Dirty 30s

The most significant change int Tara Pelvig’s contented, balanced, stable life when she was closing out her 20s and about to hit 30 was a career change: she gave up her long line of mostly-at-home free-lance writing with occasional website design and marketing work to take a job as an office manager of a small model and prototyping company.

For decades, Model Magicians had made all sorts of models from many different kinds of materials: product models and prototypes, architectural models, topographic models, cutaways, and more. While their business core had evolved with new technologies including several high-end 3D printers, the front office lagged behind: there were still voluminous paper files not transitioned to the newer computerized fulfillment system, and a less-than-modern phone system needing a human receptionist-style operator.

The title “Office Manager” did not do justice to the actual job: transitioning the company to more fully computerized and automated ordering/billing/archival project and voice telecom systems while at the same time managing the legacy ones. While the title may not have done all the work justice, the salary did: it was good pay—better than the other options currently out there which Tara could take, and was pursuing.

She felt for sure she’d blown the interview soon after she left, given a strong awkward tension in the air during it. As well, she felt the position needed someone heavier on core IT system-building skills and lighter in body, or at least not having two active butts releasing their output in sync.

An unexpected phone call a few days later altered her expectations.


“Ms. Pelvig?”


“This is John Mercer, of Model Magicians.”

Adrenalin shot through her. She wasn’t expecting to hear back from them at all! “Hello, Mr. Mercer!”

“Are you still interested in the office manager position?”

Yes! Interested and available immediately.”

“Perfect! I’d like you to come in at your earliest convenience for us to sign the contract, get your keys, and do what we need to do to start getting in place the furnishings you’ll need.”

Tara knew that that last part was going to require her disclosing her weight and either providing her measurements or maybe having Mr. Mercer or an assistant measure the width of her nearly-double butt and hips. She didn’t much care, and for this job, it was worth it!

There was a lot less tension and more smiles when Mr. Mercer, the owner and head of the company and the person who’d interviewed her, met Tara at the street-facing main door of the old brick building. He already knew all about her third leg and the rest of her doubled lower body, though not knowing who else might see her and possibly get upset, she wore a full-length skirt as she did whenever she felt the need to minimize problems.

He did indeed need to measure and weigh her, during which the awkward tensions returned, about half as strong as during the interview.

“Unfortunately we lack sufficient porcelain and plumbing industry expertise to make our own toilet to plumbing codes, so we’ll have to outsource to an existing toilet maker. Your office chair will be a stock model from one of several office furniture manufacturers we use, so that will be here sooner, hopefully by the end of the week. The toilet could be many weeks.”

“I can use an old paint-type bucket and sit sideways on a standard toilet” she assured him. “And clean the bucket and everything up afterwards.”

“Is that how you handle things away from home?”

“Have to.”

“Well, I’d love to have you get started sooner than later, but I will not at all hold it against you if you’d rather not come in until your toilet is ready, or only want to work partial days and go home to relieve yourself.”

“I’m very excited about this job and look forward to getting started, so let me go into greater detail about how I work the bucket system, and we’ll choose between that and me doing part-time for now.”

Tara’s generous sexual appetite and good connections via her significant number of lovers/friends led to another significant change as she entered her 30s: she (and several of these friends) fell in with a local polyfidelity group. Quite the interesting bunch they were, covering a surprising diversity of local citizenry. A number of them lived communally in two adjoining big homes. Others lived what appeared to the outside world to be wholly normal, typical lives, scattered around her metro area, often appearing as traditional couples or singles.

It should go without saying that she was popular right away, making new friends + lovers, enjoying new people and new experiences. Thankfully she didn’t find anyone in the group creepy or worse, though like anyone she had her tastes and preferences.

She hit it off especially well with Lou and Linda Lick (from the same extended family as James Lick), a married couple who were part of the poly group. To the outside world they were a wholly conventional heteronormative married couple living in their own home, active in the general community. No one other than members of the poly group knew of their kinky sex lives. Linda’s married surname was apt, given that she loved to lick other people’s genitals. Lou enjoyed that from time to time as well, along with many other things. Both of them were especially powerfully drawn to Tara, with all three of them extremely into Lou P.I.V. sexing one side of Tara whilst Linda licked her other side. Beyond being really hot for each other sexually, they all got along very well as friends, leading to Tara visiting their home for both sex and friendship between poly group get-togethers.

The poly group became the center of Tara’s non-solo sex life—easy, since most of her then-current sex partners/friends were in it or joined it when she did. Much of the time it was just pairs or threesomes, with whomever was home at the communal houses and interested getting with anyone receptive to their advances, or of course any combination when invited to members’ private homes for those who did not live in the two communal houses. She quite enjoyed two men in her vaginas plus one small-dicked friendly man named Jed in her mouth. Another time she very much liked two women licking her below and a third kissing her mouth.

At least a couple of times a year the group scheduled orgy days. With greater attendance, it was easier to get into 4-ways, 5-ways, and beyond. One of Tara’s favorites which got her off several times was a 7-way, more or less centered around her. It worked like this: her favorite three women were licking her plus kissing her mouth. Each woman picked a favorite penis-equipped lover (not all male) to plunge them from behind as they licked or kissed. Another time when she was in an especially horny mood to catch some dick, she had two lovers plunging her vages, two working her butt cracks (but not anal penetration, which she wasn’t into), and Jed back in her mouth. Linda made a video of this one, which Tara enjoyed watching at home (usually getting off to it) as did the Licks (and for the same reason). Then there was the 9-way, like the 7-way with two lovers pronging her butt cracks. And the legendary 11-way, which was the 7-way plus two more women kissing and licking Tara’s buns as two more penis-equipped individuals slid in and out of their vages.

To: Linda Likes Licks

LinLick: You should come over and visit soon. We have a surprise!

Tarazz: Person or object?

LinLick: Object.

Tarazz: Eh.

LinLick: It’s been awhile.

Tarazz: Yeah. Alright. When?

LinLick: Any time.

The Licks had a very nice home and yard. Other than the toilet issue, it was an enjoyable place for Tara to be, with several options for sturdy, wide seating able to comfortably accommodate her. She also liked their long driveway which wrapped around the house in back, widening with plenty of space for her to park and get out wearing as short a skirt as she might want without blowing the minds of neighbors and passers-by.

Lou, already naked, greeted her at her car, leading her towards the beautiful plant-covered arch connecting to the back yard.

“Aren’t we going in the house first before sitting outside?” she asked.

“Not today” he smiled.

She held his hand as he led the way, letting her belly and hip bump him, knowing how much he enjoyed it. The Licks were getting into fatlovesex, both of them starting to gain from soft-side-of-average bodies. Both of them appreciated Tara’s BBW nature as well as her unique physique.

She spotted it right away, as soon as they passed through the arch and were in the flat, minimally-planted part of the back yard which once had a turf lawn, and now had low-water native grasses which grew short in its stead: the most elegant outhouse she had ever seen.

Linda (also nude) came over, cuddling into Tara’s other side.

“We modeled the design starting from a large ADA-compliant portable toilet” Lou proudly shared.

“Then we added as many indoor bathroom accoutrements and design elements as we thought would work and could afford.”

Obviously meant for her given the wide door (and its existence in the first place), Tara walked over to have a look.

The interior was impressively beautiful from the moment she opened the door. The “seat” was a structure-wide and deeper-than-usual (for a toilet seat) rectangle of cream-colored marble or marble-appearing material, with a large oval very obviously sized for Tara’s two butts.

“I measured your home toilet one of the times we visited you” Lou admitted.

Linda added “We thought about making it an actual plumbed flush toilet, but running a sewer line out here was prohibitive cost-wise.”

“I don’t even think they could have done it. Anyway, this one’s chemical, like a standard portable toilet, other than we do have running water to the sink, which drains to the garden and waters the yard.”

“Hence liquid soaps which will clean your hands and not destroy plants.”

The sink was a nice indoor model, with a mirror above, towel loop to the side, and just about anything else one might need. Plenty of toilet paper, and the whole space was illuminated by a far nicer milky white skylight than the typical portable toilet. It truly was beautiful.

“A foot pedal?!” Tara exclaimed, related to the sink controls.

“Well, given how you might prefer to wipe both sides at once, that wouldn’t leave a clean hand now, would it?” replied Lou.

“Why would you go to all this trouble and expense just for me?!”

“You know why” Linda smiled, reaching down to caress Tara’s nearest mound through her skirt, then giving it an affectionate squeeze.

Lou felt the need to clarify, “The easier it is for you to be here, the more likely you’ll be here longer and more often. Which if you couldn’t tell, is something both of us who live here want.”

The making out started right there. The lovemaking started outside, soon as Tara shucked her clothes.

As was becoming usual for their daytime trysts at the Lick home, the Licks cuddled each side of Tara to share afterglow love, conversation, and light snacks. It was a fun, relaxing time, and a great opportunity to remain nude and still do some extra caressing. Sometimes the fire would re-ignite and they’d all go for another round. Now that Tara could more easily relieve herself in any way necessary without making a mess, maybe even more afterglow and another round—exactly what the Licks hoped when creating Tara’s Restroom.

While they shared several interests besides sex, given each of their love of sex, sex and related subjects were common points of conversation during these afterglow moments.

“What do you think Tom’s doing to his balls to make them feel so heavy and give such a good whack when he humps?” Linda asked the two other of them.

“Is it that much more?” wondered Tara. “He’s always felt like a ball-banger to me, same on both sides.”

Lou’s response was, “I don’t know. If I did, sounds like I would want to be looking into that modification.”

“You’re fine, hun. Grab his dick and give it a friendly shake for me please, Tara.”

They each had another round of crackers and dip.

“So it’s that time of the month again where I need to decide whether to revert to keeping the pussies shaved, or let them grow out and eventually get back to natural. Any votes?”

“Honestly Tara, one thing I’ve never understood about you is why you don’t just let one be natural and shave the other, since you have two!” Linda replied. “That way you always have whichever is most fun and appropriate for a given situation, when it makes a difference.”

“I’d pick the side that’s easier to shave as the clean-cut one, and let the other stay natural” added Lou.

Tara sat there, slightly stunned. “You two have no idea how stupid I feel right now. I never thought of that! I’m so into symmetry and balance, it never even occurred to me!”

Linda got all excited. “Oh my word, there’s so many things you could do! Get a piercing on one side, and not the other.”

“Put two entirely different sex toys in each side and keep them there all day.”

“Now that I’ve done” Tara smiled, claiming another dipped cracker.

From that point forward, Tara shaved her right side (she’s right-handed), now known as Smooth, and left her left side, now named Furry, alone to grow back out natural. She still preferred shaving all 3 legs, despite the extra effort and time needed. She had very nice, shapely legs, and felt keeping them shaved would minimize the 3-leg shock. As well, being plain in appearance, she felt she needed every beauty advantage she could manage.

Having one each at the same time and getting all excited afresh from the different sensations during self-pleasuring made Tara wonder what other asymmetries she might wish to consider.