Who’s Old Is New Again

Neither Tara nor her mother could bring themselves to speak to one another at her mother’s mother’s funeral. The same was true of Joan and her ex-husband, despite Roger doing his best to be civil. Tara’s grandfather (mother’s father) ensured that she and her own father Roger and his mother were all invited, redirecting the intense feelings of the loss of his beloved wife towards his daughter to keep her in line. The others all behaved respectfully and well, honored to pay their last respects and grieve in their individual ways.

Grieving, loss, and other unpleasantries of life are inevitable, and certainly were a part of Tara Pelvig’s 30s experience. Now in transition from her mid 30s to her late 30s, the vast majority of her life remained as pleasant to wonderful as it had been earlier in her 30s. She had her stable career at Model Magicians, despite some downturn in the business as more and more people and firms used personal 3D printers and other alternatives to make their own prototypes and models, and the company struggled with funding pensions of retiring employees plus ever-more-onerous government regulations. Her friendships, usually also loverships, remained sufficiently plentiful and strong.

The polyfidelity group to which Tara belonged flew low enough under the radar that not that many people knew of it. Between that and members of the group tending not to share its existence with any of their outside friends save a precious few close ones who believed in the poly lifestyle and fit in to it well, new applicants were few.

On an as-needed basis, the group scheduled all-member meet-ups for the one or sometimes two new people wishing to join. These were clothes-on no sex events held at the communal house with the larger space for entertaining. Without exception the new member(s) was invited and chaperoned to/at the event by an existing member. The meet-ups were as low-key as possible, run along the lines of a quiet dinner party minus dinner or large family holiday gathering without tie-ins to any holiday. Hors d’oeuvres were served, no alcohol nor other drugs. Obviously the point of the exercise was to get a sense whether the individual(s) was compatible with the rest of the group, beyond the inviter (whose own credibility was on the line if they made a disruptive or otherwise poor choice).

This meet-up was of course merely the preliminary step. STI-vetting, a background check, and more or less of a probationary period were required, once the candidate showed promise as a worthy addition to the mix of the group, all of whom tended to hunger for new sexual experiences and partners.

A form of trial-by-fire was having the inviter escort the inductee into the meet-up once all the regular members were present. Thus as far as the inductee was concerned, the meet-up started about half an hour after the scheduled time for existing members (some of whom tended towards habitual lateness).

Tink-tink-tink-tink day’s hostess and group leader Pat Waters’ spoon sounded against her water glass, “Alright everybody. It’s time for Gretchen to introduce us to someone she hopes we’ll all want to get to know intimately well. Gretchen?”

Into the room side-by-side walked Gretchen and her inductee. The inductee was one of the fattest women most of the group members had seen in real life. Fat all over with hips as wide as Tara’s (on a single pelvis), big buns, thick legs, very fat upper arms, and a fat face and head, her belly was massive and her breasts were enormous. All the latter three body parts drew a great deal of attention as they wobbled and jiggled erotically in her Turkey red high-waisted (almost Empire) halter dress.

Inductees were instructed to dress to impress in semi-formal or evening wear, appropriate for upscale dating events out amongst the general public—nothing sleazy nor kinky, which could be presented later. This woman nailed it, looking stunning. Her natural golden blonde hair and decently attractive features made up to perfection didn’t hurt either.

Several group members couldn’t help staring at the woman’s quite large belly button depression down near her mid-thigh level and very visible through the fabric of her dress. Tara was staring at all of her for a different reason.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet–”

“–Tara?!” the inductee abruptly cut her inviter off.


One reason the group chose to introduce new potential members with no advanced notice to the body of the group who they were was for moments of serendipity like this. These moments tended to reveal interesting facets of both existing and prospective members, and open things up for more wide-open sharing and getting to know one another. It was always a bonus when a second (or third or more) existing member beyond the inviter knew the inductee and thought favorably of them.

Gretchen quickly regained control, “Yes, this is indeed my friend from work Barb Bloom. It seems that she knows Tara, which is news to me.”

Nervously from the surprise and all the pressure, Barb explained. “Tara and I were amongst a small group of misfit friends in elementary school. Beyond her third leg, people teased Tara for being a fat pear, when she actually at that time was not. I was fat, but this was before my beautiful boobs started to develop much, so I had little to no perceived value as a person outside of being a misfit, as was true with all our group at that time. Did I get that right, Tara?”

“Nailed it!” She couldn’t stand it another moment, needing to go over and hug her friend from long ago. “It’s so good to see you again, and see what you’ve become!”

The deep hug felt great to Barb as well as Tara. “You too!” She stepped back, looking Tara up and down, “Looks like you’re doing very well!”

“Let’s let Gretchen at least finish her introduction, please” Pat interjected.

Tara stepped just far enough away not to block anyone else’s view of the inviter and inductee, still grinning at Barb, as Barb was at her.

Gretchen continued, “Barb and I have been work friends for a number of years now, often taking breaks together to discuss world events and life in general. As we’ve gradually come to know each other better and earn each other’s trust, the conversations have at times become the more private sort between good, close friends—the kind of conversations one just doesn’t have with anyone. Barb recently admitted to me that she has a high sex drive, and has never found monogamous IIRs to her liking.”

“Too constricting” Barb inserted.

“Once she elaborated on where she is in life and her outlook, I felt safe mentioning my own polyfidelity, then eventually our group.” She turned to Barb.

“I was and am highly intrigued! I’ve done responsible, open, concurrent-partner dating, but up until now have not had the opportunity to be part of any polyamory nor polyfidelity group. I’m pansexual, with attractions which don’t neatly fit onto a spectrum nor less than many paragraphs of words, other than as you can likely tell by my face, I’m liking what I’m seeing.”

“So are we!”

“Hold on, George” Pat interrupted. “We’re mere moments away from the end of the formal introduction and the start of the open meet-up.” She motioned towards Gretchen and Barb for either of them to continue.

Gretchen and Barb whispered between themselves, then the latter continued her speech, “I’m an extremely sensual woman, open to new experiences. I’ve tried too many kinks and fetishes over the course of my sexually active life to list here, and welcome your inquiries when we meet individually. I’m obviously a big SSBBW, currently nearing 600 pounds.”

Several in the room gasped softly.

“I’m a foodie and intentional fat gainer, since both eating and being fatter are highly sensual experiences for me, and my body’s always been good at being fat, as Tara will vouch. Some consider being a fat gainer as a kink or fetish, but I consider it a lifestyle choice, as with living poly rather than monog. I’m healthy, and here to tell you from first-hand experience that there is nothing morbid about being this obese. Thank you for having me here today! Hope this works out!”

So ended the formal introduction. Barb and Tara immediately gravitated back towards each other, with others approaching.

“This is so amazing” said Barb, “crossing paths with you again, here of all places.”

“What exactly surprises you about a woman with two pussies having a strong sex drive and wanting to make the most of her gift?”

Barb’s eyes grew wide. “Oh yeahhhhh! I’d forgotten that! Now that you mention it, I’m remembering how we all discussed how popular you were going to be when you were older because of that, after our 5th. grade sex ed curriculum. I take it that’s exactly how things worked out?”

“Yeah, it’s more nuanced, but that’s an OK summary. Barb, I’d like you to meet two of my closest friends and lovers, Lou and Linda Lick, who take full advantage of how I’m built for the three of us to share excellent 3-ways.”

The introductions and the overall meet-up continued apace. Barb got quite a bit of a boost from Tara’s high cred amongst the group, and their obvious joy reconnecting with one another after so many years—the first time as adults. Tara and another woman who’d been part of the group but needed to move away from the area named Shelly were/had been the only BBW amongst the group. Several were interested in sampling a much fatter BBW, and even more were into big breasts, which a couple of the other women had—but nothing like the size of Barb’s monsters!

“Did I pass the audition?” Barb half-joked, several hours later as the meet-up had wound down and was breaking up, as she sat with Gretchen and Tara.

Gretchen explained how things worked, “That’s a decision the rest of us make in the next few days. If anyone has any reservations about accepting you, we currently in the group discuss things to reach a consensus, which may be rejecting your application to join, convincing the party with reservations that they’re unfounded, seeking additional information from you or about you, and probably other things I don’t know about, since they didn’t happen to me when I was admitted, and you’re the first person I’ve invited in.”

“Isn’t it true that once Barb gets the request for proving her current full STI status and asked to refrain from fluid-sharing sex outside the group and ideally all sex outside the group that she’s in?” Tara asked.

“Other than the probationary period, that’s my understanding.”

“What do I have to do to pass probation?”

“Wow at least some of us and not alienate any of us, the latter of which remains true for all of us throughout our time in the group.”

“Any limitations on me spending time with you or Tara or anyone from the group during this interim decision-making span?”

“Not so much for you, other than lobbying and persuasion will mostly be irrelevant, as much of the decision will be based upon what happened here today. Me, Tara, and anyone else need to refrain from any potential STI-transmitting sex with you and everyone else not officially in the group.”

“But visiting as friends without benefits and similar no-contact or safe-contact options?”

“No limitations.”

Tara and Barb had so much to share, they needed more time with each other right away. They made arrangements and drove off in their separate vehicles to pick up Chinese food (Barb) and libations (Tara), meeting up at Tara’s house (with Tara’s current contact information freshly entered into Barb’s handtech).

Barb looked all around as she entered the house. “I thought I recognized the address! This is the house you grew up in, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Mom became unhinged not that many years after you and I last interacted, leaving us and eventually divorcing Dad. Dad and I lived here until my—our—early 20s, at which point he had a new love of his life with her own very nice home. They decided he’d move in there, and part-sell part-give me this house, with my special toilet already installed and ready to go.”

“Oh that’s right—your double butt!”

“Still there and still and forever letting loose on both sides at the same time, to my ongoing dismay.”

“Seems like a minor downside to have the upside of two full vulvas! So let’s get this meal set up, and tell me about your life after 5th. grade.”

Tara side-glanced at her friend soon after they sat down next to each other on the big family room couch with the coffee table in front of it with all the food and many of the beverages. “Show off.”

She was referring to Barb putting a cotton sock around her beer bottle and sticking it in her cleavage. “Habit. I don’t have as much table space at home, and get tired of reaching around myself. I guess you…”–she studied Tara’s breast situation–“yeah, no.”

“Nope. Nor so far have I found practical uses for my two butt cracks anywhere near what you’re doing with your mams.”

“So tell me the life story of your two butt cracks, and the rest of you!”

Barb thrilled at pretty much all of Tara’s life story, as well as the spring rolls, chicken fried rice, barbecued pork, and other dinner delights.

Soon it was her turn, and Tara’s to eat (from amongst what was still left).

“You may remember I was already developing breasts at age 11 when we were in 5th. grade. But the hormones hadn’t kicked in enough to give me a sex drive nor for me to consider it any sort of advantage, so I hid them.”

“I thought you said you didn’t have any then.”

“That was my story at the time, to not deal with it. 6th. grade, new school: boobs had grown big enough over summer for me to have a legit bra. I felt proud and got some respect—or at least less negative attention—right away. I still wasn’t feeling sexual desires, but knew from the world around us that boobs are power. Still had way more belly and hips than boobs, but given the fresh start and my leaving my little girl or hide-myself fashion sense behind, I did OK.

“Like you, 13 years old and 7th. grade was where the hormones started kicking in. From what you said, mine may have been more gradual. Mainly it was the boobs swelling up beyond anyone else’s in my class that made me into a sex object, whether I wanted to be or not. More curve starting to come in on the hips too, not that I needed much, if any. I didn’t get into anything sexual, not even touching myself the way you described. Found an old, forlorn lute at a garage sale, bought it, and tried to fix it and take up the lute. It would be kind of you not to ask how that turned out, at least right now while I’m life story flowin’ so well.

“Halfway through 8th. grade, I had a rack which looked like it belonged on a stacked high school junior. On me of course it was mostly balancing out my belly, buns, and hips, but at least now they were close to balanced. Still not really interested in boys or anyone else, but knowing that was coming, started to practice flirting with them near the end of the school year. Was doing well in school by the way, other than P.E., like you.

“Midway through freshman year of high school was when sexual desires found me. Food sensuality had already been happening since back in 6th. grade, and now really kicked in. Went online and found out about the whole fatlovesex world and that I was now a star, not a loser! Secretly touched myself, feeling shame but liking it so much I didn’t want to stop. Soon as I found that my fatter vulva rubbed my clit more just walking around, it was all over for any thought of being any less fat than I was then.

“My parents separated, but didn’t divorce until I was in college. First I was with Mom in the house, with Dad out living with his new lover. It was hell on wheels: arguing about how much and what I ate all the time, outgrowing clothes, my style choices for new ones, and more. Sophomore year I was rebelling, avoiding being home as much as possible. That’s when I became sexually active with others. Rather than get bogged down in the details of that right now, I’ll stay with the overview and can tell you more later. I wasn’t totally wild and I did require protection and common sense, but I was pretty free with people I was into. Everything about this period reinforced that big boobs were gold.”

Tara looked away, sighing loudly.

“Hey… if you want to trade bodies, let me know. I like mine a lot, but I’ll trade massive boobs for two pussies any time. Summer between sophomore and junior years Dad broke up with his lover and Mom moved in with hers, whom she’d taken up with about a year prior. She didn’t want to move in with the guy until the combination of Dad arguing with her and me making life suck for Mom and her new dude—ulgh, what a turd!—made her move out and Dad move back in.

“Dad couldn’t reign me in much, and didn’t try very hard. Unless it involved money in which case he came down forcefully on me, he didn’t get too involved. I don’t think I dressed slutty, but I definitely dressed hot enough to get lots of attention and the occasional warning from the vice principal. I was still there to learn, and was learning what was being taught in class, as well as how to better manage my sexual assets. Not too many lovers, and that was around the time I quickly discovered I wasn’t all that much into bonding with one guy. Hadn’t done any women yet, but was feeling strong feelings in that direction. You’re going to have to show me your special toilet or some other one I can use; I gotta go.”

After the break, Barb continued with her life story. “Graduated high school weighing 450 pounds with boobs so huge no one could hide all my cleavage, no matter what they did to my graduation gown. Missed being an honor student, but not by a great amount.

“I had to pay for more of my college education than it sounds like you did. For me that meant getting serious about real summer jobs, not just fun stuff for hanging out with friends and screwing around. Food service was a natural, and where I wound up. BK was the first, with some of the other famous names in later years as I played the fast food field.

“Not planning to go to graduate school, which I didn’t, entering college would be my last new school move, so I wanted to do it as well as possible. Studied a little about the look and attire of fierce free-thinking female fatties so I could nail it as well as possible from the first day, leaving the last vestiges of sad, reserved, unhappy Barb Blub of elementary school behind.”

“Freshman year made it clear right away that I was in the big leagues now, and wouldn’t have time to mess up on my studies. Shied away from sex with others as I struggled to figure everything out about college life. Shied away from solo sex only on account of having a roommate, and needing to learn how that worked.

The concept of the dining hall and being able to eat multiples of all but the truly expensive stuff without anyone monitoring me was like a gift from Gaia! Sure, it wasn’t always the best, but it was good enough, plentiful, and paid for! Like moths to light, fellow foodies flocked to the two dining halls from which we could choose. Not all were fat, nor were all fat students foodies, but the correlation was pretty good. Made some new friends in my class, all women at this point, from amongst this group. Again, I can go into far more detail on this once the overview is finished.”

“I’m fine with that” {and having another beer}.

“June, my freshman year roommate was OK, but we didn’t have much in common. Erika, one of my fat foodie friends, and I worked to be able to room together sophomore year. Besides love of food, we were both biology majors, with some of the same classes. She was, and I’m sure still is, sex-positive and active as well. We’d previously discussed self-love with our friends at a small party one weekend night, so it was something she and I could talk about between each other as roommates. We agreed that each of us would be OK with the other doing themselves as long as it was at a time that didn’t wake the one not touching herself up, no one else was over, and especially during quiet hours, muffled.” Barb started to blush, “It worked really well. So well in fact that we each did it more often, and started scheduling to do it at the same time. Wasn’t long after that before a moon phase or something had us both so horny, we did it together, as in: in intimate body contact with each other. Then touching each other’s junk rather than our own—same night. Not even half an hour later we were making out and forming a passion love bond with each other. The convenience of living with a lover is something I sometimes miss” she sighed.

“Things got more complicated junior year, when Erika, myself, and several of our other close foodie friends moved out of the dorms into a shared rental house near campus. This was an economizing effort on our part, relative to paying for the dorm room + dining hall privs. We did bulk food buys and took turns with meal prep to keep us all fat and happy and solvent.

“One might have thought that this arrangement might have created our own polyfidelity group, but sadly Katie and Tamara were pure hetero, with Tamara visibly uncomfortable with Erika’s and my IIR. None of us had the space nor money for anything beyond a double bed, which most of us filled or nearly so on our own. The bedrooms were designed small, for one person each for privacy and all that. Katie and Tamara had boyfriends, and wanted us to have a system to have lovers over. Initially Erika and I just used that system with each other as the lover, but then between meeting new interesting people and Tamara being twitchy, each of us used the system for outside lovers, who at the time happened to be male.”

“What was this system?”

“Basically it was a scheduling arrangement so each of us could have our lover over with our housemates out of the house as much as possible. Wasn’t always possible, but it was an attempt to enhance privacy and let everyone get their lovin’.

“Not much else to report for the rest of junior and senior years. We each had plenty of studying to do. Katie and I stayed in the rented house over the summer, to reserve it for senior year as much as anything. Worked locally, dated one guy in her case, and two serially in my case. This was when I really got into feedism for sexual reasons more than foodie sensual reasons. Knew of it from reading, but hadn’t before then clicked with it. It was actually Katie and her feeder boyfriend Evan who led me into it. She was already comfortably supersized, and really started to fatten more over that summer. I asked her about it, and she admitted she was a feedee and that Evan feeding her to make her fatter explicitly for both their sexual pleasure got her off like nothing else.

“I came home early from work one time, finding the two of them naked and Katie sitting on Evan’s lap, obviously mounted on him the way she rocked her pelvis back and forth. He was feeding her string cheese as she slowly rolling humped him, caressing the side and part of the front of her belly. They didn’t stop and didn’t seem to notice me, so I quietly stood there and watched. He seemed to be doing a savory-sweet-savory-sweet thing with her, moving from the cheese to chocolates, then lasagne, then donuts. Not a lot of any of those, eaten slowly by her so she could savor them. Several times during the process she caressed her own fat, which really turned me on!”

Tara decided to perform a test: she maintained eye contact with Barb, reaching down and caressing her own belly fat through her top.

Barb grew flushed pretty quickly. “Don’t be a tease, Tara. Things might happen which could put both of our futures with the poly group in jeopardy.”

“Just checking how you feel about me.”

“Several forms of attraction I could have never imagined when we were in 5th. grade. What about you towards me?”

“I’m enjoying sitting hip-to-hip with you more than I could have imagined. All sorts of feelings, with a lot of lusty passions. You’d better keep going with your story before either of us gets us into anything troublesome for our goals.”

“I hope there’s some way we can see each other and let feelings flow if they don’t accept me in the group.”

“It’s come up, and yes. Let’s not get into that unless that’s what happens.”

“OK. So I’m watching their ongoing humping and slow build-up from my front-row voyeur position. They get incredibly aroused, getting me aroused enough that I have to plant my mouth deep into my fat upper right arm to muffle my own moans and heavy breathing. Katie’s orgasm was so room-filling intense and Evan’s so appealing to me, the combination made me cum, just by watching and listening!

“To my amazement, generally-shy Katie had seen me not long after I came in, smiling at me and welcoming me home once their peak arousal was past and they were sitting still in the same position in afterglow. She used to cover herself up or get twitchy if we came across her naked in the bathroom, or in transition to or from it. Only one bathroom in that house. Not optimal for 4 women, but it was a big, nice one with a big shower any one of us could get into with plenty of room to spare. On this evening, she wasn’t twitchy at all with me seeing her and her boyfriend nude.

“I told them, ‘That looks amazing!’ Evan asked, ‘You’ve never done feedist stuff?’ which I answered ‘No’ and explained I’d read about it, but had never done it. They whispered back and forth, then he offered, ‘Would you like to try it?’. Surprised and taken aback, I asked, ‘Naked and on your lap like that?!’ then monogamous hetero Katie blew me away by saying, ‘If you think you can get him up again so soon, sure. Otherwise yes, but it won’t be quite the same.’

“Turns out Katie was and I’m sure still is a feeder as well as a feedee. She kept her clothes off, working in the kitchen as I stripped and got to know Evan intimately. Katie’s pretty busty but I was a whole level beyond, which helped Evan get hard again sooner than later, and guide himself into me as I sat down on his lap. I felt him get harder when he saw the very big bowl of chocolate pudding she’d brought out. I didn’t truly get how extremely sensual erotic feeding could be until he started spooning this delicious pudding slowly into my mouth, allowing me to savor each spoonful, squeezing and groping my various fat parts within reach, growing harder inside me as he did. Rocking humping motions as Katie had done came naturally to me at that point, and we were off to the races, and quite awhile later once the bowl was empty, crossing the finish line.

“True to form, Katie had no intention of sharing Evan with me. Given that my guy of the time Ian wasn’t into feedism and I was still emotionally bonded with him and too busy with work to spend time hunting for a feeder anyway, this rather left me hanging. Katie must’ve been evolving or something about that day changed her, because from that day, she was no longer shy about being nude around me, nor looking at me in the nude. Without explicitly discussing it, we tended to take a lot longer to get dressed after showering, on weekends or other days off often not getting dressed for hours if at all, whichever or both of us were staying home. She was far more tease than girlfriend; it never developed between us past that, other than we each spent more time cooking and ensuring we had plenty of delicious food, including snacks. Ian loved the changes, despite not being willing to contribute to their creation.

“Senior year with everyone back, things reverted more as they’d been, other than Katie and I were fatter and she was less uptight with any of us seeing her nude—but not parading around for hours that way as she and I did over the summer. We all had plentiful school work to do, all of us fully intending to graduate on time and get on with our lives.

“We all made it, and all of us sported generous cleavage in our graduation gowns, with me far in the lead.”

Tara huffed a little and looked away again, folding her arms.

“Look, if you’re that envious or jealous or whatever about not having huge boobs, maybe you should do something about it. Far as I know you’re the only person alive on the planet with two complete, fully functional sets of female genitalia with a third leg spacing them apart. I will still trade you any time, if one of us figures out a way to do that. Until then, why not be rightfully proud of what you have, and let me be proud of what I have?”

Tara silently agreed with a nod, cheekily sliding closer so her left butt cheek could ride up onto Barb’s right thigh as her middle and right cheeks remained seated normally on the couch.

Barb couldn’t resist caressing Tara’s thigh through her skirt, with occasional brushes onto her bare skin. “You’re such a babe. No wonder you’re the star of the group!”

“So beyond flashing legendary cleavage making all sorts of people whimper in agony who couldn’t get at your girls, what else happened at graduation and beyond?”

“The only other happening around graduation time worth mentioning is sadness at leaving friends behind as we all scattered to the winds for our adult lives. All of us had promising new jobs awaiting us, all in different cities. We had each other’s contact information and promised to stay in touch, but honestly, it didn’t happen.”

“Getting a lab tech job at Bioteronimo straight out of college was an excellent career move for me. A bit daunting given their high profile in biotech, but happily I learned that they’re not as massive a corporation as they seem to the public, and they’re pretty progressive in terms of being a safe workspace for women in general and LGPTQI and non-caucasian people. My body was initially an issue in terms of lab coats and suitably strong chairs, but they did the proper thing and worked out the necessary clothing and furniture. There were at least 10 guys and 5 women I wanted to get with just about as soon as I first saw them. But this was far too good of an opportunity to blow, and they made it clear during orientation that sexual harassment worked in every direction, not just superior men to subordinate women, so I stayed focused on actual work. Needed to do that and wasn’t difficult, because especially when everything was brand new, it was challenging and fun.

“I think Gretchen was working in some other Bioteronimo department when I started. She moved into the same department as me, doing similar work on a different, related project. We became good work friends over time the way people who work with each other every work day often do. A lot of my life revolved around work and otherwise adjusting to life as a bona-fide adult, and in some ways still does. Earning enough to rent my own place and still have enough to put some away for savings and have nice foods to eat and meals out has been and remains blissful!

“Not sure if the quality of the people has gone down, or if my standards have gone up. Whatever the case, finding people worth my time to share love and sex with seemed to be getting more difficult over the years, through the present. I’ve obviously got plenty to offer so things haven’t been barren, but there’s been far too much weeding through to find someone. Then, as often, it’s OK for awhile, but doesn’t work out for any sort of long term. So, I’ve had lovers, and some were decent, but none really worth spending the time discussing in any detail. My frustration with this and especially lovers who want to ‘own’ me exclusively eventually led to my discussion with Gretchen quite recently, which led me to the meet-up today where I was blown away to see sexy adult Tara Pelvig. And here we are” she smiled.

Tension of desire filled the room. Tara had trouble tearing her eyes off Barb, especially Barb’s mega-rack, so huge and so close!

Barb knew the look. She wanted to be studying parts of Tara she liked, but her view was blocked by her own body.

What’s it like?” Tara near-whispered, “Being so huge-boobed?

“How am I going to be able to honestly answer that question when so far every time the subject has come up, you’ve gotten upset enough to turn away? Beyond that, isn’t your question rather as fruitless as asking a penis owner what it’s like to have a penis, or me asking you what it’s like to have three legs and two hot pussies?”

“How do you know they’re hot?!”

Barb grinned, “My sources are confidential.”

Tara’s mind flashed back to the time Gretchen had gotten her face down into each side. Wasn’t usually her style and she hadn’t been great at pleasuring Tara, but Tara felt it had been a worthwhile opportunity to give Gretchen the chance when she was psyched up for it. She put her left leg up under Barb’s belly, atop her hidden lap, spreading Furry wide beneath her skirt.

“Is that an invitation?”

“Mayyyyyybe” she replied coyly.

“Honestly, with the boobs, the sensations do change as they get really big—at least they have for me. Best you can do is extrapolate from what you have, which is better than every dude who’s ever asked me the same question can imagine. Wanna play with ’em?”

Tara nodded, biting her lip with a half smile.

Barb pulled her top off, asking as she unfastened her industrial-strength bra, “Does this allow your ‘Mayyyyyybe’ to now be a definitive Yes?”


Tara reached for both of Barb’s truly gigantic breasts soon as Barb had her bra off. They were so blissfully, pillowy soft, with at least salad-plate-sized areolae. Her nips weren’t especially big (and looked smaller with so much areola around each), but were quite responsive. Tara also liked Barb’s now-exposed belly and equally-pillowy soft upper arms.

Barb found quite the surprise once she slid her hand down beneath Tara’s skirt and under her belly. “You’re convenient!” she grinned.

“Converting two pairs of normal 2-legged panties into 3-leggers is not my idea of fun, nor wearing them my idea of comfort. Hence usually the only time I’m not commando is when my flow benefits from pads instead of or in addition to tampons. And once in awhile when I’m out somewhere where either I don’t want to mess up their seating or don’t want whatever’s on their seating in touch with my skin.”

“Such as at work.”

“Actually no. There I go commando, like here. In fact, other than some friends’ homes including our group’s communals, work is the most common place for me to leave off the lowers.”

“If your supervisor’s into big women, they must love you!

“I work in the front office with the company owner and president, and yes I think he likes me, but he’s very good about sticking to his firm’s own safe, friendly workplace policies, so I can’t be totally sure. Ullaaaaggh!” Tara suddenly shuddered in pleasure as Barb touched her just right.

Barb’s arousing touch made Tara get into some serious boob suckling. It wasn’t long before she had Barb gasping and panting, and eventually shuddering with pleasure. It wasn’t a whole lot longer after that before the rest of the clothes came off.

They spent the next roughly hour and 1/2 exploring each other’s bodies, within the limits of wholly safe sex.

Midway through that period, an idea occurred to Barb. “Ever had a breast-equipped lover rub one or both nipples on one or both of your clits?”

“No, actually. Which is weirdly amazing, given all the other things I’ve seen and enjoyed people in the group doing.”

“I’ve got two and you’ve got two, and with no open wounds no fluids getting shared. I’d call that a perfect match.”

Tara was not prepared for how much of a major turn-on this sex act was. It wasn’t just the sensations of Barb’s nips on Tara’s clits, of course. It was as much the sights and sensations of Barb’s massive soft breasts rubbing and resting against Tara’s sensitive fat inner thighs, the sensations of Barb’s fat belly lower down on Tara’s 3 legs, and absolutely Barb’s highly aroused expression and non-verbal vocalizations. Also, it took breasts of a certain size of big to have the width span to comfortably reach each of Tara’s clits at the same time and make it into her fat muff mounds. When Barb’s nips were sufficiently aroused to not be quite so small as at rest, she had everything necessary to rub Tara down there with ease.

Even having done this act before with one or sometimes two women at the same time, for Barb it wasn’t anything like doing it with childhood friend and now sexy adult brand-new lover Tara Pelvig! Many of the same factors—fat thighs, fat muffs, Tara’s arousal—which made things so exciting for Tara did the same for Barb.

Each at different points experienced different flavors of intense orgasms which at least for brief moments, seemed to take them to higher planes of existence. For awhile neither of them wanted to stop, filling the whole house with their intense sexual joy.

Even ignoring the several other things they shared during their sex adventure time this evening, this act alone was plenty enough of a reason for them to get back together as lovers in the future. It was so obvious to both of them, neither felt the need to discuss it.

Sitting together nude in afterglow and restful renewed friendship, out of nowhere Barb asked, “What do you think your 11-year-old 5th. grade self would say if the you you were then could see us now?”

“My head would explode! I had no context then for so much of what we’ve become, and what we’ve just shared. What about you?”

“The same, pretty much. I wasn’t into you or anyone romantic intimately or sexually then, but I sure am now!”

It was getting late and each of them had work in the morning, meaning it was time to wind things down, for Barb at least to get back into her clothes, and to part ways for at least a few days.