Sensual 20s

Adulthood proved even more wonderful for Tara Pelvig than college. She had the maturity, skills, and emotional balance to do well in the adult world, right out of college.

Having learned valuable lessons in frugality from her father, between that and her special toilet needs, she initially worked from home, starting with freelance writing of several kinds. Thanks to generosity from her father and grandparents plus working when she could in college, her student loans weren’t too bad, paid off within under two years of graduation.

At this point, she could really start saving. She had the resources and finances to strike out on her own. Her father had a compelling new love interest with her own nice home, leading him to suggest that Tara may want to part-inherit/part-buy-over-time this home in which she’d grown up and which already had a toilet customized specifically for her: installed, working, and paid-for, unlike what she’d need to deal with anywhere else.

“I can move out entirely, moving in with Laura.”

“I love that idea, other than there are still aspects of this house which remind me of Mom.”

“It will be your house should we go through with this, Tara. You’ll be free to redecorate and remodel as you wish, and can afford.”

And so it was.

Tara’s solo and with-others sex, and to some mild degrees love, life remained stellar and kept getting better over time. Most but not all her adult friends were lovers, and vice-versa. Some of the initial ones were college holdovers who lived close to her city, or were passing through. Friends of theirs who lived locally sometimes came into the mix, then friends of friends. Not a massive number of people, but enough that at any given time she had all the opportunities she wanted.

Solitude suited her, allowing her to lead a very happy life as a single woman living alone in a nice house in a nice neighborhood where she’d grown up, having friends/lovers come and go as she pleased (and visiting them).

One thing that hadn’t changed at all since age 13 (other than her college roommate years) was the joy and relaxation Tara got getting herself off. She’d long been at the point of quite liking sex with other people, though solo sex remained important to her—at least as good and sometimes better. Having the run of the whole house any day and time of day allowed her to try all sorts of experiments on her horny days, with found objects as sex toys, and getting her body into different positions with some of the built-into-house objects beyond what most people could achieve.

Tara absolutely got out and did things, yet there was always that pesky toilet issue keeping her not-quite-tethered to home, or more precisely, a 30-or-so mile radius of home such that she could count on getting back there before bathroom urgency became too late.

Several of her good friends let her wee in their back yards, and, if necessary, use the bucket trick in their bathroom if she needed to #2. One, Lorelei, had a charming backyard garden with a garden sink. Providing nice hand soaps and towels as added permanent features of the sink area made Tara’s use of it far more pleasant, and had the desired effect of encouraging her to spend more time there.

You feel nice” Tara smiled, speaking to herself and adjusting a soft cashmere top she’d just put on. “I think I’ll wear you today.”

Another significant aspect of Tara Pelvig which blossomed and became more evident around the same time as the blooming of her sexuality during adolescence was that Tara was (and is) extremely sensual. All senses, led by touch, then taste, then smell. Some of her preferences matched those most common amongst the general populace. Others, especially scents, did not: she quite liked some scents others found neutral or unpleasant.

Her sensuality increased gradually since age 13. Now as a young adult in her 20s, pleasures of the flesh were what she was all about. Sexuality to be sure, but so very much more than that!

Never especially into fashion (or at least not following anyone’s trends), more than ever she bought clothes for how they felt rather than how they looked. Wearing soft cashmere sweaters as shirts with no bra (thanks to her 30 to 32B breasts being small enough to pull that off) gave her good feelings all over her upper body. Eschewing panties (other than as briefly as possible to hold pads during period heavy flow times) allowed more of her generous near-double lower body to partake of similar feelings of her skirts of various different sensually enticing fabrics.

She experimented one time with making a set of homemade soft purple velvet 3-legged pants, to find out if she’d been missing out on anything having never once in her life prior to that having worn any pants. She made them carefully and they fit well for the tight, leg-clinging design they were supposed to be (which she wanted for maximum skin contact). Besides hating the look, they felt more constricting than pleasurable with their added skin contact. It was worth the experiment, confirming to Tara that her life-long absolute love of wearing skirts (and very occasionally dresses) was not denying her any lower-half clothing experiences she wanted to be having.

A logical result of Tara’s taste sensuality was that she was a foodie, again having gradually become more that way since her hormones kicked in. In terms of quantity, also since that time she had eaten more than most people. Outside of some spans of stress eating, it was proportional to having an extra nearly-double lower body. When this was taken into account and ratio calculations done, her consumption was right about “average”.

More precisely, tending to high average, because she loved the sensual tastes and scents of food! She always savored quality over quantity, far more into having a fancy dinner out with small portions which tasted exquisite to larger portions lacking the gustatory dazzle of the former.

Her sensual love of food plus her genetic nature and mostly sedentary lifestyle led to slow fat gains. As mentioned previously, she’d looked pear-wide fat almost since birth, and definitely since the start of adolescent growth towards her adult body, even though she wasn’t actually. Besides the width, having most of a second lower body meant she’d always weighed significantly more than most people of her height and body composition, again especially once adolescence got going and muscles and bones and limbs etc. took off on their relentless growth to adult proportions. Mostly due to her near-double lower body, she’d weighed over 300 pounds since near the end of college, despite only being technically chubby in terms of fat.

Now passing the middle of her 20s and living a fully sensual life with decent income and plenty of personal time to indulge plus spending time with some friends who enjoyed food as much as she, Tara had slowly gained into the true BBW range in terms of fat on her body (and looking and weighing well into the SSBBW range due to her lower half). She didn’t mind being fat and felt neutral about it: for the most part it was neither turn-on nor turn-off. She’d ventured into the online fatlovesex world, and truly didn’t get the intense sexuality experiences most people reported. The one—really two—exception(s) was her pair of fattening vulva mounds. They were so softly fat, the skin felt so nice to caress and when it rubbed things or things (like skirt fabric) rubbed it, she couldn’t honestly be neutral on that. But then by the same token, it wasn’t so incredibly awesome that she felt moved to intentionally get fatter for the erotic aspects, the way fat gainers and feedees did.

In some ways actually now being BBW fat with an unusually wide single fat belly spanning her whole width made her less jarring for people who’d never seen her out in public before to see: she looked more like other very fat pear-shaped women, her bobbling belly (very wide but not all that big in the greater BBW pantheon) distracting attention from her middle leg.