The mutations happening all over the world were dramatic and disparate: wildly varying, with few clear patterns. Initially shocking to nearly everyone, in some cases the extreme changes brought forth good to nice to extreme improvements in the quality of life of some individuals. The majority experienced a mixed bag of changes: improvements and degradations both. For still others, it was mostly or entirely downside.

All too many mutations precluded remaining alive in any sort of functional form. The intense suffering and death all of us had read about and occasionally witnessed first-hand brought forth a sobering reality: those who suffered most tended to be those who had no Advanced Directive, Durable Power of Attorney for Heath Care, Living Will, standard will, and especially not a Do Not Resuscitate order once certain irreversible conditions of deterioration and loss of quality of life were met.

So far, most of us within our social circle remained alive and well, and had come out vastly altered yet functional. Be that as it may, with so much unknown about the mutations (very much ongoing), for any of us things could take a turn for the worse at any time. Unpleasant as it was to contemplate, much less deal with, those of us who were local friends of one another agreed to get together and get it over with: signing each other’s legal documents, as witnesses. I couldn’t sign Yasmin’s because she’d listed me as a beneficiary; similarly she could not sign mine. But each of us could and would sign others’ documents, as local friends but not in any way beneficiaries nor estate executors or the like.

My profoundly spacious flat was the obvious meeting place, and i was delighted to host.

Yasmin’s ringtone sounding on my device got my attention right away. “Hey girl! What’s up?”

“What should i bring?”

“Besides yourself and your legal documents?”

“Yes, like, oh say, food?”

“I don’t know that we’ll have time nor space to nosh.”

“Not even my Devil’s In The Details Food Cake?”

Her suggestion gave me pause. It was truly amazing cake which everyone ought to experience at least once in their life.

However, there was a problem. “What about Dani’s wheat allergy?”

“Since when?”

“Since her transformation. Her huge nipples redden and get super itchy, out of her reach.”

“Yeah, that’s not good.”

“You’re wrinkling your nose, aren’t you?”

“How can you know that?! This is voice only!”

“I know you, girl! And i gotta get going to be ready on time.”

“OK OK, what about my Cheesy Potato Pinwheels?”

“Don’t you remember how Lindy kept repeatedly sneezing after the last time you served those?”

“Apparently not. Alright, i give up. I’ve got 9-some bikini bras to strap on and adjust, so i’d better get to it.”

{9 bras. Damn.} “Yeah, you better. See you in awhile!”

“Looking forward to it! Bye for now, ’Risse!”

First to arrive was Yasmin, along with a big baking pan of her Buttery Nutty Squashy, which included plenty of butter, cashews, pecans, and seasonings, along with the expected butternut squash. Obviously she hadn’t given up figuring out something edible to bring. For whatever reason going to a social function without bringing something to eat or drink struck her as inconceivable. Thankfully her legal papers were in a plastic-coated manila envelope, protected from squashy and other stains.

We animatedly chatted on the way to the kitchen for her pan drop, excited about the impending in-person visits from our friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen in awhile.

Lindy resting atop Mike’s shoulders, in Larissa’s entryway

Next after Yasmin to arrive were lovers Mike and Lindy. Some of us used to joke about how they were so deeply and happily in love that they were inseparable, living together not long after first getting together and going just about everywhere possible together nearly all the time. As it happened they were in the throes of sexual intercourse at the moment of impact as the Accident unfolded, leaving them mutated together sharing one body in a highly unusual way. Unlike any sort of previously-known conjoined twins or the like, Lindy’s body now ended at her waist, just below her navel. It became one with Mike’s penis at this point, the latter member now gigantic in size: about the diameter of Lindy’s waist, and very long. His scrotum and balls scaled up accordingly. With nearly everyone developing breasts—often big breasts—for reasons as yet unknown, Mike grew a really big, beautiful pair. Lindy’s grew larger, up to about 28J in our goofy U.S. sizing system, but Mike’s at what i would guess to be 36K were far larger.

Yasmin and i have several times wondered together aloud how either of their basic bodily functions could still be working. None of us amongst our group of friends have yet dared to ask. All we know is that they remain alive, appear to be very well/healthy, and beyond question are at least as much in love with each other as ever, now always going around together 100% of the time.

It’s a good thing i have a 2-story entryway, given how Lindy at the end of Mike’s giant dick is so high up in the air that she rests comfortably atop his shoulders, the top of her head around 2.2m in the air. She and/or Mike had to penis-twist her sideways to clear the top of the front door. Thankfully it’s a double-wide double door, so there’s plenty of horizontal space. I wonder if they consider it to be his penis with her being the new tip, or her elongated tubular lower body descending into his sack? So many questions!

I invited them to get comfortable at the big, long dining table where we’d be signing the papers. Mike had barely settled them into their singular seat and Lindy hadn’t yet figured out what would be the most comfortable position for her when cheery Yasmin sauntered in with 2 plates of Buttery Nutty Squashy. I had to tactfully remind her to ask them whether either had any allergies or sensitivities to any of her BNS ingredients. Thankfully they didn’t. Once Lindy concluded that lying face-down atop the table would work best for her, she and honey Mike got into their BNS. Both obviously enjoyed it from their first bite.

Dani rolls through the entryway

Dani arrived next, rolling in on her wheelchair. Losing her legs as part of her mutation crushed her spirit: she’d been an active lifestyle person, formerly a runner. Associations of wheelchairs with disability and infirmity ran deep within her, to the point where even her 4 giant pontoon-like breasts equally spaced around her body at the usual height in a circle failed to compensate for her losses. She’d not only lost her legs, but the lower half of her upper body all the way to the base of her gigantic soft, flowing breasts, each with a nipple 1/5th. the size of her head and an areola around 6 dm in diameter: bigger than most circular dinner/party platters, slightly smaller than most parasols. As with Mike and Lindy, Yasmin and i wondered how she still had room inside for essential organs for her body to function. Again as with them, neither of us had yet inquired. Physically she seemed fully viable and as outwardly healthy as ever, despite her severe emotional devastation. She sat atop pillows on her wheelchair, both for comfort and to be raised to a more normal height, to look slightly less freakish.

She was building up some very nice, strong arm muscles and moving in her chair with aplomb. The rest of us knew to let her handle her mobility unless/until she asked for help. She managed to get herself seated at the table without anyone’s help, only asking me to wheel her wheelchair out of the room so it would be out of her sight (probably so she could stop thinking about it and feel more normal).

Being around other people seemed to be helping, and quickly: her mood visibly improved. She chatted happily with Mike, Lindy, and me whilst Yasmin served her some Buttery Nutty Squashy.

Estelle towers in the entryway as she takes off her overshirt

Estelle slid into the house next, completing our group for this occasion. She had the happiest ending of any mutant we knew, and one of the most happy any of us had read about or seen reported. Formerly flat-chested and with a severe case of boob envy therefrom despite her otherwise standard, complete, compelling beauty, she’d become what could only be called a boob snake, or boob worm: a woman with a long, flexible snake- or worm-like body covered with pairs of human womanly breasts—very large, round full ones at that, with one singular boob as the end of her “tail”. All her breasts were evenly spaced, front-facing, well-formed, and big, each, other than the singular one on the end, displaying bounteous, beautiful cleavage.

Despite reasonable efforts to cover up in a long series of 21-some bikini bras, Estelle’s unwieldy and still-growing multiple mammaries routinely partially or fully escaped their coverings. Which, judging from her near-perpetual smile, she didn’t seem to mind at all. Seeing her move via a combination of worm-like bunching together then sliding forward along with some help from her arms and hands, several of us wondered how she possibly covered ground without getting many of her tas filthy dirty and/or severely scuffed up—the skin looked normally tender and sensitive. {So glad i cleaned the floors thoroughly} i thought. Her curvy butt remained right about where it had always been, suggesting that those parts of her functionality remained as before her mutation. Then again, what one could see on the outside so often had little to do with what might or might not be going on on the inside.

She stood tall in the entryway as she took off her overshirt. Not because she had to, like Lindy atop Mike, but because she enjoyed so easily being able to do so, having plenty of free vertical space and only prying eyes of good, local friends on her.

Thanks for waxing the floor” she softly confided to me in a near-whisper as she slithered past, “it really helps”.

Gladly” i replied, matching her vocal softness. My attempt to gently touch her arm in a friendly manner wound up as a hand plant directly onto/into her second (counting from her head) left breast instead, when she suddenly and unexpectedly twisted. She obviously didn’t mind, given the way her face lit up into a bright smile. If i hadn’t known better, i might have concluded that her eyes were glittering for me, related to this unplanned intimate contact.

Group meeting of mutant friends at the dining table. Yasmin is standing. Estelle is so long that she snakes under and well beyond the table on the far side, as well as standing very tall.

Once Estelle had a chance to enjoy her Buttery Nutty Squashy and Yasmin cleared the plates whilst i cleaned the tabletop, we were ready for the business meeting part of our meet-up.

“Here’s some information i printed out regarding some of the legal fine points we’re facing” Estelle announced, handing us each a single printed-both-sides page of information.

It was easy for her to reach all the way to the far end of the table to hand me my copy, given that she easily towered over it. Even as she stood so tall, with her fat 6th. pair of boobs out of their bra top and resting on the table, there remained so much of her boob-encrusted body that she wrapped all the way under the table far over past the other side, pressing into Yasmin’s left horizontal side… or more specifically, her left set of hanging-down boobs. Neither seemed to mind at all. Indeed at one point i caught Yasmin leaning slightly to her left, for more contact.

Dani studied her documents, apparently comparing and contrasting what was on them with the information on Estelle’s handout. I hadn’t seen from whence she pulled out her reading glasses, and really wish i had. Really there was no other place than stuffed somewhere in part of her giant homemade quadra-bra, since her wheelchair was in the other room and she wasn’t carrying anything else. {Though she could have had them in her envelope with her papers} i mused. {They’re thin enough that there’s room for them in there.}

“Is it still legally binding if i dot my i s with little hearts?” asked Lindy.

She’s so adorably cute and fun… always has been. At the moment i can’t help noticing how comfortable she looks lying face-down atop the table, and how comfortable Mike looks with her trunk and/or his penis shaft (depending how they’re considering this singular body part) snaking down and into his giant crotch. He seems lost in thought as he sits what appears to be comfortably in his chair. I have to say: those huge boobs hanging low on his front look really, really good on him. Very natural, like they’ve always been there (or should have always been there). They’re so big they stretch halfway down his partially outstretched (at the moment) left forearm. His upper right arm at rest at his side with his right forearm normally extended is at about the perfect natural distance to easily play with his own right nipple, if he had his shirt off. I thought he had a bra on earlier, but now i don’t think he does.

Lindy’s nice-sized pair is right in front of her, almost but not quite big enough for her to do a very comfortable face plant into her own cleavage. Maybe she’ll grow some more and be able to do that. Right now, she awaits an answer to her question.

“I can’t imagine that most people would notice, unless you made them really big” was Estelle’s thought.

“Even if she did that, it’s her document, reflecting who she is and how she writes” replied Yasmin. “People will know what it is, so i can’t imagine it wouldn’t remain legal.”

“I can’t imagine that anyone in a position of authority wouldn’t have about a thousand more important things to be doing” suggested Dani, studying an example of Lindy’s punctuation embellishment.

The mood became unexpectedly solemn and quiet as we took turns reading and signing each other’s documents. This went on for a good long while.

“Whew! Glad that’s over!” Yasmin exclaimed, once the last of us put away our freshly-signed legal papers.

“Tell me about it” Dani agreed. “I don’t wanna haveta think about this stuff for a long time!”

“Now that we’ve all done our due diligence, we don’t have to” Estelle smiled. “So… time for a little socializing on far more fun topics?”

“Please yes.”

“How can we not?” Lindy wondered aloud. “We’re all already here.”

“It depends on all our schedules, and how long each of us can stay” i noted.

“And how long Larissa’s good with having us here” added Yasmin, smiling as she touched my left arm, nearest her.

“I’m great with all of you staying as long as we’re all able, keeping in mind that some of us have work tomorrow.”

Unintentionally my statement hurt Dani, who was currently unemployed. She winced a little and turned away. In the moment i couldn’t think of anything to say to ameliorate the sting of my words.

Yasmin motioned with her eyes down at my udder. Being BFFs, we knew each other well enough that i knew she was wordlessly asking me whether i might get over-full of milk if the meet-up went too long. I replied with the subtlest of head shakes (which only she noticed) and a half-smile. She couldn’t help smiling back at me, winking so only i could see. So nice to have a true close friend of many years like her! Our mutations were merely the latest amongst a long line of shared adventures in which we’d found ourselves.

“May we please move to a different room that feels less formal and somber?” asked Dani.

“The living room’s going to be a lot more comfortable” i noted. “The only reason i didn’t set us up in there initially was the lack of suitable table space for the papers. For just sitting or lying about and visiting, we’ll do far better moving to the living room.”

Everyone else heartily agreed, yet no one made the move.

“Are we waiting for something?” i asked.

Yasmin blushed and squirmed, “Well, this may sound weird and i apologize up front, but… i kinda wanted to see each of you make your move in your new bodies (giggle).”

“But then we can’t see you walk and sway so beautifully!” Lindy objected.

“You’ll all see me entering the living room if i’m the last one!”

“But not your sexy extended butt!” Mike couldn’t help blurting out.

“Yeah, going last was kinda my plan, for that general reason” Estelle admitted.

“I’m not going anywhere until someone retrieves my chair and there’s room to roll” Dani reminded us all.

“Tell ya what: i’m taking up the most space in here, so i’ll boobaciously slide on out to the living room and out of the way first, ’kay?”

We all concurred.

“OK, get ready for the view!”

If it wasn’t already obvious that Estelle loved being a giant human snake-woman moving via more worm-like than snake-like motions (though truly some of each), it became so now: she obviously enjoyed the attention of so many eyes upon her, watching her many boobs jiggle, sway, thrash, roll, and otherwise move around as she slowly and happily slithered away.

Several of us caught others amongst us glancing at each other from time to time, gauging reactions.

“Let’s get you out before Estelle settles in place” i suggested to Dani, “so we have enough room”.

“Yeah, we better” she sighed.

“I’ll get her chair, since i’m in the way anyway” Yasmin cheerily offered. Given that she’d been standing throughout the meeting (not wanting to deal with my standard chairs), she was already turning around and heading out behind Estelle before any of us could suggest any alternative arrangement.

Dani unavoidably put on quite the extreme boob slosh show as she poured herself back into her wheelchair.

{She’s mostly boob flesh} i couldn’t help thinking, watching her. {The vast majority of her body is breast flesh. Hmmm… it’s getting to the point where i’m nearly 50% udder. Actually Estelle is far and away mostly boob flesh too, just more of them, spread over a longer distance.}

I was torn whether or not to follow her out in case she needed help or wanted someone to roll her chair away again, or even asking about any such thing. In the end i decided to say and do nothing, figuring that if there was a need, Estelle was already there.

Mike and i remained seated, with Lindy still lying comfortably on the table. Yasmin remained standing. All of us looked amongst one another.

“Are we going to have to draw straws to decide who goes next?” i wondered aloud.

“We need to see your cute humantaur butt in action from behind” Lindy grinned, leering more than i knew she had in her.

Seeing Mike’s breasts swell and the long shaft connecting him and his True Love stiffen somewhat made me wonder whether they’d undergone any mind melding.

Yasmin lit fully up, “You like my butt?!”

“Has there ever existed anyone who hasn’t?” Mike rhetorically asked.

“OK, here we go!”

She put on an extra sexy sway on her exit saunter, nearly crashing into the wall at one point when she was too busy looking over her shoulder grinning like a goof at our expressions of admiration. I still don’t know why she acted this way: she’s long known that she’s beautiful and people like her body, whether her original standard human form or this new one (so far).

“You next, Larissa” Lindy chirped.

“Alright. Only because you two are in the corner and I’m throwing a body block along your easiest path of egress. Ready to watch my udderly milk-filled waddle walk?”

Yes!” she and Mike agreed in unison.

I went about my business, struggling to look natural. It was quite the needed ego boost to be so appreciated for my new body, notwithstanding how much i personally liked it some of the time.

All of us had our eyes on the doorway, awaiting Lindy and Mike’s arrival to again complete our group.

Wheeee!” she exclaimed, gleefully floating in mid-air at the end of the extended flesh pole upon which she currently lived.

Mike needed both hands to hold up his/her/their flesh pole. I had to admire his strength, trying not to wonder what harm might befall him if he let go. I also couldn’t help wondering whether this was an erection or something else. He swayed his hips slightly with each step, causing Lindy to wave to and fro significantly, along with their combined forward movement.

Maybe it was some form of erection, because it took awhile after he was seated on my sectional couch before Lindy could ease on over close to him.

Group of friends seated in Larissa’s living room, chatting

Whatever it was, soon all of us were settled comfortably. 5 of the 6 of us sat on my sectional couch, myself and Yasmin on the backless section. She and i tended to sit here often when she visited, given how comfortable it was for her: a very comfortable evenly cushioned sit atop her many lower boobs, with her back legs able to rest in an essentially non-weight-bearing standing position as though sitting, as did her front legs. Though i could’ve used a lot more butt or back fat or something to make it equally comfortable for me, it wasn’t bad, especially when i let my udder hang comfortably over the front. It wasn’t fat (or at least not much of it was), but it was quite like pictures i’d seen of extremely fat people’s bellies projecting so far out in front of them.

The couch turned the corner to my right (Yasmin sat left of me), which is where Lindy settled. This position of her and Mike made their bodies look quite like a sink drain trap U then inverted U shape. Mike’s giant balls and sack just sitting right there in the open (albeit clothed) so deliciously close made me horny.

Dani rested atop her boobs, as she always now did, to Mike’s right. 3 of the 4 of them, anyway: the 4th. appeared to be acting as a very soft, sexy back rest. Her front left couldn’t help flowing up and onto Mike’s right knee/upper thigh. Needing room and support for his sack (and likely keeping his shaft at a reasonable angle thereby), he needed to keep his legs spread, exacerbating his contact with Dani’s ta. Neither seemed to mind, nor did anyone else, that i noticed.

I have a generously large rug on the floor in front of the couch set. Estelle’s mountain of snake boobs filled up most of it. She’d circled herself into a conical tit pile, looking so comfortable and happy seated atop herself that i felt strongly envious… maybe even a touch jealous. My udder didn’t come out of me at the correct angle for me to sit atop myself in any way comfortably, nor was it comfortable putting weight on an already overburdened huge milk bag! I did (and do) quite like my nippledicks though, and my milk has always tasted good. The thought suddenly occurred to me: i might be the only one amongst us with actual traditional penis glans heads. This pleased me greatly, until my mind chided itself for being so petty amongst my best friends, given what all of us and the world had gone through.

We all sat there together, smiling and goofy-grinning at each other.

Just as i was wondering whether i was going to have to break out Cards Against Humanity (and where i last stowed it), Estelle broke the ice, ending the silence, “Cute capri jeans, Yasmin!”

“Thank yooooouuuu!” she effused, obviously delighted.

“Are they the same size front and back?”

“Close. But i’m putting on more on my booty back end than my front, so i may have to go up a size out back soon.”

“Can’t you just let out the seam?” asked Dani.

“Beyond my skill set.”

“How then do you work out your horizontal body opening for your front pair?”

“Wilkinson’s now does basic custom tailoring at no extra charge. I gather it’s their ploy to stay in business competing against the major online companies.”

“Great to buy local, and support our local economy” Lindy commented.

“That’s where we get ours” added Mike. “What about you, Larissa?”

“I’m still working with what’s online.”

“Me too” Estelle followed on, cheering “Stretchy sports bras and sold-separately bikini bra tops when one can find those for the winnnn!

None of the rest of us knew whether her 3rd. boob pair nips pulling up and out of their sports bra nor her 4th. pair nips starting to peek out during her joyous cheer arm heave were intentional or not. Judging from the way they and some of her others firmed up as we stared at them and she grinned, i gathered it likely was intentional.

“I sew my own” Dani shared. “Saves me the hassle of trying to find something unheard of before the mutations, and still exceedingly rare enough that off-the-shelf is unlikely.”

“It’s a nice fit and looks good on you” Yasmin smiled.

“Thank you. If your back pair is just slightly too tight, we should get together when you’re wearing something else and let me look at them. I may be able to let them out enough to keep you going.”

“That would be great.”

With nothing much else to say about clothing (at least not anything occurring to anyone), conversation again fell awkwardly silent for some time.

“Should we get into a round of Truth or Dare? or something?” asked Lindy.

I had a different idea. “We’re all sitting here in extremely altered bodies from the last time we all formally got together. I for one am very curious about everyone’s new realities, and personally am quite open to honestly sharing my own. Anyone else down for this?”

The room immediately exploded into a cacophony of voices asking questions. Clearly everyone else was as interested as i was in how the new bodies which were not our own worked, and what life was now like.

“OK, let’s have a volunteer who will answer questions from all comers first” i suggested. “Anyone?”

“We’ll go together” Lindy responded, “’cause we’re kinda combined.”

“Perfect. Let’s ask questions in a clockwise circle, starting from me, since i’m immediately to their left. How the hell do you pee and poo, Lindy? And related: how do you pee, Mike?”

“He takes care of all of that for me now” she grinned.

“All of mine and all of hers comes out together, from me” he explained. “The rear end stuff is unchanged, other than there’s now more of it. The same mutations which gave me boobs and combined us moved my urethral opening to be just like on a genetic female human.”

“I hear there’s a one-word name for those” Dani teased.

“Trying to be inclusive” he smiled back. “So i guess it’s your turn to ask a question to either or both of us, Yasmin.”

“Thanks. What’s sex like for you two now?”

Awesommmmeee!” Lindy verbally gushed.

“That’s great, but i mean: how does it work?

She remained lost to bliss as she explained, “Oh, it’s so great! It’s like there’s all this arousal that shoots back and forth rapidly between us, like that toy with the foam block with rubber bands on each end. Whip Whap, maybe?” She looked around the room, seeking recognition of that about which she spoke. “Well OK whatever that was, the experience for me is like a rush of pleasure ricocheting back and forth between me and Mike. A ball of arousal, if you will. Estelle?”

“Following on Yasmin’s question, does it feel like fluid moving between you? Or energy? Or what?”

She turned towards her attached True Love, seeking concordance. “Some of all of that, seems to me.”

“There is some fluid movement for sure” he clarified, knowing well what those sensations were like. “There’s also a sense of arousal energy too. To me it feels like I explode into her and fill her up, and she immediately explodes back into me and fills me up, with most of my sensations being in my sack. That may not make much sense and you all may lack referential experiences, but that’s the best i can do to describe it.”

“OK, thanks!”

“Are your balls more sensitive or tender, now that they’re so huge?” asked Dani.

“Thankfully no. In fact, they’re not as big as they look. I’d never before thought positive things about having a lot of fat anywhere on my body, but between my boobs and my sack, i’m loving it! At least half of what you see is thick subcutaneous fat, giving a fair bit of cushioning to my family jewels.” He whacked his sack hard with his right hand to demonstrate its resiliency, and fat wobble. “They’re a little more tender after sex, but nothing remotely like they’d be if they were all ball with standard thin skin and no other protection.”

“Feels good” Lindy lip-biting sexy smiled, shimmying side-to-side.

“Point of clarification:” i began to explain. “we continue around the question circle until the first of when there are no more questions for the individual or in the current case, bonded couple, or when this entity tires of answering our questions. Everyone good with this?”

They were.

I went ahead with my second question, “What exactly do you two feel of each other’s bodies?”

“Everything to where i attach to him, very strongly. Farther away from there, the sensations grow weaker, but there still are some in every direction. If he stubs his toe badly i feel it, even if not as painfully strong as he does. If something pinches our shaft, we both feel it strongly.”

“I feel all of my main body and nearly all of her quite well, slightly less so along her arms and especially towards her fingers.”

“You’re so sensitive” she smiled, turning around and throwing her arms around his neck, pulling herself in to share a kiss.

“So did you both just feel that on each side from the inside?” i asked as a follow-up.

Both of them nodded, smiling.

I glanced towards Yasmin, who was all ready to go, “Are you two mind-melded?”

Each of the conjoined couple looked at one another shaking their heads, then turning toward her and doing the same. Their disparate timing should have been a clue to the veracity of their response.

“Not even a little bit?”

“I know a good bit of what he’s feeling, so if he tenses up i can usually feel it and know he’s tense, but i’m not any more inside his mind than when we were totally separate people in separate bodies.”

“Same here. When Lindy’s obviously drifting into deep thought, i still have to ask her what she’s thinking about, else i’ll never know.”

Yasmin looked towards Estelle, indicating she was done with her question.

“Ya like your boobs, Mike?”

“Love ’em!” he grinned, briefly groping himself.

“Oh does he ever!” Lindy added with a smile, and her own boob gropes of his.

“Are you truly OK with no legs, Lindy?” asked Dani.

“It was a bit of a shock at first. But once i realized that i was OK and that working with Mike we could move around easily together, it became a feature! Maybe i’m awful making him do more than half the work in our intimate interpersonal relationship, but hey: it happened like this, and we didn’t choose it.”

“I have no more questions for Mike and/or Lindy at this time” i explained, “so we now skip to next-in-circle Yasmin.”

“I’ve got plenty for everyone else, but like you ’Risse, no more for either or all of the Mike/Lindy combo at this time. Skip.”

“None here” said Estelle. “Skip.”

“We must be done with these two, because i don’t have anything either” said Dani.

“OK, so now we advance clockwise around the circle” i explained. “I’m next for answering questions, starting off with Yasmin asking first.”

“Please tell us all about your… nippledicks? Boob cocks? Tit penises?”

“I prefer the first two terms, but any of those or anything else comprehensible conveying the same meaning works for me. They do indeed seem to be the penis portion of typical genetic male human genitals, one on each breast in place of the standard genetic female nipple. Read a lot about other people having them before they started growing on me.”

The others nodded, having read many of the same news reports.

“Had no idea they’d grow bigger than those on any boyfriend i’ve ever had.”

“Still growing?” Yasmin followed up.

“Yes” i blushed. “As you can see right now to my embarrassment, they extend and get hard like they would on a man. All i can say at the moment on this is i’m excited being here with all of you having this conversation, at the moment talking about them.”

“I have a lot of follow-ups, but i’m willing to ask on the next circle around, to give others a chance. That OK, Hostess Bestie?”

“I don’t think Hostess ever made a non-food cake called the Bestie” Lindy teased.

“Go on, Estelle” i prompted.

“Having experienced both standard-issue women’s nipples and now your mam wangers, please compare and contrast the experiences of each.”

“My standard nips were more hurtfully tender in cold weather. These are a lot easier to arouse with minor clothing movement, and grow a lot bigger. Distributing the nerve endings over the greater surface area for me is a more pleasant experience. Covering these things up and keeping them covered is daunting, and as you can see, not readily successful. Even with a jewel or other conservative high collar, one can easily see their outline through the layers of fabric. I didn’t used to be big enough to suckle myself without uncomfortable stretching, so that’s tough to compare. I love cock and still do, so having my own nearly in my face that i can put in my mouth at any time i’m alone in private is a joy. Some days out in public or at work there are moments i wish i still had regular nips like any of the rest of you, even if very large. The rest of the time i’m pleased with what’s happened. Does that cover your question?”


“Does anything come out of them?” asked Dani.

“Milk. I’m lactating since the mutation, no pregnancy nor other standard forms of lactation-inducing stimulation undergone.”

“Are those really milky udders down below on you?” asked Mike.

“Udder singular yes, with 4 teats, which are the big, long nipples. Standard cow-like teats that stay soft, not sweater kitten schlongs that get hard, like on my boobs. To my chagrin my udder generates far more milk than my breasts, neither of which are slouches in their own right.”

“Why is that a problem?”

“Can’t you sell the milk?” added Lindy, ensuring that Mike didn’t over-stay his turn.

Vastly more quantity than i can use, and no, i cannot legally sell it. Any and all of you are free to have as much as you want.”

“Directly from the source?” Yasmin cheekily added.

The room erupted in laughter at my obvious umbrage and raised eyebrow aimed her way. “That’s on a case-by-case basis, depending who’s special to me.” I momentarily tickled her third pair of boobs as i said “special”, which seemed to please her more than mildly teasingly annoy her, as i’d hoped. “That counts as your question for this time. You’re up, Estelle.”

“Comment rather than question: I want to sample your milk. At your convenience, indirectly or directly or however else you recommend for the optimal experience. Pass on any questions.”

“Pass”, “Pass Pass” Dani then Mike and Lindy said in turn.

I looked skeptically towards my bestie, wanting to tickle her some more. “Go on, Yas.”

“No, i can ask any more some other time.”

“You ready to answer our queries?”


Estelle asked Yasmin the first question of the round, “Hoping to compare and contrast with my own direct personal experience, what’s it like for you to have so many boobs?”

“I don’t want to come off like a braggart!”

Estelle’s grin made me suspicious. I spoke up, “We’re all seeking the honest truth, i’m pretty sure.”

The others nodded.

“OK. Having 9 pairs of boobs is more exciting fun than i could have possibly imagined.”

Still grinning, Estelle looked towards Dani, who asked, “Any discomfort from sitting on the nipples of your downward-facing ones?”

“Depends on the surface. I always look before sitting, especially in new-to-me or altered locations. At first i worried about it and, frankly, overthought it. Once i dropped back to basic common sense, e.g. not sitting on a bed of nails or directly on asphalt with no fabric protection, i found it easy and generally comfortable. Soft surfaces like this couch are the best, but mostly thanks to the plushness of my boobs, even hard smooth clean surfaces at any moderate temperature are alright.”

“What’s it like working 4 legs?” asked Mike.

“Easier than i thought. Those first few days when everything was in chaos anyway and i was home, i focused on practicing. Getting the hang of it came pretty easily.”

“Any changes to how you Number 1 or Number 2?” was Lindy’s query.

“It’s surreal and quite nice to be sitting doing that with my back end while my front is standing up. If this becomes truly permanent, i may be looking into remodeling my bathroom, so i can sit on the toilet and stand at the sink at the same time. Wiping is clearly a problem, which so far i handle by waiting until i can get assistance, or the few though becoming more common remote-controllable bidets. Initially i could scrunch up reeaall tight and just barely reach, but i’ve grown since then.”

“Does having your rear bent at a right angle ever get uncomfortable or tiring?” i asked, very curious.

“Surprisingly no. Seems like the mutation that made me this way made being in this position totally natural and comfortable at the same time. As bizarre as it sometimes is to realize that i’ve got this whole huge long quasi-horse-like part sticking out behind me and my actual butt is now waaaay out back, it’s startling to experience how completely natural it feels to live in a body like this. If or when i can work out the butt wiping stuff, i’ll be one happy mutant.”

Estelle picked up right there, starting the second round, “Would you want to revert back to your former body?”

“No” my bestie blushed. “I mean, i would do it, if everything was like it was before the Accident. But i prefer the new me. And being honest, the new versions of each of you—as long as you yourselves are good as you are.”

“Do you have 2 yonis?” Dani tentatively and gently asked.

“No, just the one in back, basically like i had from before, other than with the comfortable permanent right angle bend making it, uh… readily accessible any time i’m nude, or back-end bottomless. The front space is now occupied by my fourth and fifth pairs of boobs.”

“Follow-up: isn’t that an issue, for reach? In terms of self-pleasuring?”

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way, is all i feel comfortable sharing on that point right now.”

“Thank you.” She looked towards Mike.

“I have an inappropriate comment for everyone, rather than a question.”

“Whisper it in my ear” Lindy gently demanded.

He did.

She gave him an eyebrow-raised wry look i could barely see from my vantage point. “Alright, go on.”

“We should all be grateful that i’m permanently attached to Lindy, because in this roomful of beautiful women and me, if i could still physically do so, i’d want to do you all.”

Several of us gasped, definitely including me. I’d long liked Mike a lot… the thought was, mmm, exciting.

“There’s more to sex than genitals” Dani flirted, leaning towards him such that her huge left front boob rolled further atop his right thigh.

“You two have an open IIR, Lind?” asked Estelle.

“Mmmmm… we’ll have to get back to you on that” she demurred. “I’m flustered enough now that i’ll pass on my question for beautiful Yasmin, of which i currently have no more anyway.”

“Anyone else have more questions for our flowingest-haired beauty?” i asked, having none of my own (at least of which i felt comfortable asking under the current circumstances).

No one did.

“OK. Ready to answer questions, Estelle?”

“You betcha.”

Everyone looked towards Dani.

“How do you identify now? Boob snake woman? Boob worm woman? Something else?”

“Either of those work for me, and those two general concepts with various wording are where most people’s minds go when they look at me. Honestly, that’s where my own mind goes too. I’m proud of what i’ve become, by any polite naming.”

“You look comfortable” noted Mike. “Are you?”

“Profoundly so! I feel everything all the way down to Larissa’s rug, and it all feels wonderful—every layer of me!”

“Are you still growing?” asked Lindy.

“Yes: both the size of my existing breasts getting bigger, and additional new breasts growing out at the end.”

“I’m not seeing any budding from here.”

“True. Maybe i’m now at my limit. Though that last one budded only about 2 weeks ago.”

“Do they come out first as singles then go to pairs, or what?” i asked.

“They’ve done both. I’ve tried to work out a pattern, but so far i don’t have anything consistent. The only thing that’s been consistent is that other than sometimes at the end, so far they always wind up being pairs of typical symmetry, which is to say mostly but not entirely symmetrical, as for a typical woman’s single pair.”

“My boobs stay off the ground, clean and protected thanks to my legs. How do you keep yours clean and protected?” asked Yasmin.

“Thick denim when i have to, such as when going out on public streets and such.”

“Follow-up: How did you manage to stay clean getting here tonight?”

“Parking almost at the front door, then doing a wicked-long stretch from my car to inside the house when Larissa held the front door open” she smiled towards me.

Dani’s turn. “How do you drive without feet?!”

“My boobs, hun! You’ve seen me move, so obviously i have at least that level of control of my breasty body. My fifth and sixth big fat pairs which you can currently see just above my seventh and first on the floor right now pair are heavy enough to press sufficiently onto the pedals, especially the brake pedal where more force is needed. I have a hand brake for emergencies if that’s ever insufficient. The accelerator doesn’t need as much force, thankfully. It’s not perfect, but with so many mutants all now driving what we used to call ‘granny slow’, i do the same and keep everyone safe. Once i figure out whether i’m done growing so that i know what size vehicle i’ll need, i’ll see about getting modified controls more suited to the new me.”

As he often did, Mike started out with a comment, “I’m noticing that here with us you have absolutely no need for furniture, which i think is super wonderful and super hot. Do you still sleep in a bed at home?”

“Depends on my mood. I have slept atop myself, in a flatter, more mattress-like configuration, and slept quite well. On the other hand—or should i say: boob—lying face-down nude atop a big, soft bed with clean sheets with as many of my 40-some nipples rubbing gloriously across the sheets as possible is an other-worldly transcendental joy! AmIRight peeps with boobs, which is all of us?!”

We all agreed, Yasmin most heartily, followed by Dani, then me. It quickly became clear that pretty much everything about Estelle’s new mutant life started and ended with boobs. Given her former boob insufficiency anguish, perhaps i shouldn’t have been so surprised.

“Is it difficult to keep your bras on?” asked Lindy.

“Yes, as at least some of you have seen here tonight. To be honest at home i don’t even try: i’m a total nudist.

I struggled to think up something which hadn’t already been asked, which might be insightful. “What’s the biggest downside of your new body?”

“Geez.” She had to stop and think awhile. “Everything is so great, it’s tough for me to come up with a downside.”

“OK, i guess it would have to be unanticipated rough and/or dirty surfaces i have to traverse when i’m not wearing sufficient clothing.”

“Do you still have a hoo-ha?”

Yasmin’s question puzzled Estelle. “A what?”

“A vulva. Mound. Muff. Pussy. Yoni.”

“No, and i’m good with that, because all the nerve endings have been rerouted to my many nipples” she lasciviously grinned.

“I’ll ask before Lindy does” Dani prefaced her question. “How do you go to the bathroom?”

“I still have my rear end in about the same place, doing about the same thing. My hoo-ha (snort) was taken over by my luscious third boob pair, but the urethra opening beneath remains. I have to be somewhat more careful positioning myself on the toilet, now having a far more flexible skeletal structure, but otherwise it’s about the same.”

“I have no further questions, so Pass” said Mike.

Lindy also passed.

“Anyone have more questions for Estelle?” i asked.

No one did.

“Ready Dani?”

“Ready as i’ll ever be.”

“Start us out, Mike.”

“How do you even have enough body cavity space for a normal set of internal organs? Or did some shift into one or more of your boobs?”

“I don’t honestly know. I feel my heart beat about where it would have been before. I don’t feel nor otherwise sense anything other than breast tissue and boob fat in my boobs, but i sure as hell haven’t been having any x-rays nor CT scans done, so who knows? It feels like there’s no space for anything, but here i am alive and generally feeling OK outside of my depression, so somehow it’s all working.”

“I’ll ask my usual excretory function question” Lindy said more than asked.

“No butt, but i still have the holes, down underneath and aiming down rather than out back. Which, given that out back would blast straight into my back boobs, is a good thing.”

“Genitals?” i asked.

“Yes. Big succulent labia lips leading to the usual things, which when i think about it were always aimed downward, hence the need to spread my legs to let a lover in. That’s no problem any more.”

Unlike Estelle and Yasmin, Dani didn’t seem especially gleeful about this. {Depression must be truly awful} i thought to myself at the time.

“What’s it like having areolae bigger than most dinner platters and nipples bigger than baseballs?” asked Yasmin.

“On my good days, it’s hecka fun and quite amazing. On my bad days, makes me feel like an undesirable space alien.”

Nooo! You’re beautiful! Isn’t she, everyone?”

Yeeeeessssss” we all loudly agreed. Yasi’s such a sensitive sweetheart, caring about the feelings of others.

“Do you sleep on your boobs?” asked Estelle.

“Always, 100% of the time. It’s almost impossible to do otherwise, and so profoundly comfortable there’s no point trying. That’s one of the best features about having ginormous tas right next to my head.”

Everyone including Dani looked towards Mike, apparently contemplating something.

“Is there anything any of us can do to help make your life more enjoyable?”

Dani was obviously deeply touched, judging from the sweet look on her face and the way she repeatedly struggled to blink back her nascent tears. “Let me cuddle into him, please Lindy?”

“Sure. May i join in too?”

“Yes please.”

Over the next several minutes we all joined in. Unavoidably we wound up cuddling into each other as well as Dani, given how big each of us had become, in our unique (at least amongst our immediate group) ways.

It was getting late, and the long group cuddle-hug seemed like a good way to end the night.

First out the door were Mike and Lindy, who, like me and Yasmin, had work tomorrow.


Yasmin and Estelle left together next. I thought they were going to have an after-meet-up of some sort, sharing their multi-boob experiences in greater depth, between themselves who were living it. Instead, sweet Yasmin opened Estelle’s car door for her then stood sideways between it and the front door, allowing Estelle to use her horizontal back as a slither support to more easily keep herself off the ground without having to work so hard at it. Very grateful, Estelle felt an even closer friendship to Yasmin than before this evening meet-up started, and vice-versa.

“You look tired” i said to Dani, the only remaining guest.

“I’m exhausted, totally!”

“Would you like to stay here overnight?”


“Yes! Glad to have you, if you’re able to make this last-minute change in your schedule.”

“I’m able. Nothing going on at home besides soul-crushing loneliness.”

“Much as i’d love to stay up and talk all night or until you wouldn’t want to any more, i have work tomorrow, so i have to go to sleep soon.”

“I know” she sighed with a hint of frustration.

“I’m sorry if i’m coming across as insensitive.”

“It’s not that (sigh). I just feel so useless.”

“Any interest in helping me milk myself before we go to bed? My milking machine’s broken, and it takes me quite awhile to do it manually.”

“Sure! Years ago in my young childhood, my grandfather taught me to milk his cow. They had a small farm.”


“Yeah, unusual in recent decades. But this was rural Iowa, so not that unusual there. Anyway, i look forward to finding out how milking you differs from my long-ago cow milking memories. Especially because unlike Grandpa’s Bessie Baye, you speak the same language as me.”

Much as i very much wanted to give Dani a break from her wheelchair, i wasn’t (and still am not) strong enough to carry all her soft, flowing weight. She didn’t seem to mind getting back into her chair so much, with the prospect of a new adventure sharing more time together with me. To be honest, i was excited about sharing more time with her, getting to know her better as she helped me with an otherwise tedious task.

It was heartening to see a smile on her face as we eased to a stop in the middle of my kitchen. It too has an easy-to-clean hard surface floor like my bathroom. I alternate between these locations for milking, and felt it was less gross to share the experience with her in a food input location rather than the body-processed food output location.

“Wanna see me flow out of my chair onto the floor?” her eyes glittered. “It’s kinda cool.”

There was obviously only one correct answer, in this context. Beyond that, i truly did very much want to see her body in breasty flowy action. “Yes please.”

Her grin was gorgeous as she let the weight of her giant front boobs slowly pull/ease the rest of her out of her chair. She truly didn’t seem to have any remaining skeletal structure outside her middle body. Then again, breasts usually don’t, and she was mostly breasts since mutating. It was an impressive sight to see, and very, mmm… arousing (which i still have trouble to this moment admitting).

“Ta-daaaah!” she gleefully proclaimed, tossing her arms up in the air in a victory motion, once she finished flowing onto the floor.

My applause was genuine. “That’s one of the most impressive things i’ve ever seen! You are so amazing, Dani!”

“Yeah, thanks” she blushed, struggling to accept my compliment. I can relate: heartfelt compliments can be difficult for some of us to take in.

“Shall i move your chair out of the way?”

“I’ve got it.” She had: she gave it an impressively calibrated shove from her new “seat” on the kitchen floor. It rolled over to a far corner behind her, nearly to the wall yet without touching it.

“So to do this properly, i’m going to have to get nude” i warned her as i gathered the milk buckets and brought them to the center of the room. “You good with that?”

“Totally” {and kinda looking forward to seeing what all you’ve got under there}. “Will you be offended if i, um, free my Giant Girls and get naked with you?”

The instantaneous rush i felt throughout my body made me wonder what the hell was up with me. I’d always been heteronormative in the past—one reason sucking my nippledicks was hard to resist. “Not offended at all! That’ll actually make it less stressful for me, since unavoidably my teats and/or boob cocks inadvertently spray outside the bucket on occasion, despite my best efforts otherwise. Neither of us wearing clothes which could be stained makes it easier.”

“This is all cotton so it’s easily washable, but since i sleep nude anyway, it gets at least me that much closer to bed-ready.”

I slid the first bucket between us, to get things going. “Do you roll around nude in your chair?”

“Sure do: all the time, at home. Honestly, since the mutation i’m totally into nudism. Beyond clothing being a pain in general, the manifold sensual feelings against my new realms of bare skin help boost my internal happy biochemicals, easing me away from the deeper levels of depression.” She was already rolling out of her extremely custom clothes as she spoke. I once again saw the power and precision of her strong arms as she hurled her gathered pile of removed clothing directly onto her chair seat, off in the distance some 2+ meters away.

She rolled, flowed, and swayed closer to me and the bucket, watching me finish undressing. “Whoaaaah!” her eyes grew wide, watching my milk-distended udder expand into its newly freed space, its lower extremities pulled via gravity down all the way towards and onto the floor. “You’re huge! And i mean that in the best way!”

“Thank you for adding that last part.”

“So OK, how does this work? Ya want me to start roll-tugging one of your teats towards the first bucket, as i’d do on Bessie Baye?”

“That’s about how it goes.”

“Any preference where i start?”

“Upper right feels most full, so maybe there, please.”

“It looks it.”

She got going. Her tug-roll-squeeze was nuanced and, um, sublime.

“How’s this?”

“It’s perfect! I’ll get started with this other bucket on my upper left, so we’re not up doing this all night.”

My actions failed to match up to my intent. Indeed i set up the second bucket and did some self-tugging and did start moving some milk, but it felt too good. Being skillfully milked by a friend i was getting to know better by the moment, both of us nude, myself inexplicably sexually drawn to her body far beyond what i ever could have imagined. My nippledicks hardened into a pair of raging erections, to my chagrin. How my body could have mutated such that my blood vessels and whatever else now make these new parts of me do what a genetic male’s standard primary genital organ does in terms of erecting, i still do not understand.

With gravity pulling both my huge milky boobs and their heavy hard-ons ground-ward, it was next-to-impossible for anyone not to notice them. Dani assuredly did.

“Whhhhhhhoooooohhhh” she sighed, with great reverence in her expression. “Love your body, and what it does, Larissa.”

I knew she did before she said anything: her two front-facing gigantic nips (the ones i could see) swelled to startlingly larger proportions. Her round party platter areolae puckered and shriveled enticingly, into wavy shallow inverted bowls. She looked up at me, blushing, as she continued to work my huge upper right milky teat. I blushed back. Each of us was currently too embarrassed to speak.

I had to let it go and let myself go all the way into the feelings. As i hardened more than i ever had before, lusty instincts compelled me to resume milking my upper left teat, this time motivated by full-out erotic passions rather than perfunctory tedious necessity.

Milking me together was so much fun! And so sexy—totally different from doing it on my own!

Seeing and hearing me letting myself go all the way into my own passions apparently allowed Dani to let herself go more into her own. It wasn’t all that long before she too was gasping and panting with desire, checking me out with glances all over as she remained focused on the primary milking objective. Maybe it was my lust-distorted perspective, but it sure felt to me like she was pulling my teats ever-more sexually.

Time ceased to matter to me: this team milking was too epic! If i straggled into work the next day a worthless wreck, so be it: this had to happen, and keep going!

We utterly drained my upper udder chambers, to a greater degree than i usually bother doing on my own, milking machine or by hand.

Dani nearly drooled as she said, “This top right cockboob sure looks like it needs milking!”

“You’d better work my lower right teat and drain me down there first while i do the same with my left, else i’ll be shooting milk all over the room and i at least will have to stay up longer to clean it all up.”

“How is that not a problem with your breast peni?”

“They have a higher let-down threshold than my teats, so they go off last.”

I knelt down to the floor so that i could reach my lower left teat for self-milking. Little did i know how much (more) this would excite Dani. Her gasp exuded feminine passion.

“Are you… uh…? Never mind.”

“No, go on.”

“Are you sexually attracted to women?”

“I’m attracted to penises, and penis-like objects, like your teats” she emphasized with an especially intense roll-squeeze-yank that sent a shudder through me. “You have 6 amazing ones, plus you’re really nice and as my own have developed and i’ve learned to better appreciate them,”—tug—“i’ve come to love big fat wobbly sacks of human body flesh,”—yank—“whether filled with milk, fat, breast tissue, or otherwise.”

We laughed as her swelling front boobs slid the partially milk-filled buckets away from her.

“Four down, two to go?” Dani nearly drooled all over herself, her saliva thick and heavy from extreme arousal.

We’d emptied my udder but good. My breasts remained uncomfortably full, their nipplecocks nearly driving me insane with ongoing arousal pleasure.

“No matter how we do it, it’s going to be unavoidably sexual, at least for me” i warned her.

“May i please have the honor of tasting your milk… directly?”

My sudden, unexpected, and unwanted honk-gasp of pure lusty arousal assuredly was an overshare of an answer, making my follow-on nodding confirmation superfluous.

She reverently went for my right one, closer to her, as were and had been my right teats. Thankfully she used both hands to hold up my massive jug. I don’t so much mind a shaft grab and grasp when they’re empty or nearly so—i do that myself when i bathe. Filled with milk, the tug of the weight of my main boob on its associated nipple cock is too much: uncomfortable.

Dani’s momentary struggle to get all of my circumference in her mouth aroused me anew: i’m big! “Aaaaaaahhh” i couldn’t help gasping as she took me in.

There was nothing for me to do other than quickly swallow my own throbbing left bust rod, both because powerful passions drove me to do so, and doing anything other than that or carefully aiming it into the nearest bucket (and hoping the outgoing pressure would be low enough not to splash too much) would lead to a big milky mess.

“Eh-HEH, eh-HEH!” she gag-coughed.

I froze up as she pulled me out. “Sorry! I’ve got a lot of milk that wants out.”

“No no, you’re fine—it’s me—i apologize. “I want your milk like that—much as you can stand and i can drink! Problem was that i got off-cycle with my circular breathing. Please please pretty please will you let loose inside of me again?”

Even if i hadn’t been in to what we were doing, her plaintive, endearing, needy expression would have compelled me to grant her wish. The fact that i dearly wanted her to keep sucking me off more than pretty much anything else in this moment made the choice all the more obvious, and swift. “Go for it!” i grinned widely, offering my milky nip log to her.

It took me awhile to relax and let down once she had me back inside her mouth: she had me in deeper than before, and i feared she’d choke again.

She didn’t. She chugged and chugged and chugged down my milk with a thoroughly blissed-out expression on her face, and ongoing clear arousal on her gigantic breasts and their big cereal-bowl-sized nips.

I took my left one back in, drinking my own milk to a degree i never had before: a lot of it! Lost to lust and loving everything about this shared experience, i thought not a moment about whether drinking so much of one’s own fluid might have deleterious repercussions. I knew from repeated prior experiments that there were no issues with quantities up to and including a standard drinking glass’s worth. This was far more than that.

We each chugged down so much of my boob milk, almost none of it needed to go into a bucket.

“Better?” Dani asked me, once she finished drinking all the milk i had in my right breast. (Amazingly i’d already finished my left.)

“Yes, thank you. Though given how much i drank, seems like a lot of it is merely redistributed.”

“Hopefully to a place which feels more comfortable.”

“Definitely. And at least some of which will be pissed away soon. How are you doing, in terms of fullness, excretory needs, or anything else?”

“No urgency, but i’ll benefit from a wee before bed. Thank you so much, Larissa!

“Thank you, Dani! Literally my pleasure! Far and away the best milking i’ve ever had.”

Once the buckets of milk were decanted into suitable storage containers and placed in the second refrigerator (long story), wearily i helped equally-tired Dani ooze back into her wheelchair.

“I get to sleep with you?!”

It surprised me that Dani still had enough energy from somewhere within to express this much excitement upon being led into my master bedroom. I for one was beyond exhausted.

“Glad you’re excited about the prospect, since there’s junk all over my guest room bed which would take hours to move.”

“Apologies if i’m being out of line. I’m just….”

She never finished her sentence.



Curious as i was, more than that i was tired. “I’m good if you’re good, and ready for sleep.”

She seemed to be struggling moving herself from her wheelchair to up atop the bed, despite her chair being parked right against the bed, close as possible. “Ugh! I hate to come off as such a weakling—i’m not! But apparently i am when i’m tired and full of delicious fresh, warm milk. Help a 90 percent boobs girl out?”

Shattering feelings instantly shot through me, departing nearly as quickly: it felt like i was bonding in love with her! Love!, not just sexy lust!

Larissa and Dani work together getting the latter onto Larissa’s big bed

Together we heaved her flowing boob masses and the little rest of her successfully up onto the bed. Had we not just finished sharing about an hour of all-out milky dickboob sex, the wobbly wonders of her giant glands might have gotten me going (again).

I was relieved to see that from there, she had the wherewithal to readily roll and slosh herself around into position. I normally slept in the middle of the bed, so it was no hardship for me to wheel her wheelchair out into the hall then take my place next to her over on the left of the bed, nearer the window and my beautiful harbor view.

Quickly it became clear that all my bed’s pillows needed to be removed and set aside: Dani’s 4 pillowy mega-boobs were more than enough pillow coverage for both our needs.

Normally a loose, thin nightgown sleeper, on this night i joined Dani in full nudism. It was one of the best decisions i’ve made so far in my life.

For someone wholly unfamiliar with sleeping in my house and with me—intimately, no less!—Dani slept amazingly soundly.

I did too, until just under an hour from my usual workday waking time. Briefly forgetting what all was going on, at the instant of awakening i wondered why my main pillow suddenly felt so huge and so much softer and warmer. Mere seconds later i remembered everything, barely audibly peeping as i shifted around and nestled comfortably back into her left front boob. She herself rested her head equally atop the area near the root of this same giant breast, plus her adjacent right front near-root area.

It truly was strange to have her front-facing boobs filling her half of the bed from near the middle up to near the headboard, with her body core right about the center of the length of the bed head-to-foot, her rear-facing boobs filling nearly all the space towards the foot of the bed, where her legs and feet would used to have been. This was her new normal: she lived her life in the center of her mind-blowing masses of boob flesh, 24/7.

{You’re not one to talk, ’Risse} my mind reminded me. {You have a gigantic 4-teat udder, again nearing capacity, currently impinging on Dani’s left rear boob from the outside side.}

Nearly everyone’s mutated bodies tended to be strange, if not outright bizarre. While it was still too soon for a final determination from the world’s experts, so far it looked like this was going to be the new normal for all of us affected—nearly all of humanity around the world. Thinking about the Accident is still too traumatic for me, so i’ve nothing more to say on this subject at this time.

Too awake to fall back asleep, i turned over and shifted around such that my feet were diagonalized towards the front left corner of the bed, with me facing the back wall/headboard at an angle. I did this for a change of position for circulation, and to get my massive heavy milk-laden sloshy udder off of Dani, who partially awoke briefly but thereafter thankfully fell back asleep.

There it was, right in front of me, so close my eyes could barely focus on it: the biggest areola and nipple i had ever seen—one of 4 mostly matching ones, all on Dani! This close to my face, it looked like a Towering Mountain of Womanhood—a living monument to femininity. {There’s nothing “secondary” about this sex characteristic!} i enthusiastically thought.

I couldn’t help myself, and it was ever-nearer time to get up anyway: i eased my face closer, right on the outer edge of this amazing areola. The detailed close-up view stunned me: it was everything one would expect, scaled up. And that nipple, whoooaaah! Had it been a result of evolution rather than abrupt mutation, human(?) offspring would have had to have mouths as big as those on alligators to latch onto a mega-nip like this! My nippledicks might each be slightly bigger in volume—might, slightly—than this bowl’s worth of nipple, but not remotely in this standard womanly shape! Much as i was coming to love my nip cocks, Dani’s giant nips would have been an acceptable alternative. {Maybe if i grow another pair—don’t even think like that, ’Risse!} i scolded myself before following my line of thought too far.

It was right there. Dawn was nearing. I was horny and curious as fuck. I had to do it.

I did it: gently and tentatively licked a small section of her areola, immediately adjacent to where my face was, so i’d not have to move my head at all.


{Sounds more like a happy mumble than a complaining groan to me. Whew!}

Dani was again sleeping, per her audible breathing pattern. I, however, was not, and would not again be until this forthcoming night. She tasted nice, and i wanted more. Beyond that, even as she slept and i lay still, there was enough liquid or fat or whatever behind or beneath or within her mighty nip and areola that they shimmied and swayed ever-so-slightly.

Minutes ticked by. I felt like i was going to lose my mind, if i hadn’t already.

I did it again (no Oops): licked her areola, less gently this time. Sorry, not sorry.

“Mmmm. Hmmm? Mmmm!… Aaahhh.”

Dani sounded awake. Else her breathing pattern had radically changed to one of total silence. I’ve only ever heard that from an uncle with severe sleep apnea, between his labored breaths.

You awake, ’Risse?” she whispered softly as she could.

She was awake, for sure. “Yes” i replied at a full-voiced low volume.

“How did you sleep?”

“Very well up until about half an hour ago, thanks to your profoundly amazing endowments.”

“Then what happened? Nice diagonalized hair line in the back, by the way.”

“Thanks. I’ll let my stylist know, next time i see her.”

I had to stop and wonder whether Stacey my stylist had mutated in some way that would preclude her continuing in her career. More than that, i had to remember to answer Dani’s question. “I often wake up before the alarm goes off, sometimes long before, like today.”

“But you don’t fall back asleep, even when you’re as tired as you said you were and seemed to be last night?”

{Truth or deflection? Truth or deflection?} i mused, settling on {Truth!}. “Couldn’t, literally faced with the most profoundly amazingly gloriously enormous womanly nipple and areola i’ve ever seen or heard of—only one of 4 on you!”

“I dreamt you were licking me there.”

“That wasn’t a dream. Especially if it was on the edge of your areola near my face.”

“Hhhhhh” she panted. “Your breath feels really nice on me there!”

“I’m glad! It’s all i’ve been able to do to keep myself from attacking you there—here— with passionate licks and teethes and suckles.”

Auuugh yes!” she lustily exclaimed. “Please make it so! But before you do, one request.”


“Please turn over and rearrange me and yourself so you can attack the best part of my mam facing me, so I have sexy stuff on you to look at and play with too. Unless my suckling you will lead to too much of a milky mess in bed.”

“Several layers of cotton down, there’s a plastic barrier sheet, because all too often i leak at night.”

“Your prescience precedes you.”

“So do my nip cocks, more by the second” i gleefully responded as i turned over, making the bed bounce significantly.

Auuuuuggghh!” Dani exclaimed with lust, from the first seconds of my total face-plant into the center of her giant nipple.

From there we were off to the races: attacking each other’s very special mam with lusty abandon: licking, suckling, gently teething, nuzzling, kissing, face-planting (including her into mine, and yes i have enough boob flesh for her to do that, thank you very much), hand caressing, and more.

I’d never felt so turned on and aroused in my life, with the possible exception of a tie with last night! We turned into a moaning, panting, groaning, gasping, lusting, horny womanly sex pile.

Time and the rest of reality once again took a back seat so far back as to be wholly out of consciousness—at least mine.

Thankfully the mutations preserved our innate genetic female human ability to have multiple orgasms, and oh did we ever! There came a point of repeated cumming with milk squirting (on my part) that i ceased caring how wet the bed might get: the sheets would need changing, beyond question. Whatever might come to pass from our cumming, it was worth it!

“I’d love to share cuddly afterglow with you for hours, sweetie (kiss), but i gotta go to work” i sadly told my new searing-hot lover and becoming-ever-better friend Dani, between repeated tender mouth-to-mouth kisses part of me couldn’t believe i was sharing with another woman.

“How much will you hate me if i beg you to stay here today, so i can do my best to boob my way into another evening and overnight with you?”

The potency of her question sentence punctuating kiss started getting me sexually worked up anew—not good on a work day! “I won’t hate you and i don’t hate you at all! (kiss) I was going to gently suggest you consider staying here today, or coming back over if you need to go home and get anything, for my greedy selfish desire to share another milking session together tonight, then dinner i’ll figure out later, ending with another sleep-over.”

I love you Larissa!—I really do! You have no idea what this means to me! You are saving my life!

“Settle, honey (smooch)—I love you too! This is all happening so fast and is so intense and we both have a lot to talk about and work out. But please for today i need your help real soon milking me in the most efficient and least sexy way possible, so i can hop in the shower and get fresh and clean and stuff myself into some clothes and get to work. Pretty pretty please, honey (kiss).”

The milking went well. Dani did a good job keeping things sexually neutral and efficient, as did i, feeling the time pressure (and still recovering from the grandest spate of concentrated multiple orgasms i’d ever experienced).

Showering went better once i promised her that we’d find a way to shower together at least once, no matter what might happen in the ensuing days between us. She did a great job drying off the lower extremities of my body (especially most of my udder) from her stable seat on the bathroom floor, as i dried off my upper body and sore nippledicks.

“Now you take care of yourself today Girlfriend” i urged Dani, with a loving departure kiss.

“I’ll make it worth your while to have me!”

I planted my nose against hers, nose-rub kissing and saying, “Rest. Please. I want you to recover and find your way back to your positive self.”

“Alright, but I’m changing the sheets.”

“Oh, i forgot about those!” i winced. “Yes please, and soon, and thank you! Bye hun; gotta go!” (kiss)

“Bye!” (kiss)

On the way to the bus station all the way through the bus ride to work, i had quite a lot to contemplate. For the first time in my life, i had a girlfriend, as in all-out lover girlfriend. Beyond being the sexiest thing on four giant boobs, i felt my romantic, affectionate heart melding with hers.