Chirpy Gratitude

The chirp of morning songbirds have nothing on Yasmin’s morning chirpiness. Much as i loved and still love Dani and have loved prior lovers deeply enough to awaken with them, none have ever made me so happy to wake up and start a new day as Yasmin. To a certain degree we’re all made of sunshine: vitamin D production and all that. Yasmin exudes sunshine most of the time, and as a morning person, certainly first thing in the morning. Morning kisses with her chirpy song-like “Gooood morning, Bestie!” are the best way i know to transition to waking.

Her melodic chatter was back, now for the first time for me with her warm breath so close to my face that it bathed me in her innately musical happiness. She might be part-songbird on some level, come to think of it. Not from the Accident—she’s always been like this.

In-bed morning face-devouring kisses quickly turned into breakfast in bed, first course: milk, fresh from my nippledicks, one for each of us.

“You taste so good, Rissie. Auuggh!” she commented during a break.

“You feel so good, you sexy so-and-so! Thing is, we’ve got to get up and go to work.”

“OK!” She was already pulling away and easing herself out of bed, hindquarters first.

“That’s a fast turn-around.”

She danced around the bed, bringing her face back intimately close to mine, now from her standing position. “The sooner we get to work (kiss), the sooner we finish (kiss), then can get into our evening thing (kiss), then be back here together! Please?”

I went for top boob nip licking and related as my in-sentence punctuation, rather than mouth kisses, “Obviously (lick) we’re going to want to be together (teethe) wherever we wind up (vacuum suckle), whether that’s your place (other top nip suckle), or here. At least that’s what i want (fondle, fondle).”

“Me too! Gotta go wee.”

Not only did i need to go too, watching Yasmin use the toilet since her mutation was a special treat. She needed to sit her back half down on the toilet seat with her front half remaining fully standing, resulting in the back of her being more or less equivalent to a standard human body seated on the toilet and bent far forward rather than sitting upright. Especially in a less-familiar bathroom like mine, i needed to keep my distance and keep my hands off her so she could relax sufficiently.

Helping her wipe her sexy butt made me need to struggle against charging and plowing into her on my way atop the now-warm toilet seat. As i’ve often needed to do since, i gave thanks to be a cisgender woman with the usual elimination apparati: i’d never be able to pee through a penis, this aroused!

Apparently i wasn’t the only one with morning sex on my mind. Soon as i finished cleaning up, flushing, and hand washing, the moment i turned around to dry my hands on one of my fluffy white towels i saw Yasmin’s butt hopping around dancing right in front of me, aimed straight at me. As if that wasn’t enough of a come-on, she was looking over her shoulder with a salacious, teasing “come take me!” look.

I did, filling her sex organ innards with milk.

We needed a quickie shower after our quickie sex, then doubling down into clothes and off to work!

“Wow, this is snug” Yasmin commented as we each got dressed, tugging her skirt’s waistband. “It feels almost like water bloat, but not really.”

I knew exactly what it was, and that now was neither the time nor place to say anything about it: Yasi was already fattening from drinking so much of my milk plus taking it in, uhmm, elsewhere. I have no idea how what was nominally her or Dani’s reproductive systems could biochemically processing my milk, only that somehow they did: as with Dani, Yasmin’s body didn’t shoot it back out nor let it leak or dribble back out, nor was she getting sick nor inflamed nor otherwise showing any symptoms of my milk going into her back there—other than bonding more strongly in physical love with me.

Most of it went to her boobs, which she had to have noticed, given the very obvious visual and tactile size difference. I assuredly noticed, struggling even more to keep my lust at bay! Then again it went to all her pairs evenly. Given that her lowers were free-ranging beneath her skirt, it was only 3 front pairs making her top snugger and overfilling one brakini on the lowest front pair just above her waist.

Since I’m telling you all this in retrospect, i can share that yes, she did know her boobs were swelling at the time, choosing not to say anything so as not to jinx the change. Her snugger waistband she considered less desirable at the time, hence her comment.

“As long as you can manage today, might as well go with it” i advised her. “We’re on the edge of late as it is.”

Even having offloaded some milk up top already this morning, i have a lot of myself to carry around, and assuredly felt it on our fast walk to the bus station and subsequent ride to work.

During the fast walking segments each side of the bus ride, Yasmin made the fateful decision to boldly and proudly hold my hand like the lovers we were, for all to see. I didn’t resist, releasing any pent-up tension, fears, and/or holding back with one long sigh.

The few who noticed smiled.

We encountered a mild disagreement starting when i pulled my hand away as we were about to enter the front door of our office building.

Riss!” she sharply scolded me with a hiss, grabbing my held hand back.

“What about Rule 12?!”

“What about it?! Sheena and Joey have been an obvious item at work since bonding over having permanent raccoon punk rock eye shadowing plus supporting each other through both having multiples of both male and female sex organs and Sheena’s intense facial hair growth since the mutation and no one’s said nor done anything! Doug and Don now more often but not always Dawn are obviously coupled, and not at all shy about how Doug’s turnstile array of peni fit so nicely against D’s big turnstile array of boobs! And Julio and Miranda have been known lovers since before the Accident. Why not us?

“Stop petulantly stomping your left rear foot so adorably and melting my romantic heart, please.”

She kept going (as i knew she would), her expression shifting towards an endearing smile, more so the more she tried to keep it at its former annoyed/hurt look.

“OK. But I’m going to get carried away and kiss you passionately right here at work from time to time, and one or both of my nippledicks might pop up.”

She ceased her foot stomping, instead front hip-checking me repeatedly as her rear danced, “Breaking news from a few months ago at least: everyone here’s seen your nipdick glandes saluting your inner passions.”


“And at least the bottom two udder teats.”

“Those are tough to keep covered. And what’s the verdict?”

“The people you’d expect besides me think you have the coolest mutations ever, or close. The other people you’d expect to be envious are, some of whom want to do you, or you do them, and we need to talk about that after work or soon.”

The approaching familiar array of 5 eyeballs, the top 2 on telescoping snail or slug-like arms above his head, let us know that the Vice President was heading towards us from inside. “You’ll work better as guard lions if you both turn around and each take a side of the door” he teased after opening it.

“Good morning, Allen” i said. “How much trouble will Yasmin and i be in for public displays of affection relative to her and my new love, here at work?”

“Yer… you’re a couple?!

“Yes” i smiled proudly with a confidence i didn’t have, half-stepping sideways deep against Yasi, cuddling into her. She reciprocated, other than not having to step anywhere.

All 5 of his eyes lit up, which is quite a sight to see. “That’s so beautiful!

“’Risse is worried about Rule 12.”

“That’s to keep people from forming love-based coalitions and turning against the company. As long as neither of you have anything like that in mind and refrain from what most of us consider actual sex at work, there’s no issue. Come on in and tell everybody!”

Not only did we need to get in and start working soon, Bandulu was rolling up behind us in his wheelchair and needed to pass through.

Well it’s about time!” smiling dark-skinned African ancestry all-American lesbian lovers LaDonna and Aikeyla Watson of Finance declared in perfect synchronization, both pairs of hands on their very big, wide, soft hips, seeing Yasi’s and my very clear PDA. Conjoined from just beneath their rib cages on down by the Accident, something happened with their minds whereby they were able to function independently or as one super-mind when they both agreed at the same time to do so. Each had been a good asset to prior companies, now together always forevermore a profound asset to our firm which had pivoted to its current mission post-Accident.

They insisted Yasmin and i get into romantic passionate kissing for a photo op which turned into a short video.

Others around work expressed a minimum of friendly acceptance if not greater joy (closer to LaDonna, Aikeyla, and Allen) as they came to realize Yasi’s and my love. Several commented how much happier and more relaxed i looked. Most of the company smiled and/or laughed at points during the day, watching Yasi’s butt and the rest of her rear happily dancing around whenever she was in any kind of position where hindquarters motion was possible.

This job that had been so awful for so long had gradually been getting better over the past half year or so: post-Accident, many staff members including Yasi’s and my formerly-annoying supervisors found gratitude, possibly for the first time in their lives. So did we: i know i did, and Yasmin’s told me she did too. Mutual gratitude and respect along with gratitude for even being alive post-Accident and in generally good health with minimal or no pain went a long way towards making our company a happier, more positive workplace. Loosening up on sexual regulations with so many of us having been hypersexual since the Accident helped further. At least the higher-ups knew that fighting nature past a certain point tends to be a losing battle.

“Heeyyyyyy Girlfriennnnnnd” Yasmin melodically sang as she approached my desk, putting her hand on my shoulder as usual. “Workday’s done. Time to close things out and head to the gym.”

“I’ve gotta go home and milk, Lover Lady” i punctuated with a nice kiss on her sweet lips. “You can go solo, or maaaayyyyybe you can convince me to get myself all the way back over to the gym after milking, but i am not going to be able to make it through any exercise more strenuous than a slow stroll to the bus stop then home ’til i’m drained.”

“We’re gonna both become super squishy sweeties if we give up on gym! (kiss)”

“I never said give up (kiss). I’m saying that pretty much every day now through forever i have to be milked within an hour after work, some days more urgently than others, like today.” I was already closing things out and shutting off my computer. “We can absolutely get extra walking in on weekends to and from gym and have gym itself those two days every week, unless we’re doing other things.”

“Like having lovey love and sexy sex at home all day—that’s what weekends are for!”

Finally things were closed and off, and i was ready to heft my milky self up and leave. I noticed Yasi checking out my boobs and udder sloshing around and getting aroused thereby. “Let’s get me home and milked, and figure things out from there.”

Those of you who guessed that we stayed home and nude and shared sex during and after milking guessed correctly. Those of you who’ve concluded that we likely fell into a pattern of somehow not making it to the gym are also correct, and as a reward are welcome to some of my milk next time you cross paths with me and mutual responsibilities and scheduling allow—i have plenty.

I’d long ago already become addicted to drinking my own milk, at least as far back as when Dani and i were an item. Yasi became at least as addicted to it as Dani ever was, and given that it had now been some weeks since Dani had consumed any of mine and i wasn’t hearing any complaints about the lack of it, i’d say Yasi’s need was deeper.

Over the weeks, Yasmin and i moved in together, which is to say she moved fully in with me, given that we both preferred my flat. Over these same weeks of no gym, lots of sex, lots of my milk, and all kinds of lovey-dovey meals made and consumed together, we got fat together… or in my case, fatter, since my process started back with Dani.

Perhaps it was inevitable—at least for me. I’d already been a waddler since my mutation, once my udder and boobs grew so large. Especially the udder, which had and still has a great effect on my mobility and gait. Most of my new fat went to those places, making them even bigger and softer. My small domed belly became a small wobbly pot, which Yasmin called my smiling pot because of how my flattened navel looks like a smile. The rest made me slightly softer and thicker all over, less visibly so, especially on a casual glance or brief look.

At first i thought she was being mean to me, playing with my belly and other fat so much of the time. Only after i was having a bad day and called her out on it did she explain that she liked my added padding, especially on my belly, and that when she used to poke me there before we were lovers it was an excuse to feel me there in our pre-romantic context with its limitations.

Being totally honest with you, from the very start of this round of fattening, i actually found myself enjoying having the extra subcutaneous fat padding my udder. Yes it was bigger and heavier, but it was and remains hella more comfortable when it inevitably bumps things and so on. I also admit to you here and now that ever since the mutation i’ve enjoyed having really big boobs, so those getting bigger was more upside than downside. At first i thought it would make it easier to bury my nippledicks when i wanted to hide them, but even though those aren’t made of much fat, they grew some more too. Maybe that was from all the sex i was having.

As i fattened, i looked fat… at least a little bit. As Yasmin fattened, she kept getting sexier. Most of it went to her boobs, and kept going there. It wasn’t long before all her pairs had grown to around the generous size of Estelle’s, or mine from prior to this recent growth spurt. She never complained about her former boobs, but it was clear from her becoming-ever-present grin when she felt or saw what she’d become that she preferred them bigger.

Both her front and rear hips and thighs gained, amping up her curves and making her into even more of a goddess. It was fat and it acted like fat, and might not have been as attractive on other people. On Yasi, it made her that much more irresistible. Not just to me: other people felt a need to at least look at her. At work, she developed a way of signaling co-workers via side-cuddling (often with her hindquarters) that it was OK for them to caress her (through clothes). A lot of people loved feeling her ass via hand caresses, and she enjoyed their feels enough to repeatedly encourage them to keep revisiting her.

Transient co-worker intimacy extended to her breasts too, to a point (or several—haaahhh! OK, i’ll be good now). One day once she’d become as busty as Estelle, she accidentally pressed her front boobs into the side of Jonathan, as she attempted to show him something on her handheld. Hearing his gasp of arousal and sensing other signs, she quickly put her arm around him so he’d stay there in that intimate position with her longer. From this initial beginning she made it intentional, not just with him and not just side-hugs. She took pride in making people happy pushing forward a little into their personal space when standing face-to-face with them, so she and they could feel her 3 pairs of big boobs in contact.

When many people’s faces start to get fat, they look like they have fat faces. Yasmin’s just looked cuter: a mild chipmunk effect that made her look even happier than she already was. Part of this was that her face gained only a little bit, mostly on or near her cheeks.

She too thickened all over, but didn’t truly look fat in the way most people think of fat.

Our dirtiest secret about getting fat together? Sex went from amazing to insanely great, as did cuddling. Most amazing thing to me?: to this day as i type this for you, no one has said anything negative about either Yasi’s or my fattening.