Bringing You To the Present: an Epilog

Dani and Yasmin had no issues with each other from that very silly and fun special moment onwards. I write this to you now some 9 months after that night, currently typing from a lounge chair at McGorkin Pool, on a water-protected device with a full keyboard.

We all live together now: Dani, Yasi, and me. I never waste any milk any longer, having two thirsty lovers delighting in drinking me down, along with letting me enjoy some of my own.

Dani’s pontoon boobs have grown so large, we needed to arrange for a custom wheelchair 3 times as wide and deep as a standard chair, which she nevertheless manages to overflow. She loves it much more than her older chair, because it looks and rolls more like a wheeled individual sports vehicle in chair form than an invalid’s wheelchair. Seriously: she almost got a speeding ticket rolling it out on our local streets one time, powered solely by her strong arms! Strong as her arms are, they’re soft and comfy with the generous layer of subcutaneous fat on them, especially her upper arms.

She’s become a town celebrity, whom everyone loves. As with many others, she’s received special dispensation to no longer need to wear clothes, even out and about in public on city streets and so forth. She’s so big now that at least 2 full-sized adults can latch onto and float on each of her gigantic breasts without being in any contact, and even more if people like being intimate. Indeed at the moment as i type this there are 7 locals, all now regulars and good friends of hers, restfully floating via her buoyancy and sharing relaxed, intermittent conversation. Alternatively, what used to be average-sized and smaller human forms can lie on top of any one of Dani’s 4 mega-pontoon boobs as their ultra-soft personal boob lounge chair (she does charge for this, unless she’s in an especially benevolent mood or the pool’s having a fundraiser). Ed the fat sea lion-shaped human diving board (and her occasional lover) is currently at full erected potential, via lustily staring at her as part of his and her jobs. Oh wait—here comes little Marina Meadows, toddling along Ed’s diving board dong annnnnd… splash! Into the water!

Using her 4 well-grown and still growing tentacles plus her two smaller stubs, she’s across the pool like a shot into the arms of her mother (technically stepmother) Leeza.

Leeza Meadows the Friendly Octo-Woman is at least as much of a town celebrity as Dani. More than that, she’s every local mother’s favorite, for a safe, fun, watery community loving and learning experience for their precious children, no matter what each child’s and parent’s mutations may be. While literally an octo-woman, figuratively she’s a sponge, when it comes to learning ever-more about young childhood education and psychological support, and implementing it with her mind and pure, loving heart. So far despite a profound amount of sex with husband Mark and his garden hose long and fire hose big mega penis that always seems to find its own way into her vagina target and fill her up in a manner no other woman has been able to take, she’s not become pregnant. Neither she nor Mark are sad, given that they have Marina and love her like no other. Even though she didn’t birth Marina, DNA testing shows that much of their octopus DNA matches, making them actual Accident-made blood relatives.

Leeza also prefers having more time for the community’s children by having only one of her own to care for. She teases Mark about how the way he keeps filling her up gives her ever-more of a mom bod, though they and everyone else know she actually enjoys her mom bod softness and plushness. Her boobs are very eye-popping big from continuous lactation, feeding not only Marina but other local infants and very young children of milk-needing age who may not or cannot get enough or any from their own mothers.

Our good friend Estelle divides her time between manufacturing and marketing her line of designer brakinis, her sexy boob snake online and offline modeling work, and partly related to the latter, her very active hypersexual sex life.

Mike and Lindy are doing well running Reach For The Sky Services, specializing in cleaning and painting and otherwise dealing with ceilings, cabinets, cupboards, gutters, and other locations up high—easy for Lindy to reach when she and Mike get their full erection on.

Betty and Bob Boob have become close friends of Dani, Yasi, and myself, and are frequent guests in our home. They too drink my milk and fatten up from it. Beyond the obvious sensual aspects, they were impressed to discover when we were all first having sex together and they experimented with consuming my milk in quantity that fattening their boob heads via my milk gave their brains more space, reducing headaches and other discomfort, improving each of their mental acuity. Having a soft, fat belly gives them more boob head cushioning against harsh bounces, and greater support when they sit. The joys of their now-fat mound are not in any way lost on them either, but that too is sexual and i already mentioned that. While i’m fixated on the subject, besides being a lot of fun to be with in general, they’re wicked in the bedroom (or anywhere else we do it) when they’re dick-pronging Yasi or Dani and i’m nippledicking them at the same time.

Actually apart from the Meadows family who are off doing wholesome family things together, everyone else i’ve mentioned so far of our friends get together at least once a month for blowout orgies so epic, they leave not a one of us pining for pre-mutation times.

While not as tightly in our inner circle, we’re still in touch with Cindy, doing well in a local comedy club with her Foot Fetish Follies Revue. When she teams up with Paul the Pod Hand Man whom i, Mike, and Lindy met on the beach for foot and hand slapstick, the audience most often laughs themselves silly. They also each have a signature song, hers being These Boots Are Made For Walking and his being The Hand Jive.

Besst Construction remains a going concern we see working on projects around town. While we haven’t conversed with any of them, when passing by we can see all of owner Bess, 3-legged booted materials kicker Fiona, multi-boobed 3-legged cement pourer Lila, and cement shitter (there’s no better way to concisely type this) Sheena busy at work, even if not necessarily undertaking those exact same tasks on other projects. I’ve never seen anyone get as much done literally farting around as Bess.

Everyone else i may have mentioned earlier plus hundreds of other locals are doing well too, finding plenty of joys being alive after all our prior lives being turned upside down and often shattered by the Accident.

Last and never least is Dani’s and my True Love Yasmin. The world needs people of her nearly perpetually happy sunny disposition to make the tough times bearable. She still melodically near-chirps and almost sings when she speaks most of the time, and likely and hopefully forever will. Fewer frustrations means less foot stomping, though that still happens, almost always with a rear foot.

All her boobs have grown slightly bigger than Estelle’s biggest—remarkable, since Estelle has grown herself. Her bigger, curvier, wigglier, fatter than ever butt still dances all over the place on her strong, thick hind legs, arousing nearly everyone attracted to her sexually and often making at least some blast into orgasm.

She too models, but unlike Estelle it’s not for money, and only live. Once a month (weather permitting) our city holds Yasi Day in Town Square. For a nominal fee to cover security (not for Yasmin, by her choice), people from anywhere are allowed to line up around the periphery of Town Square to take in with their eyes and/or recording devices Yasi repeatedly parading around the square nude, occasionally adorned with a sign or small banner promoting a cause. She loves being her own parade of one, smiling and waving at the crowd and absorbing their adoration. Unofficially Gawk At Yasi Day, people may stare as much as they want, anywhere on her they want, as long as they stay behind the chain barrier and keep their own expressions of desire within the realm of what is reasonably allowable out in public. She doesn’t get all-out porny and never makes hardcore moves, though she does push the limit to the point of doing pole dancing many times on temperate weather days, often as or near a finale.

She does tend to get dates from Yasi Days, and neither myself nor Dani begrudge her of this, since she’s selective, careful, and practices safer sex with her special friends. A few really really good special friends she’s (with our consent) brought home to meet us, in at least one case (who prefers i not name them) now a regular friend becoming closer, beyond sexually though mostly that.

The job that i used to dread (as i shared with you back at the beginning of this story) and even Yasmin didn’t particularly like has become beyond tolerable and actually quite nice. Honestly, it’s not the job that’s changed, it’s me: i’m filled with far more gratitude for each day of living and far less impatience and entitlement. Mutations have slowed way down, reducing everyone’s workload, which also helps. What we do remains an essential business, thus for the foreseeable future we all have about as much job security as anyone has.

The repeal of Rule 12, given that undermining the company was already covered in Rules 3 and 15, reflects changing corporate culture. While it would be an exaggeration to write that we openly share sex at work, let me just type that any of us who like each other tend to be openly amorous, and that this is now accepted as our company’s work culture. Blame it on Yasmin and her sunny sexiness: her boob rubs, presses, and butt caress offers started this shift. It’s gotten to the point that on Yasi Day they let (read: encourage) her to spend these days nude at work and, when the mutual mood strikes, hug co-workers.

People do love caressing my udder, boobs, and nippledicks, often trying to get a rise out of me to raise them, else raise them via rubbing directly. I no longer even need to try to hide them, as my co-workers like them and no one is offended by them.

One hot day when the air conditioning broke a couple months ago, we were all allowed to take our clothes off to help stay cool. We didn’t get much work done that day, but it was fun! We’re not to the point of a company-wide orgy yet, though my sense is that that may be in our future.

Well my friends, i could type on forever, as all our stories continue to unfold. I could have gone into even more detail about some people and some events, but you might all fall asleep or shout “tl;dr!” at the top of your lungs and never read a word of this. Hopefully this missive has proven a reasonable compromise between too little and too much.

Thanks for reading.


Larissa Larson

Udder Girl