Boobs Back (and front)

A custom text tone i’d not heard in some time interrupted Yasi’s and my Saturday morning nude cuddle. Given who it was, i felt the urge to read it right away.

To: Dani Devlin

DaniDevl: Pontoons are deflating.

DaniDevl: Miss you. Resolution?

I sighed audibly as i stared at my small screen.

“Who dat?”


That one name and knowing her and my history had Yasmin cuddle-kittening all the way into me. “That’s an awfully possessive cuddle you’ve suddenly gotten us into, you cutie” i told her with an ending kiss.

“I’m a greedy gulper. Taking all your milk you don’t drink, so we’re squishy sweethearts together.” Her nude front boob grinding into me was entirely intentional, making my nippledicks rise anew, for something like the ninth time already this morning.

“How does that comport with our open IIR, and especially your having enjoyed various forms of sex with over half our co-workers with my total blessing, yet you want to keep me from Dani?”

“Nooooo” she sweetly purred, going full-on kitten lover on me, knowing how it did me in and kept me hers forever. “I encourage you to get it on with others at work when appropriate, and you have and i remain good with that.”


“But it’s different with Dani.”


“You lived with her… and forgot all about me.”

“I didn’t mean to!”

“There i was, stuck in the friend zone pining for some rad and ravishing girl cock from you, and you didn’t even get with me as a friend! She so dazzled you that you tote forgot the forever part of BFF!”


“Hmmpf! Double hmmpf!” she declared, grinding her top pair of hmmpfs against mine, titcocking me up further.

“I’m sorry, Yasi! I’ve told you that from the heart before, with kisses like this.”

Formerly i’d been a demure kisser. Something about my mutations and changes from them over time recently made me capable of passionate ravagement, towards the forceful end of the spectrum. I blame the added testosterone, though Aikeyla and LaDonna assure me that the former could and did reliably forcefully lip-ravage the latter long before the Accident, and that her testosterone level at the time was statistically average for a cisgender woman.

Yasi melted into me all the more, which powerfully refreshed my already- and still-strong love for her—so strong that it hurt!

🎼 They’re big and rouuuunnd

They’re all arounnnnnd 🎼

“Why is that Dani’s text tone and not mine?” asked Yasmin with a hurt tone.

“Yours is much shorter so it doesn’t get tangled up in itself when you text-storm me” i smiled, kissing her tenderly. I had to know, so i looked.

To: Dani Devlin

DaniDevl: Not to be a pest, but i need to decide between a work shift and my vastly preferred choice of a Larissa Larson milk shift soon.

DaniDevl: Help a boob raft out?

Despite not being my true nature, assertiveness was necessary. “The first question for you my dear is whether you want to be part of Dani and me getting seriously milky together.”

“I’m feeling jealous, so i’d better leave you two to it.”

“Next question: do you care whether Dani and i hook up here or her place?”

“Doesn’t matter. Estelle’s wanted me over since forever to pick through some of her older brakinis, so if she has an opening i’ll likely be there.”

Estelle was free and looked forward to a visit with Yasmin, and Dani preferred wheeling herself over to my place, so logistically things seemed good for everybody.

I was more excited to see Dani again than i cared to admit, to the point where i waited by the front door for her impending arrival.

The smirking look she gave me as the door swung open just as she was about to press the doorbell button was priceless. “Hi” she struggled not to laugh.

“Hi to you too. Welcome back.”

The passionate kiss i gave her (once she was inside and the front door was closed) with my arms wrapped around her in the deepest possible hug we could manage from my standing and her in-chair position was one for the ages—one in which she participated equally. I missed her so much and still had so much passionate desire for her!

She’d packed her flatboard on the back of her wheelchair, stubbornly refusing my attempt to unfasten it for her. Her “I’ll do it myself!” need for self-empowerment clearly remained as strong as ever. Who was i to interfere with her or anyone’s self-esteem?

“Ungh!” i grunted with lust, seeing her ooze so fatly out of her bag top then her wheelchair onto her flatboard.

“I lust you too. What’s with the clothes?”

“Exposing myself with the front door open. Plus not wanting to be too forward.”

She squeezed the front of my udder, then my belly pot, then with her long reach the bottom of my huge boobs, snickering “If you don’t mind my saying, you’re more forward than ever”.

“You didn’t seem to mind my expansion when we were together” i sniffed, playing with her still-huge-though-smaller nips on her noticeably smaller front boobs.

“Get yer clothes off, please, and let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”

She seemed pleased with how i whipped off my entire dress in one extended swift move… almost. Got hung up on my udder teats briefly.

“About that us being together topic” she started in as she started low-to-ground wheeling forward, “i think there’s been a misunderstanding.”

I was listening, though possibly not 100%, given the arousal swelling within me, seeing her big fat huge boobs wobbling and swaying all over with the slightest motion—and there was far more than slight motion as we kept moving.

“For me, taking a break from immersive living together wasn’t intended to mean breaking up. I’m thrilled you and Yasmin have each other—truly i am. We all know one another, i know she’s great, and you two have been BFFs since well before i knew either of you. Taking it intimate romantic sexual is a logical step, and i know from direct experience that you prefer immersive live-in loving. What i did not anticipate is how monog you are.”

“Says who?”

“Says your not even having tried to contact me for as much as a friendly clothes-on social get-together of any sort since i moved out and Yasmin moved in.”

“You were busy with Anton, weren’t you?”

“Yes we were housemates and lovers, but not immersively! He dated others, i occasionally did too. Each of us appreciate our private time.”

“Your mix of past tense and present tense in terms of Anton intrigues me.”

“He got transferred to Washington… the state of. Obviously i wasn’t going to move for him nor him stay for me. We parted on totally good terms, but he’s not coming back in the foreseeable future—short, medium, and long-term.”

“What’re you doing for cost-sharing with your apartment?”

“Nothing right now. Enjoying the peace and quiet. Bedroom, please” she asked at the branch point between there and the bathroom, where i’d anticipated she’d want us to go.

“You’d rather go mild than wild?”

“I’d rather not lose a drop of your precious milk. And yeah, i wanna go hot, horny, and slow with you rather than fuckdog fast, especially having waited so long.”

Strong as she was, ever since her mutation and likely forever more, Dani was and is too short and far too flowing amorphous to get all of herself up atop a standard-height bed wholly on her own… at least not without having a good 20 minutes to do so. She threw her front boobs up there no problem, nearly making me shoot off once again after so long seeing how profoundly sexy her mighty mams were as they crashed atop the mattress, wobbling around wildly as they settled. Not that they had much settling time with Dani attempting to ease her body core up with her strong arms, held back by her wobbly heavy back boobs.

The addition of my moderate strength helping heft her back boobs from behind completed her onto-bed move.

“Udder first?” i asked.

“What? You’ve already forgotten the joys of cowadicking me?!”

We’d tried to come up with a clever equivalent of 69ing which better matched the shape of our combined bodies when my udder was in her face between her front mega-boobs and one of my nipdicks with its associated boob was plunging her down-under vag, but hadn’t done better than this turn of phrase of cowadicking.

“No, i just didn’t want to be presumptuous regarding how ready you might or might not be.”

“Yeahhhh…” she trailed off, reaching under herself for a self-check. “OK, yes: we need to make out for awhile. Do you still love me, Larissa?”

“Yes. My issue is that i keep getting lustier and lustier: hornier and hornier for pronging stuff.”

“Oh i remember that! Still more so?”

“Yes” i blushed.

“Hey hey” she pulled me back closer to her, “it’s not bad. No judgement. I’m hornier than i used to be too now, even if likely still not at your level. But today i am, because it’s been awhile, and i feel like i’m wasting away.”

“I thought you didn’t like getting fat off my milk.”

“At the time i had mixed feelings. Having gone without these past few months, now i miss being as big a quad of pontoons as i was at my peak. So ya gonna give me a milky prong of yours to put in my mouth, or am i supposed to pick?”

“Udder away, Girlfriend” i urged her as i shifted around to more or less hand her my huge udder.

She had me gasping from the first teat suckles. Both she and Yasmin were and are great with teat and nipple manipulation and sucking/suckling. Their individual styles differ in sometimes-subtle ways not amenable to written or verbal description, each style compelling to me and making me yearn for more.

The bonding affection of our loving past flowed back along with the arousal and lust, with more than plenty of each. Once again sharing intimacy and sex with Dani starkly reminded me how much i’d missed it, and her!

Over the ensuing hours she drank or otherwise took in nearly everything i had, apart from a few pints out of my nippledicks during spans when she was only utilizing one of them and i felt the powerful need to put the other in my own mouth.

She begged me not to stop suckling, teething, and otherwise loving each of her massive nips, rattling the walls with her moans when i full-out face-planted into any of her face-sized (smaller than before) areolae.

“Lunch?” i offered, easily half an hour into our morning-to-midday session afterglow.


I wobbled and rolled myself off the bed to a sitting, then standing position, expecting Dani to follow me.

She didn’t, remaining as she was.


“If you want me fat and lazy, you ought to be delivering me lunch in bed” she grinned, squeezing, wobbling, and patting her front breasts.

The way her hands still disappeared part-way into the soft depths of her huge front boobs even after their shrinkage with our time apart along with her cheeky admission made a fresh round of lust shoot through me. Despite all the sex we’d already shared, my nippledicks re-hardened like rigid rockets.

The adrenalin which shot through me late in the afternoon as it was nearing its transition to evening was one of panic, not lust.

I’m hooommme Rissie!” Yasmin called out from the front door as she entered. “Where are yooou?

In the bedroom with Dani. Come on in if you want.”

I knew she wouldn’t be happy seeing me and Dani still intimately enmeshed, even if not in the moment overtly sexually. I hadn’t realized her dismay would reach the pouty lip then biting her lip level. Moderate tension filled the room.

“Looks to me like there aren’t enough boobs on that bed, big as the ones currently there are. Let me fix that.”

Damn you’ve grown, girl!” Dani exclaimed, watching every move Yasmin made slipping out of her new-to-her multiple matching brakinis.

“What do you honestly think?”

“You’re sexy as fuck and at least as pretty as ever. I can totally see why Larissa’s been scarce. Seriously, you don’t mind all that titflesh?”

“Seriously i don’t. Volumetrically i’m still aways away from either you or Estelle, making me wonder why you’d think i’d mind.”

“You’ve just always been so… petite.”

“Well now i’m a big busty titter like you. Here they come, girlfriends!

Yasmin seldom if ever liked being called petite. She made “Bppwowooww ppppwwowww” explosion sounds with her mouth as she sloshed onto the bed, to emphasize what a formidable biggie she’d become.

Dani held and squeezed various singles and pairs of Yasi’s boobs in speechless awe. “OK, help me out here, you two” she said as she continued fondling and inspecting Yasmin’s multiple mams. “I know why i love my own boobs: they look and feel great, and my mind’s forever working overtime coming to terms with my mutation, seeking maximum upside. I know why i love your boobs, Larissa dear: i love cocks! Never was much into cismale ejaculate, but all the rest of the hardness and growing and stuff?: unnff! Being nips on big boobs is even better, and outputting drinkable tasty milk is sublime! I get all that. But why am i having all these strong confusing feelings regarding your boobs, Yasmin, and especially how you’re now so much… hhhh!… bigger!?”

“Because she’s the hottest thing on 4 legs, beautiful and sexy as fuck, and happy and positive as sunshine” i confidently replied, having thought in the past along these lines myself, regarding my attraction to her. “And, as a bonus, hypersexual.”

I shouldn’t have said that last part: Dani pulled back.

“I’m not going to hit on you nor anyone else who doesn’t want that!” Yasmin objected. Sticking out her boobacious chest she added, “I’m just… here.”

Dani’s hands tentatively moved back. “Rub yours against mine, please—any of them.”

“Any of mine? Or any of yours?”

“Yes” she salaciously grinned.

It was obvious that Dani wasn’t comfortable getting sexy with Yasmin in terms of genitals or kissing, but boob intimacy was an all-the-way go for both of them.

“Look, Dani! We’re giving Rissie boob boners!” Yasi giggled.

“Boob boners via our own bust bliss” she quipped in return.

Intermittent tension and shifting moods continued on through the evening. I had a vague sense that while on the surface Dani and Yasmin seemed to be getting along cordially, each seemed to be vying for my full loving/lusting attention.

We wound up all sharing dinner together, again in the bedroom because Dani didn’t want to leave. Indeed, other than a pair of necessary bathroom trips, she hadn’t been off the bed since she and i got her up on it this morning.

Tension increased dramatically several hours later as evening went into full night and reached all our usual bedtime.

“Sssssssooooo?” asked Yasmin, in a leading manner.

“Pretty late for me to be going home” replied Dani to a question technically unasked, “especially with the spate of recent werewolf attacks.”

She had a valid point: there had been some, and they’d not ended well for any other than the werewolf(ves). Many of us had reason to believe it was one particular mutated werewolf individual with a Warren Zevon fetish, behind all the heinous crimes. Not all mutations had worked out positively, to be sure.

“Is that how it is?!” Yasmin struggled not to stammer. “’Cause i’m not taking the guest bed!”

Dani folded her arms atop her big front pair, defiantly. “Well i’m already filling up so much, i might not want to move.”

“In that case, take this!

“This” was Yasmin charging Dani backwards, slamming her super sexy curvaceous fat butt into Dani’s face.

As i looked on in horror fearing what might happen next, to my amazement and great relief Dani didn’t just make lemonade out of the lemons handed her, she made a damn Whiskey Smash! Specifically, she gave Yasmin’s butt the loudest, longest, flubbingest blowfish i’d ever heard.

Yasi shrieked with loud shrill joyous child-like peals of laughter as Dani held her butt in place and kept going and going. With each laugh tension defused from the room out of all of us, melting away through the bed and floor to who-knows-where.

She managed to pull away. “Oh yeah? (giggle) Well here’s what i think of that! (snicker)” she proclaimed turning around and again charging Dani, this time face-forward. She face-planted deep into Dani’s front cleavage, giving her the loudest, longest, flubbingest blowfish she could manage, wholly different in cadence and pitch to the one Dani had just given her. Dani laughed well into tears of mirth. I couldn’t help laughing along with them.

“So let’s put Ms. Nippledicks in the middle, so she and all of us can sleep well to boobacious dreams” declared Yasmin, ending the standoff.