way to sandals when barefoot wasn’t an option. Sandals were easier to modify for her middle foot, more stylish, and at least for the ones she gravitated towards, less costly than full closed shoes. She and her father agreed that a blossoming young woman like her needed at least one nice, cute, dressy outfit and suitable triple of shoes to go with it. He gave her a very generous budget and free reign to shop and arrange for customization of the middle foot shoe, with him footing the within-budget bills.

Feeling more brave now that she had the confidence of double the sex organs of any other living woman (to the best of her knowledge), Tara moved away from full-length skirts to higher options, especially knee-length and even one mid-thigh! Her third leg hadn’t been a secret from anyone from the moment she entered high school anyway, and now she had three sexy womanly legs to flash—an obvious reminder of what people couldn’t see, of which she proudly had and every day enjoyed two!

She still looked girl-next-door (or less enticing) plain, and only now was starting to experience bust growth past 30A into almost 30B. It wasn’t fun that many of her female classmates were flashing and bouncing their 28-38 E through G cup boobs, though when she thought about it, Tara decided that two excellent pussies trumped big boobs, if one had to choose.

Many boys, and some girls, very much wanted to get with Tara sexually, especially once she and they were 16 (or thereabouts for those wanting her). She did eventually decide that she too wanted to find out what actual sex with another person was like. Selective, her first lover was Artie, who still could be full of himself but knew as well as she did what a great honor it would be if she would let him get with her. Despite his equipment being average-good and hers being unique treasures, it was a typical awkward first experience that left both of them wondering why anyone bothered. He truly did appreciate it and let her know, and she also appreciated starting with him, given that there was a greater level of trust from their having known each other for so many years. There wasn’t a second time, by mutual agreement.

Between then and when she graduated not quite 2 years later, Tara tried two other young men in her class, individually on separate occasions. She learned about the similarities and differences amongst penises (sheathed in condoms, of course), and far more than that what the brains of the men attached to them did with them. Even with teen-teen consensual sex being a gray area and her enjoying the experiences more than her first go with Artie, she fancied herself a good girl, choosing to only do it once with each young man. Also, she figured she and her lovers all needed to mature, emotionally and their sexual equipment.

Yes, once Tara Pelvig turned 18 and was in college, she did resume having sex with others, more routinely and with greater diversity. Her first woman-woman experience didn’t work for her, though a second attempt with someone else a year or so later was good enough that she’d consider further experiments along those lines in the future.

It was a heady, empowering experience to be able to get with just about any man (and quite a number of women open to loving other women) she wanted, despite remaining small-boobed and no beauty queen. Such was The Power Of Double Pussy (as she framed it and thought of it). Like any other woman, she had to be selective to avoid assholes that might abuse her, liars that might give her STIs, and all the other forms of problem people that make Stranger Danger all too real. Tempting as it was to think that she might have one “disposable” set of genitals which could handle one or more of the less-dangerous-to-her STIs and one clean side, she had no way of knowing whether it worked that way or whether the infection would cross sides. Neither did anyone else know. Besides that, she occasionally had fantasies about getting pregnant on both sides at the same time, possibly from different men, and any STI would be a major problem for that.

Tara probably did have more sex than many of her female classmates, and less to much less than some others. She experimented with two men at one time, each penetrating one side of her, starting with a pair of twins she knew could get along with each other as they fucked her. She learned that black cocks weren’t necessarily big, and white ones weren’t necessarily small. She learned that being pronged on one side whist being licked on the other was amazing and worth doing often! Licking on each side by two different people with different licking styles could be almost as good, once in awhile better, depending on her mood. Licking plus fingering, pronging plus fingering, sex toy plus real, one lover doing something on one side as she worked her other—all these and many more she tried over her 4 years of undergraduate studies.

And she did study—a lot. Sex was important, but just one aspect of her college experience, and not as major a part as one might expect of someone as sexually driven as she was and so well-built for sex. As with everywhere else in her life, back when she was a brand-new freshwoman, many were shocked to see her third (middle) leg, and word spread quickly around campus. As with twins with two heads and some other shared organs sharing what appears to be one body, people eventually got basically used to seeing Tara around, usually managing not to stare after an initial hard look.

One reason Tara chose the college she did was that they were very strong on accommodating special needs students. With additional funding from her father and grandparents, the school customized a little-used non-ADA-compliant one-stall restroom in her dorm into Tara’s private restroom, installing a copy of the customized toilet her father had had made at great expense for their home. Apart from this essential concession, Tara experienced the same shared-shower and dorm roommate life experiences of other students. Many of course were curious about her body, sneaking glances. She let her roommate touch her three bare buns, three legs, and the outside of her two vulvae, for the experience and to reduce tension between them. Tara was OK with her roommate, but didn’t feel anything for her sexually, making things difficult in terms of finding time to get herself off. This was one amongst several ingredients into why she had more sex with others.

She graduated with honors in business management, poised to enter adult life.