Udder Girl

drawn by moduloks of DeviantArt
2020 Alternative English Story by Sonic Purity

I am delighted to present this story with pictures, because i can’t draw nor paint nor otherwise make visual art at all!

But moduloks can—and did, back around 2014. The story starts out with some minor rewording and grammar correction etc. of existing text from that time, as seen for years on DeviantArt. Then it builds and builds, going deeper and more detailed. Eventually the story runs past the images, and keeps going image-free as is my usual way.

I think of this as a collaboration, but maybe it’s fanfic, i don’t know. Whatever it is, i hope you enjoy it!

In a span of only a few minutes, the Accident changed life on Earth worldwide forever. As with other major world calamities throughout Earth’s long history, creatures wishing to remain living needed to adapt—and quickly! Mutations were the inescapable New Normal—especially for humans. Could it be that amongst the many deaths and downsides there could be upsides, possibly even significant upsides?

Shy Larissa Larson is one of the many survivors, going about her daily life in this new world. She invites you to read her (and her friends’) story.

Novel (approximately 55,800 words). This version originally written July-August 2020.

This story features:


  1. A Day In The Life Of Udder Girl
  2. Meeting
  3. Quadra-Boob Love
  4. Friends At The Beach
  5. Wet Job
  6. Pool Talent
  7. Squiggly Wiggly Love and Healing
  8. Love Flames Out
  9. Truth Comes Out (with More Milk)
  10. Chirpy Gratitude
  11. Boobs Back (and front)
  12. Bringing You To the Present: an Epilog