Squiggly Wiggly Love and Healing

The first week of McGorkin Pool being open worked out generally well for the community, city, and staff. A full week after opening on Thursday evening, something very special happened near closing. I wasn’t there, nor was Dani beyond the first part of it. Leeza lived it all, and it profoundly affects her life today. Because according to herself she’s not one for writing these sorts of narratives at length, what she’s asked me to do is take on the role of omniscient narrator, my feigned omniscience provided by her and Dani’s and others’ recollections of events as they transpired.

In the final half hour of operation for the day, the pool was quiet: only 2 members of the public in it, doing their own light swimming thing after having enjoyed some flotation time on Dani. Leeza, Dani, and the rest of the on-duty staff were easing into the usual close-down procedures.

“You look happy, Dani” noted Leeza.

“Assuredly: i’m going home to my True Love soon!” she smiled.

{Wish i had one of those} Leeza thought, sighing audibly. It had been a long time since she’d had a lover: nearly since before her mutation! The reminder realization entering her consciousness made her queasy.

Slightly under a quarter hour later, a disheveled dark-haired man with what looked like a garden hose rolled up on a reel inside the front of his pants breathlessly dashed in, carrying a small bundle of something in a soft white blanket. “Please tell me you’re still open!” he pleaded, struggling to catch his breath.

“Well, we’re about a quarter hour from closing, so…”.

Dani kept speaking, but he didn’t hear her. Having been scanning the space, taking it all in as Dani spoke, his eyes locked onto the most beautiful and amazing being he had ever seen: a squid- or octo-woman (he’d yet to count her non-human arms), gazing back at him, several of her long tentacles (in her parlance) slowly, aimlessly waving as she stared.

Some have known love at first sight. This was a level beyond that: soulmate at first sight—for both of them.

Weeeeaaaa!” the bundle in the blanket cried out and thrashed around, somewhat weakly.

“Ohhh, a baby!” Leeza exclaimed in a sentimental baby-talk-tinged mothering voice that even surprised her.

“A very ill squid baby!” the distraught father cried out.


I’ve done everything i know how, and i’m supposed to be an expert and i’ve looked things up online, but nothing’s working!

WeeAAAAAAAAhhhh!”—with this declaration, the baby lurched suddenly out of its father’s arms, falling directly into the pool!

Leeza took off like a shot from the far (deep) end of the pool where she’d been floating. It was the fastest Dani had ever seen her swim, and she’d seen Leeza swim very fast before!

In barely 3 seconds, the baby—a little girl, by appearances—was in Leeza’s arms. “Ooohh, look at yooouu! You’re adorable, but you’re not well. Let’s keep most of you in the water and your head above water.”

“Gah?” the baby barely had energy to speak.

“Yeeesss: your octo-woman special friend Leeza’s going to take care of you! Where’s your mommy?”

It looked to Leeza like her question shot fresh bullets through the profoundly alluring man still standing poolside with all his clothes on. “She died during the Accident” he gasped, a look of equal terror and pain in his eyes. “It was only a few blocks from here: south of here, in my lab. I’m a marine biologist… or was. My wife Portia was visiting with our newborn daughter and first and only child Marina in your arms when the Accident hit. It blew out the walls of the building and next thing i knew i was out in the ocean near shore, screaming with others as we all felt the mutations unfolding. Then that awful second wave that knocked most of us unconscious again, then when i came out of that the third impact wave it seemed like life was all over: so many things felt weird and i could see mutating people all around me, along with dead and dismembered people!”

Nearly everyone within earshot felt their own memories flooding back into consciousness. Even these many months later, the memories were still plenty fresh enough to trigger visceral pain and/or other reactions.

“Portia was one… of those… latter” he struggled to say, tears welling up then pouring out of his eyes.

A tentacle reached out of the pool and up to him, caressing his face. Leeza’s voice was soft and loving in tone, and firm in intent and message, “Get in here. You need to be with us.”

“But i don’t have any swim–”

“–Take your clothes off and get in here. We need you.”

Despite some misgivings, he wasn’t about to argue with the most stunning woman he’d ever met, who affected him so deeply at so many levels beyond what he could even know—especially in this early moment of first meeting. Especially not since deep inside what she asked of him was what he wanted, more than she could possibly know.

He stripped out of his clothes with a swiftness and efficiency suggesting that somewhere in his life, he’d had need to do so often enough to have refined this skill.

At the point of underwear he hesitated… not that his underwear was doing much to conceal anything. “You might not want–”

“–Everything off that you don’t want to get wet” she again interrupted—not something for which Leeza is generally known, either before or since this special day.

To the surprise of no one with eyes seeing him at this time, the big coil in his pants was his very long (and apparently very flexible) penis. Against his will it started uncoiling and straightening out.

Leeza almost passed out, her lips and other parts of her puffing up alluringly as blood rushed into them.

Baby Marina continued to struggle for her life, quietly and peacefully, presently: stabilizing breathing, restfully cuddled into this warm mothering figure she’d too-long been denied.

No one could stop Leeza’s and this man’s mutual desire. It would have been unwise to deal with a force so powerful, besides which no one wanted to interfere with such a beautiful thing! Dani and others watched from a distance as the pool’s day moved closer to closing.

From the first moment, every area of contact Leeza and this man shared was electrifying and magical! The passion energy between them was not of this world, and wholly beyond any mere mortal’s ability to resist—mutated or not!

People meeting for the first time don’t normally ease in full-frontal-contact kissing close. But nothing about this situation nor the individuals involved was normal.

“Helloooo” he purred in a deeper-than-usual voice which surprised even himself, “I’m Mark Meadows, apologizing for the way my mutated member is unceremoniously lengthening, girthening, and firming up between your front lower arms.”

“Hello Mark” she breathily replied. “No apology necessary, because that’s exactly what i want… and need. I’m Leeza… DeVonne.”

It was too much: they couldn’t hold back. They eased all the way into each other in a lovers’ embrace, kissing. Tentatively at first, gradually picking up the pace and passion until they were pucker-sucker face-sucking, hands squeezing and caressing each other. Leeza took full advantage of her ability to at the same time caress other parts of this enthralling new love interest with several of her tentacles.

Already totally lost to her, he bonded even deeper with her: an octo-woman like no other—because there was no other (as far as he knew)! His errant and very long penis curved up in a large U shape in a manner it had not before, its engorged glans homing in on her human-womanly sexual opening, like a sex-seeking missile.

The sudden tugging of a little hand on her left brakini cup drew her attention, then via her shift of focus, his. The look of stern determination on little Marina Meadows’s face as she kept working the cup until Leeza’s left breast escaped to freedom impressed both adults. Marina wasted no time face-planting onto her areola, shifting around for a good latch-on.

“Sweetie, i don’t have any milk for you. I’m so sorry!”

The baby pulled back, glowering at her with great umbrage. Adding her look of grim determination, she used her wee little left hand to guide her father’s right hand right onto Leeza’s middle boob and its bra cup.

“You good with locking up, Leez?”

Jan the janitor’s question startled the two adults, which induced Marina to redirect her look of affront towards the interloper.

“Sh- sure” she hesitated.

“Keys are over here” she announced as she made obvious where she was dropping them: on one of the poolside lounge chair seats.

“Alarm code?”

“Surface Music, initial caps, space between words. With EW instead of U in Music, and numeral 1 instead of I.”*

* Any reader who gets this extremely obscure reference, you are my (the author’s) friend.

“Have a great night, folks!” Jan concluded, waving with 3 of her arms as she turned and left.

WEAAH!” Marina abruptly and brusquely drew her father’s and mother-figure’s attention back to her needs. She again planted her father’s nearest hand on Leeza’s middle boob, with a look best described as “What’s wrong with you?! Get to it!”

“Yes please” Leeza grinned. “Free both my other two, please.”

Blushing and growing harder by the moment, Mark did as he was told, and his daughter nonverbally demanded. But that wasn’t all.

Hhhhhh!” he gasped, “I’m going inside you!

Yes pleeeaaase!” she exclaimed, smashing her right and middle boobs into him with her hands whilst smashing her mouth against his, her tentacle already wrapped around him pressing them together more intimately.

Baby Marina didn’t care that no milk was forthcoming: she suckled Leeza’s left one anyway.

All-out sexual gasping and panting filled the roofless pool space during breathing moments between kissing immersion. This current intercourse was so amazing beyond anything either had previously experienced (as they shared with each other later), it was almost as if neither had ever had sex before!

Arousal kept going, swelling them both in various places.

She felt him throbbing with what had to be the prelude to his inevitable explosion within her, welcoming it more than she could believe.

What she hadn’t anticipated was his suddenly pulling his upper body back away from her, a look of terror in his eyes.

“It’s OK!” she quickly insisted. “We’ll work it out!”

“You don’t understand” he gasped, looking even more panicked. “Since the mutation so much cum comes out of me that i’ve injured one lover already. I blew her uterine wall out! And it’s too late and I can’t stop!

Go!” she screamed, with Marina adding “Gaaaah!” for good measure.

Beyond merely screaming for continuation, Leeza poured every drop of sexual passion within her towards him, wholly unable to do otherwise.

Mark found himself hard-suckling her right boob as daughter Marina continued working her left. Driven by lust not of this world, Leeza hard-suckled her own middle boob as this amazingly sexy and well-endowed man commenced his ultimate thrusting within her.

Both of them froze as they felt her vagina suddenly clamp hard around him.

“It’s an involuntary reaction, i swear!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t even know what to compare it to! It’s not like any cephalopods i’ve studied!”

“I don’t know either, but i’m a mutated human woman and i love you and whatever happens, this is worth it!”

He felt himself involuntarily (at this point) pumping her fuller and fuller, devastated that this seemingly unavoidable sex event would harm her as it had the one previous lover he’d had since mutating.

She absolutely felt him fill her up, and it thrilled her! She felt and all of them saw her middle swelling bigger before their eyes.

By the end of his seemingly relentless ejaculating, she felt like she was stuffed with a bigger meal than she’d ever had in her life, other than down near the bottom of her abdomen rather than higher up near her stomach.

He studied her intently, especially her expression, obviously worried.

“I’m fine” she reassured him, with a lovers’ kiss which made him hers all over again—which wasn’t truly possible because he already was all hers.

They held each other at a distance just barely far enough apart to focus on their new lover’s face. Neither of them at the time noticed her pelvic muscles finally releasing.

Baby Marina repeatedly squeeze-pinched Leeza’s left nipple, staring at it with her apparently-usual grim determination, as if doing these things would induce lactation.

“I don’t know what to do for her” Mark sighed. “She won’t have more than a few suckles of any formula i make, and i’ve tried 47 different recipes!”

“Come home with me. I live nearby, on Bennett Way.”

“Will she be OK?”

“She’s looking better and feeling a little warmer, so i think so. She needs way more water time, here in the pool or out in the ocean, based upon what i need and that she has a similar marine mutation. We’ll figure out her nutrition together.”

Something about hearing this amazing octo-woman say “together” broke Mark Meadows: down to tears, specifically.

Marina’s little left hand did what it could to try and pull Leeza’s nearest free tentacle closer to her father. Leeza took the hint, using it to ever-so-gently caress his right cheek, using her right hand to simultaneously caress his left.

Of necessity they drove separately to Leeza’s home: a modest house in a pleasant neighborhood not all that far from the beach, though further inland than most people preferred to walk.

None of them had the energy to do anything other than get into bed. Together. Nude.

Waking up in the arms of a stunningly gorgeous and sexy octo-woman was a fantasy Mark Meadows had dreamt many times. The thing about doing so in reality was that it was better than his dreams! Not only was Leeza DeVonne real, she was actually prettier and sexier than his dream octo-women! She was also tenderly affectionate, kissing him gently upon his awakening.

She hasn’t slept through the night since her mother died” he confided in a whisper.

As if on cue, Marina woke up, with a baby stretch.

“She needs a new mommy. And you sir seem like you will do better with a new wife.”

He put his hands on her shoulders, his eyes focused on hers intently, “How are you doing, truly?”

“I feel…”–her body inventory drove her to notice something she so far had not. “Damn my boobs swelled up overnight!”

They had: half again as big as they’d been when she’d gone to bed. She gently squeezed herself there, noting some slight to moderate tenderness. “That full feeling from after you filled me has gone back down. See? (kiss) I can take what you can dish out (kiss).”

“If i made you pregnant and you have enough octopus in you that you die soon after giving birth, i’m not going to be able to go on.”

“One day at a time, lover… just like we all have to do since the Accident.”

Her latest kiss was interrupted by the sudden powerfully pleasant sensations of Marina latching onto her left nip and suckling. {Whoa that’s intense!} she thought, slightly disturbed by how aroused she felt.

Arousal wasn’t the only feeling: soon she felt milk flowing out of her. Looking wide-eyed at Mark she announced, “I’m lactating! Or something.”

His curiosity was that of both the trained adult marine biologist he was and the seemingly long-lost raw interest in the world of a child. He carefully lifted her bigger, heavier right breast, immediately noticing the difference from the night before in its weight as well as its size, already visually obvious.

Hhhhh” she gasped from sudden pleasure, her eyes glittering at him, filled with equal-to-his wonder. She couldn’t help swelling up further with arousal, definitely including her already-larger nipple.

“I need to know” was all he said as his mouth eased onto her nip, then went for a big suckle.

Hhhhhh! Oh yes!

He’d no memories of suckling a lactating woman, having not done so since his own infancy. At first it was strange. Soon it was pleasant. Then it was wonderful!

Auuugggh!” she again gasped from pleasure. “Oh please yes! Mooree!

Marina had another plan: she moved over and latched onto Leeza’s middle nipple, using her small hand to try and push up the suddenly abandoned left breast towards the mouth of the nourishing octo-mom to whom it was attached.

“Should I… suckle myself?” she asked Mark.

He pulled away to respond, “Won’t hurt you, and you do very conveniently have 3 boobs for our 3 mouths.”

Patience did not seem to be one of Marina Meadows’s virtues. “Abbagabba!” she yelled in her today-stronger baby voice, shifting back over to Leeza’s left as she did surprisingly well thrusting Leeza’s middle boob upward.

Tentatively she proceeded, using her right hand to lift her middle one up to her mouth, stunned with how big it now was, how full it felt, and notwithstanding the slight tenderness how arousing it was to handle. Once she commenced suckling it tasted OK and felt far too good. She didn’t want to stop!

Mark’s hardening, lengthening penis snake again found its way to her buried-beneath vulva, between its lips into her vag. He again pulled off her right nip, “Do we have time for this before your work? And do you even want this?”

She too paused her (self-)suckling, “It’s my day off and yes i want this! With an F-word on the front which might not be appropriate in front of our lovely sweetheart, who along with me will need some ocean time sometime today, preferably at the pool for both of us even though it’s not a work day for me.”

Marina was beyond contented with her father and nurturing mother-provider-figure again sharing sex: she became demonstrably (and noisily) annoyed when they hesitated. Not that either had the willpower to hesitate long at all!

To Mark’s relief, he only had about 3/4s as much output with which to fill his amazing new lover. Leeza was good with this: a less full feeling at the start of this day involving moving around rather than mostly sleeping (she anticipated). As well neither of them had any idea whether there would be additional dramatic effects similar to her sudden breast volume increase and related lactation.

Out in the kitchen the new lovers assembled a simple breakfast together, as Leeza simultaneously gently held little Marina in her front center tentacle against her chest. Marina continued to enjoy her own milky breakfast, currently suckling from Leeza’s middle breast.

“Do you have to go to work today?” she asked Mark.

“I don’t go to work ever, since the Accident” he sighed. Looking suddenly ashen when he turned to face her he added, “My entire life’s been blown apart—my office, my wife as well as her mother both literally, during the Accident. Her father soon died, of a broken heart i suspect but do not know. That string of opportunistic contagious diseases that hit the other coast and other parts of the world took out my father. My mother lingered, stricken by one of those and having to deal with everything else, finally dying start of last month.”

“I’m sorry.” She gently eased him into her side with her nearest tentacle, as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Because for her, it was becoming thus.

He felt more tears wanting to come out, holding them back for the moment. “It’s better: she was suffering. Her mutations were severe, and not amenable… to… living.” Now the tears rolled forth. “If i didn’t have Marina (sniff), i’d… (sniff) have nothing.”

“Now you do” she softly declared, with a tender kiss. Looking down at Marina she added, “Both of you.”

She asked that he drive them all over together to the pool in his Chevy Suburban, as with her Wiggle Van spacious enough for her mutated body. Both of them and even little Marina in her arms felt powerfully strong feelings of bonding and appropriateness with her in the front passenger seat, each in roles mid-20th. century U.S. society held up as the pinnacle ideal. For them in the post-Accident 21st. century, forming a new family together sure felt like their own ideal!

Pool time was magical! Everyone who didn’t know Leeza well immediately assumed that Mark was already her husband (and maybe had been for a long time) and that she’d been pregnant and bore Marina herself (despite Marina’s obviously darker skin, from her actual mother and that side of the family). They so obviously looked like a unified loving family together, it was a reasonable conclusion.

Marina was well-behaved and obviously healing. As often happened on her days off when she came to the pool for her own health, members of the public assumed Leeza the Friendly Octo-Woman was at work. She enjoyed Story Time enough that she didn’t mind offering it on these days off, as long as people were nice… and today they were all nice.

Mark, Leeza, and Marina all wanted and needed each other. They remained together from that first night when Mark came rushing in with his ailing daughter, the adults getting to know each other better, making their impossibly-strong bond even stronger.

Especially with Marina in the picture, they agreed they wanted to legally wed, which they did in a private civil ceremony i had the honor of attending, along with Dani and the rest of the pool staff, and a few survivors amongst Mark’s former colleagues. Leeza happily took the surname Meadows, delighted to formally be Marina’s step-mom in every possible way. She and Mark preferred her home to his, starting the long process of merging their physical assets in her home and prepping his for rental or sale.

Baby Marina kept healing, and growing—especially her tentacles, including the start of 2 new ones in addition to her 2 originals where legs normally would have been. Far less grumpy than that first night at the pool, she remained the boss of the family in some ways at some times.

Leeza’s 3 lactating boobs grew even bigger, related to the lactation she and Mark assured us. Upon satisfying various legal conditions, Leeza the Friendly Octo-Mom added nursing for qualified infants to her McGorkin Pool services, for an additional fair fee (more to benefit the facility than herself, as for her it really wasn’t any significant additional work).

For the time being after marriage, Mark spent his time about equally between being a househusband, working alongside his new wife at the pool, and dealing with his former home. Needing as much in-water time as her step-mother, Marina was almost always with Leeza—contentedly so.

In an unexpectedly revised world with so many dealing with so much, interacting with a happy, loving, contented heteronormative “nuclear” family of local mutants was a comforting touchstone to a more familiar past. Their obvious love alone gave many who needed it hope.