Friends At The Beach


Boo Bip Boo Bippp!

Dani and i laughed as our handhelds sounded off at nearly the same time with our respective generic text message tones. We were of course nude on my couch this fine Thursday evening, restfully canoodling.

More tones sounded as we held our respective devices, before we’d even started reading the first messages.

The upshot of this and the next 20-some minutes of texting was that Mike and Lindy very much wanted all of us who’d gathered to sign the legal papers to get together again for a far more all-fun outing: a trip to the beach! When they contacted me and Dani, they were even more excited to learn that we’d become a couple.

Estelle and Yasmin each had new love interests who didn’t know the rest of us and didn’t particularly want to meet us just yet, with their love of our friends still being so new. Sorry as the rest of us were that they wouldn’t be with us, we all understood.

Having only 2 living-together couples involved (and with one couple permanently attached together) made scheduling easier. We readily agreed to meet at my place Friday night, have a restful overnight sleep, then get up early and all go on a nice refreshing walk together to the beach—only about 4km away.

“Thanks for letting us stay over” said Lindy on her and Mike’s behalf, soon after their arrival Friday night.

“You’re very welcome. It’s only possible because Dani herded me like the best sheepdog ever to work with her to clear out the guest room and especially clear off the guest bed. You two want to have a shower before going to bed?”

“That would make sense, thanks. You and Dani are done?”

“We’ll go after you. She and i need to get into milking me.”

Oooh, may we watch?

“You may help, as long as you keep it to only about 5 minutes, so we all get to bed on time.”

“When may we please do a full session of this?” asked Mike during his and Lindy’s brief milking time.

“Depending how things go, possibly tomorrow afternoon after the beach” i replied.

Dani shot me a brief evil glare, no doubt related to others cutting in on our sexy milking time.

Keeping this milking minimally sexual was difficult. Somehow i managed.

Lindy struggles out of Mike’s/her protective foreskin in Larissa’s bathroom

“Shall i focus more on how sexy and fuckable you are, so our foreskin retracts more?” Mike asked attached lover Lindy.

“Unngh! Yes please. Unnmmgg! I can barely get my boobs out, and they need washing. Wasn’t it awesome milking Larissa?”

That did it: thoughts of milking me incited Mike’s mind to push Lindy further out, in effect retracting their foreskin. She turned around during the process so they could stare at each other and each grope their own boobs until they got off in their special way and could have their shower.

No, i didn’t have a voyeur cam running, nor was i in the bathroom: they told me this is how it went after the fact, so i could type it out here and now for you.

I’ll also tell you here and now from the same original sources that they had a great sleep on my (and now also Dani’s) guest bed.

Lindy asleep on Mike’s left boob as a pillow, in Larissa’s guest bedroom

Mike’s huge boobs—each bigger than his head—flowed equally to each side as he laid on his back, his head comfortably on the bed’s pillow. His giant schlong which turned into Lindy’s waist then the rest of her body snaked over his resting huge scrotum, under his left leg, up so Lindy could nestle cuddled into his side. She had the best pillow in the world, and she knew it: his left boob. Even better: she herself could feel it slightly from inside him as well as what she felt more strongly from her facial skin contact against its exterior! He felt the opposite: his direct boob inner and outer feelings most strongly, her facial skin contact less so.

Her own smaller fat, succulent boobs pressed into his side soothed and pleased both of them. Instinctively he tended to rest his left hand on her left shoulder in this sleeping arrangement. Her left hand naturally landed atop his/their huge shaft near its base. When they were both awake and especially first thing in the morning, she tended to stroke it gently, which again she not only felt from her hand and its exterior contact, but also from the nerve endings inside the shaft, routed to her brain as well as his, thanks to their unique mutation.

Everything about this sleeping arrangement was more comfortable to the two lovers living it than it appeared to most of the few who’d ever seen photos of them like this. Like anyone else their bodies needed circulation, thus they shifted around during the night. The mirror image of this arrangement was another favorite position.

Once in awhile Mike would awaken to Lindy giggling from a slight distance, up in the air above their bed due to an especially strong morning wood. Sometimes they’d both stroke their shared shaft to keep her in the air longer. More often he’d slowly relax, bringing her down gradually. Almost always she had her arms wide open and a big smile for him, landing her fat tits atop his and the rest of her atop him for tender, repeated morning kisses.

A few others with conjoining mutations similar to Mike and Lindy’s who didn’t fancy their love interest anywhere near as much and absolutely did not want to spend every living moment together found themselves mutated into a living hell. For lovers Mike and Lindy who never truly enjoyed being apart and who both loved big boobs and thick, long shafts, life pretty much couldn’t get any better than this.

At least all of this is what they’ve told me over the years, when we’ve discussed these sorts of intimate things.

Dani and Larissa sleeping peacefully in their bed. Dani is in the middle, facing Larissa’s back as Larissa sleeps on her left side.

Dani and i slept comfortably in our bed as usual, dreaming of our forthcoming fun outing. I had my usual wicked morning woods—always fun to wake up to. In my better moments when i’m feeling all the gratitude for the joys of living and being me, i often think about how nice and comfy it is to rest my ceiling-nearest arm atop my udder as i sleep. Udders are good for things other than milk and sex.

I still remember Saturday morning quite well.

We were all so tired from getting up earlier than usual that we all really needed coffee. More than that, Mike + Lindy and i had raging morning woods that wouldn’t quit.

No idea why other than Dani the rest of us bothered getting dressed in casual bathrobes or nightwear rather than into swimwear straightaway, but that’s what happened. We gathered together in the living room to wake up with our joyous java.

Huge morning woods have Larissa’s nippledicks gloriously saluting the morning and Lindy high up in the air of Larissa’s living room, stretching

“Hhhnnnnn!” Lindy yawned and stretched, arms high enough to reveal her nips and areolae, herself high up in the air thanks to her and Mike’s ongoing morning wood.

“Would you mind greatly wiping the dust off that ceiling light fixture while you’re up there?” asked Dani.

“Not at all; sure thing!”

As she typically did, she hurled a rag up to Lindy with perfect aim and a plenty strong delivery. Impressive any time and especially impressive first thing in the morning from fully on the floor without spilling a drop of her coffee.

Lindy had the fixture wiped down in no time. She giggled as she dropped the rag to let it free-fall back down to Dani, given that she and Mike remained far too erect for her to come down.

My nippledicks were raging so hard, so big and huge, i could hardly believe it. {Why today of all days?} i thought. {Oh right: it’s Saturday. They’re expecting a workout shagging Dani.}

“Glad to see you’re glad to see us” Lindy again giggled my way.

“You know how it goes” i wanly smiled, sipping more very necessary coffee.

“I’m living it right now my friend, and loving it! Please love yours too; you look great and they look like fun.”

“They’re totally fun!” Dani assured us all, with a lecherous morning grin. “Hence why i’m happily swollen on all 4 of my mega-boobs.”

This might’ve been the moment i decided to never again wear clothes in my own home when i didn’t totally want to do so. If not this moment, it would have been during what came next, after we all finished our mugs of coffee and moved towards changing for the beach.

“Uuugh! Uuugh!” i grunted, struggling to get into my quite new udder girl mutant bikini. “I can’t believe this is too small already!”

It didn’t especially help that Dani laughed. “That’s what almost every woman ever has said, at the start of bikini season. At least unlike me you have one.”

I couldn’t even be mildly annoyed at her: she’s so adorable. And so damn sexy! “Unngh!” i grunted with my latest tug, “at least the way my udders are overflowing the bottom, it looks like i have more bodacious cleavage and bottom boobs, not udders.”

All your cleavage is bodacious!” she declared, yanking me down and planting a big, long smoochy kiss of utter (and udder) devastation on me.

Dan-eeeeeee!” i whined, “I can barely fit in these things and you’re making me swell out of them!”

“Tell me again why it is that once we get to the beach i’m taking off my outers and going around nude, but you’re not?”

“You’re flashing your whole bod as a public service: eye candy mood enhancement” i grinned, unable to resist sexy-smooching her back.

“Well there you have it!: put that bikini away and join me in nudity!”

“Rules are we’re supposed to cover up as we can, using standard pre-mutation beach wear. I have some—new, from this season. You do not.”

“Looking good, Larissa” Mike grinned, with Lindy quietly doing the same with an even bigger grin and two thumbs up.

“You two are still hard?!” What can i say? I was amazed.

“We’re both enthused about this beach trip!” Lindy chirped. “It’s going to be an exciting day!”

“If we ever get started” Dani smirked, rolling her eyes.

“Hugs first! Mmm mmm mmm mmm!” Lindy tended to be chatty and vocal, including when she hugged. “OK, now me and Larissa. Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm!”

Projecting so much enthusiasm and energy from her head as she always did, which drew everyone’s attention there, it tended to be easy to forget that she’d mutated into quite the busty woman(’s upper body). It felt wonderful sharing a soft, warm, fluffy, affectionate breast grind with a friendly titter like her.

During Lindy’s move from her to me, Dani nimbly rolled over to Lindy’s other half (and body base). “Please tell me that’s your outer suit.”


She turned to me, “OK Sweets, toss on your flowy outer dress and let’s roll!”

She was already swiftly spinning/rolling her way out to the entryway. I followed in hot pursuit of my hottie lover, grabbing our pre-packed day pack as i passed the kitchen counter.

Wheeeee!” Lindy declared, happily grabbing for Dani’s chair push handles a good 1.5 to 2m in front of Mike’s vertical core. (They said it was closer to 1.5m. To me it looked more like 2, but none of us took a measurement.)

It may have been “wheeee!” for her, but for Mike it was a lot of work. Not only did he have to keep both hands on his shaft as far out as he could easily reach to support the excited living mass at his shaft’s tip, not only did he have to maintain his/their balance whilst doing so, he also had to ensure that the whole arc was clear of obstructions, lest he plow his beloved (now part of his own body and vice-versa) into something painful.

They remained absolutely totally erect, looking as though they intended to remain that way.

Get yer hands off the handles there, girl!” Dani scolded Lindy, when the latter reached for her wheelchair’s push handles. “I can and will move myself!”

She eased up to Dani’s ear and whispered, “It’s not that. I’m piggybacking onto your chair to take a load off of Mike. We’re both so excited we can’t go down so i can rest on his shoulders as usual. We’re not gonna be able to make it more than another block or so this way.

Obviously i couldn’t hear what Lindy was whispering at the time, only that it seemed like an unusually long private chat. Dani told me later, along with how shitty she felt for not having even considered that Lindy might be there for support rather than helping push, scolding her for no good reason.

To Mike and Lindy’s great relief, Dani let Lindy grab onto her wheelchair’s handles, getting her own strong arms into position and wheeling herself and thus them away.

Group together on the street, walking to the beach

Having spent so much time with Dani and so little with Mike and Lindy, i hung back and conversed with Mike as he and i walked. This gave Lindy and Dani equal opportunity to excitedly (mostly Lindy) chat and catch up with one another.

Maybe it’s instinct, maybe it’s chemistry. Maybe it even has to do with the mutations. Whatever the case, Mike and i couldn’t help repeatedly checking each other out as we strolled. Despite having concluded that i’d gone from heterosexual/heteroromantic to pansexual/panromantic as part of my mutation—or had always been this way and the mutation woke it up in me—and despite both him and me being in existing bonded loving couples, we both clearly felt strong feelings for one another. He might have stayed erected anyway, though for sure i saw his boobs swell and nips harden, watching my body in motion. I couldn’t hide my own nippledick hard-ons from him or anyone else who cared to look: my tips peeked up visibly above my dress’s neck opening, obviously very happy to see him, specifically his and Lindy’s amazing combined body in motion. Rear-view glances at the sexy flabby boob sway of my Love Dani didn’t hurt either.

The slow rolling stroll to the beach was a wonderful event in and of itself, not merely a means to an end. While a lot of people remained in shock these 4-some months later after the Accident and the mass flurry of world-wide mutations and stayed hunkered-down at home, more and more of us were coming out, reclaiming our lives and navigating our new at-least-for-now normal.

Initial reactions were critical: nearly everyone seemed terrified of others rejecting them and their particular severe mutations. Lindy’s natural cheeriness and positivity made it second nature for her to smile and wave at everyone she saw, additionally verbally greeting those she recognized over the distance. Her lead made it easier and more natural for the rest of us to at a minimum make smiling eye contact rather than averting our eyes, no matter what unexpected (and most often: formerly impossible in the pre-Accident world) physical strangeness suddenly confronted us. I was able to do my part via verbally greeting a few people i knew that none of the others did. Dani once or twice did the same.

Every single time any of us did any of this made someone’s life better. It then made it easier for each of them to then find the wherewithal to pass along their own friendly eye contact and wave with optional verbal greeting when they themselves were suddenly confronted with unimagined mutations they found disturbing or disgusting.

Sea breeze with a moist, salty feel. The sound of seagulls flapping and chirping. It was getting closer, then it was within sight: Ah, the beach!

I hadn’t been since before the Accident—none of us had, as we’d all discussed in texts when setting this event up.

Each one of us sighed—i heard them, and i know i did—taking in the beauty. We’re all fortunate to live in an area so near this nice white fine-grained sandy beach. Less so perhaps if there were to be a Tsunam—{No, ’Risse: don’t even think that!}. OK… it’s a nice place where we live, with this beach so close by.

To our surprise it wasn’t that crowded, though the few, um… let’s call them people… that were there tended strongly to be on the large size. Then again, the same was true for each of us.

Mike, Lindy, Larissa, and Dani at the beach, along with 2 new characters about to be introduced

Dani knew where she wanted to be, and rolled herself directly there: a comfortable lounge chair under a nice big shade umbrella, terminating a long line of similar mostly unoccupied chairs.

Lots of eyes were upon her as she combined disrobing with transitioning from her wheelchair to the lounge chair, definitely including my own, from close by. She couldn’t help it that any move whatsoever that she made was unavoidably extremely erotic to anyone who in any way liked big boobs. Hers somehow looked even more huge than when we’d packed her into what she called her “travel sack” at home—the garment she’d just removed.

I unzipped our day pack, handing her her beach hat and sunglasses whilst Lindy and Mike wheeled her wheelchair back behind her lounge chair. “Anything else?”

“Yes: get all your clothes off and come join me, Girlfriend.” She patted the empty seat to her right.

“Can’t, because prongy reasons.”

“From what i’m seeing looking around here, you, Lindy, and Mike are going to be pretty much the only ones with clothes on. Why? The authorities have too many hundreds of other more important things to do than arrest any of us. No kids here at all, to my delight—not even close. No one’s being gross or worse hitting on anyone. So where’s the problem?”

“Alright, you caught me.” I leaned over and whispered more in her ear, “I want to keep this on awhile so i can strut around in front of you and turn you on and make your boobs and nips swell.

“Oh well, in that case, you get going, after our kiss.”

She pulled me in for a devastating smoocher that assuredly hardened my nipplecocks well into the range of pushing my glandes beyond what my bikini top deigned to cover. Her cackle at my resultant unease made me want to nabble (small, gentle nibbles) one or more of her huge nips until she was aroused enough that the few who hadn’t stared at her already would be doing so.

Instead she gave me a briefer, milder kiss then a whack on my butt: her way of sending me on my way with love. I love her so much, it nearly hurts!

Lindy and Mike were already stripped down to their bikini bra tops, with him additionally wearing what had to be one of the world’s largest jock strap-style bikini bottoms, holding his (and i guess technically also Lindy’s) mighty sack. I understand why they’d wear bra tops, but with so vastly much other prime genital real estate so fully exposed, Mike’s bottom piece didn’t make much sense to me.

I watched in amazement as they got into a round of table- and net-free ping-pong with each other, nearer the water. How it could be that Lindy could be cantilevered so very far away from Mike’s body core without tipping them over else ripping their shared giant dick/body right out of his groin i did not, and truly still do not, understand. They were obviously having a great time together, so something about their raging hardness and their mutation made this possible.

Watching them made my own raging hard-ons that much harder. I repeatedly tugged various ways on my bikini pieces in a vain attempt to achieve greater coverage.

“Just take it off, Larissa!” my honey called from the comfort of her shaded lounge chair. “Seriously!”

I waved her off, drawn to an amazing creature—person!—who’d just recently emerged from the water, and was in the process of toweling off. Of all the mutants i’d seen, and all the data i’d entered relative to others (not all submissions came with photos), none were quite like her.

Recalling the lesson i’d (re-)learned from Lindy within the hour, i smiled and waved at her as i approached.

This had the desired effect of her smiling and waving back and me—in her case with two of her… mmm, i’m going to call them tentacles, as well as one arm and its hand like most people. “Hey there!” she called out, smiling.

Nice day at the beach, isn’t it?” i responded, striving to be loud enough to be heard over the distance and the currently-breaking wave.

Oh you know it!

She towered over me: well over 2m tall atop her 8 large tentacles, terminating in her middle body where most people’s legs do. This appeared to be her comfortable resting position, and one where she could better fit in amongst the rest of humanity. I could readily see that if she wanted to raise herself fully up on her tentacles she could be twice as tall—and that wouldn’t even be on her tentacle tips! Her 3 quite lovely teardrop-shaped breasts were on the same scale of generous as Lindy’s, or maybe Mike’s: bigger than Yasmin’s, smaller than the rest of ours amongst my group of friends and friendly coworkers. She only wore her very nice tickle me pink custom bikini bra top, because truly what else would a person wear from amongst standard pre-mutation human clothing on a full squid bottom half?

I reached for her hand to shake it, apparently looking as unsure as i felt inside.

“Sure, we can shake hands, but wouldn’t you rather shake one of my tentacles?”

“Is that your preferred term for them?”

“Yes. Technically they’re arms because true tentacles have feeding appendages mine thankfully do not have. But if i call them arms then everyone including me confuses them with my human arms, so i go with tentacles. Here, let’s shake.”

She obviously delighted in her tentacle dexterity, given her gleeful smile as we shook. “I’m Leeza.”

“Hi Leeza. I’m Larissa: another starts with L ends with A female name. Your skin! It feels so nice!”

“Thank youuuuu!—and glad to meet you! It’s really more human than cephalopod—thankfully! I wouldn’t even know where to start with actual octopus skin.”

“Is that how you identify?”

“Yes. That or octo-woman. Eight tentacles, so i’m an octopus rather than a squid. The doctors tell me i’m majority human still, though society treats me more as a sea creature.”

“But you don’t have the suction cup thingies.”

“Thank Gaia! Else i’d never get another date! Can you imagine, given most men’s fear of being tied down? Swuuup!—tentacles with suction cups on them, latching onto their skin. ‘Hi Honey! So glad you’re home! I missed you! No, you’re not going anywhere, ’cause I wuv you, and I’m holding you tight with my suction cups’.”

Both of us were laughing at her impromptu play acting, me somewhat nervously, with the way Leeza kept caressing me with her right front and center rear tentacles.

“Your skin feels really nice too. Oooh—are you—or did you used to be—a guy?”

“You’re seeing my partly-hardened nippledicks, aren’t you?”

“They’re only partly hardened?!”


“Daaaaamn! Oh please date me! I need to get laid.”

“Sure you want that? I’m cisgender female.”

“Yeah, but you were kissing that woman—i’m guessing—with those 4 giant breasts.”

“That’s my recently-new girlfriend Dani. I’ve never been into women, before the mutation.”

“I just want a hard cock in me, attached to a nice person” she smiled flirtily.

“You still have a place for someone to park that?”

Oh yeah; that didn’t change. Other than what comes out of me when i cum hard. I mean i’ve always been a squirter, but oh my gosh, now I squirt all the time! Feels awesome epic, but quite the mess.” She used her right front side tentacle to pull me in close to her body core, “Wanna get busy in the ocean? No mess to clean up.”

“Dani and i haven’t discussed whether our IIR is open or not.”

“Oh alright” she sighed, releasing me. “I swear, i didn’t used to be this hyperromantic/hypersexual before the mutation. Last guy i dated didn’t so much mind the tentacles, but cleaning up the squid ink i shoot out during my squirty orgasms was too much for him” she again sighed. “I do admit: it’s a bee-yotch to get out of any natural fiber fabric.”

“What color?” i dared ask.


“Yeah, that would be messy, especially if it stains.”

She made pouty bird lips.

I felt more drawn to her than i wanted to be feeling to anyone other than Dani. “You’re so beautiful, i’m surprised your problem isn’t chasing away a surfeit of lovers rather than dealing with a deficit.”

“Yeaahhh” she sighed louder and longer, “but the mutations really have messed things up in so many ways, including dating. How did you find Dani?”

“Friends, pre-existing. Our group—those of us who came here together today plus a couple of others who couldn’t make it today—got together for a meet-up at my place which ran long. Dani was tired, and the last guest. I invited her to stay over, annnnd my guest bed wasn’t available, soooo… stuff happened.”

“Yeah, most of my friends are pretty far inland, and that’s a problem for me now.”


“I have to get into the ocean every day for at least an hour, for my health. Longer is better.”

“Even if it’s raining or cold?”

“Yep.” She bit her lip.

“If you’re out here all the time, seems like you’d cross paths with a lot of hot guys.”

“You’d be surprised. Or if you’re me, disappointed. A lot of formerly-good men have mutated into womanhood. Boobs be boomin’ every which way, but not that many have—hhhhh!—schlooonnnnngggs.” She dared to caress my boob fronts with her center front tentacle end as she finished speaking.

I chose not to stop her, uncomfortable as it made me. “What about life on the ocean? Would a nice hunky sea captain work for you?”

“I get seasick” she sighed. “OK, i’m taking up too much of your day and i gotta get going anyway. Be in a half-selfie with me, please?”


I wasn’t mentally prepared for the sensation of my heavy milk-laden (and somewhat fat) body being bodily lifted with ease in one fell swoop by just one of Leeza’s startlingly strong tentacles—her right rear, in this instance. Wrapped around me snugly yet totally comfortably and affectionately, she held me close against her right side, clunking her head against mine as she snapped a quick pic with her device.

“Want a copy?” she offered.


She continued holding me cuddly-close up in the air with seeming ease during the photo transfer, before gently easing me back down to the ground.

“Have you considered entering any strength or body-building competitions?” i felt the need to ask.

“No, because that’s so not me, and i wanna be a cute girly woman with a sweet cuddly boyfriend, not a body-builder musclebound brute.”

“Sorry. Just trying to help.”

“I appreciate it, Larissa—truly!”

“One last question, please?”

“Honey, i’ll answer your questions all day long, ’til you make me stop.”

“I do data input at work for mutation cases. Yours is especially unlike what i’ve seen, so it makes me wonder, and since you’ve seen doctors unlike so many of us, you may know the answer. Any idea how or why you mutated to part-octopus?”

“I was here in the ocean swimming at the moment of impact from the Accident. Other typical sea life was in the water with me. None of it close and i don’t remember feeling anything in particular that felt like an octopus or squid, but then as i’m sure you know that series of impacts was awfully intense.”

“Many didn’t survive those.”

She cast her gaze towards the ground. “Yeah. I’m very grateful to be alive and i don’t truly mind being an octo-woman, much as i need some more physical love in my life, and soon! I’m gonna slither back to my wiggle van and head home.”

“Wiggle van?”

“Yeah, when i’m in it. I can’t help dancing to the tunes as i drive. I was about to say dancing in my seat, but of course there’s no seat any more, so i can fit. Ta my friend!”

We shared a look that i knew was going to get me in trouble: she knew i was into her. Briefly she wrapped the end of her right front tentacle around my shoulders and neck. I couldn’t help it: i had to briefly kiss her there, sending every possible wrong message to everyone.

Call me sometime!” she called out over the noise of the latest breaking wave as she slithered away, starting to blow a kiss but then remembering that Dani was watching, substituting a wink only i could see instead.

I gave her a subtle nod and a reply private wink on the ocean side, away from Dani.

Deciding it was better to face the music right away than let anything fester, i marched myself over to my Love straightaway.

She stared at me with an inscrutable half-smile, just barely perceptibly shaking her head. Later that night she explained to me that she was royally pissed and trying to look that way, but couldn’t help laughing at how blatantly Leeza and i flirted right in front of everyone.

“You owe me gallons of milk and multiple boob and vag fucks, darling.”


No! At home, fool! Ya know what truly pisses me off the most?”

“No. What?”

“You didn’t bring her over to meet me! You’ve got legs, she’s got plenty of tentacles or arms or legs or whatever and obviously perambulates around readily. I’ve got bupkis, so it’s not like i could easily stroll over and join you!”

“I’m sorry and i feel i need to make it up to you now.”

“Yes you do. Take a seat next to me under my right front boob and lovingly caress me there as we enjoy the beach together as a couple and work through this.”

Dani let me off easily. Spending over half an hour with her and cuddling and otherwise loving a certain boobacious part of her (to the degree loving could be done in public) absolutely helped our bond.

Just before i was about to ask whether she wanted to get going or get up and move around, one of the more disturbing mutated people either of us had yet seen in real life shuffled past. Something about seeing a pair of human faces embedded one each into a pair of big breasts with a huge flaccid schlong that made mine look small and a pair of tending-big but not huge testicles up where the person’s head should be was at least for me severely unsettling—somehow more so on an otherwise well-formed woman’s body.

The two faces looked as lost as i felt, despite the one nearest us casually sipping what appeared to be a fruit juice beverage from the nearby fresh juice stand through a plastic sipper (which to my amazement most people still call a straw, despite their not having been made of straw in most parts of the industrialized world over the lifespan of most people currently still alive). This individual/these individuals was/were nude, other than a very nice medium blue bikini bottom, which upon casual visual inspection appeared to be covering the usual things.

Channeling Lindy (currently out in the water floating with Mike), i put on my best sincere smile, made direct eye contact, and said, “Hi team! Happy beach day! Care to pull up a chair and join us enjoying the view?”

I’d never before seen two faces embedded in a pair of boobs light up so brightly. But then i’d never before seen even one face embedded in a boob. “Yes please!” the female-sounding voice in the boob to my left (the body’s right boob) exclaimed, with the other boob finishing its current beverage sip and adding “Thank you!” in a grateful male-sounding voice.

To keep my narrative from getting too confusing, from here on out unless otherwise noted, i’ll call the female-sounding boob on the right side of their body the left boob, as it’s to the left of anyone facing them, and the male-sounding boob on the body’s left side the right boob.

“Will it wreck your view if we pull up a chair in front of you?” asked the left boob.

The right boob added, “Otherwise we’ll have trouble turning to see you, ’cause our boobs have no necks, thus no neck muscles.”

“We have to use our hands to turn our boob heads” the left clarified.

Dani and i used our fully-functional neck muscles to turn towards one another for a minimally audible couple’s insider exchange, quickly reaching agreement. “We prefer to focus on you two over anything else at the moment, so whatever works for you should work for us.”

Surreality continued as i watched the two boob-heads wince slightly as they side-smashed into each other the way unrestrained well-endowed luscious boobs tend to do when in motion, during their apparent rush to grab the next nearest unoccupied lounge chair and drag it over in front of me and Dani, facing us. Their looks of profound gratitude as they sat upright at the foot of the lounge chair (nearest us) nearly undid me.

“Most people won’t even make eye contact with us” Right Boob explained.

“We’re too… hhhhhhhh” Left Boob sighed and trailed off, starting afresh, “They don’t want to even know nor acknowledge that we exist.”

“I get that non-response myself” replied Dani. “Especially when i’m in my wheelchair.”

“No more legs?”

“Yeah” she sighed, sadly. “I used to be a runner. I do love boobs, and few if anyone else in the world have even two as big as any of my four, but for someone who’s always been physically active, it’s shattering to suddenly have to struggle so hard to move anywhere and be instantly so forced-sedentary.”

“Possibly like people who lose their limbs at war” Right commented.

Dani nodded.

“We’d nod too, if we could do so without using our hands” said Left.

“Here’s our closest approximation instead:” said Right, with him and Left strongly woggling, as in lifting high and dropping low, their eyebrows in impressive synchronization, repeatedly.

Bah haah haaaah!” Dani and i both laughed.

“I’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry!” i quickly followed up, “It just looks so ha-ha funny, like Groucho Marx.”

The two boob heads didn’t look upset. Indeed they were smiling. “We know” said Left.

“We don’t want to be sad and macabre all the time–”

“–or at all.”

“Exactly. Betty and i are grateful to be alive, making the best of every day.”

“Hi Betty. I’m Dani.” My Love did a mean lean over herself towards them, shaking the hand nearest Betty’s to-our-left head, making a point of how strong and agile she remained in her leglessness.

I chose to shake the hand nearest me, “And i’m Larissa, very curious to know your name, sir.”

“Bob Boob, both spelled normally as one would expect.”

“And i’m Betty Boob, to clarify, and it’s OK with us if you laugh.”

“Once it became clear that surgeries or anything else would be absolutely impossible, we legally changed our names. I used to be Philip Napoleon Smetzer.”

“And i was Hortence Louisa Hurputz, making Betty Boob an even bigger upgrade for me.”

“Is it alright if we know your mutation story?” i couldn’t stop myself from asking. “You two fascinate me.”

Little did i know that Betty and Bob were figuratively dying to share their story with another mutant, or mutants plural, in the current case with Dani there too. They excitedly launched right in.

“We were making love when the first Accident impact hit–”

“–Each of us face-planted suckling one of her succulent breasts” Bob interrupted.

Betty didn’t care at all. It was almost as though she was glad he cut in… maybe even she was expecting it. Her excitement continued unabated, “Yeah, and he was boning me at the same time, and it was epic, but then all of a sudden that hard hard impact and the sudden blackness and all the noise and the pain, and i was screaming–”

“–And i was screaming!”

“You were! And we didn’t know what was happening and i felt us slam against what felt like the bedroom wall and then i went unconscious.”

“I screamed for her, then nothing, then the second impact hit and I passed out. Not that i had any control—i didn’t!—but it seemed like she was already dead and i was seconds away from that, and the pain and the loss of sensations in my limbs were too much. Too much!


“So then?” he prompted her, knowing how she liked telling this part of the story.

“So then we eventually woke up. And everything felt weird. Well not everything, but a lot of stuff. I couldn’t turn my head and thought my neck was broken, especially because my head was way down far too low. My face and head felt all wobbly, and i feared i had no skull any more, and my brains were in the process of leaking all over the place and i was going to die for real this time, wondering why i was even conscious again just to die! Softly i called out to Phil—now Bob, but Phil then.” She glanced over towards him.

He must have seen her visual cue out of his peripheral vision, because he launched right in, “I felt the vibrations of her voice through my right cheek as well as hearing her, better through my left ear even though it was farther away. I told her i was there and alive, and had to be right next to her, to her left. I tried turning my head but couldn’t, which i told her.”

“I asked him if his face and head felt all wobbly.”

“I said yes it did, and that in some weird way it felt like i imagined my head being inside a big boob might feel like.”

“And here’s where it got really weird for us: i knew he was thinking those thoughts and those words before he said them aloud—those exact words!

“Yes, and i knew what she was thinking! It was like we were suddenly inside each other’s heads.”

“Mind meld?” asked Dani.

Yes!” they replied in unison.

“Hold that thought!” i threw up my hands in a Stop motion. Leaping up to full standing position, i yelled across the beach, “Lindy! Mike!

What?” she yelled back.

Get over here!” i gesticulated wildly, in addition to yelling in reply.

I continued insistently waving them over until they got the hint and got out of the water and started heading this way.

“What what what what what what what?” Lindy wanted to know, as she then Mike drew near.

I introduced the Boobs, now standing and facing them, “I’d like you to meet Bob Boob, and Betty Boob. A conjoined couple, thanks to the Accident.”

Reeeeally?!” Lindy exclaimed, excited as i knew she would be. “That’s how Mike and i conjoined! During sex!

Us too!” the excited Boobs yelled out enthusiastically, bobbling as their body jumped up and down slightly. It was mind-bending to see their faces alternately stretching horizontally with each impact then flowing near-instantly back to normal as the brunt of the feet-to-ground impact receded.

“They can’t turn their boob heads without using their hands, which is a pain, so let’s all please get set up and comfortable where we can make eye contact with each other without at least them needing to move their heads” i explained, hoping to move the conversation forward in a manner where we could all take part and no one would need to repeat themselves.

Turns out the Boobs actually could rotate their upper body at their waist for some unified head-turning, allowing Mike to take a seat one empty lounge chair space to my right, angled towards me so that Lindy was atop me.

Betty and Bob caught Lindy and Mike up on their full story so far, then let the latter two tell their whole story. All of this i’ve shared with you already, so i’ll not repeat myself here.

“So Mike and i have sensory meld, where we both feel the vast majority of our combined body, less so at the far extremities away from our own head” Lindy explained in conclusion. “But our minds remain independent: we don’t know each other’s thoughts any more than when we were in wholly separate bodies. What’s it even like to have a mind meld and know each other’s thoughts?!”

“No secrets” replied Bob.

“At all” Betty followed up, as cleanly with the timing as if Bob had said it all himself. “I know for example that Bob wants us to boob-bone all of you.”

“You sure that’s not partially you?” he countered.

Just so you know: faces in boobs can blush. Theirs both did.

“Just the boobs?” asked Dani. “I’ve still got a place you can park that thang… at least the front part of it.”

The Boobs blushed further as their slowly-rising erection momentarily pushed their boob heads apart as it escaped to freedom, making their faces and the rest of their boob heads bobble like, well, boobs!

Bob motioned with his eyes up above, “That’s also because at least one of us is fantasizing about someone here with a couple of thangs like the one up where at least one of our heads should be, going into our vag that we can both feel equally, when we’re sufficiently aroused for that.”

“But let’s not make this oversexualized.”

“No, definitely not.”

Lindy wasn’t ready for that just yet. “Before you leave that subject, what’s the true reality of your sex life?”

“At first we were shattered, perceiving the world from a negative perspective” Betty explained.

“Not just sexual stuff: everything.”

“Yeah. This is obviously extremely unusual, the way we’re living in this one body.”

“Even just one of us in here with our head in a boob and genitals up top would be bizarre.”

“We had to do a lot of psychotherapy and other stuff to survive.”

“Still doing it, we are.”

“Once we were able to truly fully experience the positives, a whole new way of being opened up to us.”

“You may not think so, but other than dealing with other people, having one’s head inside a boob and part and parcel of it can be kinda cool.”

“How so?” asked boob-loving Mike.

“The wobbly feelings are kinda fun.”

“I don’t worry any more about having a double chin.”

“Visual distortions with the bouncing can be a negative, but in limited quantities can open up one’s mind.”

“That’s why we shuffle instead of walking briskly or running: to avoid the wild bouncing.”


“Our faces can do fun contortions we couldn’t otherwise do.”

“Kissing can be extra wonderful, with a true soft face-smash into each other, aided by our hands.”

“As long as we keep our eyes closed so no corneas are scratched.”


“You boob” she smiled, using their nearest hand to grab and turn her breasthead so she could kiss his breastcheek.

“Takes one to know one” he smiled back, doing the same thing with their other hand and her nearest breastcheek.

“That’s all nifty, but what about your sex life?” Lindy attempted to redirect the conversation.

“What about it?” It almost didn’t matter who was talking, given that the Boobs shared their minds. In this instance it was Betty.

“Can you suck your own dong?”

Their simultaneous big grins required no elaboration.

“There’s a lot of things i miss about having a normal body, but being able to suck one’s own cock and ride it upwards as it hardens to nearly normal head height is an experience almost no one else has.”

“We take turns” added Betty.

“Do you still cum?” asked Dani. “Does stuff still come out of your penis?”

Oh yeah” she lustily grinned.

“It gets kinda messy.”

“Which is why we usually get all worked up in our big enclosed shower, and then when we orgasm up top we yell out together,”

Make it raaaain!” they ended with giggles.

“That’s another thing that’s great about how we are now” said Bob.

No hair to wash!” they said in perfect unison.

“Except down here” Betty smiled, moving their right hand (on our left) down to their crotch.

“You guys are fun!” exclaimed Lindy.

Thank youuuu!

The conversation continued for at least another half hour, covering all sorts of subjects. The most interesting revelation to me was how the moment they stepped into the local government building handling public assistance to ask for some information regarding mutant survivor benefits, the wide-eyed clerk immediately in under 2 minutes processed them for permanent disability benefits. I should clarify that this clerk was both startled wide-open-eyed and had eyes spaced about 28 cm apart.

Having already been at the beach long before we arrived, Betty and Bob Boob had to get out of the sun, and drive back to their inland home near Macarenaville. All of us exchanged contact information, wanting to be in touch with them again (and vice-versa!). Lindy and Mike made it very clear that they wanted to get together at either of their houses soon, possibly for an overnight.

Though she wasn’t ready back on this day to admit it, i knew that the change was starting to happen: my Dani was beginning to adjust to being lazy. We adjusted her umbrella and reset the lounge chairs in their original neat row, then Mike, Lindy, and i headed to the juice bar.

Larissa, Mike, and Lindy seated at the juice bar, looking out towards the beach. In the distance to their left sides out on the sand is a woman with a preponderance of legs.

The juices were tasty, if somewhat overpriced. We each shared our different mixed flavors, and i’ve already forgotten what each of us had, other than that the pineapple in mine was especially tangy.

Here i’m calling out hard-working Dani on finally taking a day of rest from her overly-zealous self-inflicted housework regimen, and i’m the one sitting at the juice bar on my spreading ass, long after my juice is gone. Actually it’s my boobs and udder that were doing most of the growing and spreading. In hindsight i now know that this was when i started to get fat, or fatter… not just milky big. Mike seated next to me on my left looked squishy-soft too, and deliciously feminine-curved, along with that profoundly masculine gigantic testicle sac and his short hair.

The sight of a woman with more legs than any of the 3 of us had ever seen on a single human being before caught our eyes. She seemed quite focused on the sand in front of her.

Looking for something?” Lindy called out over the distance.

Looking for a foot massage” the woman called back, adding, “Kidding!” with a friendly, smiling laugh.

Come over here and i’ll do it.”

Are you serious?!


It was quite a sight seeing most if not all of those feet in use to run their owner up to the juice bar gazebo: all that motion all at once produced a cartoon-like wheel cloud running blur.

“Hi, my name’s Foot-Foot—i mean, Cindy. I do stand-up comedy, which as you might imagine is easier for me than most people. At least the standing up part… the comedy part not necessarily so much.”

“Seems to me you’re doing well with the comedy so far. I’m Lindy, and rather than shake your hand, send me a foot-foot or two and let’s get this started.”

The 3 of us had a great time with Cindy, who kept cracking jokes as Lindy massaged her. One punch line of which was:

Two left feet?! Dude, i’ve got twelve!

She had to hoof it off (her phrasing) to a prior commitment. Between the lines of all the joking around, it was clear at least to me that she was sincerely and deeply touched that first Lindy then all 3 of us would use all our hands to massage her many feet. I don’t know if she has enough material to make it in comedy, but as she correctly pointed out she has plenty of feet and attitude to kick some serious ass, over and over.

After checking in with Dani and ensuring she was OK (she was), Mike, Lindy, and i decided to take a walk along the beach farther north, where we encountered a whole other group of fellow mutants.

Lindy, Mike, and Larissa meet 4 more local mutants on another section of beach

A woman with 3 boobs on her back and one big, thick, muscular leg encouraged us to join her and her net-free no-score volleyball toss game partner: a man with a big fat round pod base that made me feel svelte, and a muscular upper body with at least 9 arms. He wasn’t much for moving from place to place, but from his stationary location he assuredly could get his arms where they needed to be to catch and re-launch an incoming ball over quite a wide area.

We expressed our appreciation at both the invitation and their skills, politely declining their kind offer.

A woman whose body was covered in fully exposed penises (i counted 29) reading a book rather brusquely dismissed Lindy’s attempt to strike up a conversation. Charitable Lindy concluded she just wanted to be left alone to read. I concluded she was more of a dick than any of the ones attached to her body. Too bad… she could’ve been fun for sex, if she was nice and into any of us.

Fascinating to all 3 of us was a gigantic woman, who consisted of about 80% penis: two of them, looking like gigantic long crossed legs as she reclined comfortably atop herself. With each glans diameter stretching from the sand up to my lower thighs, i can’t imagine what she could get herself into that might feel pleasurable. {Maybe they shoot out jets of cum that propel her through the water?} i speculated. Whatever her reality, they were on this day encased in comfy-looking glans suits. Whether for modesty reasons or self-protection of sensitive surfaces we can only speculate.

Like Dani she had 4 gigantic boobs serving as her base. Unlike Dani, hers were covered in a custom bikini top(?) which i strongly suspect was made by the same person who made the glans suits/socks. Oddly her upper bikini bra top covered her two outer breasts, but left her middle one exposed. Given the size difference—larger for the 2 outer, by a significant amount—it may have been a fitment problem. Then again, with all the other custom work, why not go all the way? The lower and upper bra tops were made of vastly different fabric with different design details, so possibly the top top was from her prior pre-mutated life.

Lindy eased up to my nearest ear, whispering, “I think she’s sleeping”.

The woman opened her eyes, directing a weak low-energy smile at us, “Actually i’m just resting”. As she studied us, her weak smile became broader. “Nice glans ya got there” she directed mostly at Mike.

“Don’t i know it! I’m Mike, and this is my now-conjoined True Love Lindy.”

Hiiiiii!” Lindy excitedly waved.

“Yours, and truly all of you, are spectacular.”

“Thank you” she replied more out of politeness and moving on than sincerity, i judged from her tone. “They’re not as much fun as one might imagine from looking at them, but i do alright. Not to be rude, but since i’ve been answering people’s questions all day and i’m rather tired of it, i’m limiting each of you to one question regarding me or my body. Anyone with a separately working head and individual name counts as a separate ‘you’” she clarified, for Mike and Lindy’s benefit.

I decided to ask first, “How did you get here?”

“Flatbed truck” she motioned towards the parking lot. “Friend of mine who’s currently surfing out of our sight further north on his very flat and wide belly apron drives it.”

Lindy went where i thought Mike would go, possibly precluding his attempt, “What’s your sex life like?”

“Unusual. I only orgasm once a month, but it’s a doozy! My bottom boobs are also balls, the front two powering my bottommost schlong resting on the sand, and the back two powering the one crossing over the top. It’s a big mess with all that comes out of me, hence i need to plan ahead lest i want to spend several days mopping up and deep cleaning, or paying someone to do that. Next time i think i’ll come out here and get in the water and try and get worked up, though honestly i’m a private enough person that i don’t know that i can or want to get off in public. That’s not why i’m here today, though: just enjoying the beach, getting some sun and rest.”

“Can you control your, um, schlongs separately?” asked Mike.

She lifted the one resting atop like most non-mutants would lift and move their leg, setting it down next to the other one in line on the other side.

“Sorry: i meant for sex.”

She gave him an evil eye for trying to squeeze in an additional question, breaking into a smile at the end, against her will. “Honest answer: too soon to know. With only about 3-some months since the Accident and our mutations, and only cumming once a month, i’m still learning the ins and outs of my mutated body. So far they get worked up and let go together, though given that i can move them independently even close to release, i’m figuring with practice i’ll have better control. I will say this: now having my own penises, i have far greater respect for those of you who’ve lived your whole lives with them, in terms of learning and practicing control.”

Together we squeezed in one last question: asking her name. Answer: Roni.

We could tell that Roni very much wanted to drift back into her deeper rest or nap, so we thanked her and went on our way, heading back to check up on Dani.

“I need some water time” Dani informed us upon our return.

So did we. The issue was: how to get her in the water? We all agreed that even brief exposure to salt water was likely to trash her wheelchair, so that was out. {Bet Leeza could move her, if she were still here} i remember thinking.

All of us looked around the beach every which way, seeking inspiration.

“I see what we need!” Lindy proclaimed.

She directed Mike over to a large dumpster bin at the far corner of the parking lot. Loaded with corrugated cardboard, there was a very large sheet which appeared to have been part of a large appliance box, possibly a refrigerator-freezer.

Lindy had fun slowly waving it up and down like a trailing sail behind her and Mike as he walked them back over.

It turned me on more than i care to admit watching my Dani slowly ooze her boobacious self fatly down out of the lounge chair onto the cardboard. All four of us very much enjoyed Lindy (holding the cardboard) and Mike (doing the tow-walking) dragging her smoothly on the cardboard over the sand, dry to damp to the smooth moist to the smooth wet, finally into the water.

Dani and i floated out together, with Mike and Lindy joining us soon as they’d stowed the cardboard sheet near our stuff next to the lounge chair.


It was unreal, in the best possible most wonderful way, each of us floating atop one of Dani’s gigantic mams—other than herself, floating in the middle.

Lindy rested atop her left rear, laughing. Mike was nearby, cuddled into her right rear, apparently stunned by the sensations, judging from his expression. I had the pleasure of restfully floating along with/part-way into her right front, holding our right hands as the lovers we were. She seemed to be enjoying resting her left hand near the middle top of her otherwise-vacant left front boob.

“This is surreal” Dani softly shared, breaking what had been many minutes of restful silence. “This is taking me absolutely no effort at all! Just floating here with my 4 giant flesh pontoons.”

“Are we weighing you down?” asked Mike.

“Or dragging you down?” Lindy added.

“Not even slightly! Seriously: if it wasn’t for sun overexposure, i could do this all day long. Or at least for many hours.”

Mike and Lindy took off to shore to go get sunscreen for us all, leaving me and Dani some private time to discreetly and lightly make out.

“Methinks we’re going to have to spend more time at the beach” i suggested.

“Think you’re up to dragging me in and out on that sheet of cardboard, or one like it?”

“I’m udderly convinced i can do that.”

“Doesn’t get any more convincing than your udder, Love” she punctuated with a lip-to-lip kiss, requiring some stretching on both our part.

We spent about an hour out in the water, floating on Dani, helping each other keep all our exposed surfaces sun-protected.

It had been a spectacular day at the beach, about which we still talk about. I expect we’ll revisit these happy memories many times for years to come.