Quadra-Boob Love

An inkling of intuition told me to pay attention to the incoming phone call on my sophisticated mobile. Having been burned in the past by taking more than one junk call from an unrecognized number when i’d felt a twinge like this, i let it go to voicemail.

It was Dani. “Sorry to bother you at work. Just wanted to let you know that i’ve got dinner all squared away. So whatever you had in mind, if anything, please save it for another evening. That’s all, getting back out of your way now. Love you! Bye.”

I quickly wiped the moisture from my eye before it could form a tear of romantic bonding joy. {She’s special beyond any conception i had!} i couldn’t help thinking, before refocusing on the tedium (work) in front of me.

Glad in some ways as i was to have a steady job during this long-term sucky employment market, i was more glad to be done with work, back on the bus home. Some of my fellow mutant riders in other seats might have thought that i was coming on to them, or beyond casually friendly at least, the way i couldn’t help smiling. My mind was already fixated on getting back with my new hot lover Dani, hence my unstoppable goofy smile.

My body parts bounced and sloshed all over the place as usual during my walk from the bus terminal to home, again full of milk. Thankfully few people were out, given that the combination of the fabric rubbing and my anticipation of again being with Dani had my nippledicks visibly misbehaving quite obviously. Before the mutations, any man showing as much cock as i was currently doubly showing would have been arrested and at least fined for indecent exposure. Today in this brave new world, everyone keeping their many new and/or expanded genitals fully covered was akin to playing Whack-A-Mole.

Momentary panic at not finding my house key as i approached my home subsided soon as i remembered that i’d given it to Dani, so she could lock up and leave for her house (or anywhere else) then get back in. {Hope she’s home} i thought as i reached for the door latch.

Before i could touch the latch or its handle, the door swung open.

Hhhhhhhh!” i gasped.

“Welcome home, Lover Bae” Dani purred.

Never before could i recall a moment such as this: dazzled beyond all reason, utterly overwhelmed!

There sat Dani, nude, overflowing her wheelchair. That much was no especial surprise, greatly welcomed and welcoming as it was. Nor necessarily was the glitter in her eyes for me, heart-melting as that was. What i’d never imagined in my wildest dreams was seeing my new lover with a stunning cascading shimmering curly ’do, her face cosmetized to kill: passion-inducing eye shadow and related to make her eyes pop in the best possible way, cheeks and the rest of her face subtly worked up to a radiant glow, and fire engine red Fuck Me lipstick.

Behind her i could see lights i seldom used lit up, creating a cheery, welcoming glow which along with her made my house into a home: alive!

Perhaps hoping to unfreeze me from my standing-still in the doorway shock, her sultry patter resumed, “Come on in and get comfy! Dinner will be ready about 10 minutes from whenever you tell me it’s time, so you can have a wee or we can milk you or whatever you want in whatever order you want and we can share our days and have a great evening and night because i LOVE youuu!

First order of business was my getting myself inside the house then closing and locking the front door, before bending over and wrapping my arms as far as i could around this profoundly amazing woman—amazing beyond my wildest imagination!

We kissed and nuzzled and sucked face and more, because I had to!

She kissed and licked my tears of joy away then kept us kissing more and more, sighing and softly moaning with passion that would know no restraint.

Several minutes later i felt the need to say, “I’m sorry i’m not strong enough to bodily lift you up and spin you and really us joyously around the room together, ’cause that’s what i wish i could do right now.”

“Awwwwh, that’s so sweet!

She got us kissing some more, for about another half minute.

“I’m just glad you’re home, and that i’m here, being a part of your life.”

Our life” i brashly corrected, apparently touching her more deeply than i knew, given her launching us into another round of kissing.

“Clean sheets on the bed—i did laundry, vacuumed the floors, little bit of dusting but there’s more i’ll do tomorrow. Would’ve put out new toilet paper, but i couldn’t figure out where you keep it. Window cleaning is beyond me in this body, i’m sorry to say.”

Her narrative alone might have been sensory overload. Sharing it with me as she rolled and i strolled through my own home as i’d never seen it before—sparkling, lit up, and filled to capacity with joyous life—and seeing all the dramatic visuals of all she’d managed to do in a single day that might take me a month if i could work up the motivation to actually do it overloaded me well into dumbfounded silence the entire way to the bathroom for my night’s milking.

“Dani… you didn’t have to do all this!” were my first words since apologizing for being unable to bodily pick her up. “Or any of it!”

“I want to be good to you, so you’ll keep me!”

“Honey, we have to talk and work a lot out! One day at a time, please! I love you and i want you in my life more than i ever could have imagined before last night and and i love where this seems to be going and you’ve blown my mind with what-all you’ve accomplished and how hawt you look, but truly, it’s overwhelming me.”

“May we still have a sexy milking and sexy night and be totally in love?!” she cried, literally with tears starting to roll out her eyes.

Yes!” i assured her, arms back around her in the deepest hug i could manage from my standing-her sitting position. “Now let’s get you flowing out onto this nice sparkling-clean floor you made for us and me out of my clothes, so we can share a nice sexy milking, taking as lonnng as we want that won’t spoil the nice dinner you made for us.”

“I could suck you off all night long!” she declared as she oozed out of her chair, turning me on more than i could believe.

“OK, let’s do this: let’s please milk me down ’til i’m about 1/3 to half full down below, and half to 3/4s up top—approximately! Then we’ll go get dinner finished and served together because we’re lovers and we roll like that, and have whatever nice dinner you’ve made for us however and wherever you want to serve it.”

I slid the first bucket between us, disrobing and continuing, “Then after dinner depending how we both feel—how full we are and stuff—we know we’re going to want to have sex, so at that time we can decide whether we’re gonna go really wild and do something like have you suckling my nip cocks and my teats so i can find out whether that even works and who know what else, or have milking part 2 here or in the kitchen to draw me the rest of the way down then do whatever else. Thankfully we’re getting started a lot earlier tonight, so even though it’s a work night again for me we have a lot more time to play and be together in every way before sleeping bedtime.

A full-out candlelight dinner at my dining table with my nicest tablecloth and fine china, silverware, etc. was beyond the pale: i didn’t even do anything like this for major holidays with family over! Not that i truly minded… more that i remained floored that Dani so badly wanted to worm her way the rest of the way into my romantic heart that she’d go to all this trouble. {Or maybe this is just how she rolls?} i considered as i lived through this moment.

She’d touched up her smeared cosmetics, additionally fine-tuning them to complement the dinner spread. Part of me deeply feared that she had an engagement ring stowed away within reach, and that she was going to vastly prematurely pop a question i never wanted anyone to pop my direction, before mutation or since.

Smooth mostly-instrumental jazz wasn’t my thing… until Dani brought it to life during this meal. Part of me thinks maybe she could have turned the sound of jackhammers and rubble crashing into demolition dumpsters into romantic dinner mood music, via sheer force of her powerful will. Thinking of jackhammers reminded me of the joys of her sucking me off, which had the expected effect on those parts of me she’d been sucking at the time.

Her smile broke into a grin as she noticed my sexual response. We kept peacefully eating as the deep-in-background saxophone kept wailing.

To be honest, i already don’t remember exactly which perfectly-cooked less common meat she served, nor what she called the potato dish that made my taste buds dance, nor the specifics of the bottle of red wine with the pretty purple metallic foil label we shared, nor the name of the lemony-chocolate firm top crust pudding dessert she scratch made in my kitchen! with the pretty thin yellow line floral leaf outline design atop the chocolate top. Every bite of everything told my taste buds the same thing i wanted to share with her: I love you beyond what i can express in words!

We cleaned up from dinner together and opted for extended milky in-bed sex.

Oh. My. Goddess!

We fucked and sucked and drank and came and got into all kinds of other amazing sexy stuff that few if any other humans past or present could physically do. I could put you to sleep (or get you off) enumerating everything we did—if i could even remember it all! Highlights included me face-planting into and licking/kissing/suckling each of her 4 huge boobs in turn during the course of the hours-long sex session, her successfully suckling directly from my udder teats (which prior to her successful first attempt i did not know was possible), and both of us working together to get my upper left teat into my mouth so i could suckle myself, for the experience. I much prefer sucking my nippledicks, both for the far greater ease and especially the vastly superior overall sensations.

Writing of my nippledicks, there was one other outstanding highlight so grand, i’m typing it in its own paragraph: i actually literally fucked Dani. Between her fat labia lips, rubbing her clit, deep into her vagina. For a long time. With each of my nipple cocks… then with both of them at the same time.

The whole series of events was transcendental, and life-changing—especially for me. Part of me now feels i’m experiencing things which historically only genetic male humans have experienced. Which to be honest, is profoundly empowering, as well as somewhat scary. If my mind went haywire and i turned into a hardcore sociopath, i’m physically capable of raping people: forcing at least one of my nippledicks into them. Actually though i’m so terrified of that, it’s likely the last thing that would happen. Any of us may still mutate further, so my abilities may go away. I’m so docile by nature that it would take brain injury so severe to make me a sociopath that it would likely greatly affect my physical functioning, likely disabling my penis-like nipples entirely.

How did i get on that negative tangent? Everything Dani and i shared was wonderful and spectacular! We’re deeper in love than ever, and now that we’re fluid-bonded, we both intend that i’ll be fucking her like this at least once a day as far into the future as we can imagine, in addition to all the other sexy stuff we do, love doing, and intend to continue to do. I should add that this is contingent on my milk sprayed all over her reproductive tract not causing any issues. If it sets off a major infection, obviously it’s off the table. If not, she says that it felt really nice and was far more of a power spray than any man ever blasted into her (not that she did that with anyone sans-condom more than a few times ever).

Post-coital it was me that wished i had an engagement ring to slip onto her, until my wiser mind pulled me back to my senses and slowed me down. {All good things in time. Your love will be what it will be, lasting however long or short it lasts, changing or not as it needs.}

Wise mind i have. I’d do well to listen to it more carefully, and often.

We cleaned up together from our sexy playtime, cuddled back into bed, and slept like babes. Which, in the adult sexy sense, we both are: very special babes.

I couldn’t stop smiling the next day, even in the throes of tedium at work.

At least this was true until a very important person in the rest of my life unexpectedly dropped by my desk and reminded me that i have a life outside of the core drudge of work and my hot Love Dani.

“Hey Yasi” i greeted my approaching 4-legged beautiful bestie, shining my new glittery smile her way.

“Where were you yesterday?!”

{Oh shit.} I’d been so fixated on my new Love Dani, i’d totally forgotten about going to the gym with my BFF Yasmin! Yikers!

Guilt radiated from me as she stood intimately near, her hand on my shoulder, as was her wont. “I was worried about you! No show, no responses to my repeated texts and calls. What’s up, Bestie?”

{Truth is the Only Way} my mind lectured me. “Love found me… suddenly.”

Yasmin blinked and twitched momentarily, before her usual smile faded back in. “Tell me all about him!” she glittered.

Over the course of our lives and extended friendship, we’d always freely shared details of our at-the-time love interests. This wasn’t going to be easy.

“Who is he?! Is he cute?” Ending in a whisper she added, “Is he a mutant?

“It’s Dani. She slept over at my place after our meeting, ’cause she was so exhausted. I only have my one bed available due to clutter in the guest room, and, well, stuff happened, and we’re lovers, every which way. She’s more amazing than i had any idea.”

As well as i knew my BFF Yasmin for all these years, never before had i seen her face twitch and contort the way it was currently. Part of me wondered if some new mutation was unfolding within her before my very eyes. No: it was still the same beautiful face she’d always had when it was over, other than less beautiful in the moment given that she clearly wasn’t happy.

“O- OK” she stammered, trying not to grit her teeth. “So what about us and the gym tonight?”

Stabbing arrows of agony shot through me. “I already promised Dani i’d be home early again for dinner tonight.”

Yasi’s wide eyes and occasional twitching as though someone was jolting her with bursts of mild electric shocks further unsettled me.

“We’d love to have you over” {I hope!} i spoke on Dani’s behalf as well as my own, not truly knowing how she’d feel about an unplanned guest showing up. “Would you care to come over for dinner tonight?”

“No, that’s OK” she forced a smile—very obvious to me. “I’ll do the gym and my thing.” {Maybe go to Shenigan’s and pick up a nice well-hung mutant who likes humantaurs with lots of succulent shapely boobs and is the perfect height to plow me all night long whilst you and Dani have your little girl fuck!}

I obviously couldn’t know what she was thinking, at the time. For reasons we’ll hopefully get to later, she eventually told me. For those of you reading this who haven’t visited our city, Shenigan’s is the nicest of our local pick-up bars. In a decent area and actually pretty civil as these things go, nevertheless not everyone finds success there, hence some disgruntled ex-customers refer to it as Shenanigan’s.

“We can get back into our gym groove soon, starting next week maybe” i struggled to assure her, sounding unconvincing even to myself.

“Yeah sure.”

I hated seeing her forced smile. Rare on her in general, she’d not aimed it my way before, that i could recall.

“We’ll be talking, i guess” she finished up, taking her leave. “Have a good one, ’Risse. Say hi to Da- hhh- Dani for me.”

“Sure thing, Yas. Take care!”

She might not have objectively been stomping away, but it sure seemed like she was to me. Failing to keep her informed and let her know i was canceling our gym time was indeed shitty of me. I didn’t understand why i felt so much deep guilt and shame beyond that.


Coming home to Dani made my life all better, allowing me to forget about Yasmin’s and my micro-tiff, as i now considered it. I made her promise to dial things way down and take it easy, after busting her balls (neither of us literally had nor have) the day prior.

Later during this evening as we shared our individual day’s experiences with each other, i’d learn that she actually did take it down a bunch of notches. That didn’t stop her from looking sultry hot for me, nor from making us a less elaborate yet equally delicious and filling multi-course dinner, closer to the 1950s-1960s “nuclear family” suburban ideal rather than proposal date night formal: cooked veggie, fresh green salad, main course, side dish, dessert. She still insisted we eat at the dining table, though at least it was a basic family setup with cloth placemats and my standard serving ware, minus the tablecloth, candles, and other fancy stuff. There was music, though after we’d discussed our musical taste the night before, she knew she’d do better with mostly-instrumental electronica roaming the borders of ambient, EDM, and IDM, and that using one of my stream bookmarks was a safe bet.

Eating nude after my night’s milking (again only a partial draw-down) ensured that dinner also served as foreplay. We weren’t all about sex, and we genuinely wanted to and did share our day’s stories with each other, firming our romantic affection love bond.

Dani’s and my first partial week of unexpected sudden intense love blossomed further on our weekend. Beyond obviously sharing a whole lot of sex and other love at home, this was when we premiered ourselves as a loving couple publicly displaying affection.

She was frustrated that there really wasn’t any good way for us to walk/roll together and hold hands: either my hands were occupied on the handles of her wheelchair, or hers were occupied spinning its wheels (her usual preference, athlete that she remains). Other than that, things worked out well: everyone treated us with respect and readily accepted us in our full coupledom.