Love Flames Out

Like a meteor hurtling towards Earth and its inevitable flaming end, Dani’s and my searing-hot love apparently burned too hot and fast to last. Six months after moving in together, passions just weren’t there. She had her whole social life at the Pool—which was great—but didn’t really include me. Sex was alright, but we’d fallen into a rut of same-old same-old, neither of us making enough of an effort to freshen things up. I made almost all the meals, and had to milk myself pretty much always alone: doable, but far less fun.

It wasn’t anybody’s fault: it just was. People change, people can grow together, apart, or in all sorts of varying 3D vector directions. No true arguing, but i was feeling neglected, as well as too-often spurned when pursuing her for sex.

She moved into a smaller ground-level flat much closer to her work, with another pool pal looking for a living situation change. I admit being mildly envious of Anton’s 4 radially-symmetrical cocks, but my nippledicks are pretty rad, i long-ago concluded.

Initially a backlog of stuff i wanted to do that never seemed to happen with Dani around kept me contentedly occupied during my non-work hours. That was good for about 2 weeks, at which time the backlog cleared.

I’ve always in the past functioned well on my own and most often as an adult lived on my own, thus i didn’t think that reverting to my innate nature would be a big deal. In most ways it wasn’t.

Sexuality was far more of a problem than i would have expected. While by no means true for more than a slim majority, it was well-established that along with most mutants having exaggerated and/or multiple sex organs (genitals and/or secondary sex characteristics), many of us found ourselves far more sexually driven than previously. For a number of us including me, the sex drive seemed to grow as time passed. Much as she still loved sex and was good at it and excellently equipped for it, Dani’s drive remained about as it had been post-mutation: stronger than before, but not increasing as mine was. While by no means the entirety of it, this had been one prominent factor driving us apart.

Accepting that i was becoming genuinely hypersexual was challenging. Owning that i was becoming more sexually aggressive—most often attributed to cisgender human males—was even more difficult. Whatever was giving me big, thick, long nippledicks seemed to be driving me to put them into stimulating places—hard and fast, long lingering slow, and often. I strove to remain aware of this tendency and mitigate it, finding the drive nearly overwhelming at times.

Dating, or at least hookups, shouldn’t in theory have been a problem. In practice, it rarely happened: i was busy at work, and not meeting anyone new. My particular sex drive did not extend to dating pursuit activities, online or otherwise.

To be honest, part of it may have been that i was having too much fun going through kinky, exotic porn, which was not truly OK when i was with Dani. It came to the point where on weekends or days off i’d have to set up in the bathroom with plastic sheeting over my desktop video display, the actual computer tucked in a cupboard, and using voice commands. This was the only way to handle the repeated wild spraying of milk in all sorts of directions from all 6 of my milky orifices as i repeatedly orgasmed. Even after milking myself this was necessary, though again being honest, milking had long been so erotic that often i combined milking and sex on these days off.


“Hi Yasi” i greeted my long-time BFF (nearly forgotten by me during my intense time with Dani), as she dropped off some paper file folders at my desk.

“Oh, i’m Yasi again?”

I didn’t know what to make of her defiant quarter-smile hands-on-front-hips expression. “Were you ever not?”

“I haven’t seemed to have rated enough for your time for half a year now, by any name” she impishly smiled, sending a highly mixed message. She later explained to me that she was smiling because she finally again had my attention, and couldn’t help being happy about that despite being pissed at me.

“Yeah, sorry about that” i sighed. “Guess i got carried away with Dani.”

“Heard you two aren’t an item any more. At least not of the living-together kind.”

“True: she moved out, and we’re taking an indefinite time apart.”

“Sounds like a breakup to me.”

“What of it?”

“I just broke up with Will, because he won’t!

“Won’t what?”

“Tell ya tonight after gym, during or after bobas.”

Ugh, gym! There’s something i hadn’t much missed once getting with Dani. “What makes you think i’m doing gym tonight?”

With a gleam in her eyes i hadn’t seen in ages, Yasi trotted right up close to me and started repeatedly poking me in the boobs, udder, and, um, elsewhere. “Somebody’s getting a little thick!” she teased, repeating that phrase a second time as she continued to poke my bigger, softer areas with obvious glee.

It was true, it went beyond thick, and i knew all about what it was: my milk was fattening. Really fattening. Dani and i had been in denial of it with ourselves and each other, despite the effects being beyond obvious on both of us to everyone else who saw or felt us. For her it was a net advantage: even bigger boobs, that much better able to float and with that much more pontoon surface for pool guests to float upon. Neither of us were sorry that her nips and areolae went from enormous to outrageous. On me, i thickened all over, more so in some places than others. Neither myself nor Dani were truly sorry that my boobs grew bigger and somehow my nippledicks thicker longer fleshier with muscle or whatever they are rather than fat. A bigger, fatter udder was in some ways an inconvenient truth, in other ways more comfortable thanks to the added subcutaneous fat padding layer. Softer, thicker arms and having some, ugh, belly and butt flab were less desirable.

“Alright, gym tonight. Usual time?”

“Yeah. I’ll come back by end of day. See ya, ’Riss!”

“See ya in a few hours, Yasi.”

I know she was doing her rear-end side-to-side whilst departing butt dance because she was happy and because she could, not to turn me on. Horny person that i’ve become, i had to take a nippledick suckling break, wrapping towels around my udder teats to capture the milk when i came.

I hadn’t realized how much i missed Yasmin until we got back into our old routine on this evening. Her positivity was fully back, and she had so much to share that she could barely restrain herself from filling every moment with verbiage. She’d always been chatty, to the point of annoyance for more laconic friends and lovers past. I’d never minded and still don’t because she’s almost always so upbeat, what she has to say is usually interesting, she has a nice voice, and there’s a certain musicality to her patter that’s pleasing to at least my ears. Not until hearing her again in full effect on our walk to the gym through getting changed made me realize how much i’d missed her sonorous sharing.

I sensed things nearly spiraling out of control in the changing room.

Yasmin noticed, of course. “Why are you looking away?”

“Nothing” I struggled not to sigh. “Lost in thought about….” My response trailed off, never finishing, given that my mind was struggling.

It didn’t help that she danced over on her 4 legs close to nude to get her face in view of mine to impishly prod, “About?”

“How tight this gym outfit is” I sighed fairly loudly. “It was hard enough getting this one all worked out. I can’t fathom making or buying or altering this one bigger.”

“Make yourself smaller” she all-out grinned, cheekily grabbing and wobbling my belly fat. “C’mon, let’s do this then get boba, so we can talk more, and more in-depth.”

Nothing about the gym on this evening was a positive experience. It was more crowded with fellow mutants than ever—almost as crowded as before the Accident. People were staring, especially with me not having been there for so long that for several i was new to them. Not staring at just me, of course: more or less at each other, almost everyone, struggling not to get caught. Adjustments take time, and it had only been about 10 months since the Accident and the world changing forever. It was becoming the “new normal” (as people started saying back with that COVID-19 pandemic in 2020) for mutants to stare at other mutants at least a little bit.

Then there was a whole new group of show-offs, nearly all of whom hadn’t been anything physically special before the Accident. One person i barely recognized who’d come into this world as an unremarkable and somewhat prissy tending-frail woman was now a muscle-overloaded bald-headed brute with a scruffy beard and giant muscular arms ending in penis glandes each about the size of either of my huge milky nippledicked boobs. Presently they were showing off how much they could bench press. The only female/feminine remnant was an enlarged and very saggy pair of boobs.

Even getting seated on the stationary bicycle was now an ordeal: my boobs had grown so huge that they inundated the wheel grip and obliterated anyone’s view of the screen, covering it fully. That was nothing compared to how my even-huger udder wrapped nearly all the way around the machine’s vertical wheel post and even then pushed my legs so far out to the sides that i could barely pedal.

Yasmin noticed. “Let’s go get on the treadmills. I can exercise all 4 of my legs that way.”

I didn’t see the point. “What’s the difference between that and just walking around outside?”

“We can go at a faster clip without looking like we’re running away from a crime scene” she snickered. “Let’s go.”

It still seemed close to pointless to me, but at least it was more comfortable, relatively. Being in better shape, Yasi went far faster than me, starting at a jogging pace straightaway versus my just slightly faster than usual walking pace.

Possibly even a bigger problem for me than fitment was how my lust had been spiraling nearly out of control all afternoon. I admit this to you, dear reader: i was one of the ones at the gym doing the most staring. There were so many people there I wanted to fuck—and soon! Far more for the raw sexual release than any romantic attraction. Mostly.

Beyond that, my bigger plusher softer body was more sensual than ever, especially in motion. There soon came a point on the treadmill where the sensual sensations outweighed the discomfort of my udder being full of milk. I tried to listen to Yasi but couldn’t focus, struggling against my arousal. After seeing several others’ unusual penises or penis-like body parts doing various forms of erecting (or close) as exercise (or other) pleasure overtook them, i gave in and stopped even pretending to resist my nippledicks’ full intention to harden. Soon they were poking out of my top as usual, more of them exposed than i’d remembered.

“…don’t you think?”

Despite my best efforts at listening to her, my mind hadn’t processed anything Yasmin had said for several minutes. “I’m sorry, Yasi. My mind’s all over the place. Mostly stuck inside itself.”

She blushed a little as she looked at my aroused nippledicks saluting towards the ceiling, turning back to her screen with a bashful smile.

She went on a treadmill sprint whilst i made it as far as a brief brisk jog before excess milk discomfort became too much.

Showering after our workout felt far more tense and awkward than ever before. Some of that was having another couple of women (nominally) in there with us, but i knew that at least for me there was more to it. I couldn’t help sneaking repeated glances, mostly of Yasmin though also of one of the other gym patrons.

I’d long found curvaceously teardrop-hippy pear-shaped women’s bodies aesthetically pleasing in a vague, minor sense. Never before had i felt a strong attraction to someone so equipped as i did to this community member—a stranger to me. It was tough not to face backwards and stare at her backside as she showered at the bank of shower heads opposite me and Yasmin: she had three pairs of fat buns and adjoining hips, two pairs stacked vertically above the bottommost bottom at the expected location. A long time later when i formally met Adrianne, it was a relief to learn that only the bottom bottom functioned for elimination, with the upper pairs being nothing more than passive fat body parts of the same design and shape. As much as she found it difficult to get tops that fit in any reasonable manner and had given up on bras due to band and strap issues, she freely admitted that it was exceedingly comfortable having what amounted to built-in back pillows and that having lived this way for some time she preferred her mutated body with these features to her former one.

Initially the further-away showering gym patron looked mostly human-normal, other than a pair of boobs on her upper back at what would have been the usual location if on her front. It wasn’t until she turned around to wash her backside and more of her hair that Yasmin and i could see her huge singular boob where a person’s genitals normally are, ringed by 8 average-sized cocks: peni and scrota. She or they or both obviously liked the warm watery soapy stimulation: they were lengthening and she kept finding excuses to re-wash them. She had enough soap and water on and cascading over her face that there was no eye contact from her to us.

Yasi and i seemed to have fallen into that young child’s game of looking, being caught looking, then turning away demurely. She was checking me out at least as much as i was checking her out, even though i didn’t understand in the moment what it was about. I knew she had a lot more to say, but between our awkwardness and the presence of others we didn’t at the time know, here was neither the time nor the place.

Tension continued on the walk over to our favorite boba place, with Yasmin’s conversation stubs emerging in fits and starts, not going anywhere.

Things were better at the boba shop. Proprietor Shu-hui recognized us right away, saying aloud that she was glad to see us both back. She made good use out of her additional 2 pairs of arms, working even more efficiently than she used to pre-mutation.

I went with my favorite melon-infused oolong. I thought Yasmin was going for her fave whole milk green, which she did other than uncharacteristically adding blueberries. Drinking more than enough of my own milk on a daily basis, never since my mutation have i ordered milky boba. On this day part of me very much wished that Shu-hui and her colleagues could just come around the counter and fill up customers’ orders with milk from either of my unavoidably exposed massive bottom teats on my over-full udder. As ill-advised as adding more liquid tends to be when i’m so full of it, i do love my boba. More than that, clearing things up with Yasi was important to me, so worth a somewhat longer wait until getting home for milking.

It was beyond time for me to proactively start a conversation, and there was one topic Yasmin had mentioned which was on my mind. “So what’s up with Will that broke you two up?”

Her deep sigh was telling, and uncharacteristic. “He lost interest.”

“In you as a person?”

“In me as a sexy person!” she pouted.

Sometimes, and more so since her mutation, Yasi has always tended to dance a little bit back and forth on her feet, like a milder version of people who have to go to the bathroom really severely but haven’t made it yet. For her it has been one of the ways she expresses stress, long as i’ve known her. Then again her nature has always been one of motion, leg motion more specifically and vaguely dancing motions in particular: forms of outer physical expression of her inner feelings. Since her mutation it’s mostly her hind legs and hindquarters in motion, unless/until her feelings get so strong that her front legs join in too. Having checked in with her at times when she’s doing this, she reports tending not to be aware of it at all. It’s one of the wonderful and totally endearing things about her, to me.

“’Risse, do i not have it goin’ on any more? The sexy?”

Awkward! “You’re as sexy as you’ve ever been since i’ve known you” i responded in total truth, looking her straight in the eyes. “Remind me again please what Will’s mutations were?”

“Luscious big boobs on his otherwise pre-mutation body, and that’s about it. One pair, in the usual place.”

“Is that what did it most for you, in terms of him?”

“It was his personality more than that, though yes i loved mutual boob play with him. As did he, at first” she sighed loud and long.

“What about his personality?”

“More sensitive and instinctively caring than most men i’ve dated.

“Passions do tend to fade over time.”

“Yes, but only in 8 months?!”

“It can happen.” I took another sip of boba. “There’ll be others.”

“Yeahhh” she sighed again. “I just tire of the whole process of meeting people and dating. And i don’t think it was all him. Or even mostly him.” Another sigh.

“What do you mean?”

She felt the need to ease closer and whisper in my ear, exciting me via proximity and physical contact more than i wanted to be excited at that moment, “I’m turning into a nympho”.

They call it hypersexual these days. Less judgmental.

Whatever they call it, i feel like i wanna do at least 4 other people in here. And i mean do them in here!

“Let’s finish our bobas and take this conversation somewhere where we don’t have to whisper, ’kay?”


“I’ve got to get home and milk. It’s getting critical.”

“Milking machine fixed?”

“Nope. Didn’t need it when Dani and i did that together as a team. Hhhhhhh” i sighed loudly, “but that’s over, so it takes longer.”

“I’ll milk you.”

My eyebrows went way up. I looked at her questioningly.

“Friends can milk as well as lovers” she chided. “I’m quite sure Grandpa Burke had no amorous intent towards the family cows he had to milk as a child.”

“Two cows, wasn’t it?”


“What were their names again?”

“Maybelline and Ida. According to Grandpa Burke, his dad named them after a couple of fleshy neighbors.”

{Good thing i wasn’t there, else one of them would’ve been named Larissa} i remember thinking. “OK, let’s please head on out ASAP.”

Never is it fun when i get so full of milk that the combination of having to move fast to get to a place to offload said milk and the discomfort of all the massive udder sloshing conspire to form their own special torture. I go out of my way to avoid such situations, especially since this particular day when i struggled between a world of physical hurt and having to dump a whole lot of milk out in public.

Thankfully we made it to my flat in time before the pain became overwhelming and any milk explosion.

“OK, i don’t mean to be rude, but i have to get into the bathroom and nude and milking right now” i made very clear, the moment we were inside.

“May i please get nude too?”

“Actually that’ll help, since i’ll likely spray, and that way i won’t fret about staining your skirt.”

“It’s washable, but yeah, avoiding stains beats cleaning them.”

The tension was back in a big way as we both quickly stripped down in my bedroom, Yasi following behind me in my rush into the bathroom. With this being my perpetual normal since soon after the Accident, the manifold buckets were all ready, with plentiful towels within easy reach if needed.

Yasmin on Larissa’s bathroom floor, milking her upper right udder teat

“Start on one of my lowers and i’ll work my opposite upper.”

“What about your, ummmm…?”

“My boobs and nippledicks can hold longer. They fill up last. It’s my udder that fills first and is into the pain range.”

From nearly the first tug, Yasmin was a milking natural. She affirmed that she’d never milked before, making me wonder how she could be so good at it. In that moment, all i wanted was the milk out of me. Mostly.

It felt really, really good when Dani milked me—one of several reasons why i’d stopped trying to get my milking machine fixed. Yasi’s milk moves felt at least as good. I couldn’t help myself: i let myself get fully into the feelings as i worked my upper left udder teat. As far as i was concerned, this was sex—and i continue to feel and believe this to this day! My teats can be as arousal-sensitive as my nippledicks, each of them more of a sensual joy than the clit i no longer have ever was (and i had a nice clit i quite liked). I’m soooooo built for sex… and milk.

It wasn’t just the feelings: looking at Yasmin was undeniably exciting! She’s always been babelicious, more so to me since mutating into a multi-boobed humantaur. By this point and especially with and after Dani, no way i could deny being pansexual, or at least polysexual. Given that my entire vulva had been subsumed by my udder (with apparently no ill effect. No more menses—yaaaaay!) and that milk flowing through either or both of my arguably massive nippledicks was an orgasmic joy every bit as awesome as any former receiving-penetration activities, arguably it made sense that i’d been easing harder towards the lesbian end stop of the continuum. Not that i disliked men then nor dislike them now—not at all! So yeah, pansexual i was, and am. Just sometimes i’m not sure what to get into with someone else lacking a vag and having one or more schlongs. Guess that’s the schlong and short of it—haah haah haaaaah! OK, i’ll stop being a commodian now.

“Mmmm” Aaaaaghhh! One of my moans escaped!

“What?” asked Yasmin, still tugging my teat oh-so-sensually.

“Nothing” i panted breathlessly.

She studied me for a moment. “Are you OK, ’Risse?”

There was no use hiding it: my nippledicks were raging hard. “I like being milked. A lot.”

“Well then it’s good we’re doing this” she grinned “on this first day of renewing our friendship.”

“Yeah” i tried (and failed) to reply neutrally. “Time to swap sides with teats.”

In retrospect, trying to hide anything from my years-long BFF who knew me better than a sister was idiotic. I later learned that she’d made the same mistake, struggling to wish away her multiple aroused nipples. I don’t know whether i was more turned on seeing that they all worked more or less in sync with each other, or knowing that something about milking me and/or being with me was turning her on.

The more i milked my own upper (now right) teat whilst Yasi milked my lower left, and the more i studied her body, the more aroused i got. She later told me she knew i was checking her out and pretended not to notice at the time so i’d keep doing it.

As much as i’ve learned to appreciate my special and likely uniquely mutated body, part of me wishes i had one like Yasi’s. Big boobs are great and nippledicks are epic, but there’s a lot to be said for spreading boobage out over multiple mams. As much or more than that, being a humantaur like her seems like a lot of fun. We could walk together and more readily butt bump in the process whenever one of us made a silly joke or whatever. I donno… there’s downsides—she’s told me, and i’ve witnessed some.

During this milking, everything was upside. I already knew this wouldn’t be the last time Yasmin helped milk me.

“Hhhhh, hhhh” i heard her pant.

“What’s going on?”


“‘Nothing’ my udder! Tell.”

“Not now, please. Gosh, you’ve got a lot of milk in you, ’Risse.”

“Every day.”

“What do you do with it all?!”

“Give away what i can, since selling it was a non-starter with other hu-cow mutant variants out there, plus plenty of mutated bovine cows putting out crazy-lots of milk. The local food bank takes what it can. There’s a paint company working on a new formulation with milk as an essential ingredient, but they’re still refining the process and months if not a year or more away from production at scale. Most of it goes down the drain.”

“That’s sad.”

“I know. I hate to be creating so much waste.”

“No, what i meant was having your body work so hard to make what i expect is really good milk, just to toss it.”

“You’ve had my milk, haven’t you?”

“No. Remember we were going to do that last March, but then there was that whole medical scare around illnesses and a few deaths from mutants sharing fluids?”

“Oh yeah right—forgot about that. Thankfully they worked that out and mine’s been tested. So if you want to try some as fresh as possible and don’t mind a nipcock in your mouth, the offer stands. Out of a teat’s OK as well as out of most of the buckets other than the pink one, which is the clean one i reserve for the food bank.”

I didn’t think Yasmin’s nipples could swell up any more, but they did. So did my nippledicks, which to my amazement at the time were still growing in general. Both of us were obviously excited, picking up our respective milking paces accordingly.

About another 10 minutes later my udder was about as drained down as it ever gets: shrunken smaller to a more comfortable, manageable size (not that it’s ever truly small) and far lighter. My boobs were full and my nipcocks still raging, cycling between plenty engorged and all-out maximum as my arousal waned and waxed.

I held up both my nippledicks, one per hand, smiling, “Care for some milk?”

She chose my right (left from her viewpoint), reverently claiming boob proper and nipplecock with one hand each. I feared for spraying her face, turned on hard as i was. Her tentative and unexpected glans lick before putting me in her mouth almost made it happen.

It felt wonderful beyond this earth! Oh how i missed Dani doing this with me! {I need this!} i remember thinking at the time.

I let down and my milk flowed. Thankfully soon after developing milky boobs, i managed to learn sufficient control of each side to minimize making a mess from output from the currently-unused side.

Before i knew it, she was deep-throating me. “Careful: i’m big!”

Mouth and throat full of my nipcock, all she could do was nod and give me a thumbs-up. It truly seemed like she wanted to swallow my nipcock whole, and maybe part of that boob too!

What she did swallow was my milk and a lot of it, all without gagging.

That’s where i started losing full contact with reality: it felt too amazing! I had to get my left nippledick into my mouth and ravage myself, both from being lost to passion and to prevent what would have been a forthcoming milk mess out of it.

This obviously excited Yasmin more, given the way her working my right tittyschlong notched up.

No longer was there any pretense that this was her sampling my milk from the source: this was sex! With my BFF!

Subsequently Yasi has explained to me several times her recollection of events from that moment, which has helped awaken latent memories within me. All you need to know here is what i remembered immediately after the incident and until Yasi filled me in. Until that later time, all i could remember was seeing her turn around and aim her perpetually (since mutation) bent-over glorious nude butt straight at me. I do vividly remember going totally ape-shit: losing all control and plowing my right nippledick—the one she’d had in her mouth—straight into her vag! In and out and in and out and in and out i repeatedly slammed her, our loud sex moans, cries, whimpers, and more echoing off the bathroom walls, floor, and ceiling.

I pumped and pumped and pumped milk into her, spraying some out of my presently-neglected left and tiny amounts out of my mostly-drained udder teats.

The look of messed-up terror on Yasi’s face when i pulled out to take a breather shattered me. “I think i’d better go home now” she said.

“Yeah” was all that came out of me, from some part of my mind as equally out of control as my sex drive had just been.

The swirl of emotions—confusion, loss, sadness, relief, and more—kept us each independently messed up as she got into her clothes and i helped her rear feet into its pair of shoes. Oh how i wish i could have made things all better and taken her to bed with me—the bed right there!—for snuggly cuddles!

Instead, soon as she left i showered then went to bed on my own, having wholly lost my appetite for any possible dinner.